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I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b


I realize that I’m a WJSN blog and lots of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about another group all of a sudden, but Sistar is really important to me and I really want to take time to appreciate all they have done.

After 7 whole years of promoting, this group of beautiful and talented women is disbanding. For years, this group has done nothing but create amazing music that made summer a million times better and fight the stereotypes against Kpop ladies. They rocked tan/darker skin and actively showed that they were tanning, proving that all skin types are beautiful. They were known for being blunt and wouldn’t let anyone step on them. The girls even outright told a rookie idol ON AIR that men were dangerous and male seniors weren’t to be trusted. They took the “ quiet, obedient kpop girl” trope and shoved it face first into the ground. These girls were legends and they deserved to be treated much better than they were by Starship.

I’m going to miss Sistar more than I can express with words and it’s horrible to see them join the other amazing 2nd Generation girl groups who have disbanded. But I wish the girls happiness and I hope they’ll be treated fairly from now on. Also, lets make sure that there’s no discord between STAR1s and Ujungs. I don’t ever want to see “it’s good Sistar is dead cause then WJSN can shine” or “WJSN killed Sistar.” We all know that shit’s not true and it’s Starship to blame. Plus, WJSN idolizes Sistar. They’ve only danced to Sistar songs about 50+ times. Fuck Starship, but the family needs to stick together.

Anyway, I hope everyone can at least send a bit of love to Sistar and STAR1s. It’s gonna be tough watching a crucial part of summer die.

Is it just me or are Chanyeol's eyes amazing


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I'm a scorpio and I kind of get the feeling that we're all very very awful. Are there any good aspects to scorpios, besides being good at being bad?


- passionate
- not afraid to stand up for what they believe in
- 100% where the phrase “hard on the outside, soft on the inside” came from
- know how they get what they want and (typically) don’t give up until they’ve achieved it

You know that moment when someone says something when they’re upset or frustrated and they just really hurt you to the core and you just have to try not to seem upset and the tears well up in your eyes and your chest hurts and there’s a lump in your throat and try as you may you can’t stop from bursting out into tears and removing yourself from the situation feeling like a complete idiot

NOTES ON THE MUMMY VERSE. i am actually really, really pumped to do some stuff in the mummy verse, and i will add it to my verses page, but i want to make a post here to let people know how i’ll be playing him. i do wanna keep most of the elements of my usual book portrayal, so there are certain things that will differ between my mummy verse and the jekyll we see in the film. this is just here for reference!! if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, as i may have forgotten some things. 

  • i am gonna keep jekyll SCOTTISH, not english, as he is in all of my verses. this isn’t a huge change, but i want to note it down here so that people know when referencing his accent in threads. he has a scottish accent, not an english one (like he does in the film).
  • i’ll keep using my usual fc, david morrissey, instead of russell crowe. as much as i adore crowe and would happily give my firstborn to him for what an amazing job he did with jekyll, it’s just easier for me not to flip-flop between fcs. i may start using crowe once the film comes out for download and i can make decent icons, but we’ll see. 
  • i will be keeping hyde’s appearance like it is in the book, not like it was in the film. i was thrilled with almost everything else they did with jekyll’s character, but the design for hyde was… a huge disappointment. in this verse, hyde will be small, ugly, and comparatively younger than jekyll in appearance, not just ‘here’s jekyll with grey skin and red eyes.’ 
  • since they didn’t really explain jekyll’s origin in this film, i’m gonna go off the assumption that he just kinda… was born in modern times, since i don’t wanna try to work out some weird explanation for why he’s from the 1880s and happens to be immortal. if later dark universe films give a different explanation, i’ll amend this, but for now, i’ll just say he was born in modern times. 
  • this isn’t so much a change as it is just an explanation, but i’m gonna say that the events of the film take place after the basic events of the book. obviously, those will take place in modern time instead of in the canon era, but the events themselves will be largely the same: jekyll taking the formula willingly for years, jekyll using the persona of hyde to indulge himself, jekyll eventually killing sir danvers, jekyll losing control of the transformations. obviously, here, he won’t die, like he does in the book — i’m not sure how i’ll work out his jump from the ending of the book to the start of the film, but i’ll figure that out down the line. 

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I'm sure you didn't have any bad intentions reblogging that last addition to your post, but claiming the feminist movement were seeing in Latin America rn began in Argentina is in very poor taste, to say the least. It erases and ignores the contributions of women in other countries, and our own struggles. Please don't spread that kind of misinformation.

?? the girl who wrote that is chilean. and she was talking about the ni una menos thing, which began in argentina and we argentinian girls are more than happy and proud that the other latino countries joined. we want our girls safe, in all latin america.

You know I’m not really a fan of Russia. I don’t wanna live here, I don’t wanna be here, I’ve never really liked the fact that i was born here.
But there is one thing. One russian thing that changes everything. And this thing is poetry. Russian poetry. I adore it. I can sell my soul in the name of poetry if needed. Especially if we are talking about russian poetry . Yesenin, Asadov, Brodsky, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Blok, Yevtushenko and a lot more + our present-day poets. One of the best things that has ever happened to me. And I am as grateful as I could be to be born russian. To be born with an ability to understand everything these great people wrote. To feel it and to appreciate it. Thank you!

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  • a - age: 17 
  • b - birthplace: fountain valley, ca
  • c - current time: 10:02 am
  • d - drink you had last: water
  • e - easiest person to talk to: my former-decathlete friends, i love gossiping and being nerds with them around
  • f - favorite song: as of rn, i like salt // bad suns and there’s nothing holdin me back // shawn mendes (who is arguably the squishiest, softest boy i’ve ever seen. what a cutie)
  • g - grossest memory: cleaning a toilet overflow… that had shit in it. let’s not talk abt that
  • h - horror yes or no: NOOOO BAHAHA i managed to only get through the vvitch bc my decathlete bbys were shrieking and holding each other’s hands, and through get out bc lbr, that was a hella good movie
  • i - in love? nahhhh i got shit to do
  • j - jealous of people? always
  • k - killed someone? tbh in order to torture someone the most they have to be alive, so nah
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? walk past
  • m - middle name: thi (^:
  • n - number of siblings: 1 lil brother, a Certified Brat 
  • o - one wish: to win county competition with my decathlon team
  • p - person i called last: mommers
  • q - question you’re always asked: are you still in decathlon? (LMAO
  • r - reason to smile: babies… and dogs… and cats… and true friends….
  • s - song you last sang: heaven // troye sivan
  • t - time you woke up: 6 am bc my body still insists on going to 0 period even though it’s SUMMER
  • u - underwear color: white 
  • v - vacation: scotlaaaand or paris
  • w - worst habit: being a lazy bby
  • x - xrays: only for teeth 
  • y - your favorite food: sushi
  • z - zodiac sign: taurus!!

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When you’re dead inside, but you’re eager for tomorrow.

I have some zelda-related asks sitting in my inbox, but usually when I take the time to answer them I end up getting more and sitting at my laptop for like. three hours talking with u guys about loz so I will try to answer them some time this week when I have more time to sit down for a while~

I’m in such a weird mood like I’m kind of
sad but not really I just want to be nice to people rn like I’m CRAVING it I want to talk about cute things but also I have this small ball of sadness in my stomach and I’m super tired but can’t sleep

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im so baffed n i didn't want to be that follower but im legit worried rn bc where did cremethorns disappear to, like are they okay?? is everything good??

carmen is in a better place now… aka she died because of finals so you know. rip carmen she died doing what she loved aka studying

but for real carmen is fine don’t worry about it bab <3