i don't want to lose anything anymore

yea ok i’m taking time away from tumblr. not sure how long or if i’ll ever really come back. i could come back in two weeks or two months or never. but if you want to stay connected to me here’s my

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mutuals/friends/anyone really, never be afraid to stay in touch. over the next week or so i’ll check messages and stuff here somewhat regularly. like i said i might come back and i still have a few things in my queue

no one’s done anything to make this happen, i just need to start doing other things and clear my mind out

- bri xx

drug addiction starter sentences
  • "You have a problem!"
  • "I have a problem."
  • "What are those blue lines up your arm?"
  • "Are those track marks?"
  • "What's that powder under your nose?"
  • "Why have you been getting so many nosebleeds lately?"
  • "I found a needle in your drawer."
  • "I found your stash."
  • "How long have you been hiding this from me?"
  • "That's it. It's the drugs or me."
  • "You're going to die or end up in prison."
  • "You've hit rock bottom."
  • "How much did you take?"
  • "It's not that I want to get high anymore. I need it to survive."
  • "It's never been this bad."
  • "I need to talk to you about something I found in your room."
  • "Get that stuff out of my house!"
  • "I'm not mad. I'm just worried about you."
  • "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."
  • "It seems like your religion wouldn't allow this."
  • "I have to draw the line. I can't support your habits anymore."
  • "You're just as toxic as what you're putting in your body."
  • "Can you give me a discount?"
  • "You have to get help or we're through."
  • "You lost your job over this stuff, and you're about to lose me too."
  • "I'll always love you, but I sure don't like you when you're high."
  • "I didn't know you were into that stuff."
  • "You said you'd never use a needle."
  • "Thanks for the extra. It really helped me get by this week."
  • "Be honest. Do you love the drugs more than me?"
  • "Rehab would be good for you."
  • "I don't want to spend 70 days just waiting until I can get high again. I'm not going."
  • "It's the only thing that makes me feel anything anymore."
  • "I'm sorry, I'm choosing the drugs."
A Bad Assumption
  • Therapist: *smiles at the two in front of them* So how can I help you two gentlemen today?
  • Dark: Well, we have been having some issues. *motions to Anti, who is sulking beside him*
  • Therapist: What kind of issues?
  • Dark: Well, he never listens to me when I talk. We can never agree on anything anymore, and he refuses to understand my needs.
  • Anti: Well I have needs too, Dark! But you don't seem to care about them. No, it's all about you!
  • Therapist: *clears throat* Well, these things do tend to happen. The best way to save your relationship is to talk it out. I'm sure neither of you want to lose your partner.
  • Dark and Anti: *stop arguing and stare at the therapist*
  • Dark: Where did you get the idea that we were romantically involved? I was referring to my need to manipulate the will of others and make them love me.
  • Anti: And I was referring to the deep hunger inside of me that is only satisfied by the brutal murder of others.
  • Therapist: *shifts uncomfortably* Umm...
  • Dark: ....
  • Anti: ....
  • Therapist: .....
  • Anti: *gets up and shoves a knife into the therapists neck*
  • Anti: *to Dark* So, want to grab some coffee?

anonymous asked:

all the more chance to make new friends, online or otherwise. the ones you currently have sound like they're depressing you and being brash.

The thing is, all friends I’ve lost before we’re because of the exact same reason: relationships. The moment they we’re in one, I wasn’t important anymore. My friendship with my best friend barely made it through that. And I’m in a period of my life where everyone my age is getting into relationships, and it’ll just be the same thing all over again.

