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The Guest House

Description: Yoongi the hostel owner slowly develops a rapport with a girl and her friends that keep visiting.  Maybe a bit of a flirtatious one.  Maybe even a little crush.  One night he gets protective on a date gone bad and it leads to smut.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 7.1k

A/N: So, basically, this is based off an experience I had last week. Not the smut part (ughhhhh), but the whole hostel owner coming to save the day when this dude just wouldn’t get the hint and leave. I relayed the experience to @ellieljade , because I needed her to die with me, and we both decided it should be used for smut fuel. Like grown adults. 

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Don't be so stupid

Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut?


I straighten the covers and place the money in my safe box under the bed. Another night of work. I laugh at my own statement. Ha! Work! All you do is take rejected men’s money for a wild time.

I haven’t been doing this long. Only a couple months, but I’ve made more money than you can believe!

I know how people look at me. I see the stares of shame. How some women cross the street trying to get as far away from me as possible like they might catch something.

They wouldn’t. I don’t let any man go there. Only one man has ever taken me there. Only one man I will ever let go beyond the methods I use on other men. No one has touched me since the day he was murdered.

As I scrub the filth away from my body I think back to how Jerome took me. He had different ways of making me feel head over heels. Some nights he would take me hard and rough where the bed would get close to breaking, than other nights when he was feeling love sick he would worship me. He would thrust passionately kissing my body and telling me how beautiful I am.

I step out of the shower leaving the painful memories behind. I wrap a towel around my body and go down to the kitchen to make a drink. I get out the ingredients for a rock hard drink but then a knock on the door interrupts me.

I sigh and open it to see a man with cash in hand. He raises his brow and pushes past me. Is this really my life? He throws the money at me and sits on the sofa.

I walk over to him and set the cash on the hood in his trousers. “It’s late.” I say and make my way to the door to open it for him. He laughs and throws the cash at me with force. “Suck it whore.” This man was clearly drunk and out of his mind to think he can talk to me like that.

Though financial worries enter my brain. I need the money. I need it to get away from here. I sigh and rest on my knees giving the man what he paid for.

Once done I stand up quickly and feel like I should rinse my mouth out with bleach. Just then another knock rings out. A loud one. One of demand.

I move to open the door. “I can see why you’re so popular dollface.” I grasp the handle hard and turn to him with a displeased expression. “Don’t-” “CALL HER THAT!” A screaming voice beats me to it. I know that voice.

I open the door thinking I’m crazy. I’m hearing voices again. I swing open the door to see him. “J-Jer-” he places his finger against my lips and strides into the room seeing the man. He turns to me with fire in his eyes. “Did he touch you?” I shake my head gripping my towel closer to my body scared.

Jerome comes closer and I take in his appearance. Staples? I have to say it’s not his worst look.

The man on the couch scoffs. “No. She never lets anyone get in there. To stubborn. I’ve got to say she makes up for it man. Come here and sit. She does magic.” Jerome laughs. “Oh I know. She’ll ride me like a good girl any day.” The man once again scoffs. “Ha sure! She’s not gonna let some random person in there!” The man laughs.

Jerome turns to him with a smirk. “Oh I’m not a stranger. I was her first isn’t that right darling?” He asks lifting my chin up. “Well go on baby girl. Tell him how I’m the only one who’s ever touched your pussy.” Jerome moves me in front of the man and grips my hips. “He’s the only man to ever touch my pussy.” I say feeling Jerome move his hand beyond the towel and run his fingers over the skin of my hip. I shiver under his touch missing him exceedingly.

The man on the couch slaps his knee with a jealous expression. “Oh man! Lucky you! You’re okay with her doing this though? That’s what I call a working relationship!” Jerome’s hand goes further and slips between my wet folds. He circles my clit with pressure making my body lean into his. Jerome laughs and removes his hand. Instead he lifts up the back of the towel and grips my ass. “Actually no. You see I’ve been gone for a while. This is news to me. I find this…humiliating, and revolting.” Jerome then fiddled with his own trousers and releases himself. I feel him from behind as he starts to rub his head across my wet folds. The man on the couch just stares as if he’s in heaven.

Jerome laughs. “My my my doll. You really haven’t let anyone touch you. So tight I can even thrust into you, but as for you…enjoying the snow?” Jerome thrusts hard entering me. Filling me up like he use to. I arch back into him wanting more. Needing more. The man on the couch looks at me and nods his head.

Jerome laughs and pulls out a gun. He places the barrel to my head as he continues to thrust into me pulling my hair back. “Should I shoot you? Hm? Do you deserve to live knowing the things you’ve done? You dirty whore. Who do you belong to?” “You. You Jerome!” I moan out enjoying the blissful pleasure he’s bestowing upon me. “That’s right doll! I want you to do so for me okay?” Jerome whispers in my ear. “Shoot him.” Jerome says placing the gun in my hand.

I aim the barrel at him and pull the trigger with a rush enveloping me. The mans blood splatters on the wall and he falls completely limp. Jerome growls and rips the towel away turning me around. “You’re in so much trouble.” He says and pushes me against the wall hiking me up and thrusting into me hard and fast. I place my arms around him moaning his name over and over again. “Say it again doll. Scream it.” He says and moves his hand to rub my clit. I toss my head back against the wall in pure pleasure. “Jerome!” I moan out.

He moves to sit on the couch next to the dead man still spilling blood. “What do you say princess? You wanna ride me?” I nod eagerly and place myself above him cock and sliding down on him. Jerome grips my hips as I bouch on his cock making us both feel pleasures we haven’t had for a year.

Jerome rubs his fingers against the blood on the man’s wound and covers his hand in the thick red liquid. He proceeds to trail his hand down my body making a line from my breast, to my stomach, and right above my crotch. “Ah you’re such a good girl. You’re going to cum aren’t you? Go on doll. Cum for me.” I do as he says and release on him and seconds he fills me up with his own cum.

Jerome moves my hair out of the way and kisses me. “You’re mine. Don’t be so stupid to think otherwise. No other man looks at you. Ever! Understood?” He caresses my cheek with a smile. “Yes J.” He laughs and picks me up. “Then why don’t we make up for lost time? Sound good?” I smile and kiss his nose. “Sounds perfect.”

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I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!

Fall For You (M) | 03 (Final)

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 13,742
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, sprinkling of feelings
A/N: I feel like I’m sending my child to their first day of kindergarten oh my goodness. I hope you guys enjoy the last part!!

Part 01. Part 02 + Drabbles

Mood music: X

A mistake.

It absolutely had to be a mistake.

There was no way you were in love with Jeon Jungkook, absolutely no way in hell you had feelings for him that ran any deeper than discontent. It had been the moment, the conversation with Jungkook, the awe you’d felt when he showed you his forest. You had gotten caught up in that moment, and your mind had tricked itself into thinking you liked Jungkook.

You didn’t love Jungkook.

You loved his dick. And that was all.

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Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.

Requested by @2heures: Could I request a Kylo ren imagine please ? Where he secretly watches over the reader? And you can add on to it if you want :)X

A/N: A spoiler for The Last Jedi, not a big one but still a spoiler. Don’t read if you didn’t see the movie :)

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anonymous asked:

I've seen you say a couple times that you don't see or that you're disabled. Do you mind talking about it? I ask because I am an aspiring writer and it is really hard for me. I wanted to know how you managed or what it was like?

I don’t mind talking about it. It’s something that made me who I am.

When I was about 12, my health sort of started to eat itself. I suddenly had a ton of allergies, and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed. I got sick all the time. In freshman year of high school, I suddenly couldn’t see. For a long time a thing had been going on in my eyes, but I guess I didn’t think it was abnormal until it made it impossible for me to see. Basically this hole was kind of growing in my eyes, but it was more like a rainbow.

When I started having trouble with colors and detail vision, my mom freaked out a bit, because at the time, I was an award winning artist who had ideas of going to college for art. Then I started tripping over things, hitting my head, having trouble with depth perception. Then I got sick, and I mean sick.

