i don't want to lose my voice


stray kicks and important arguments

Taehyung scrunched up his nose and rolled onto his back. “How about we all just fall in love?”

Jungkook looked at him with an expression of disgust and confusion. “That’s your grand plan? That’s what you want to do this afternoon? Fall in love? And just how to plan to do that? And also, do you mean for all of us to find someone to fall in love with or to all fall in love with each other? Not that it matters, because both of them are impossible tasks for an afternoon.”

Taehyung poked Jungkook’s thigh. He could be poking a rock for all he knew. “I bet it’s not too hard to fall in love with me.”

Jungkook snorted. “Yeah, but where are you gonna find someone to do that?”


“Jimin is not gonna fall in love with you in an afternoon.”

“I bet I could make him.”

“I bet you couldn’t.”

“What, you think you could make him fall in love with you instead?”

“I could do better than you.”

Taehyung sat up abruptly. “Okay, hold up. Are you serious?”

Jungkook stared back with a very serious face. “I could definitely make him fall in love with me.”

“No, you couldn’t. You have zero experience and you fail at properly expressing yourself.”

“I don’t have to do it properly. Jimin understands me.”

Taehyung frowned. “He understand me, too. We’re soulmates, remember.”

“And we’re best friends.”

“Soulmates trumps that. Also, no you’re not. You’re second best friends. I’m his first best friend even he’s your first best friend.”

Jungkook scowled. “So we’re making up best friend rankings now?”

Taehyung scowled back. “Don’t be silly, it’s always been this way.”

“No it hasn’t.”

“Yes, it has.”

“Jimin is best friends with me too.”

“But me first.”




“Yes!” Taehyung pounced on Jungkook and they rolled around on the floor. Of course Taehyung stood no chance against Jungkook’s huge muscles, so he had to resort to tickling. And kicking.

A stray kick caught Jungkook in the face. “Ow!” He held a hand over his nose.

“Are you okay? Let me see.” Taehyung immediately switched to concerned mode and gingerly felt Jungkook’s nose.

“Ow, that hurts!” Jungkook cupped his hand under his nose to catch the blood. “Get a towel.”

“I’m getting, I’m getting.”

“Kookie! What happened?” Jimin slid down next to Jungkook with hands hovering around his face.

“Taehyung kicked me.”

“Accidentally,” Taehyung pouted, returning with the towel. Jimin took it and pressed it gently to the maknae’s nose.

“How about some ice, Tae?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Does it hurt?” Jimin asked gently.

Jungkook shrugged, his voice muffled by the towel. “Not too badly.”

“How did Tae manage to kick you?”

“Um.” Jungkook didn’t know how to answer that.

Taehyung soon came back with ice and they sat together, holding it to Jungkook’s face.


“It was an accident.”

“But how?”

“We were play fighting.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows. “About what?”

“Nothing important,” Jungkook interjected quickly.

“Well, it’s good to know that neither of you are too interested in making me fall in love with you.”

Taehyung bit his tongue. Jungkook choked on his spit. Jimin looked extremely pleased with himself.

“It was just a one-upping contest, Minnie.” Taehyung laid his head on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jungkook nodded and then winced. “Yeah, we don’t actually want to do that.”

Jimin was fighting back a smile. And losing. “Cool. So we’re just gonna stay best friends then, right?”


“But we’re soulmates, aren’t we Minnie?”

“Of course.”

“But we’re special friends, aren’t we, hyung?”

“Of course.”

“Soulmates trumps-”

“Tae,” Jimin’s voice warned lightly. “Don’t start. I don’t want both my boys to have bloody noses.”