  • otp: we have history together
  • otp: you won't be sad forever
  • otp: it was epic
  • otp: we're a work in progress
  • otp: i can't lose the way i feel about you
  • otp: it's real
  • otp: i completely forget what i am
  • otp: when it's real you can't walk away
  • otp: don't walk away
  • otp: don't hide from me
  • otp: you are the woman that i love
  • otp: you bought me flowers
  • otp: i trust you
  • otp: you were saving my life and i was saving yours
  • otp: i just want to spend as much time with you as possible
  • otp: it's your choice
  • otp: you have nothing to worry about
  • otp: i came back to this town to start a life with you
  • otp: it's just so nice to see you laugh
  • otp: come with me
  • otp: but i love you
  • otp: it's you and me stefan always
  • otp: always
  • otp: you're staring; i'm gazing
  • otp: because i love you so much
  • otp: with stefan she was home
  • otp: i can't think of a better reason to die
  • otp: because you and i fell in love
  • otp: i don't want us to ever be apart anymore
  • otp: this is a future memory
  • otp: i just want you to fight for it
  • otp: i will always protect elena
  • otp: it matters
  • otp: i'd want to be with you forever
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm not gonna let elena lose anybody else
  • otp: i just want to know that he's alive
  • otp: hold onto that
  • otp: never let that go
  • otp: he'd never give up on me
  • otp: i'm not gonna give up on him
  • otp: come home
  • otp: where else would i be?
  • otp: you love her
  • otp: you'd do anything for her and you have
  • otp: you owe me that
  • otp: i owe you everything
  • otp: you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up
  • otp: nothing is stronger than your love for this one girl
  • otp: i know who you really are better than anyone else
  • otp: i'm not giving up
  • otp: i knew you'd catch me
  • otp: i still have hope
  • otp: you have to get your hope back
  • otp: you had me
  • otp: that kind of love never dies
  • otp: you're the one who saved me
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: i don't believe that you feel nothing
  • otp: i never stopped loving you
  • otp: i will always love you
  • otp: some guy i used to date
  • otp: some girl i used to date
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: she's a pretty special girl
  • otp: you're her better option
  • otp: you should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive
  • otp: being with stefan somehow i figured it out
  • otp: just in case there is no later
  • otp: i love him
  • otp: i never unfell for him
  • otp: i was coming back for you
  • otp: i'm smiling; me too
  • otp: the best choice i ever made
  • otp: i'll be with you forever
  • otp: one day at a time
  • otp: your hands on my body
  • otp: you're so cheery
  • otp: you're the one getting me through this
  • otp: you just have to hold on
  • otp: i just need you to trust me
  • otp: stefan is your epic love
  • otp: now that's love
  • otp: he fought so hard he actually managed to resist
  • otp: i envy the love that you and elena share
  • otp: all i see is stefan and elena
  • otp: you know how badly i wanted a human life with you
  • otp: she didn't give up on me
  • otp: i won't give up on her
  • otp: i never thought i'd feel that way again until elena
  • otp: i just can't seem to shake her
  • otp: you just have to find that one thing inside of you that makes you want to live
  • otp: welcome back
  • otp: she's the love of my life
  • otp: i'd go back to her in a heartbeat
  • otp: you never gave up on me
  • otp: i owed you one
  • otp: don't give up
  • otp: these are the moments that keep me from falling apart
  • otp: stefan has elena
  • otp: this is where we collided
  • otp: you're smart you're pretty you're funny
  • otp: how do i not remember you?
  • otp: you were the perfect boyfriend
  • otp: you respected my choices
  • otp: i told you not to hide
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i got you
  • otp: i won't let her hurt you i promise
  • otp: your instincts were always to protect me
  • otp: you know me better than anybody else
  • otp: i do know you
  • otp: i wanted it to be you
  • otp: that kind of love can change your whole life
  • otp: every atom in my body told me that it was the right thing
  • otp: we were the perfect fit
  • otp: she wasn't you
  • otp: the life we had was amazing
  • otp: it was real
  • otp: we fell in love on our own
  • otp: i'll always love you

anonymous asked:

I think what hurts most is losing friends. In relationships you know that it's either going to end or you'll be with that person forever, so it hurts to break up but you still knew that it probably would happen. in friendships you're supposed to be there for each other and know more about you than your partner. and when friends leave, you can't put it down to cheating or not being attracted anymore or anything like that- just that they don't want to be around you anymore. hurts like a bitch.

it really does

anonymous asked:

Someone I cared for a lot passed away recently and it hurts so bad. That and my school stress me out so much sometimes I can't function. I rarely go outside or do anything. Lately I've just been lying in bed for hours. Music doesn't seem to help anymore, and I feel so numb. I don't know what to do.

sometimes you need to force yourself to do things, even if you don’t want to. I know how hard it is to lose someone you care for and I always find taking their death and using it to inspire and push me helps.