I spent about 23 hours a day in bed. I had almost constant migraines. I had pain in my entire body. My skin turned yellow. I went to every kind of doctor you can think of and was tested for everything there is. One day, I had about 12 vials of blood drawn. No one knew what was wrong. The eyes weren’t that big a deal at first, because it seemed like I might have something really serious. The first couple of eye doctors I went to kind of looked at me and said “Oh it’s nothing big.” I actually had one guy tell me that my brain was just shutting off my eyes because I wasn’t using them properly. Yeah.

Then finally, my mom took me to a friend of our family who happened to be an eye surgeon. She did a free exam. I’ll never forget it because it was the first time anyone believed me. I’d been told by doctor after doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. I’d been referred to therapists, told I needed depression meds, told I was just going through a phase or needed attention. Then this doctor put on her head gear, looked into my eyes…took off the head gear…got new head gear…looked into my eyes…took off the headgear…got hand held tools…looked into my eyes…and then stared at me with her mouth hanging open.

“I can’t see the back of your eye,” she said. And suddenly the world simultaneously healed itself and flipped upside-fucking-down for me.

Then it was all about my eyes, the one symptom we could see happening. The one that was the most dangerous. But by then it was too late.

What happened is pretty simple: I apparently have some weird recessive DNA. It triggers certain bizarre immune issues at puberty. My immune system decided to attack my body. The eyes are a delicately balanced system. They show symptoms first. My immune system attacked them with a vengeance. They swelled up like balloons. Normal eye pressure is about 14-17. Mine was at a 22 at its best. It put a tremendous amount of pressure on my Retina, specifically my macula, cutting off blood flow like when you sit on your foot. You know those little shadowy things that float across your eyes? They’re called protein floaters. My eyes had produced so many of those that the doctor could not see through them. It was a fog.

They had to find a way to map my eye, to track the damage. Cue the eye exam from hell. I have always been, even before my autoimmune disorder, deathly allergic to melon. Any kind of melon. But now I was allergic to all sorts of shit, fruits vegetables, all kinds of crap. My dad is allergic to contrast dyes. So when the retinologist suggested this dye-based eye exam that is kind of like a CAT scan, my mom said “no”. See, they inject you with this dye and then they flash this weird light in your eyes. It causes the dye to glow, and then they can see the things through the fog. My mom told them I was too sensitive to stuff for that to be safe. The doc assured her they’d put a butterfly in my arm, meaning the vein would be kept open, and a syringe of benedryl was set on the counter. They’d never had anyone react, and they needed the pictures or there was nowhere to go from there.

So they put this dye into me, and it was like I’d been injected with fire, but there was no way around it, and to me, I knew they only had about 90 seconds to get the images they needed. So I sucked it up. finally the burning began to spread. Suddenly my back felt like I was being stabbed, and I suddenly couldn’t speak. I tapped my hands on my mom, then began sneezing spontaneously. My mom lifted my shirt, and I had quarter-sized hives. The nurse said “Stop sneezing on the camera”. Yeah.

My mom went ballistic. The doctor flew up the stairs and gave me the emergency meds. I slid into a dissociation state and nearly out of my chair. They had to prop me against the camera for the next couple minutes and reinject the dye. No other way, you see.

They did this test every few months for a few years.

But then there was treatment. Not much they could do, except try to get the swelling under control. Only way to do that was corticosteroid injections in the eye. Yup. A needle in the eye. No, they don’t knock you out. They numb the surface of the eye with the same numbing drops they give you for the exams and then they come at you with a needle, tell you to look down and to hold still. And you fucking do.

I was 15 when that started.

I went to experimental clinics, labs, and joined studies. I dropped out of those. Why? It’s pretty simple. The first day I came to the exams, I was kept waiting for over two hours. I was taken into a room. I was left there. No information, no talking. Suddenly a man came in followed by a group of people, all in lab coats. He started moving me around like I was a doll and talking like, “The patient presents with…the patient this, the patient that…”

I shoved him back and said, “The patient’s name is Kristina, and she is 16.”

He finished his exam, and when he left, after the students had gone, he took two Q-tips, dipped them in that pink shit your dentist uses to swab your gums before an injection, and SHOVED them under my eyelids with a cocky smirk.

The patient will never be an snotty little bitch again, I guess.

So yeah. Fuck those guys. They gave me two injections in one day, which no one had ever done before, because it was almost impossible to function with two pimple-like bubbles on your eyeballs.

Still my health was bad. Then all of a sudden, when my mom had given up, It just wasn’t anymore. Suddenly, I was fine, and all that was left were the eyes. I went back to school, except now I was blind.

In a few months, I’d lost about 80% of my perfect vision. I was photophobic. I got horrible and constant headaches. I walked with a cane. And not a single fucking teacher believed me, except my civics teacher, who had gone blind at a young age due to some other weird eye disorder, and my physics teacher who was deaf. I had teachers send me to the office for wearing my sunglasses (with a note on file). I had teachers get on my case about having an audio recorder and CD player for my books. I had teachers call me names, make fun of me, make me leave class to photocopy their notes larger, so that I missed the lecture the notes were on. I had teachers take my medications which had to be in my possession because of their time-sensitive nature and constant administration and hide them in their desks as punishment for asking questions or demanding help. I had classmates pick on me, but luckily, I was well-liked, and I was an officer in the ROTC. I even excelled there in spite of my vision, because my Captain believed in my leadership skills.

I always tell this story because I think it is funny. We had this special boot camp we got to go to if we were in the upper ranks of the ROTC. If you joined the military after high school (which I could never do) you got a higher paygrade for having gone through it. Almost like taking a couple JC classes in the military. It was grueling and all physical fitness, obstacle courses, PT, classes, guard duty…fucking blah. Our unit was allowed six participants. I sort of figured that it wasn’t really fair for me to go, even with my high rank (a company XO). To my complete fucking shock, my Captain recommended me to go, cutting out a classmate (and ex) of mine who was higher in rank. The boy went ape-shit. He went on and on about how unfair it was. He even went to the school board. My Captain made his reasons clear; he told them that the academy isn’t about military sponsorship. It’s about skills and quality. He didn’t care if I had a disability. In his eyes I had more innate ability than anyone there because I had worked so hard just to be where I was. The boy was angry. I told my Captain I appreciated the gesture, but honestly, we ought to make it fair. I told him that we should train to meet the PT standards, and that if this kid could make his, but i couldn’t make mine, he should go. I made mine. He didn’t. He complained about that too. At the last minute, we were told one extra person could come because another school had lost one. So he came anyway. The whole time he bitched about me being there. When I got there, the real military officers gave me shit like you wouldn’t believe, because they weren’t used to dealing with disabilities or recognizing that they can’t discriminate against high schoolers by law. The commander of the unit tried to dress me down in front of everybody for wearing sunglasses. I was pretty pleased with myself for telling him off but still sounding respectful. He kept saying “Take off my glasses”. I told him they weren’t his. They were mine, by law, and that if he had a problem with that, he could consult my attorney, the DOJ, and the doctor who prescribed them. He tried to fuck with me. I didn’t say anything except to ask him if he wanted me to have a migraine, because that’s what taking the glasses off means. He was so confused by me he walked away and called my Captain over. There were words. After that, he came up to me once or twice, almost like a test, to ask me if I needed him to slow down or if I was getting around alright. He wasn’t being nice. He was egging me in a condescending tone and with very bullying language. He’s a drill instructor, and you know what, that’s his job. I told him I was fine. But I made a decision: I wasn’t just going to make the female PT marks. I was going to test out of this fucking place at the male PT marks. And I fucking did. That boy…had an asthma attack on the track (I had asthma too, but I worked my ass off while he coasted on his “boyness”) and failed. At the certificate ceremony, the commander came up to me and said I had really impressed him, and that it was a shame I couldn’t enter the Navy. I thanked him, but what I wanted to say was, “Go fuck yourself and take the NAVY with you”. I ended up the Battalion XO Senior year. This would have given me a guaranteed spot in Westpoint if I could have taken it. My Captain cried when he told me he was sorry he had to give it to one of our Company XO’s. I told him that it was best for everyone, because I am not the type of person to enjoy taking orders. I had learned that about myself.

He laughed.

