i don't want to lose anything anymore

It’s been so long since I’ve actually posted here because 1- I don’t have any idea for content and 2- If even I had, I can’t even handle school anymore.
I probably just don’t delete this blog because I don’t want to lose all I’ve ever posted so probably hiatus?

Say I make you lose your mind
and I’ll drive you crazy
With my hair
and my lips,
a smile etched onto them.

Say you want to know how I feel
and I’ll give you
hailstorms and lightning
alongside sunshine and autumn wind
so that you can see.

Say you want to smile
and I’ll dance for you
sing stupid songs,
pull ridiculous faces
to make you laugh away your pain.

Say you want to be with her
and I’ll back away
ever so slowly, reluctantly
just to make sure you really meant it
just to make sure you really want her
and I’ll wonder forever why
I was never enough
and why I was the one to say goodbye.

—  you said we would stay in touch (via fraagmented)