His boys didn’t say another thing.

random lyrics starter sentences
  • “I wanted to crash your party, but I couldn’t find your house.”
  • “What do you want?”
  • "I should be in bed."
  • "I give in so easily."
  • "I should stay strong."
  • "I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?"
  • "My habits, they hold me like a grudge."
  • "Please don't make any sudden moves."
  • "You don't know the half of the abuse."
  • "How'd I get here sitting next to you?"
  • "We don't deal with outsiders very well."
  • "Yeah, I have trust issues."
  • "Why'd you come?"
  • "I tried to warn you just to stay away."
  • "It looks like you might be one of us."
  • "In a perfect world, it's just me and you."
  • "The night's just getting started."
  • "I feel great, I don't know about you."
  • "It's just me and you."
  • "Let's just wait till this party's through."
  • "I had two shots."
  • "I used to be fearless."
  • "I used to be brave."
  • "We could shake it up."
  • "I'll meet you after work."
  • "We'll drive until the darkness disappears."
  • "I meant it when I said we can't stay here."
  • "We're still young."
  • "My eyes are wide."
  • "So, I heard you found somebody else."
  • "At first I thought it was a lie."
  • "I don't want your body."
  • "I hate to think about you with somebody else."
  • "Our love's gone cold."
  • "This ain't the last time that I'll see your face."
  • "I should be getting over it."
  • "Get someone you love."
  • "Get someone you need."
  • "Get money."
  • "I can't give you my soul."
  • "We're never alone."
  • "I could tell you what you want to hear."
  • "The truth is always in the way."
  • "I never want to live in fear."
  • "I don't want to hold back all the things I've got to say."
  • "I've got you figured out."
  • "You need to have control."
  • "You think that I don't know you."
  • "I've been doing what you want."
  • "Just let me go."
  • "You used to always let me in."
  • "Do you even know you changed?"
  • "You're my favorite sin."
  • "I won't do it anymore."
  • "She's got me going crazy."
  • "Don't be afraid."
  • "You can call me monster."
  • "I'm creeping in your heart."
  • "Use me while you can."
  • "I'm all yours."
  • "All you need is me."
  • "I'm your toy."
  • "I feel tired. I look it, too."
  • "Wear me down."
  • "I can't be where you are."
  • "This distance is all we've got."
  • "Tell me something happy. Don't make me sad."
  • "I feel okay."
  • "I'd play our song if we had one."
  • "I wear your shirt to keep me warm."
  • "I miss you. I always do when we're apart."
  • "I was the knight in shining armor in your movie."
  • "I'm a ghost. I call your name, you look right through me."
  • "You're the reason I'm alone and masturbate."
  • "I've been trying to fix my pride, but that shit's broken."
  • "I'm at an all time low."
  • "All your friends say that you don't want to see me."
  • "You're the reason that I just can't concentrate."
  • "Somehow I lost control."
  • "Stay the night."
  • "Know that I will always follow."
  • "I'll walk until my body's sore."
  • "I'll be still and sit real quiet."
  • "If I lose you, your voice will guide me home."
  • "Something about you feels nice."
  • "Your hands make me feel warm."
  • "In a sense, we're innocent."
  • "This chemical feeling is making me forget about the drugs."
  • "You poison with your love."
  • "When I think I'm out of the dark, you're pulling me away from the light."
  • "Take me where you want me tonight."
  • "Let me swoon over you."
  • "You're just another heartbreaker."
  • "You are my fever dream."
The Outsiders Prompts Part ll

a/n: please give cred if you use ty! also requests are open

1. “I wrote you something”

2. “Do you think we’ll ever see each other again?”

3. “You’re so different from everyone else”

4. “If this was the last time you’d see me, what would you say?”

5. “You’re such a cliché”

6. “I know who you are”

7. “I think I just fell for you”

8. “Bite me”

9. “Keep talking like that”

10. “I think about you, like all the time”

11. “You’re blushing so hard!”

12. “What are you doing to me, baby?”

13. “I think we should run right about now”

14. “How are you so blind of my feelings for you!”

15. “You’re scaring me”

16. “You’re my every waking moment”

17. “Hm? Sorry”

18. “What do you want with me?”

19. “You can’t throw me away like a piece of trash”

20. “You disappeared for a while”

21. “I’m unforgettable babe”

22. “I’m walking away now!”