Around Junior year I got people to pay attention. My doctors got the DOJ and the Social Security people involved. A woman came to my school and enforced compliance in a tone of voice I’d never heard anyone but my mother use. She threatened to rain brimstone down on them if they didn’t give me what I needed, and things changed.

My parents wanted me to take a full scholarship to a local school, but I wanted to get away. So I did. I wanted to travel abroad, so i did. And when I was 19, they perfected one of the surgeries they had been working on the entire time I’d been struggling with this.

See, the injections had brought and kept the swelling down, but that meant that the fog was still there (since ocular fluid doesn’t replace), and the structures in the eye had been stretched all to shit, and were laying in my eye like melted plastic wrap. The old surgery was like a blind man hacking with a machete, but the new surgery used fluorescent dyes to track movement. Dyes that wouldn’t kill me. The old surgery had a 50-50 shot at complete loss of vision and made you lay on your face for three weeks. The new was fool proof and took 45 minutes. So, I got one eye done. They swapped out all the fluid and replaced it with saline. They peeled the distorted membrane off the macula. They stitched up my eyeball and gave me a sick metal eye patch. Looked like a fucking space pirate. It was rad.

But the blind spot is still there. The cataracts caused by the steroids are still there. The scars are there.

A few years later I had the other one done too.

My college was great. It took a lot of work getting all my reading done, about 500 pages minimum, per week, done via audio. I used to spend hours at the pool table in our residence hall, listening to my books and practicing. I got pret damn good too, at pool. It was difficult taking notes or working with a note taker. It was scary traveling by myself. It was hard to get people to understand there wasn’t anything WRONG with me. Just that my eyes don’t work even though it seems like I’m normal and fine, and like they should. People always think to be legally blind you have to be completely blind, and they think you’re not going to be able to defend yourself. I’ve been targeted by pickpockets. I’ve been followed by scary dudes. I’ve been treated like shit, laughed at, and accused by full grown adults of faking to get privileges, all because I can look at the place where their head should be and smile at the blank spot there. All because I can walk down a flight of stairs with a few neat tricks I know that have nothing to do with a cane.

But shit…you probably didn’t mean to ask for my life story. I’m going to get back to the point. My writing. What has it done for that? Like how can you be a writer if you can’t fucking see? Technology. It’s been amazing. I can use a computer same as anyone. The Kindle has been a fucking revolution for me because for the first time in a decade and a half I could read without pain and suffering. Just…all the things it does have made life so much easier than it used to be. It got me out of bad relationships with people who used my disability as a control. It gave me a little bit of confidence back. It helped me know I could handle myself.

And really, I think my vision loss had a lot to do with my writing. In some ways it gives me different perspective, sure, but it’s more than that. I was undeclared when I entered college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought about history or sociology. My mom had a degree in that and she was an English teacher. I wanted art history, but what the fuck was the point in that? Couldn’t see a damn thing. And then I had a class in poetry, and shit…That made sense. I’d always loved language and writing. Always been okay at it. Dorte stuff but never thought about doing it for a living. But then it was like yeah…yeah I’m gonna fucking do that. Just like when I decided to meet the male PT standards.

If it is in you. If you love it. If it defines you and possesses you, it does not matter how fucked up you are. You will find a way. You don’t have a choice. You are that thing. And you’ll adapt. You just have to let yourself. You have to keep pushing. You have to learn how to handle frustration. you have to train yourself into stamina. You just keep going. I’m nowhere near as successful as I want to be. I’m still going. I hope I get even better. I hope I can say things that make truth more obvious, or that help people put words to things they have always wanted to say.

I don’t need my eyes to be a fucking firestorm. That’s just me. Eyes don’t mean shit.

So keep going. Keep doing whatever you need to. Do it better and better. Bend yourself around it. People who see you struggle will think they’re lucky, but you and I know the truth: they’re not even close to the kind of strong you are. Not even a little bit.

Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

y/u/n; your username


Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if you're accepting any more prompts rn or what but I'm feeling super super super low and I hate my exams, I hate studying and I used to love it and I feel like I'm stuck and there's no way out and idk, I don't see myself getting out of my family's grasp and going anywhere and I was going through my tags and your works make me so happy, so if you could, drarry/linny but which boosts morale? And maybe makes me want to study I'd give anything for that. Thanks for reading my rant♥♥

I am always taking prompts (I can’t always get to them for awhile but I do my best).  I’m so sorry you’re struggling and I know sometimes when you’re in a tight space it can feel as if it will stay that way forever but I hope you’re feeling a little better now and I want you to know that one small thing can always change our lives in unexpected ways. Have hope and stay strong.  And I hope this can cheer you up even in the smallest of ways.

Harry fiddles with the book in his lap, unable to focus on studying with the sounds of exasperation and stress coming out of Malfoy’s mouth as he studies.  It has been on the tip of Harry’s tongue to ask if he is alright, or needs a break, for the last two hours but every time he thinks he’s made up to his mind and starts to make even the smallest noise Draco just looks up from his book and shoots Harry a death glare.

He knows Draco is nervous for the exams beginning tomorrow, knows he wants to do well.  And yet he can’t for the life of him fathom how Draco, because it was definitely Draco now, has changed so much in the last twenty four hours.  The softness, the openness, the biting humor and hints of kindness are gone.  Draco has been snapping at him all week but in the last day he’d become so tense Harry can’t even look at him without incurring his wrath.



“You don’t even know what I was going to say!”

“I don’t care, I don’t have time for this.  Just zip it I will hex you into next week.”  Harry snorts in disbelief earning himself a look that would send anyone else running from the room.

Making up his mind, Harry slams his book shut and patters across the room to sit on the edge of Draco’s bed, the mattress dipping beneath his weight.  “I’m not scared of you.”

“Wonderful.  A lifetime of work thrown away all because of a few measly kisses.”

“Oh I don’t know if I would call them that, you weren’t that bad of a kisser.”

And that’s it, he’s done it, broken Draco’s trance as Draco looks up at him a look of annoyance on his face, but there’s something else there too even if Harry isn’t entirely sure what.  “I am a fucking superb kisser, Potter, and don’t you forget it.”

Harry drops his hand, unable to hide his own shock as he stares at the other boy.  “When would I get a chance to forget?”

Draco looks decidedly uncomfortable as he coughs, picking his book back up off the bed and refusing to look at Harry again.  “After…just after exams.  When we leave.”

“What are you talking about?”

Draco slams his book shut with much more force than necessary, the sound echoing loudly in the small room like the aftershocks of a curse.  “I. Heard. You.  Last week.  Telling Weasley about the job offers.  My god Potter half of England’s Quidditch teams want you to play for them and an open invitation to the Aurors….you’ve got your pick of the future you want.  Which by the way I’m clearly not a part of since you didn’t mention any of them to me.”

Harry swallows down his guilt at hiding the offers, not wanting to admit that talking about the future was exactly what Harry didn’t want to do but for entirely different reasons.  He doesn’t want to confess that the idea of leaving Hogwarts terrifies him, that he has no idea what he wants to do, that he doesn’t feel ready to be an adult.  After a lifetime of feeling responsible for the world Harry wants nothing more than to fuck away from all responsibility, not forever, but for a little while longer.

“That’s what I thought,” Draco mumbles, misinterpreting Harry’s silence.  His icy tone cuts through Harry’s thoughts like a knife.

“I didn’t tell you because I’m not taking them.”

“What do you mean you’re not taking them?  Which one?” 

Draco sounds as scandalized as Harry had expected.  He shrugs, as if turning down multiple career opportunities is nothing.  “None of them.”

“What the bloody fuck is wrong with you, Potter?”

Harry steels himself, summoning his courage and knowing this conversation will reveal far more than he was prepared, but knowing with a sort of certainty that he feels about nothing else that it is the right thing to do.

“Because…because I’m tired of it.  All of it.  I love flying, god I love flying, but I don’t want to be watched anymore.  I couldn’t stand all those people watching and cheering and hoping for a victory with my name on their lips.  And the Aurors can all go fuck themselves if they think I want to spend the rest of my life chasing down Dark Wizards.”  He pasues, unable to look at Draco’s face but taking courage in the cold hand that reaches out to hold his own.  “Fuck, Draco, I know you’re mad because you didn’t get any job offers and you should have because you’re brilliant and determined and you’ve worked hard to prove yourself and I’m sorry everyone else doesn’t see that yet, but one day they will…..but for now….I think just this once maybe the Wizarding World can just go fuck themselves.”

