i don't want to talk about this rn

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can i get ur opinion on somethin?? its ok if u dont wanna discuss, but i was wondering what ur opinion is on ppl bein virgins in their early 20s?? im 20 n havent slept with anyone yet n i get a lotta shit for it but i just ?? dont wanna yet ? its just not somethin on my mind rn?? but like i say people seem to think of me as some hugely introverted n lonely girl but nah man im alright lookin, and quite extroverted, but just busy with uni n stuff/ not interested atm lmao, what are ur thoughts??

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Have sex, don’t have sex, do whatever you want. It’s nobody’s business but yours. Those people who give you shit for it should stfu


I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b

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I completely agree with your Russian skating fam post! I was gonna ask what you thought of victor and chris's relationship as well? You mentioned it in your post and that you didn't want to get into it rn so you don't gotta answer if you don't want to of course!

sure! i only didn’t want to get into it there in order to avoid a tangent.

first, and i know i’ve already talked about this, but i definitely don’t think chris and victor were ever sexually involved. victor mentions neglecting “life and love for over 20 years” and he doesn’t seem at all like the sort of person to have one night stands or hookups and i just… don’t get that vibe from them at all.

which goes into my similar point: i don’t think they were ever even really friends.

there are a couple things that factor into this for me. i think that chris was, if anything, the closest thing to a friend that victor ever had. they shared podiums often, they would have seen each other at plenty of competitions, i do think they were friendly, but i think there were a lot of things putting a barrier onto their having a true friendship.

if anything, actually, i think chris saw their relationship as something much closer than victor ever did. the way victor talks about chris sounds a lot to me like an older brother or a TA looking down at a younger student. this makes sense, considering their relationship in the skating world! but listen to how victor talks about him. it’s very…. distant. above. “he’s sexy now, sure, but he was like a little boy running through the swiss meadows” or “oh chris you never change” it doesn’t sound to me like a friend would talk about him.

meanwhile, chris is out here saying things like “i thought you were like me” and “i can’t get motivated without you” and “oh yeah i figured that other than me you’d be the only person crazy enough to be out here in the winter” and “i was always so focused on victor i forgot to look behind me.” i think victor likes him. i think chris has a lot more emotional baggage wrapped up in victor than victor has in return, and they’re not as close as chris likes to think.

“i thought you were like me, living for life on the ice.” chris doesn’t… know victor? and part of that is because victor puts up a front for every person he meets and not out of malice, but bc he wants to be what other people want him to be. i think chris thinks of himself as the closest person to victor, the best person who could be his friend, but chris also thinks of victor as a rival and wants to drag him back to the ice in order to dethrone him. that’s not a friend.

even more simply, they really would have only ever seen each other a few times a year.

again, i think they genuinely like each other, they absolutely get along and respect each other, and i think chris is the closest thing to a friend that victor had, but i don’t think they were ever genuinely friends and certainly not at the level that’s usually assumed they were.

Favorite things from each song in the PJO Musical
  • <p> <b>Prologue/The Day I Got Expelled:</b> "Pay attention! Pay attention!"// also just Mrs. Dodds answering Chiron's questions before the students<p/><b>Strong:</b> "Normal is a myth"<p/><b>The Minotaur/The Weirdest Dream:</b> "If Mrs. Dodds was really a monster I hope you're really a sword!"//"oh look a strange man in a Hawaiian :)))"<p/><b>Another Terrible Day:</b> "I'm the god of wine and I'm dying of thirst..."//"oh gods gimme Ares or Apollo anyone but the Demeter kids cabin"// also just Percy being shook™ that Chiron is part horse<p/><b>Their Sign:</b> "WELL I WANT MY BIRTHDAY CARDS AND FISHING TRIPS, CHILD SUPPORT AND HOMEWORK TIPS don't mean to whimper or whine..."<p/><b>Put You In Your Place:</b> Clarisse saying "god of death"//"Your goose is cooked and I'm here to cook it"//" Look Captain Crazy but the flag ain't here! You got some issue with me it's pretty clear."<p/><b>Campfire Song:</b> the way Luke says omnipotent// and everyone collectively bonding over how suckish their godly parents are//"Chiron wins"<p/><b>The Oracle:</b> the prophecy was sung beautifully man, so the whole song was great<p/><b>Good Kid:</b> this song was one of those sadly beautiful songs that you just can't hate. Like shoot, there goes mah heart...<p/><b>Killer Quest:</b> "and I'll be the second first"//" I'm gonna March right through the gates of hell!" " The Underworld... " " Close enough."//"who said anything about monsters?!" "Have a great quest :)))"<p/><b>Lost!:</b> "All our food was in there, all our clothes were in there, ALL OUR FOOD WAS IN THERE"// Grover talking to the squirrel//really just this whole song, it's so good :D// also those harmonies got me shook™<p/><b>My Grand Plan:</b> "But smart girl only gets a girl so far"//"If you don't go you'll never know if you'll ever be good enough"//" You better wise up cause I'll rise up, bring on any challenge"//" Most girls never win if they're polite"<p/><b>Drive:</b> "all your worries come on flurries, we bested FREAKING furries"//"It's one foot forward at a time, dust off all that grit and grime, we still got a lot left to do" (the one with all three of them, you know the part ;))//"uh, we can sleep on the road"<p/><b>The Weirdest Dream (Reprise):</b> "this is...scary"// also I will never stop loving Luke. Fight me<p/><b>The Tree On The Hill:</b> this whole song. Just this entire song is heartache<p/><b>D.OA.:</b> MY JAMMMMMM//" but it don't work like that"//"stuck forever never gets away"//"if the dead complain, I just turn up the stereo" like damn, she don't give a shit, she just wants her tunes//DJ CEREBUS<p/><b>Son Of Poseidon:</b> Percy coming to terms with his dad not being there and accepted that Poseidon is his dad (good shit right there)//Grover talking about his goatee "//" Your mouth's talking trash, you better rinse it. Your meat is minsed, and I'm here to minse it.<p/><b>The Last Day Of Summer:</b> LUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE'S PART. THAT'S IT. JUST HIS PART. I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. and you're lying if you've said otherwise. I'm telling you rn I play his part a good 3 times over (minimum) before moving to the next song.<p/><b>Bring On The Monsters:</b> "are we ever gonna once have it easy?" "Nope, feeling ready" "Feeling stoked" "Feeling queasy"<p/></p>