23. “Try to stop me”

24. “I’m rubbing off on you”

25. “Don’t go yet”

26. “You’re the reason I toss and turn at night”

27. “When I look at you it takes the air from my lungs”

28. “I fucked up. I fell for you. I fell for you so hard”

29. “Catch me if you can”

30. “And when you tell me you’re less than perfect it makes me want to shake you and tell you how amazing you truly are”

31. “That’s when time stood still”

32. “You have to do this”

33. “But you’re my dream”

34. “You can keep it if you want”

35. “I've never stopped. I'll never stop”

36. “You know you can use the door”

37. “It’s raining. Let’s go”

38. “Call me once you get there. Just in case”

39. “It’s been a while”

40. “Look up”

41. “Beautiful is an understatement”

42. “Fuck it. Just do it”

43. “I can’t breathe”

44. “You don’t know me”

45. “Take my ring”

46. “What does it look like i’m doing?”

47. “Fuck I love your voice”

48. “Shut up! It’s starting”

49. “Tell me what happened”

50. “God dammit! What the hell were you thinking?”

51. "I don't want to be alone anymore"

52. "I, I just see you standing there so unaware of your beauty. And-And I know I can't have you"

53. "You don't lose me that easily"

54. "It's my choice alright!

55. "I know i'm not good enough"

56. "I never wanted this to happen to you"

57. "You really got me going now"

58. "I had a dream about you"

59. "I thought you wouldn't show"

60. "I like it when you sleep with me. Nothing can hurt you as long as you're here with me"

61. "I did this to you. It's all my fault"

62. "I'm sorry. I happened to you"

63. "Just listen to this for a minute"

64. "Do you trust me?"

65. "It happened. It was amazing. I don't just want to forget about it"

66. "Get off of me!" 

67. "If you so much as look, breathe, think about her so help me god i'll kill you"

68. "Close your eyes"

69. "I'm not gonna hurt you. No ones gonna hurt you"

70. "Don't say that. Please don't say that"

71. "She's the type of person people write songs about"

72. "Let's runaway. Let's just go. Right now. Come with me"

73. "I'm tired of being afraid"

74. "There's smoke in my lungs. There's flowers in yours"

75. "I can see right through you"

76. "Friends, right?"

77. "I want to give you the world. I want to give you everything. But I can't"

78. "Take this. For protection"

79. "Hey now"

80. "Can I cut in?"

81. "Watch this"

82. "I can see the fire in your eyes" "I can see the universe in yours"

83. "I think you're gonna fuck up my entire life"

84. "Stay completely still. Don't move"

85."My dearest Y/N,-"

86. "Come back to me"

87. "You're breaking"

88. "We really loved each other, didn't we?"

89. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?"

90. "Should I stay or should I go?"

91. "You'll wake the neighbors!"

92. "I'm so truly, madly, deeply in love with you"

93. "I'm not leaving you"

94. "I can't see you like this"

95. "Your hands are all greasy!"

96. "You burnt them!"

97. "It seems too good to be true"

98. "Break my heart"

99. "That always turns me on"

100. "-And when the Sun swallows the only earth we have. I'll still be there next to you" 

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You know what…with the amount of gross (misogynistic) hate tv!Clary Fray gets lately (I’m not talking about the criticisms that are warranted). I hope they make her the entire savior of the world. I don’t even care anymore. I want you all the disgusting people in the fandom to choke on her red hair, dream about her smile, and her voice to haunt you forever.

anonymous asked:

When you're available to, I'd love to see Komahina with 43. “i am not losing you again!” Thanks <3

I had some inspiration today so here it comes ! 43 - I’m not losing you again.

“So, how long do I still have to live ?” Komaeda asks the doctor, his usual smile on his face.

Dr. Horiko rolls his eyes but the white-haired boy can see that he isn’t angry : they have been doing that for more than a year, now, and he had the time to get used to Komaeda’s weird fatalism. Or maybe he thinks it’s some kind of morbid sense of humor, that’s a possibility too.

“Hard to say,” the nice doctor replies without a hint of emotion in his voice ( and Komaeda can enjoys that, he would feel really uncomfortable with someone being sad about his life’s ridiculous circus ), looking at the brain scans. “For now it’s stable, I guess. It has been since you were put in the simulation, though the reason is a mystery.”

Komaeda’s smile grows.

“It’s my luck,” he sing-songs, and maybe he is being a little extra, because the good doctor is frowning. “It will run out - it always does.” He is matter-of-factly about it, but being anything else would be pointless : after all this time, if anything could have been done to fix his rotten brain, it would have been done.