At this Draco laughs, it starts out small as if Draco doesn’t even mean to but when Harry looks up at him, Draco’s lips are curled into his mouth as he bites on them trying to contain his laughter.  It makes Harry feel strong in a way he isn’t used too.  He squeezes Draco’s hand and continues.

“I was gonna wait…until after exams but I was thinking about, well about fucking off.  I don’t even know where to.  Gods we can go anywhere..America, France, I don’t care you can pick just please come with me.”


Harry looks up, his mouth falling open in shock because he’d expected to have a lot more convincing to do.  But Draco is just smiling at him, and it makes something in Harry break because he wants to hold on to that memory forever.

“Really?  Yes?”

Draco rolls his eyes, but there is a fondness in them.  “Did you really think I’d say no to trotting around the globe with my ridiculously fit boyfriend living the life of leisure and having sex whenever I please?”

“Oh, well when you put it that way,” Harry whispers, moving to his knees and crawling across the bed until he’s straddling Draco’s lap, knocking his book to the floor in the process.  If Draco notices he doesn’t say anything.

“So this boyfriend of yours?  Do you think….do you think you love him?” Harry whispers, his fingers brushing across Draco’s cheek.

“The word is so quiet Harry almost misses it.  “Yes.”

This time its Harry who laughs, feeling a sort of delirious happiness bubbling up inside of him that makes him dizzy.   “S’good…because he loves you too.”

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EXO Reaction When They Don't Find You Sleeping Next To Them

A/N ~ ♡

SCENE - You usually wake up at least once at night to repositions yourself. It’s become a habit, since sometimes your boyfriends comes home late form practice. You’ve never woken up so thirsty, you try ignoring it - scrowling at the idea of getting up from your warm blankets. However, you decided dehydration is not the way you want to die and decided to grab a glass of water.

“Y/n” he breathes out, feeling his knees weak as he finally finds you in the kitchen.
Your eyes widen at the state he is in, setting the glass of water down - walking up to him.
“What’s wrong?”
“I thought I was going to pass out” he admits, pinching the bridge of his nose with eyes shut, “I thought you left.” he pulls you into a hug, resting his lips on your temple.
“Left? Why would I leave, yah - stop thinking things like that”

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“Y/n?” his heart is beating at an unnatural pace when he figures out you weren’t next to him in bed. His first thought is that you might be sleepwalking again, so he gets up and starts running downstairs to see if he can find you.
“Oh my god” you murmur as you see his figure run past the kitchen, thinking it was a demon or something. You ignore him weirdly running around and go back to bed.
After sometime he comes back up and reaches for his phone in the bed stand, “Who are you calling at 3 in the morning?” you question
“Y/n, I’m trying to find y/n” he says not looking up. He stops in his tracks, staring up at your confused face and throwing himself on the bed to wrap you into his arm. “Y/n! Where were you? I looked everywhere for you”

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He whines unconsciously as you peel his hands off of you. He wakes up a minutes later, completely sitting up after noticing you were not in his arms.
He begins to think were you could be and who he would ocntact.
Thoughts run across his mind of you leaving because of the incident that had gotten mad at him earlier - (for something he can’t remember).
He doesn’t notice you tiptoeing into the room until you are literally getting back to bed.
“Y/n! you didn’t leave?”
“Why would i leave?” You turn on the bed to face him.
“I just thought you were mad because-” You pull him down, putting your head on top of his chest.
“Stop taking nonsense, if i were mad - I wouldn’t be the one leaving.”
“Aigo,  so you’re not mad?” He kisses your hair, pulling you closer to him.

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He stretches slightly. He opens his eyes when he notices that you haven’t groaned or whined about his hands hitting you from the stretch. “Y/n?”
He doesnt usually panic in these situations, but seeing the bedroom closet open (something you keep forgetting to shut) he runs out of bedroom door, accidentally bumping into you.
The water on the glass you were holding - sightly spills, making you groan at your boyfriend.
“Baekh-” you get inturupted by a sudden peck on the lips. “Yah, stop using kissing as a wa-”
“I’ll get you another glass - just get back to bed.”

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“Y/n!?” He yells making sure that his voice echoes the confines of the apartment, interrupting the silent night. You nearly drop your glass of water that was being carried up the stairs. You stop mid staircase to catch your breath and regulate your heartbeat.
You make it to the room and narrow your eyes, “Yah, you’re going to wake up the neighbors”
“Where did you go?”
“I took a 3 am trip to the Himalayas to get water” you say sarcatically “Where do you think I went?”
“You must be half asleep still to be making jokes like that” he teases patting the side of the bed next to him.

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His large hands try to find you and when he sees you’re not next to him; he jumps up from the bed. He grabs the home phone and dials your number immediately. After the 4th ring, he slams the phone down, rushing towards the closet grabbing a long coat and to the door downstairs.
“Where are you going at 3 in the morning” His heart stops when he hears your voice.
He turns around to see your head peaking out of the kitchen. He groans, already feeling a headache coming on from his early outburst of energy.
“You almost gave me a heart attack.” you walk out with the glass of water, raising a teasing eyebrow.
“What? Why?”
“You weren’t in bed” he whines walking over to you, and taking your glass of water. “Wake me up next time! i get thirsty too.”

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He was awoken by a loud crash, quickly looking over at your empty place on the bed. He can feel his heart beat as he rushes out of the bed and towards the kitchen.
“What happened?” He breathes out, stoping at the entrance to the kitchen. He sees you up on the counter, wide eyed, making his eyebrows pull together. “Are you okay?”
“The glasses all fell from the cabinet when i tried getting one” you explain. He leans into the doorframe in order to regulate his heart pace.
“You’re not hurt, right?”
“No, I’m not. Jagi, can you p-” you were about to tell him to pass you the broom, but he’s already on it. He’s lips form into heart as he smiles, when you say his pet name. His heart rate is still very uneven as he brooms up the glass.
“Don’t move, I’ll clean it up and take you back to bed.”

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He doesn’t notice for a while - thinking he’s at the dorm instead of the apartment. The second he clarifies where he is, causing him to shuffle around the bed looking for you.
“Baby?” he calls, getting up from the bed. He puts on his slippers and starts trying to find you. One the way downstairs, he hears the faucet go off - immediately runs back up to grab the broom stick up in the bedroom as a weapon.
He heads back down cautiously and halts when he sees you going up the stairs.
“Who else would it be?” you say looking up at him, “Why are you holding a broom?”
“Um.. sleep cleaning?” he leans the broom on the railing and extend his hand, “Lets go back to bed”

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He wakes up cold. You forgot to cover him back up when you got off the bed.
“Y/n, stop taking the blanket” he groans trying to find your body so he can heat himself up. Once he discovers you’re not there - he rubs his eyes and sits up. “Y/n?”
He get up and checks the floor in case you’ve fallen off again. Once it’s settled that you are not in the room his heart beat quickens a bit, but he tries calming himself down as he makes his way downstairs.
“Y/n?” he timidly says again going down the stairs
“Yeah?” You were putting the water container back in the fridge when you felt a pair of hands wrap around your waist. You closed the refrigerator door and turn around to place your arms around his neck, “What do you want?”
“You -” he pecks your lips, “back in bed with me” 

