i don't want to talk to you about this shit all night

Okay, legitimately here, I need to ask: why does the hp fandom condemn Snape for his entire life for using ‘mudblood’ once at 15 while being bullied/assaulted, despite soon after dedicating his life to destroying pureblood supremacy and in-text condemning the use of the word, and then carry on and excuse Draco Malfoy’s rampant use of it (16 times, including twice over the age of 15, when he’s: mildly embarrassed, resentful, jealous, or just wanting to hurt Hermione/Harry/innocent children) because of outside pressure, despite him never, in the books, showing any remorse or regret for his bigoted beliefs/language? Seriously, why the double standard here? 

i don’t really want to focus or argue with people who are constantly hating on selena anymore because i did that for so long and if there’s something i learned from that is that no matter what you do, no matter how good and humble and kind you try to be, there will always be people who will talk shit about you and try to point your flaws, even when they are not even there. 

but can you believe, after all selena’s been through, she didn’t even have to but she blessed us with such beautiful and inspiring words last night and STILL there are people trying to call her names, say she’s being dramatic, that she looks really good for someone who’s sick… can you believe being so ignorant and so heartless you can’t be genuinely happy for another human being who’s been so criticized by the entire world to the point she had a breakdown and couldn’t handle it anymore but still survived all of that more than once and is just trying to do her stuff and live her life in peace… i’m not saying everyone needs to love selena but is it too much that, if you don’t like her work, just staying quiet and not make up lies about her and just leave her alone?? is it too much trying to live your life without trying to making someone’s life, someone you never even met and know absolutely nothing about, miserable?? 

i can’t begin to imagine all the pressure selena has to endure every single day of her life but knowing this is the kind of thing she has to go through and she’s still able to stay strong and spread love instead of hate just makes me admire and love her so much. last night was selena’s most beautiful moment and i’m so proud of her, so glad i’ve choosen her to be my idol