“This is inoperable, Komaeda. I’m sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about, doctor.”

It was true then, and it still stands. And his desire to die didn’t have anything to do with creating hope or being a stepping-stone, for after destroying the world, for the better or the worse, there wasn’t anything he could do beside watching the amazing people from Future Foundation creating hope. It is nice, and he is happy to be the witness of such thing, but it is the end of the road for him. Just being there, not having any purpose, it can only last for a while, and even the idea to live ten, twenty, fifty more years is a dreadful one.

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Schmetterling, touken fanfic

Summary: Touka and Kaneki share a nostalgic coffee talk a month after his returning to :re. But sometimes, things can never go back to the way they used to be.“It doesn’t matter what happens,” she mutters. “Don’t push us away again.“

Rating: T, kinda fluffy/angst  | Words: 2,161 | Read on AO3, If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: this is crap, but I’m so sleepy and tired and I really wanted to write a quick thing to help quench the otp thirst. This would take place AFTER the punch, because Kaneki and Touka didn’t seem to have seen each other that much during that scene. People are saying that they find a bit strange that Touka is not present in the recent chapters helping Kaneki, or that their previous scene was a bit cold and uncomfortable, or that maybe Kaneki is avoiding her for god knows why, well, this fic is the answer, a very shitty answer because I’m not 100% happy with the result but I wanted to post something since I’m a lazy writer and I never post anything lmao. I’ll write something better next time, smut hopefully. Excuse any grammar mistakes and enjoy! 

Kaneki could close his eyes and count to ten.

One, two, three, four…

Open his eyelids again and see blood. A thousand minus seven centipedes slithering through his cracked body, sharp blades threatening to pierce his eyes off and a pair of fogged glasses staring at him from above, white mane that sways with the wind and a horrible feeling takes possession of his body just by the thought of it, the thought of things that once were but are not anymore, of all the things that vanish away around him while he remains intact, like an old movie passing by right before his eyes. Kaneki could see many things, however, the first thing he perceives after opening his eyelids are the bleak streets of Tokyo engulfed in a winter breeze, the soft whisper of the wind caressing the branches of the highest trees, numbing his fingertips. Kaneki doesn’t remember the last time he witnessed such silence, there sitting on a bench under the moonlight, a few steps away from :re.

The quietness of the moment feels almost overwhelming, however, he doesn’t want to break up the spell. Dressed in black, Kaneki seems to submerge between the darkness of the night, the shadows engulf him and he’s not afraid of being exposed like this so late in the night despite being the most wanted person in all Tokyo. Between the darkness no one can see him; however, Kaneki can feel certain light coming out painstakingly slow even before he can notice that it’s there.

Her smell, her presence, Kaneki doesn’t need to look at her to know she’s near.

“You can’t sleep?”

Then her voice confirms his thoughts.

Kaneki tilts his face to once side, rigid and not due to the cold. Touka lies in the middle of the street holding two mugs of coffee between her hands, and the light that radiates from her body threatens his gloomy hideaway. Her presence is overwhelming.

Kaneki blurts out a sigh, the air coming out from his lips like the breath of a ghost, and he shakes his head. His eyes are what Touka needs to give the next step, because even when confidence is her middle name and her face raises up in pride, only God knows how nervous she is at being there, standing in front of him, alone, after so many years. Touka comes closer and takes a seat beside him, handing him the mug.