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Tim turned in his chair, confused. He wasn’t sure what the voice was talking about. It had been an exhausting couple of days— he wasn’t even sure who the voice belonged to.
“Eleven,” Damian repeated. “That’s the eleventh time you’ve yawned in—” he put his book down and swung his wrist above his head to check his watch. “—three minutes. Is something wrong?”
“If it’s bothering you, just go to a different room.”
“I was here first.”
In the grand scheme of things, no, Tim thought, you were not. He knew better than to say it out loud, though— Damian was eyeing him suspiciously from the couch, like he was ready to pick a fight. Tim had enough to deal with already.
He bent back over his case notes. If he finished with them in the next hour, he would be back on schedule for the first time in months— he could go check that crime scene by the docks and visit with his informants on the South Side. Probably try the piers after that, and then… Tim stretched his arms over his head. And then he would…
Oh my god. Tim swung around again and glared at his little brother. Damian didn’t seem to mind— he was flat on the couch with his book held above his face, reading peacefully.
“Did you sleep last night?” he asked, without looking up from his novel.
“How about the night before?”
“You know we have three other living rooms, right? You could have any of them to yourself.”
“I’ll take that as a no.”
“Leave me alone, Damian. I’m working.”
“You should go to bed.” Damian turned slowly to look Tim in the eyes. “It’s not healthy to stay awake that long.”
“I didn’t know you cared.”
“You’re right.” Damian put down his book and pulled out his phone instead. “I don’t. Thanks for reminding me.” He started texting, ignoring Tim completely.
Fine. Tim went back to his files, careful not to yawn— he really was tired. He just needed to power through it, was all. He’d be fine if he kept going, and maybe got some caffeine. He would give a lot for some of that just now.
By a happy coincidence, at that moment, Jason stuck his head in the door.
“Yo I made coffee. Does anybody want some?”
Damian made the face he reserved for bat droppings, coffee, and Tim. “No.”
Tim held out an arm. “Give. Now.”
Jason handed him a mug and settled on the end of Damian’s couch. He watched Tim drain half his cup in one go (it was good coffee, okay?) very intently… too intently. Tim stared back at him.
“What you doing?”
“I’m waiting.” Jason grinned down at Damian, who was still focussed on his novel.
“Waiting for what?”
Jason just smiled. Tim stifled another yawn— the caffeine wasn’t helping. He felt incredibly tired, worse than before, even. His eyes kept closing without his permission. He laid his head on the table for a few seconds. He was… wow… wait…
“That,” said Jason. “There we go. Mission accomplished.”
Tim peeled his face away from the tabletop. “Did you just—” He stared at Jason incredulously. “Did you just drug me?!”
“Don’t accept coffee from strangers.”
Damian looked up from his book. “Okay,” he said. “Now take him to his room.”
“Damian??” Tim couldn’t believe this. Of all the— He tried to resist as Jason scooped him up and threw him over a shoulder, but he couldn’t find the energy. They started down the hallway, with Damian trailing behind them, face still planted in his book. He knocked gently into the door frame on the way through and looked up to glare at the wall.
“Listen,” Jason asked him, “do I want to know why you’ve got this grade of sedatives lying around?”
“That, mostly.” Damian shrugged in Tim’s direction.
“You’ve done this before?” Tim dangled helplessly on Jason’s back. “I swear to God I’m going to— Bruce! Help!”
Bruce had poked his head out of a his own doorway. He squinted at the three of them like he was afraid to ask— Tim reached a hand in his direction.
“They drugged me!”
“Drake’s going to sleep now,” Damian informed his father, crossing his arms.
“I’m…” Bruce apparently decided that he didn’t want to deal with it, because he turned around and walked back into his room, shutting the door behind him.
“Hey!” Tim was— He wasn’t— How the hell— “Bruce, get me an antidote! Get me some different siblings!”
No response. Tim tried to punch Jason in the back, but he was so tired that it barely made an impact. Jason laughed at him as they pushed through his door.
“Keep trying.” He let Tim fall onto the bed. Damian handed him a blanket from the guest closet, and Jason threw it over Tim.
“There. Go to sleep.”
“I hate you so much.”
“We wouldn’t have to do this if you would take care of yourself.” Jason held out a hand for Damian to high five. “Zombie squad out.”
Damian ignored the hand. “No, Todd.”
They turned off the lights and left Tim alone, seething in the dark. In thirty seconds he was asleep.

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BTS Reaction: You accidentally saying something accidentally dirty and not knowing it


“I’m touching myself right now.”

You two were on the phone, but nothing had really been said for a couple of seconds when all of the sudden you dropped this bomb. Phone sex wasn’t something you two had tried yet, but Namjoon was ready to try anything with you.

Oh really?” He responded feeling a little frisky.

You didn’t catch the tone in his voice and so continued. “Yeah. I got this new body wash and it makes my skin so soft. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Do you like butterscotch? I got a coupon for pudding and I have been wanting butterscotch, but if I’m the only one that’s going to eat it I don't’ want to get a bunch.”

“I love my girlfriend. I love my girlfriend. I love my girlfriend.” Namjoon began chanting quietly to himself.


“Nothing babygirl. If you buy it I’ll eat it.”


“I woke up wet.”

This was the first thing you said to Jin when you walked out of your room in the morning and saw him in the kitchen. During the night the air conditioner stopped working and you woke up hotter than a whore house on dollar day.

“I can fix that.” He replied with a wink that you didn’t catch

“No, I’m just going to call a professional. You have that thing later today.” 

“Jagi! I was talking about sex!” He quickly barked at you and you looked up at him with surprised eyes.

“Oh. Right now?”


“Ugh. I want to tear off my clothes.” 

You had been wearing a tight uncomfortable dress all night and now that you were home, shit was coming off.

“Please do.”

“I fucking will I’m never wearing this dress again.” You hissed as you yanked at the fabric and walked towards your bedroom. “I’ll tell you what else I’m going to do…”

“Have sex with me?” He asked being more direct with you this time.

You looked at him confused. “Uhh… I was going to say, order chicken. How the hell do you get turned on by nothing?”


“I don’t have any panties on.”

You were talking to yourself as you picked out your outfit to wear into town while Hoseok was laying on the bed answering e-mails. He looked over his computer at you as you pulled out a pair of lacy panties and turned towards him. From his point of view, it looked as though you had just taken them off. His eyes watched you waiting to see what your next move would be, and when you walked towards the bathroom he near fell off the bed chasing after you.

You turned around nearly bumping into him. “Namjoon will be home in ten minutes.” He said excitedly.

You squinted your eyes, confused. “Do you want me to wait till he gets home to ask him if he wants something from the store?”

You confused tone and face made your boyfriend sigh. “Aish. No go ahead nevermind princess.”


“I want you in my mouth.”

You weren’t even talking to Jimin, but the picture behind him of an ice cream cone. It was so hot that day you were even pulling at your shirt to try and get my fresh air on your body.

“Damn princess.” He nearly moaned but you were too busy reading ice cream flavors to notice.

“I haven’t had ice cream in like a month.” You mumbled to yourself.

Jimin let out an embarrassed laugh, “That is not what I thought you were talking about. I’ll just be leaving now.”


“Oh, you’re getting some tonight.”

Taehyung had been watching TV on the couch when he heard you. You walked into the living room and slipped your phone into your back pocket and smiled at him. He looked a little sleepy but gave you a smile.

“Mmm. What am I going to get?” His deep voice hummed and you assumed it was because he was tired.

“I was talking to myself. I’m going to get some shoes. There’s a sale on the red shoes that I’ve been just dying to get.”

Tae smiled to himself feeling rather silly for jumping to the conclusion he did. “Have fun shopping Jagi.”


“I love things that vibrate.”

You said it while looking at your phone and then bit your lip giving Jungkook the impression you were watching something. He looked over at you and chuckled a little.

“We can always go play.”

I furrowed your brows in confusion, “Seriously? Video games? I say something about vibration and you think of a game controller?”

Jungkook began laughing right away at your complete miss at what he was saying.

“Kook. I was talking about a foot massager thing on Amazon.”

Hearing that only made him only laugh harder. “I thought you were talking about a sex toy!”



Period||Daniel Seavey||Imagine One♡

Summary:You get your period and Daniel takes care of you




Just a cute little photo of Daniel:))

As your eyes fluttered open they adjusted to the dark room you were once fast asleep in, the light of the moon shining through the blinds that hung in the window hitting the wall directly across from it. You look beside you to see your boyfriend of two months sleeping soundly, with his arms wrapped around your waist while his head lays back on the pillow next to yours. His peaceful face causing a small smile to play on yours as the soft snores he was making fill the room. This was the first time you had ever spent the night at the why don’t we house and if this is what it felt like, waking up next to the boy you were falling for than you could defiantly get use to it. You turned your head to see the clock. The bright red letters causing hurt to flash in your eyes as they weren’t ready for something so bright.

