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Sam was raised the exact same way as Dean with the exact same shitty parent and yet he has some tact and compassion. 

Saw this quote on a post, expressing something I’ve seen before about the differences between Sam and Dean, which (putting aside the suggestion that Dean has no compassion, which, bwuh?) is missing a major point about their respective upbringings.

Yes, Sam & Dean were both raised by John, but they had quite different childhoods. Case in point, compare the flashbacks in “Something Wicked” (with nine-year-old Dean) with “Just My Imagination” (with nine-year-old Sam.)

Sam, at nine, is being left alone in a cheap motel room. He has to feed himself and entertain himself. (He happens to get some help with that thanks to a friendly Zanna, but John had no way of knowing this.) Sam does get calls from Dean checking on how he’s doing, but even so, he’s NINE – it’s a clear case of neglect and it’s terrible. It also sets firm personality traits in Sam – primarily, that he learns he is responsible for seeking his own happiness (though his brother will try to support him in it, doing what he can to help Sam get what he wants.)

Dean, at nine, is being left alone in an even cheaper motel room. He has to feed himself, but before that he has to feed and entertain his five-year-old brother. He gets no supernatural help and no regular check-in calls, that we see. He tries to entertain himself, but an innocuous pastime as going to an arcade nearly gets Sam killed. Dean learns that he is responsible for someone else’s life, and that seeking his own happiness is not only inconsequential but actively harmful, that it lets down the people he loves.

This is not to say that Sam wasn’t neglected or that his childhood wasn’t terrible. He most definitely was, and it was. But if Sam is better adjusted than Dean, if Sam is better at showing tact and compassion, it’s not solely because he’s a naturally better person than Dean; it’s because Dean is a better parental figure than John is.

my bitter, shriveled little heart grows at LEAST three sizes every time I see an allo person say that a-spec people inherently belong in the LGBT+ community, so hey, if you were wondering how to make your local a-spec folks happy this Pride Month…well, that’s one thing you can do 😘

at this point, anyone not into power rangers should definitely blacklist it because i’m not holding back anymore and this blog is now Real Power Rangers Trash.

I just cleaned my dash and NONE of my long-time mutual friends unfollowed me during my YOI posting spree this winter. You??? Are the best friends??? 

Anyway, hi, everyone else. The tumblr app doesn’t run well on my phone anymore (phone is old and dies quickly), so I’m not here much. But since I’m here right now, would anyone like a followback?


allison says to protect trans kids so i guess we have to do it. listen i don’t make the rules i just enforce them

Dale Pike, Labyrinth, and the Wrong Choice

The reason that Dale Pike’s poem “The Deeper Well” is tagged “Labyrinth” is for this:

“The paths are unkempt
arrows flipped; markers pried
one always tells the truth
one always lies”

The creatures in the Labyrinth change the marks Sarah has made in her attempts to move through it so she stays lost. I have to digress here into the issue of how Jareth, the Goblin King, claims he did everything for Sarah’s benefit, stole Toby away from her, made her solve the Labyrinth, played his role as her adversary because that’s what SHE expected of him, and meanwhile from her POV she’s been confused and lost and solving puzzles, and she HATES it?! And in the end he tells her “Everything I’ve done I’ve done for you”

like I just can’t think of a thing that is more us right now, ok an ARG sounded exciting, but now we are lost and frustrated, we don’t know what puzzles to solve and what is real and what isn’t, or even if the whole entire thing is just an illusion?

but if the solution is to realize “you have no power over me” I don’t even know what that means yet

Anyway “one always tells the truth one always lies” - she comes to a pair of doors with sentient knockers, she has to choose a door, a path. One knocker always tells the truth, one always lies. She chooses the WRONG DOOR and falls into the oubliette. It’s a dungeon cell that can only be accessed through a door in the ceiling, a place where you put people and forget about them. A deep well.

This is, if you think about it, also where S ends up at the end of the Dale Pike fic “The Players”. He falls down a hole into nothingness, into a room you can only exit through a ceiling, an oubliette. I’m a little lost again here but if we take the Labyrinth reference as a clue this seems to be pointing towards John making the wrong choice by shoving him through the trapdoor; I just don’t know what the Right Choice would be in this context.

Also at the end of TFP, when Sherlock passes out at the prison and wakes up back at his burnt-out house, we see him falling into black nothingness (ooze), followed by an overhead shot of him lying on the table, like he’s fallen into the room. Which has no doors. This could also be a reference to an oubliette. (Which is evidence for Dale Pike being some kind of Someone, since apparently the poem was written a year ago, (have people really checked all the dates out?) and I don’t really believe all this, except… I’m just pointing out evidence here.). In this case, though, the room is an illusion that Sherlock can just walk out of? (No idea how this ties in yet.).

With reference to the Skull on twitter and tweeting George Takei … I think most people have the sense not to do this anyway because it’s a Bad Idea, but if you want an ARG-related reason just to quiet the voices in your head a little, the solution to the Labyrinth is “you have no power over me” and the Skull was literally trying to offer us power. That was supposedly the solution to the riddle, right, power? (I already wondered if he was just lying and now I suspect he might be the one who always lies). He has no power over us and no power to give us. This is the Wrong Path.