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the signs as tfb lyrics
  • aries: she says, "you, you should admit it." but she knows I, I probably won't that he is the sound you want now and I, I'm just the noise you don't. (the feud)
  • taurus: I'm gonna get on my knees would you kick me in the face please? it'll make whatever I say sound like poetry. and as my gums begin to bleed the words will fall like teeth and whatever we had locked up now it's free. (lipstick covered magnet)
  • gemini: well I'm not gonna sit here and deny what I'm pretty sure I felt. I want what we had just wanna feel it with someone else. (I think your nose is bleeding)
  • cancer: I have stitched a mask of confidence and I wear it like a glove. (pale beneath the tan (squeeze))
  • leo: and I don't wanna make my mark on anything I just wanna show up then leave without anyone noticing. (silver shinbone (the bucket song))
  • virgo: and I refuse to take another breath till you change who you have become. (taking my uzi to the gym)
  • libra: I hear her whisper, "all I want is to want nothing." the room is dark and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm asleep. she says, "it just don't make no sense. why can't it work out in my head? why can't I be happy when there's definitely reasons I should be..." (tattooed tears)
  • scorpio: well since when did I wanna hear your voice not become a good excuse? calling you three in the morning laugh at sleep that we'll both lose (twelve feet deep)
  • sagittarius: this is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends' bodies. when the floodwater comes it ain't gonna be clear it's gonna look like mud, but I will help you swim. (twin size mattress)
  • capricorn: hey sweetheart, where'd you get those eyes? you think that I could have a pair? love the way that they glaze over - no point in pretending that we care. (just as big twice as swollen)
  • aquarius: I would stop doing all those things the doctor tells me not to do, but I don't think he understands I do all of these things for you (jim bogart)
  • pisces: everyone you think you're better than, what the fuck, I'm guilty too. half the time that I'm complaining I'm just talking shit on you. (the plan (fuck jobs)).
Twin theories...

Is it just me, or does THIS

not quite look like Sherlock?  Something about the expression is bugging me…

And the voice beginning at 0:24 of the trailer - a lot like Benedict’s voice, but not Sherlock.  Some sort of strange accent/intonation I can’t quite get my head around.

I know the prevailing theories are that The Other One will be Mycroft’s twin, and most people considered this bit on Sherlock having an evil twin brother (remember the little girl screaming at Sherlock in TRF?) to be crack, but…???

The signs as three TSSF self titled lyrics
  • Aries: Calm somehow but rising now// These days I tend to see red// My blood is always hot when it comes to you and I
  • Taurus: Find me, heal me, keep my faith// You set your pace, I'll keep mine too// Attract me, come back to me, I'm waiting on you so patiently
  • Gemini: Toyed with deceit, planted your lies// Split up your mind, do you some harm// You can't say you never fucked with me cause everyone knows
  • Cancer: I hope you feel that heavy gloom when you're all done up in a crowded room// I want it to hit so close to home// Used to dye your denim in my parents bathroom, I can feel your phantom
  • Leo: tell me how your life's played out down south in the sun// Go be who you wanna be// I might lose all my poise
  • Virgo: I'd rather not, I hate the thought, it's such a distaste// That feeling stuck that I offered trust and it left me solo// can't ignore, won't ignore, that I just don't know you anymore
  • Libra: Trying to break loose from your charm// The ice is slick like my voice// Picture you just dancing, dancing in your old room
  • Scorpio: I know all your flaws and most of your fears// I can't understand how you control all my lust and form the words on my tongue// Know how hard that I fell, hazy every detail, about who cared the most when it came to you and I
  • Capricorn: I will not fake this stupid smile// I can't seem to shake this curse, I can't seem to put you first
  • //I wear a scowl so that they can always see, I'm nowhere near where I wanna be
  • Sagittarius: she's like "I never left you, this was all your choice"// Gotta figure out who I've been running from// I can't pass through Indio without feeling indigo
  • Aquarius: how can I feel anything anymore?// Mislead you on purpose, fade into the void// I keep my distance now, forcing my jaw to smile
  • Pisces: Bet you're sick of hearing me sulk and pout// I spent so much time, with you in my hindsight// Each time I chase, I feel dark blue

I think my favorite part of being a “gifted” child who learned to associate pleasure and praise with achievement, is that you grow up into this double bind of wanting to be enough in yourself, to unyoke your sense of worth from what you can do at a given moment, how many ‘A’s you can rack up on the report card of life, because that’s false and harmful and limiting, you are not your resume–

but the minute you start to entertain the idea, all you can hear is that nasty, insidious voice whispering, it’s only the people who can’t hack it who believe that.

…yep, that’s definitely my favorite thing.

I'm Not One For Love - Austin Carlile

I don’t know if you’ll do this one but can you do one where you have a one night stand with Austin but you end up pregnant and you don’t know what to do. Then a year later you’re out shopping and she starts to get antsy and Aaron walks over asking if she needs help and the boys follow but Austin’s like wth and they all think she’s familiar and Alan goes back and talks him into coming with them and he realizes she’s his and like MAJOR FLUFF?!?!