4:52 am

You had felt a sharp pain hit your stomach. Deciding that you hadn’t ate much today you were probably just hungry you grabbed your phone and headed down the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake anyone up or cause anyone to get angry. You found an apple and a bottle of water from the fridge before sitting down on one of the bar stools and opened up twitter to see what you had missed in the four hours you had been asleep.

You were just cleaning up the remander of your midnight snack when a sleepy Daniel appeared in front of you.

“Danny baby, what are you going out of bed?” you asked walking closer to him, he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist,laying his head in your neck, clearly still extremely sleepy.

“I got worried when I woke up and you weren’t there” He mumbled before placing a soft, sleepy kiss on your neck. Your heart melted right away, it was the little things like this that truly made you believe you were falling for him. Everyday he did something that made you feel so incredibly special.

You stood there for a second, swaying back and fourth still in his arms, when another wave of pain hit you, way stronger than before. Your knees when weak, Daniel noticed pulling his face away from your neck to come face to face with you again. Worry flashed through his eyes as they scanned your face which had “in extreme pain” written all over it.

“Lets get you back to bed, maybe its a stomach flew or something” He said, kissing your forehead before taking your hand in his and leading you back up the stairs. Still a little unfamiliar to the house you took out your phone and turned on the flash light, lighting up a pathway to Daniels room that you could both see.

The two of you walked into Daniels room when you both saw it, you stopped dead in your tracks and froze. The huge red stain that had taken up a large spot on Daniels bed sheets. You felt the tears start to form in your eyes, not only was this embarrassing, you had this horrible feeling that Daniel was going to get mad at you. This had only happened once before, with your ex and he had gotten angry and you felt the same way you did then. Venerable and scared.

Daniel turned to face you, his eyes flashing with worry and care. He pulled you into his chest and started rubbing your back as you closed your eyes and tried to stay claim.

“Im gonna go run you a bath, take off your clothes and Ill put them and the sheets in the wash. I think Christina leaves some girl products in Corbyns bathroom, Ill go find you some. Just sit down and stay put” He whispered, placing a kiss just under your ear before placing you on the bed and walking into the bathroom to start the bath water.

You sat there in shock, no one had ever been so sweet to you. No one had never taken care of you in such a loving and tender way. Daniel Seavey was honestly one of the most perfect guy in the whole world and he was yours.

He came back into the room a few minutes later carrying two boxes, one with tampons and one with pads, he walked into the bathroom and turned off the water once the bath was filled up and put the boxes down. He walked back out to see you sitting there, pain and shock written all over your face, but he didn’t say anything he just stuck out his hand, waiting for you to wake it. You took his hand in yours and you followed him as he brought you into the bathroom.

You started stripping, in too much pain to care if he was still standing there behind you. You rolled up your pants and underwear, careful to make sure the stain wasn’t showing before placing them on the counter. Daniel came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your exposed stomach and placed soft kisses along your shoulders. Just his touch alone made the pain subside and make you feel a little better.

“Ill be back baby, go relax” he whispered again, before walking out the door with your stained clothes in his hand. You got into the bath, the warm water hitting your skin. You leaned your head back, closing your eyes as you laid in the big soaker tub.

Daniel came in about 20 minutes later, holding a pair of his sweatpants and your favourite hoodie of his.

“I put these in the dryer, along with a blanket so they will be warm when you get out and I changed the bedsheets, come out when your read baby” He said, before coming over and bending down to place a kiss on your forehead before leaving you be again.

You had never known a boy could be such a gentleman, he had stood behind you naked and didn’t try anything, he didn’t even make a flirty joke, he had then see you in the bath tub naked but his eyes never left yours, not even for a second. He had made you feel so loved at 5 am and not once did he even seem to mind that you had kept him up.

Once you got out of the bath, you cleaned yourself up and took care of all the girly busniess you needed too before putting on his clothes that he had left for you and walked out to see him sitting on the edge of the bed on his phone.

“You could have gone back to sleep love, its 5:30” You said as you sat next to him. He turned off his phone, putting it on the night side table before sitting back up to place his head on your shoulder, grabbing your hand and intertwining your hands.

“I didn’t want to go back to bed without my girl,I wanted to make sure you were okay” He said, smiling up at you.

“Come on Danny boy, lets get some sleep” You told him, this time placing a kiss on his forehead before standing up to to turn off the lights.

Both of you laid back in bed, Daniel laying on his back while you laid half on top of him and half off the bed while he brought his hand under his hoodie and rubbed smooth circles on your exposed back.

“Sweet dreams princess” You heard him whisper before you fell asleep.

God you were falling for this boy.

Slave I have

Keith was born a slave.

He could say he was rather lucky since he was always bought by the richest families and was always treated rather decently because of his looks, but in the end they all sold him out of necessity or because they got tired of him.

His current master, a Phoenician lord, had come to visit the great Pharaoh to talk about a business proposal.

They entered the throne room, and Keith found himself breathless not only because of the magnificence of the room but also the Pharaoh; the nemes covered his hair and his eye makeup resembled the eye of Ra, his eyes were the most beautiful blue he had ever seen, his presence was regal and omnipotent.

Keith and his master knelt down.

“I read your proposal, and I must say, I like your idea very much” Keith’s master smiled content “But” his smile disappeared “In order to seal, no, not seal the deal, but to show me your respect and sincerity;  I’ll take four things of your property, deny me anything and there will be no deal, go it?” Keith’s master nodded, the Pharaoh’s smile widened “Good, now, what will I take?” he caressed his fake beard with his thumb “OK, your ship, your treasurer, your best warrior and your wife” he bend down a little “You do have a wife right?”

Keith’s master shook his head.

“She died two years ago because of an illness”

“Then I’ll choose something else” that’s when he finally looked at Keith “Who’s this?”

“My favorite slave, Keith, I bought him last year”

His grabbed Keith’s chin and made him look up he studied his face and smiled.

“I’ll keep him, it’s okay right?” it was a loaded question, everyone knew it “I can have him right?”

“Yes Pharaoh”

“Good” he turned to a guard “Take him to my girls and tell them to get him ready”

“As you wish Pharaoh” he then turned to Keith “Follow me” and Keith did as told.

He followed the guard through the palace, the walls were all painted with hieroglyphics. They entered a great room with view to the Pharaoh’s personal garden, it was full of girls, of all age and all colours, they all had different features and body types.

He waited at the entrance while the guard spoke to some of them, one, with peanut skin that had patches of cream and blonde hair walked to him smiling after having a word with the guard.

“Hello, I’m Nyma, welcome to the Pharaoh’s harem, Keith”

Another one came closer, she was big with short brown hair and beautiful amber eyes.

“I’m Shay, nice to meet you Keith” she had a warm smile that could end wars.

“Nice to meet you too”

“Okay girls, you’ll introduce yourselves later, right now you have to make him look presentable before sunset” another one spoke, but she was different than the others, her pose was regal and she was wearing more jewelry.

“You’re not part of the harem, are you?” Keith asked sheepishly.

She looked at him and smiled.

“Very observant” she walked to him “Indeed I’m not, I am princess Allura, I’m the Pharaoh’s sister. Now let the girls take care of you” she softly pushed him to the girls.

He was bathed and dressed, they applied makeup to his face and decorated him with jewels.

They took him to the Pharaoh’s chambers when the night came, but they did not enter.

“Pharaoh we brought Keith”

“Wonderful, let him in”

The girls opened the doors for Keith and once he entered, closed the door as they left.

The room was barely illuminated with candles and it had a strong scent of vanilla.

The Pharaoh was on the bed, no nemes, no jewelry, no makeup, only a white shenti. Now Keith could see his short brown hair that curled at the tip.

Keith knew very well why he was there, he wasn’t a stranger to that sort of service, many masters before the Pharaoh had used him only for that because of his pretty looks, and yet this was different for it was obvious that the Pharaoh had made sure to get the room ready for it to be -at least in appearance- romantic.

