i don't want to get up to go to work


Hi!! 💫
I’m going to get a ghost corn snake (or the striped version, R)!

What are some good names for one?

I was thinking Teaspoon, but that was for more of a paler/pinkie/lavender one.
Ghost corn snakes don’t always stay as pale as they are when babies. (I was just going to name him Ghost lmfao) so does anyone wanna weigh in their ideas??

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  • Wake up and open your curtains. Your windows too.
  • Drink some tea or coffee, whatever pleases you. Notice every sip.
  • Have some fresh fruit and finish breakfast feeling full.
  • Stand outside and feel the air. Cool or warm, it will make you feel real.
  • Get some exercise. Yoga to soothe, running to breathe, lifting for strength.
  • Take care of your body. Have a nice shower and pamper as much as you want afterward. 
  • If you’re going to work, remember you have the chance to make anyone’s day or to ruin it. Act accordingly. 
  • Weed out the bad language. It’s only creating tension in your body and mind. Kind words are infinitely more appreciated.
  • Take some time each day to improve your mind. Keep reading that great book. Listen to an incredible piece of music. Practice an instrument or a skill. The progress is its own reward.
  • Pictures will help you remember how wonderful life is. But spend less time on your phone and more time seeing the world face to face. 
  • Go to sleep knowing that you have done well. Tomorrow is there with room to become even better.

-Notes to myself on how to become a better person this summer.

I want… an AU… where dirk raises dave, and beta bro just doesn’t exist

single dad dirk, where dirk dropped out of college in his third year of an art + philosopher double major to raise then 3yr old dave, makes money doing freelance coding and odd jobs, and meets jake when dave is around 9 just when he’s starting to get sassy and has picked up swearing like a sailor from his older bro (to dirks everlasting shame) and dirk has effectively spent the last 6yrs in the most incredible dry spell and internally screaming at the fear of fucking up this child he is responsible for

jake takes to dave well, and dave is an openly affection seeking little shit because he grew up in a good (if a bit unqualified) home

I wasn’t going to watch the episode tonight, honestly. When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think about it. 3pm when I remembered it did, I was like meh. Now, I’m feeling weak. I’m starting to get jittery and excited. My gosh I’m pathetic.

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How would the torture seen go with flowey and sans as humans?

That’s what fan art is for ;3c

So, I have a question that needs answering...

Kind of a personal thing, I guess? But, anyway, here’s the story:

I’ve been putting off getting my physical exam at my doctor’s office, mostly just because I don’t have time (also because medical environments make me anxious, but that’s a separate issue). I’ve been struggling with some bouts of illness recently, though, so I finally want to go to my doctor. However, I currently don’t have any sort of State ID or license, because mine was lost/stolen and I haven’t had time to get it replaced yet. 

The problem here is that I’ve heard from various sources that if I go to my appointment without photo ID, they won’t let me in? Like, it’s something to do with insurance fraud protection or some shit. Which I guess I understand, because fraud is serious business. But I haven’t been feeling well, I really just want to get checked out (I have had some serious health issues in the past and I’d feel better if I could get examined), and the only alternative is to go to the urgent care place that accepts everyone but it would be a $110 minimum walk-in and a minimum half hour wait to be seen, instead of an appointment with my insurance-covered provider. I just don’t know what to do, I’m so frustrated. 

I tried emailing my doctor’s office about it along with some of my more recent symptoms, but just got a message back saying I should come in sooner rather than later, without addressing the issue of ID. Which to me seems to imply ‘come in anyway’ but I can just envision in my mind a scene where I haul my ass down to the doctor’s office and they semi-apologetically say they can’t see me because I don’t have ID, despite asking for me to come in. At which point I need to haul my ass back across town to urgent care anyway because going to the DMV alone would take up an entire day, much less waiting for a new ID to come in the mail. 

So, basically I need some advice, my friends. What should I do?

The Search Continues

Lavellan: You did it! You got your eluvian going! I knew I could count on you.
Merrill: Oh thank you very much. Now why did you want it working again?
Lavellan: *sets frilly cake on ground* Wait for it…
Solas: *leans out of eluvian* How did this get activated? Oh, frilly cake.
Solas: AH!!

alright !! so i’ve finally managed to get a decent number of drafts moved over/done on here. which means i can finally kick a damned STARTER CALL into gear bc i’m soo ready for new threads && i’ve got tons of muse here. also a side note i’ve updated my muse list. so please specify which muse/s you want for this && i’ll probably hit u up to get some plotting done before i actually work on anything !!

Mission - Crowley x Reader

“We need you to get information from Crowley,” Dean said over the phone.

“I thought you said you never wanted to see me again. Plus, I’m already working another job. I’m not going to drop everything to help you, Dean.” You said through your earpiece while lining up your shot with your sniper rifle on the roof of the building across from your target.

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Who wants to go to the Room of Requirement in the middle of winter & turn it into a huge sunny garden full of (pollen-free) flowers with a big hill and roll down it with me

Who wants to wake up on Saturday morning and run down the halls and corridors of Hogwarts getting hopelessly lost but learning new passageways and secret places in the process with me

Who wants to go down to the kitchens in the evening after the Gryffindors have lost the Quidditch match and stock up on food and surprise them with it to cheer them up with me (you know they’ll love it)

Who wants to write a bunch of anonymous letters to people from all houses talking about the cute things we’ve noticed about them that they don’t notice about themselves with me

Who wants to use one of the flying spells and fly up high in the Hogwarts castle and find a million new secret passageways and areas and rooms up there with me

Who wants to find Harry Potter, wherever he is, and give him a bouquet of lilies and a giant hug with me, because he lost so much of his childhood fighting Voldemort and deserves these little moments of love

And who wants to find Draco Malfoy, wherever he is, and give him a bouquet of daffodils and a giant hug with me, because he lost the opportunity to make an awesome new friend - Harry Potter - when he first met him thanks to his Pureblood conditioning kicking in, and spent his entire childhood having the prejudices of his family drilled into him but still managed to do some good and redeem himself

Who wants to search for unused classrooms around the school and practise magic in them and turn them into hideouts?
And get covered in flour and grease cooking with the house elves?
And go Nargle-hunting with Luna for research?

Who wants to sit with me and cry for all the people who lost their lives fighting for a better world?

i’ve been going to school for almost four years

i’ve managed to complete a fraction of my required credits

i’ve failed or withdrawn from more courses than i’ve passed

i’m starting to wonder if i should just drop out

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shhhhhhhhh the writing bug has me and my sleep schedule is messed up anywayyyy

(also if this is my brother in the living room, you go to sleep. You don’t get to have Sunny pups sleep with you and tell me when to sleep :p if not my brother, ignore this) 

[[Ok, I’ve decided to start over.

I’m gonna archive this blog and get to work with making a new one today. I’ll still keep all of LS’ long-term relationships going since they are a big part of her character  development and I love a lot of those threads, but I do want a fresh start with her with new adventures and new friends.]]

Trying to catch up! Also school!

((I got so many Christmas and New Years asks, and other asks, that most of them got buried and I didn’t even see some of them until now. I’ve been working my way down my inbox but I don’t think I will be able to get to them and answer them. Sorry about that! I did read them all and Starscream appreciates the presents you gave him. I’m trying to get ready for the new semester that starts tomorrow, so I know what I’m going to teach. I hate when everything piles up like this. I miss the month-long winter breaks form college. 2 weeks is stupid and not long enough… Anyway, I’m still going to attempt to get to asks that are not related to specific holidays, and keep up with RP threads. Gonna be a bit slow though.))