Well I suck at these sort of things but I gave it a try anyway, you implied the baby was her daughter and you didn’t suggest a name so I kinda just called her whatever I could think of, hope you like it c: Smut Warning. Written by Emma.

I still remember that night. That night he saw me at a bar, alone, upset. He offered me a drink; one, two, three. We sat and we chatted, about things, about life, about love. All I knew was that I wanted to get lucky easily, I didn’t expect what would happen in the aftermath.

He took me home to his and it wasn’t long until we ended up in his bedroom. I was intoxicated but I remember ever second. The way he whispered in my ear as he undressed me carefully, the way he kissed along my neck and collar bone whilst caressing my body. Gently, he pulled me onto his bed. I sat facing him on his lap, our bare bodies pressed together. He told me how beautiful I was, and that he never wanted to let me go. He kissed my neck, he made me feel so alive, like I was loved. Then he said something, something that I still remember now. He said: “I’m not one for love, but this was love at first sight.” And those words exactly as he traced his fingers across my cheekbone. It left me speechless.

It wasn’t long before my back was on the bed and he was on top of me. The breathing was heavy and intense, sweat gathered on our skin. I couldn’t count the number of times I screamed his name.

He plunged himself into my body powerfully, successfully making me moan each time. He wasn’t rough, he didn’t hurt me, he knew exactly how to fuck a woman. His elbows was either side of my head, propping him up. Both of his hands was locked behind my head. My legs were wrapped securely around his waist as he tactically thrusted. The motion of his hips sent me to heaven, the way they dipped as he was inside of me then would grind upwards. It made me scream numerous times. He was so deep into me, yet always seemed to go that bit further. I cursed and dug my nails down his back, sometimes my hands twined with his hair.

I screamed, screamed and screamed. I couldn’t get enough, neither could he. He didn’t just fuck me, he made love to me.

We were breathless afterwards. He whispered sweet nothing’s in my ear as we lay together. For the first time ever, a man spoke to me about his future. He said he wanted us two to be together, me following his band on tour. He wanted me every step of the way with him. He said that he’s fell in love with me. I was surprised; we just met each other that evening. But he said that we had some sort of connection, and I believed him. I felt it too - this strange bond pulling us together. He told me that he wanted children in the future too, a girl. He would like to have a child fairly soon, so she could grow up with him. He had a disease, Marfan Syndrome, and it meant he couldn’t expect to live the full life of a man. But he wanted to make the most of his whilst he still had it. He wanted a family, a career. He wanted to make a difference to the world, to show people who have troubles or are like him that they aren’t alone. It was admirable.

We fell asleep that night in his bed, side by side. His arm was around me and I clutched to his chest. I felt like we were together, officially together.

The next morning was painful. I lay there, awake, in his arms. He snored lightly. I could picture it: waking up like this every morning. But something just snatched me out of the living dream I was in last night.

My thoughts dwelled. He wasn’t serious about you two having a future, he’s a rockstar, he wouldn’t want you and some kid toddling around after him everywhere. I overthought the whole situation, and I believed myself. He was a rockstar, he had a complicated life, going here, there and everywhere. He wouldn’t want me around him, or a child. He couldn’t of been serious. He was Austin Carlile, a hero already living the dream.

Loud, piercing cries snatched me out of the flashback. I look down into my pram to see my daughter, Sianna, crying. Immediately, I picked her up and held her in my arms. Rocking her side to side, I try to calm down. However, it didn’t affect the situation much.

It’s been over a year since that night with Austin. Shameless to say, the girl is his. I didn’t have the heart in me to have an abortion after I found out I was pregnant. I fell in love with her. The next morning after our incident, I followed my thoughts and left. I wrote a long note explaining why. Stupidly, I left the man that gave me the slightest possibility of a good future. I think about Austin everyday, I won’t lie. I look back to that morning with regret when I wake up every morning. Sianna has the same heart problem as Austin. As it’s a genetically disease, Austin must have passed it to her. Whenever I look at Sianna I remember him, it stung my heart. That hurt me the most.