With no word spoken, Pharaoh walked slowly to Keith, who did not move, since that was what his years of experience had taught him.

Don’t move, don’t speak, don’t resist.

With a hand, he caressed Keith’s face, his cheek, his neck, his lip before he closed the gap between their faces and kisses him, this surprised Keith since no one had kissed him before nor touched him that way, it was weird but it was somehow comforting, it made him a little secure.

The Pharaoh’s kiss was gentle, like an invitation, that Keith accepted.

“You’ve never been kissed, have you?” Keith shook his head “Respond with words Keith, I want to hear your voice”

“I have not Pharaoh”

“Call me Lance, but just when we’re alone, got it?”

“As you wish, Lance”

“Good, but talk more casual, you’ll make it awkward” he said with a dumb smile on his face that make Keith snort “Good to see you understand the idea” Keith bit his bottom lip “Don’t do that, show me that killer smile of yours” Keith, not being used to actual compliments, blushed “Aw,  you look so cute” he pinched Keith’s nose and kissed him again.

Unlike the other, this kiss was deep and passionate, Lance introduced his tongue into Keith’s mouth and slowly dragged the raven haired to the bed.

Keith sat down, Lance hands reached under his dress and traced his tights, up to his hips and abdomen, taking a moment to breath Lance undressed Keith before continuing caressing the body of his new slave.

He took of his shenti before grabbing a handful of Keith’s round ass.

He kissed Keith’s chin, his neck, his shoulders, making the male shiver, he stopped on his collarbone to suck strongly and make sure to leave a mark, then proceeded to do the same on the places he had previously kissed, alternating between sucking and biting, making sure to leave marks.

“Hang on a moment darling” Keith’s heart fluttered.

Lance stood up and took something out of a drawer of his vanity. He bathed his fingers with the oil as he returned to Keith.

He kissed Keith again with the promise of making him feel like nobody else ever had.

Lance made him lay on his back, still kissing him.

He teased the ring of muscle before inserting his middle finger, Keith inhaled soundly, but did nothing to oppose,  his hands were motionless on the bed sheets and his legs spread enough for Lance, the Pharaoh, his master, to do with his bottom as he pleased.

But Lance wasn’t happy with this.

He sat up, taking his finger out of Keith, the raven haired boy looked alarmed, probably fearing a punishment for the Gods know what.

“I’m going to be clear about this” he said “I want you to forget all you learned with your previous masters, okay?” Keith looked confused “Do you understand?”

“Sorry, I-I don't”

“I don’t want you to stay still and just take whatever I throw at you, you’re going to tell me whenever is unpleasant, uncomfortable or hurts even a little, because what’s the point if I hurt you?” he rested a hand on Keith’s shoulder, who stared at him with wide eyes “You’ll do the same if you feel good, get it?” Keith nodded “Words”

“Yes, Pha, Lance” he corrected.

“Very good, also, don’t just stay still, touch me if you want, but don’t bite me, okay?”

“Okay” Lance smiled.

“Now, let us continue” he seated himself on all four over Keith.

Once again he inserted his digit in Keith who gasped once Lance decided that those pink nipples needed some treatment.

He licked and softly but one while his free hand rubbed and pinched the other, he inserted another finger;  Keith’s hands were just moving randomly on the sheets as if looking for support, no one has ever touched him like that, the sensations were overwhelming but he still wanted the pleasure the Pharaoh was providing him.

“Touch me” Lance whispered sensually into his ear as he pulled in another finger.

Keith did as told; his hands almost flew to Lance’s shoulders, he touched his skin, his shoulder blades, his broad back and he absorbed the warm that his master’s body expelled.

Lance twisted his fingers inside of Keith, stretching him as best as he could, he added another one, as he kept a hand busy with Keith’s backside he used the other to touch the other’s manhood.

Keith’s moans we’re getting louder and higher pitched, his dick was throbbing and leaking precum, and how much was Lance enjoying this, seeing how much power his touch had on the pale boy, soon enough he would take him, his own hard cock was almost hurting with need.

“Too much” Keith gasped “It’s too good, I don’t know” he moaned between sentences “If I can take it”

Lance let go of Keith’s dick, but kept his fingers inside, even without moving them.

“Need a minute to breath?” Keith nodded, and this time Lane didn’t wake for a verbal response seeing as his boy had problems forming phrases.

Keith tried to normalize his breathing; his body was covered with sweat, his lips parted in a light ‘o’ and his eyes were glazed with unshed tears.

Lance’s heart pounded in his chest and found himself breathless at the sight. He had a weird, yet pleasant, feeling in his gut, that he bad never felt with his other lovers.


Keith smiled and Lance felt happiness fill his heart.

“Better” he replied.

Lance took his fingers out and positioned himself between Keith’s open legs, he took the oil and coats his dick with it.

“I’m going in now” he announced and slowly, very carefully put his dick in.

Keith let out breathy moans while Lance exhaled soundly.

Finally he bottomed out and both kept still as they took a moment to breath.

“I’m going to move” he slowly took almost all his dick out and returned with the same torturing pace.

Keith was moaning and almost sobbing, wishing for the sweet torture to end, but Lance was busy looking for something, and he knew he found it when Keith screamed and his body tensed up.

“What was that?” he asked once he half recovered himself.

“Why?  Did you like that?” Lance asked cockily.

Keith locked down with flushed cheeks.

“Yes,  could, could you that again?”

Once again Lance found himself breathless and drowning by an unknown group of new and overwhelming emotions, that were very welcome.

“Of course beautiful” he took Keith’s hand of his shoulder and kissed it.

Keith stared at him with starry eyes and his chest hurted a Lance’s gentle expression.

Lance started moving again, hitting Keith’s prostate every time, Keith hugged him tighter, his arms around his shoulders and his legs asking his waist, he bit his lip to try to not make a noise as Lance speeded up, hitting his sweet spot with more and more strength.

“Don’t do that, I told you I want to hear your voice” he said before covering his red, abused lips with his own, and absorbed every dirty sound that Keith let out into his mouth.

He pumped into Keith faster and faster until finally couldn’t take anymore and with a silent scream, he came, dirtying the both of them with his white seed.

But Lance didn’t slow down, he was close to the climax himself so he continued.

Keith sobbed, his body was oversensitive after he came, he had del limp on the floor, but it didn’t feel bad.

Lance groaned soundly into Keith’s ear once he finally came, and Keith was finally with the hot semen.

Lance left butterfly kisses all over his face after he recovered a little.

He took out of Keith his softening cock and lied down beside him, wrapping him with and octopus embrace.

Keith was disoriented, Lance’s actions were the complete opposite to all his previous masters but he liked that, it made him feel weird good feelings that he was enjoying very much.

“You’ll stay with me tonight, tomorrow we’ll have you clean up and the girls will show you around the palace”

Keith nodded and Lance was too tired to ask for him to respond verbally, so he just hugged his new treasure closer to him.

Keith his his face in the crook of Lance’s neck and let himself relax and fall asleep with no worries.

@zianyahk submitted: I don’t really have experience with writing smut so I’m sorry if it’s not as good as if could be, but I really wanted to write this.

Please don't leave me.

Jughead was drenched. Head to toe sopping wet, his leather jacket deflected the rain but his boots didn’t fair as well and his beanie was now shoved into his jeans pocket after taking a particularly brutal beating from the thunderstorm they were currently experiencing.

He knew how reckless and dangerous it was to even be considering climbing the ladder next to Betty’s window, the steps were slippery and the metal was sure to attract all kinds of lightning, but…..

God he couldn’t get her face out of his head, the way her teeth dug into her lip as she tried desperately to fight the tears, her hands clenching and the absolutely shattered look in her eyes as he caught them across the Diner.

Yeah he was climbing that damn ladder.

Taking the steps slowly, Jughead clutched the sides, his knuckles turning white as he squinted against the rain, eventually he made it to the familiar glass window, peering through his heart broke into about a million pieces when he saw the one thing that hurt him more than anything in the world.

Betty was curled up on her bed, still in her cheerleading uniform and clutching her white pillow her ponytail had come undone and was laying loosely on her neck, her shoulders were shaking and he knew for a fact she was crying or.. sobbing, And it was all because of him. He was the reason his heart was laying in her bed and falling apart, his hands instantly began shaking as he brought a fist to the window and knocked slowly.