you know that point where you’re like “i could read new fic” but then you reread That One Fic

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I'm a scorpio and I kind of get the feeling that we're all very very awful. Are there any good aspects to scorpios, besides being good at being bad?


- passionate
- not afraid to stand up for what they believe in
- 100% where the phrase “hard on the outside, soft on the inside” came from
- know how they get what they want and (typically) don’t give up until they’ve achieved it

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I know you're probs busy with your new little bean right now so I def don't expect an answer rn, I was just wondering what led you to choose the name "Dorian". That's SUCH a beautiful name and it definitely fits you so well! I was just curious like did you immediately know you wanted that name? I remember making a list of names that had my new name on it and almost going a different way but then I ended up choosing this one after talking about it with my close friend who I was out to at the time

I’m really really queer for Oscar Wilde.

Lily Collins 'makes a move' on Niall Horan after he admits fancying her
FANS believe Lily Collins is making a move on One Direction’s Niall Horan, after the star admitted he has a crush on the actress. Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star ̵…

Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star - who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins - would be his “dream celebrity date” during a recent interview with an Irish radio station.

Spin South West radio hosts Ed and Meghann asked the star: “Name one girl you would love to date.”

To which he replied: “Lily Collins.”

Lily, 28, seemed to be happy with his answer as she went on to follow the singer on Instagram after the radio chat.

The To The Bone star then proceeded to like several of Niall’s pictures, something that was instantly noticed by the pair’s followers.

Fans began speculating that the actress was trying to get the singer’s attention as one pointed out: “Lily Collins has been liking nearly ever picture of Niall’s so what I’d like to know is why haven’t they started dating yet (sic).”

While another stated: “I always see Niall and Lily Collins liking each other’s pictures, can they like get together.”

Niall has previously revealed some of his other celebrity crushes over the years and was believed to have had brief romances with the likes of Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding  Demi Lovato and model Barbara Palvin.

While Lily has previously dated actors Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Lily was most recently pictured enjoying a romantic trip in Italy with former classmate Jason Vahn in July, but the pair have not been spotted together in recent weeks.

However, Niall previously claimed he is too busy for love as he focuses on his solo music career.

The One Direction star has had great success with his second single Slow Hands but despite being world famous he hasn’t got time to meet anyone special.

The Our Town singer told Notion magazine that his life is too hectic to even think about dating.

He said: “We’ re talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know - I have no time for Tinder!”

Why I love Yoo Youngjae

Why do I love him? How do I even start? I love his voice, it’s so unique and soothing, it’s like dark chocolate for your ears. I love his warmth and his compassion, how he was voted the most caring member by the others and how he always takes care of them in his own little ways. I love his bond with his members. I love his talent. I love how when he laughs really hard, he hits anyone who sits next to him, I love his whole hearted and genuine and loud laughs, his screaming and his meme faces. I love his squishy apple cheeks that appear anytime he smiles that amazingly blinding smile of his. I love his beautiful eyes that you can get lost in. I love the mole on his neck and his collarbones. I love his fluffy hair and his cute boop nose. I love how he’s sassy and cocky in one moment but can be very sensitive and emotional in the next. I love his genuine passion and commitment for music and B.A.P, I love his love for babyz. I love his bare face, I love his lips, I love his smile, I love when he’s drowning in sweaters, I love his aesthetic Insta and self-proclaimed inability to take Selfies (honestly though all of his Selfies are beautiful?? How??). I love his dedication and his weird ass hairstyles during their debut. I love how every jae Stan knows not to trust him whenever he teases something (like dying his hair) and that he can be a little shit and a little tease but also one of the most emotional and empathical people I’ve ever seen. I love everything about him, his personality, his looks, his voice, his loudness, his emotions and just Youngjae in general.

me, after watching 1x13: I don’t wanna see the damn immortality/mortality issue being addressed anytime soon!

me, after seeing the stills for 2x18: This means they are going to address the immortality/mortality, right? 


also me: Fucking finally. It was about time that they address it, I can’t wait to watch this and see all the angst.