Rolling down her face, Sianna’s tears felt never ending. Subtly, I sighed. I didn’t mind having a child, but it would help having somebody, at least one person, helping me with everything. I didn’t have a family, no brothers, no sisters. My mother died a few years ago and my dad left me when I was a little girl. I didn’t bother to find him, I never wanted to after he ditched me and my mother.

“Miss, are you okay?” A voice distracts me. Vaguely, it seems familiar. I turn around, fairly shocked by what I see. Aaron Pauley, the bassist/singer for Austin’s band, was approaching me. “Yes, she’s just a little unsettled, that’s all.” I try to smile and hide the stunned look on my face. Behind him walks two other members of the band: Tino Arteaga and Phil Manansala, the drummer and one of the guitarists of the band. “She’s adorable.” Phil says, bending down and looking at her. “What’s her name?” He looks up to me. “Sianna.” I barely whisper. “Who’s got cute little cheeks? You do.” Tino is lightly rubbing her cheeks, making me laugh softly.

Another member, the other guitarist, Alan Ashby wanders over to us. I try to seek behind him, to see if Austin’s anywhere. However, I can’t see over the small group of men. “Cute little girl,” He comments with a warm smile before turning to me. “I’m sorry if this sounds crazy, but you seem strangely familiar.” He remarks. “No idea why.” I say as I blush and tuck an ear back, I certainly do know why. “And so does she.” Alan crouches and leans over Sianna, talking in an automatic baby voice. “Again, no clue.” I shrug hopelessly. I try to remain calm, if they remember this isn’t going to be easy to explain.

“Where’s Austin?” Aaron asks as Alan stands up. “He’s just being a little weird for some reason.” He sucks on his cheek. A little weird, does he remember me and just doesn’t want anything to do with me? “Where is he?” Phil joins in with the questioning.

“I’m here.” I hear the husky voice behind me, and it startles me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, Y/N.” He chuckles with that charming smile of him. I feel my face whiten, he remembers. “Y/N?” Alan repeats, eyes widening. “That’s why.” He mumbles, before stepping back slightly. Aaron understands what he’s trying to do. “Come on guys, let’s leave them to it.” He says, facing Phil and Tino. Kicking Tino’s back, Alan tries to draw him away from Sianna. “I’m sorry, she’s just adorable.” He chuckles before standing back and following Alan’s footsteps.

Soon enough, I’m left alone with Austin. Settling, an awkward silence appears amongst us. “I should go..” I whisper, turning the pram around. “Y/N.” Austin’s tone sounds like a parents. Unwillingly, I look up into his eyes. I never thought I’d see them again, at least, in person. Following those words, he makes my heart sting. “A note?” He mutters, folding his arms. “You left, a god damn note?” He raises his eyebrows. “I know, I have a lot of explaining to do.” I whimper, like a little girl getting told off. “Come on.” He says, his tone softening.

Leading me and Sianna to a small coffee shop, we sit opposite each other. He orders us two coffees, and we sit in silence. Guiltiness paints over my face.

“A note.” He repeats himself. He doesn’t sound angry, just disappointed. I know what he’s talking about, of course I do, that note I left him the morning I left. “Austin, I-” I murmur, but he interrupts. “Oh no, don’t try to ‘Austin’ me.” He mimics my voice. “You left me.” His tone sounds sour. “And all you left, was a flipping note?” His voice becomes irritated. “Writing all that crap about how we couldn’t be together. After a night where I opened up to you more than anyone else. You ditch me, you left me.” He mutters. “I thought you weren’t serious..” I whisper quietly. “It’s clear which one of us wasn’t serious, isn’t it?” He clenches his jaw. “I was, Austin, I was..” I say pathetically. “Yeah, obviously. No calls, no texts, no nothing. You’ve got a child.” His voice raises. “I didn’t have your number.” I use one of the excuses that has been building up in my mind for the last year. “Could’ve left yours. But, oh wait, you didn’t want jack all to do with me. You just used me for a night and left me and wrote some stupid, pathetic excuses down as to why. I run into you now and you have a flaming child.” He tries his best not to lose his temper. I don’t blame him for being angry at all. “I wanted to, Austin, really, I did.” I say, a pleading look in my eyes. Silencing for a moment, his eyes drift off into space and he looks around the room.