Betty’s eyes snapped to her window, red rimmed and puffy, streaks of mascara lining her cheeks, but god she still looked so damn beautiful. She got to her feet and Jughead watched her knees quiver as she made her way to the window, the concern evident in her eyes even though they were clouded with so much hurt. She opened the window and stepped back, crossing her arms over her chest.

The damp dark haired boy climbed in with practiced ease
“Betts..” he whispered.

Betty moved back even further
“You can go out through the front door. You shouldn’t be climbing a ladder in the rain. You shouldn’t even be here, I don’t want you here.” Her voice was hoarse and raspy and Jughead felt the grinding ache in his chest.

“Betty, it wasn’t what it looked like. I would never… she was… I didn’t… God Betty I would never do that, you know that.” He stepped forward, eyes pleading and arms outstretched as he tried desperately to explain, the words getting stuck in his throat.

Betty flinched, dodging his arms and squeezing herself tighter
“I don’t know who you are anymore.” She whispered.

“I’m still me. Please baby, Toni was… I thought we were friends, I had no idea she was going to kiss me. I didn’t kiss her back, I love you. I love you so much and I can’t lose you, not over this. After everything we’ve been through. She tricked me, we were just studying.. I…”

The beautiful blonde laughed, her eyes flicking to the ceiling
“Studying, yeah that’s definitely what it looked like. Pops was supposed to be my safe place, I can never go there again. I thought you were different, i thought you really did love me.. I’m so stupid.” She grit her teeth. “You can go. It’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore. Leave.”

Betty turned her back towards him, anchoring herself towards the door. Jughead was silent for a moment, his entire world was crashing down in front of him and he was helpless to stop it.

No. no he was going to fight. Fight for her, fight for them.

“No.” he stated evenly, his posture straight and his eyes trained on Betty’s back before she turned around

“What?” She questioned, eyed narrowing, tears still dripping.

“I said no. I am not losing you. I love you Betty Cooper and I am not Losing you. Toni means nothing to me, I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me and I felt absolutely nothing. When I kiss you I feel everything, sparks, fireworks, safe, home. Everything. I will not lose you, no matter what you do I am not leaving. You are my world and i won’t let you slip away from me.”

Betty was sobbing now, gasping and hiccuping as her arms came up to wrap around herself again. Jughead was quicker and immediately tugged her arms down and wrapped her up in his own
“You don’t get to hide from me. You’re angry? Be angry. You want to cry? Cry. But you don’t get to hide from me. Not me, never me.” He whispered into her hair as she wept into his leather jacket.

Soon enough they were holding each other on the floor, soft white carpet under their knees. He wasn’t sure when he had started crying but tears were falling from his eyes. Betty pulled away and cupped Jugheads face, her thumbs gently rubbing away the tracks. They were silent for a few minutes, staring into each other’s eyes then Betty spoke

“I’m so tired Juggie. I’m so tired of hurting”

Jughead flexed his fingers on his loves waist, his forehead dropping to hers
“I know baby. No more, no more pain.”

quantitatitivity  asked:

Hi Ana! I saw you're taking prompts so I was wondering if you could do "quit it or i'll bite" or "don't even think about it" for Sterek for the five word prompt thing? Much appreciated! <3

I mixed both, woo!


“Don’t even think about it.” Derek warns, slapping Scott’s hand away.

Scott yelps, gazes at the cake sadly. “But I wanna –” he starts to move his hand again and snorts when Derek turns to glare at him.

“Quit it or I’ll bite your finger off.”

Scott huffs. “I don’t know why he’s marrying you, you’re awful.”

Derek rolls his eyes, finishes frosting the cake and turns to put it in the fridge. “He’s not marrying me.” He says. Hopefully, Stiles will. “Can’t you see the cake? I still have to propose.”

Duh.” Scott rolls his eyes, turns to the sink and begins washing the dishes. That’s what he’s here for, Derek stressed earlier (’You can’t bake and your writing is shit, I don’t want this cake ruined!’, ‘Rude!’). “As if he would.”

Derek collapses on a chair, buries his face in his hands. “I – what if he does?”

“Stop that.” Scott throws water at him. “You just bought a house together and Stiles says he loves you every day –”

That is true and it warms Derek’s heart a little but it does nothing to calm his nerves. It’s a huge commitment and – what if the proposal isn’t good enough? Derek is not the most romantic person and although Stiles isn’t a romantic person himself, he still brings flowers every other day, and he texts Derek memes all the time and – and he deserves everything. “Yeah, but –”

“I wasn’t finished!” Scott yells, dropping the dishes and turning to stare at Derek. “You spent the entire day baking his favorite cake, you have rose petals all over your bed and you wrote a speech!” Derek opens his mouth to ask how Scott knows about the speech but closes it quickly when Scott shushes him. “It’s obvious you’d have a speech.” He points out. “What I’m trying to say is – Stiles will say yes no matter what.”

“Thanks.” Derek says, gruffly. “Sometimes you’re nice.”

“I’m always nice.” Scott protests, turning to look at his phone when it signals a new text. “Ah, Allison said he’s coming home!”

Derek jumps, the things aren’t ready yet! The dishes are still dirty, he’s forgotten to light the candles and – “Go, go.” Scott is still here. He begins pushing Scott towards the door at the same time he takes a look at himself and realizes his pants are dirty with chocolate.

This is going to be worst proposal ever.

Stiles parks the car just as Derek is finishing putting a clean shirt on. He runs downstairs, trips over a stray shoe and curses himself for not remembering to clean the house. He opens the fridge, takes the cake out and places it on top of the table. Yeah, okay, he checks the candles, maybe this will actually work. When Stiles walks in the house, yelling a 'I’m home’ Derek realizes he forgot the rings.

“Don’t move!” Derek yells, running to the living room.

Stiles takes in Derek’s clothes, looks around at the candles and arches an eyebrow. “What.”

“I forgot something.” He starts walking backwards towards the stairs. “But you’re not allowed to move.”

“Ever?” Stiles smirks.

Derek huffs. And he seriously wants to marry this asshole. “Shut up.” He says. “I’ll be right back.”

“Fine.” Stiles concedes. “Am I at least allowed to take my shoes off?”

“Yes, whatever, just – don’t go in the kitchen.” He runs to their bedroom as quickly as possible, grabs the ring from his nightstand and when he comes back, Stiles is exactly where he left him. “Thank you.” He sighs, smiling when Stiles shrugs like it’s nothing, like he’d do whatever Derek asks him to without questioning.

Derek really loves him, and that’s when he realizes that is the only important thing. Stiles loves him, Derek loves Stiles. It’s all he needs. “Will you marry me?” He blurts out, realizes he actually doesn’t care how it’s done, as long as Stiles is the one he’s asking.

“I knew it.” Stiles smiles brightly, the same way he did when Derek asked him out the first time, and then when they decided to move in together. “You were preparing something in the kitchen, weren’t you?”

“Yeah.” Derek admits, rests his hands on Stiles’ waist as Stiles circles Derek’s neck with his. “You just ruined it.”

“Me?” Stiles laughs. “How?”

“By being you.” Derek whispers. “I love you.”

Stiles flicks Derek’s ear fondly. “I love you too.” He says back easily, like he did this morning and all the previous mornings for the past four years. “And I will marry you. You didn’t even have to ask.”

Derek kisses him, then, wonders how could he have doubted Stiles would say yes, his love is clear in his eyes and in his kisses, in the life they built together.

Turns out the cake wasn’t necessary, but they have fun eating it in bed a couple of hours later.

Flutter - Ch. 6

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Word Count: 2,169

Previous Chapter

The ‘girls night out’ was just as wild as you expected from Jieun.

It started off civil enough with dinner in a gorgeous restaurant, but two hours later you were in a private room in a club trying to make sure Jieun doesn’t fall down from the table, where she was dancing barefoot with a bottle of wine in her hand. 

Half an hour later she was sitting next to you again, crying that she misses Minseok, and you took that as your cue to call it a night. 

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