I want Haise to be able to eventually come to terms with who he was before.
Kaneki had a tragic story which was ultimately ‘reset’.
I want him to be able to look at his past and what he is now and accept the facts but not let that dark part of him consume himself. I want him to be willing to live on and not disappear.
Because right now it feels like he has a liveliness about him that had been previously lost. And I don’t want him to lose hope in everything again.

But considering the author, I doubt anything will go smoothly.

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Normally I'd hedge our bets and say this will last for a week or two to gain drama and with it momentum, but given there's already a huge amount of attention, bigger than what we saw in March, I wonder if they would be wiser to do it tomorrow so that they don't lose that attention on such a wide scale. Depends on their plans (as always), so no way of making good guesses, but I'm feeling sooner rather than later. Also they probably don't want to give Simon, the Js, etc time to maneuver.

I agree that sooner would be better, for a number of reasons. I think if they’re moving ahead now they know that Simon, etc. can’t do anything to change anything anymore. So, just execute the plan as efficiently as possible.

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I'm a junior in highschool.. I get okay grades for the difficulty of my classes.. but I'm just so miserable. I'm on tumblr a lot and I don't have any motivation to lose weight or anything.. Being on christmas break makes me realize how boring and pathetic my life is and I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm so sick of the generic solutions to this like "Read a book" or "Get a hobby" I just want some great advice..

take everything a day at a time and try to do things that frighten you. it’s okay. you’re just human. really that’s all i can give you. plan for the future when the present seems hopeless, and remember that nothing is forever. what you’re feeling now won’t always be there, be it happy or sad, so hold onto it until it’s gone.  things will change, it’s their nature, and it’s your nature to change, too. you’re gonna be fine.

read up on your feelings and make sure you don’t suffer from a mental disorder, and if you need to, talk to someone, be it a professional or just a friend.  it’s okay to be on tumblr all the time. it’s okay to not be motivated to lose weight (i’m sure not).

get a job, research colleges for when you graduate, find a program in some foreign country that you want to aim for, explore your interests. or just sit back and wait for things to change, because they are going to whether you want them to or not.

"I don't wanna be THAT guy. I don't wanna be your first anything"

We were doing good until he found out I was a virgin, and said this. Now he thinks I’m just trying to use him to lose my vcard, little does he know I just lost it to another guy a few nights ago. I don’t even know what I’m doing or want anymore.

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How do I get over someone who meant the world to me? He and I dated for almost 2 years and I feel as if I am nothing to him. It hurts to see him around school, talking to other girls as if our relationship didn't mean anything. I love him unconditionally and entirely. I tried so hard to get him back but its like i don't even matter anymore. How can someone lose feelings so quickly? I was his first real relationship too.. He was my bestfriend too

There are two types of people in relationships - 1) People whose feelings grow stronger as time goes by and 2) People whose feelings grow weaker as time goes by.

I don’t want to sound harsh but it may not be that he got over you quickly, he may have just gotten over you before things were over. I’ve been there, I stayed with some people far longer than I should have because I didn’t know if it was appropriate to leave when I had felt so much for them at one point but once I did leave, it was always a huge relief. I didn’t have to struggle with whether or not I even wanted to be in that relationship and I immediately carried on with my life, leaving the past where it belongs - in the past.

You care about him, that’s fine. I know it hurts but the more you focus on it, the more you allow it to hurt. You need to gain a new perspective on life. When you’ve been with someone for so long, your life revolves around them for the most part so you don’t always know what to do with yourself when they’re no longer around. My advice (and I’ve said this many, many, many times now) is to just find some new experiences with new people. Try to just go out and have fun, enjoy yourself, and quit worrying about what he’s doing because it doesn’t involve you anymore. Worry about yourself instead and just allow him to be his own person. If he wants to move on, good for him! I hate when people stay stuck on others after it’s over, I feel like it’s a waste of emotions. He just wants to be happy and he’s going to do whatever he wants to be happy, do the same for yourself.