"Then why didn’t you?” He asks, his tone sounding upset. “I thought you were beautiful, amazing, perfect. I thought I was lucky that I was getting the chance go have you, I thought you’d be everything I ever needed, but you left.” He covers his mouth his his hand and looks away again. I search his eyes, his features. He looks like he’s in pain, that he really is upset. I can tell; I have to see that face in the mirror everyday.

“I honestly thought you didn’t mean what you said. I thought that you’d want to live your life, have your dream career. You wouldn’t want me, or a family, ruining that for you.” I murmur with regret. “I couldn’t live my life without you."He replies, taking my hands. My body warmths at his touch."Y/N, I looked for you. I looked everywhere. That place where we met, I went there a few times a week hoping to see you. I asked the bartenders, regulars there, if they saw you, and to give you me a call so I could come see you.” He says, a black expression covering his face. “I really didn’t think that, at all.” I say dumbly. How could I of been so blind before? “Of course I wanted you, and a family.” He says. “Honestly, I thought you didn’t. That’s why I left, and started a family of my own.” My eyes drift to Sianna, laying quietly in the pram.

“She’s beautiful.” Austin’s eyes fill with fatherly love, should I tell him she’s his? “What’s her name?” He asks, eyes not diverting from her. “Sianna.” I say, smiling at his attention on her. “Sianna,” He repeats, stroking her cheek softly. “What an amazing name.” He coos.

“Who’s is she?” He asks, jaw tightening subtly. I can tell the curiosity will be eating away at him. “Yours.” I answer quietly, averting from his eyes. “Oh my god,” He breathes. I can’t tell whether that’s good or bad. “God, Y/N. Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve helped with everything and anything.” He looks at me with sense of desperation. “I really thought it wouldn’t matter to you.” I mumble. “Oh, Y/N. Of course it would matter. Firstly, it’s you, anything to do with you and I’m all over it. And secondly, Christ, I have a daughter. I’m a father.” His eyes light up. “You’re… happy ?” I can’t hide my confusion. “Yes. Christ, yes. I have a daughter, we have a daughter. We could be a family.” I hear the tone of pride in his voice. “You’d want that, seriously?” I frown, I’m in disbelief. “Of course I would want that. I want you, don’t I? I would certainly want our daughter too.” His grip on my hands tighten. “As long as you would want that.” He adds at the end, seeking my response. I’m speechless, all I can do is nod enthusiastically. A new feeling flows through me. I’ll have a family. A proper family.

"Oh, Y/N. I’m not one for love,” He recalls his words from our night long ago. “But this was love at first sight.” We both say. Cupping my face, he kisses me across the table. I’ve missed the sweet grip of his lips. Something I never want to miss again.


I’ve watched the promo for a thousand times until now and I can’t not notice Austin(Ross)’s voice breaking like we was crying while he was saying: ’‘I don’t want to lose you again!“. It felt so real that I have tears in my eyes. I love Ross and Laura for being such an amazing actors! They love their characters so much and they are so involved that sometimes I think they don’t even act anymore!

Just a week and we can finally see one of the most emotional episode ever! I’m going to cry for sure!

TG Jail - vs Arima Bad End


I recorded this at 5am, I apologize for my horrible voice and useless commentary and very bad translation. Please feel free to mute.

But anyway, there were some folks who wanted me to record the parts with Arima. This is the ending where you DON’T get to fight Arima and you lose by default.

tae-fly  asked:

I personally dislike red velvet, they don't look like they are taking care of themselves especially wendy, she's too fat to be an idol, this is just my opinion though, I mean I think she should start losing weight. isn't idol required to take care of their weights?

I value the fact that you have an opinion and are able to voice it.

I disagree with your opinion. Entertainment agencies will have their idols starve and exercise in extreme cases to maintain a certain look. Don’t you think they know what they’re doing?

Maybe you dislike people that don’t look the way you want. That’s okay. I tend just “not like” someone that I don’t particularly want to spend time following, as opposed to “disliking” them purely based on appearance. That’s your call and I hope nobody in your life ever judges whether to like you or not, solely based on your own appearance.