I seriously hate myself.

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hlep I'm dead like I'm so tired rn I just finished an hour long art piece and it's only 11 am here and I'm just realizing that I want to draw something related to the current event and I'm so tired man,,, and all 3 of my cats are blissfully ignorant and I tried to talk to my bro th er about it but he dislikes me immensely and is holding a grudge for some reason I don't know man,,, hlep

I’m hosting a floor party. Come lay down, pull up a floorboard, we are all in shock together. It’s going to be fun. We’ll have snacks and talk about things that make us happy. We’re going to cry. It’s the best.

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Pt 1) I've been getting more and more ready to come out as trans every moment, and I'm extremely blatent with my attempts to pass recently, but I go to an all girl's school and I'm worried that if I come out as a trans guy my parents will pull me and put me somewhere else. I'm autistic and I have severe anxiety as well as many other mental illnesses so making friends is extremely hard for me. I have a great group rn and don't want to change. I also think my family has been catching on.

Pt 2) recently they’ve been talking about how it’s “okay to want to change genders” and how I “look so good in masculine clothing” and such, so I think they’re catching on to my being trans. St the same time when I was forcibly outed two years ago (they found on of my old tumblrs) they kept talking about how I was too young to know, and every time I dressed masculine for months they would make me go change. I’m just confused. Two years ago they were against it, now they seem to be supportive. Pt 3) this is also mildly time sensitive as I have a doctor’s appointment soon, and I turn 16 in 7 months, meaning I might be able to start blockers (p late I know, but my dad and sister are both hella fucking tall, and according to my doctor my growth plates aren’t closed yet.) It might end up disastrous like it was 2 years ago, or I might have support but *too much support* that causes me to have to restart somewhere else. Thank you!

Kii says:

Many schools will allow trans people to finish their education somewhere even if they are technically single-gender schools. Another option for that would be to come out to your family but not at school.

It sounds like your parents are trying to be supportive, and the problem might be that they’re not really sure how to word things. If you want to come out to them, you might be safe doing so (but I’ve never met your parents, so the best judge of that is probably you.) You could also prepare some resources to help them understand things that you don’t think they will understand.

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hi (mom) i'm going through a lot of mental health stuff rn and it's the worst it's ever been and i'm so close to cracking and spilling everything out to my friends (or at least my best friend) but i don't want to put any pressure on them or stress them out. my best friend has told me that it's been "hard to deal" with my depression (cause my whole happy sunshine act is falling apart and i'm just dull and distant mostly) so now i never want to talk to her about anything like that help

yikes why is your friend like this??? does she think its better if someone pretends to be happy and for them to bottle up their feelings until they erupt?? 

feel free to talk to me, you can come off anon and i’ll message you, you don’t have to stay bottled up like that dude

You know I’m not really a fan of Russia. I don’t wanna live here, I don’t wanna be here, I’ve never really liked the fact that i was born here.
But there is one thing. One russian thing that changes everything. And this thing is poetry. Russian poetry. I adore it. I can sell my soul in the name of poetry if needed. Especially if we are talking about russian poetry . Yesenin, Asadov, Brodsky, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Blok, Yevtushenko and a lot more + our present-day poets. One of the best things that has ever happened to me. And I am as grateful as I could be to be born russian. To be born with an ability to understand everything these great people wrote. To feel it and to appreciate it. Thank you!

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Can you like talk about how someone is a nonbinary lesbian?? Because like I def want to ID that way but like I feel weird saying lesbian if I don't really ID as a woman, you know??? Like, how is someone a lesbian AND nonbinary bc I'm having a crisis between gender and sexuality rn lmao

I identify that way because of how I relate to womanhood and how I often feel uncomfortable being grouped in with women, excluding identifying as a lesbian. I feel my only connection to women is my love for women and my connection to the lesbian identity. I also have feelings that I hesitate to call dysphoria (b/c they’re rather minor) but do resemble it, like I wish I had a bit of a deeper voice and flatter chest. But I also don’t feel comfortable being grouped in with men or identifying as a man. It took me a long time to get to this point and a lot of talking to other nb lesbians. 

I feel weird about it too because I obsessively wrote “I am not a woman” in my diary one day and it felt great, but I am sort of a woman in a lot of ways. Sort of a woman feels right. Lesbian feels right.

-Mod Q