In short, I’ve spent most of the past week wondering if I was going to give up and delete, log out, go inactive for a year or so, but I still can’t get away from the game? And does anyone know where I can watch Labyrinth online it’s been a while and I’m suddenly very very interested.

Tagging some people I have seen posting about Pike/twitter/the ARG @jenna221b @teaandqueerbaiting @worriesconstantly @teapotsubtext
(please tag anyone else who would be interested if you would like, I know there are more but it’s hard to keep track of who is still playing and who isn’t for me)


rip me, 2016

cause of death: this poor boy who-deserved-so-much-better’s tragic backstory


I’M BACK MOFOS, sorry for being inactive, had exams and other shit going so took a couple weeks out. Catching up on tagged shit, @nebraskan-metalhead , @bathory-babe , @skjaldmaer-shieldmaiden , @ollis-beard and the one and only @vilnianamber all tagged me for a selfie so here’s a couple recent ones. One featuring my bandmates.
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anonymous asked:

I was looking back through your pagan!Dean things (one of my favorite AUs of yours, it's so good) I saw that comic of canon Cas meeting him, and I was curious if you'd put anymore thought into it at all?

I would really love to pick the PGV back up, my poor askblog has been neglected, but I can’t multitask…!

Thought yes, but not anything that would lead to more comic pages. >w< If anyone wants to take the lead and come up with a plot I could draw more silly art. 

I think Cas would try to hide Dean but Dean doesn’t see the point. And there’s Dean wanting to shoot his doppelgänger but he’s had some experience with alternative dimensions (and what does a god care about bullets anyway). But I’m not sure where it’d go. Would god!Dean play match maker to help Dean and Cas become a couple? Would there be sex? Would Dean feel bad because he’s just a flawed human and in other dimensions he’s a god? Would Dean be offended that god!Dean has a bigger dick?

Who knows!


Here are my summer goals to achieve before I go back to college in case anyone cared (they don’t):
1- get my splits down
2-practice belt because I’m home alone most days and can scream all I want
3-be able to take pictures of my ugly self without stupid filters
4-get plants

I might go thru and unfollow some blogs (I won’t unfollow mutuals I promise) because lately being here has been taxing and draining to me. I’ll also try to avoid drama bc over all I want this blog to be a safe space but sometimes in the heat of the moment I act impulsively and reblog stuff and I’m sorry if that makes anyone stressed. I’ll try to tag any of that as drama in the future. This is not me trying to ignore these issues, I’m just trying to enjoy myself here and social media platforms are usually a way for me to relieve stress, but lately it’s been the opposite.


Dan and Phil x my aesthetic , ink on paper

[ps: I don’t call these “punk” because I think that the whole punk edit thing is not very respectful of the actual punk culture, but that is my own opinion and I don’t disapprove people who do them.]

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I’m deleting my blog.

I’m really sorry for anyone who likes this blog, and I really wasn’t planning on ever actually deleting this blog, but it’s gotten to the point were it’s really taking over my life a lot. I spend way too many hours a day on tumblr, and it’s been distracting me from my actual life. I want to spend more time on my work, and more time developing relationships with people around me, and at this point the only way I can see being able to do that is removing this as a distraction.

This is making me really sad too, and hopefully I can make a new blog sometime and rejoin the tumblr fandom. If anyone wants to still keep in touch with me you can follow me on twitter or follow my main blog.

I love all you guys, and it’s been really fun! I’ll reblog this a few more times over the course of the day.


It’s out of the blue, and it becomes a thing

Kise doesn’t say a thing and acts like it’s a normal thing, because he doesn’t want Aomine to feel self-conscious about it, but he fanboys internally

And he doesn’t share it with anyone, it’s something he wants to keep to himself. He just can’t deal with how adorable his jerk of a boyfriend can be


Re: Billboard

If you want to know when Billboard started losing it’s credibility here’s a good place to start: (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/08/business/media/billboard-names-tony-gervino-as-editor.html?_r=0) (Currently THR and Billboard have the same parent company and creative director.)

Then it continued with this: (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/20/business/media/billboard-changing-the-charts-will-count-streaming-services-.html) which began devaluing the strength of their album sales chart.

That’s generally why industry bigwigs (aka Irving and Co.) are very anti-Billboard right now. It used to be considered the Bible of the Industry, the pinnacle of the trade mags, and now it’s turning into a music-oriented tabloid

So why was Billboard all up 1D’s ass this summer? Well, there was a lot of 1D news. Especially of the tabloid gossip variety, which if you read article #1 up there, you’ll see that’s direction they’re going in.

Why did it change? 1. Because their summer social media intern, who ran their Tumblr and was 1DAF , went back to school. I’m not even kidding. Their Tumblr crossposting is a fraction of what it was this summer. 2. Because one of their Pop Editors (Jason Lipshutz) left for FuseTV. He talked about 1D all the time, and was/is generally excellent to us as fans.