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it’s good to have you back
                                                                                                                    (it’s good to be back)

So…. this is a journey in the first part of the game, in comic strip form :D (how surpising)  

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Lately she’s quiet near people. She will talk, but not much. She will likely laugh for no apparent reason, then her eyes will get a bit teary, like she’s going to cry. Not because of the funny things she remembers, it looks like she’s laughing all of the sudden to hide the fact that she wants to cry. She feels like she can’t cry in front of them, that’s why she laughs.
—  Observation And Misconception (h.m.)

I just want to reiterate: The only thing that unified the people who voted for Trump was their proximity to (or identification with) whiteness.  White Latinx exist, anti-black poc exist, white identified black people exist, white women mainly voted for Trump, etc.  Do not start combing through minority groups and try to find the one to blame for this election like we did with Prop 8.  We cannot afford that kind of behavior now, remember that treating certain minorities like they are expendable is one reason why we’re in this position right now. 

Its better to organize and practice actual solidarity than it is to pay lip service to liberalism while we try to find who to throw under the bus. 

remember that time narn spent half an episode just chilling in the background

bc i absolutely forgot about that

(also, they’re talking about the spirit in the prison of lights, one of the leaders in their war against the humans 2000 years ago. maybe its not important but remind me, wasn’t there a similar war in xinkala 2000 years ago also?)

The best self-love I’ve ever done is by changing myself. Losing weight, getting breast implants, those things have made me very happy and confident. I’m proud of myself for not giving up. When someone wants to change they have very good reasons to do it. Don’t shoot them down by blurting out “don’t, you’re perfect the way you are”. It won’t change their mind and they’ll like you less. Instead see their point of view and be supportive. Most people need a trusty friend on the journey to changing themselves.

Anyone else in the mood to read a fic where Sam and Bucky just have ridiculous chemistry that turns into them fucking in a supply closet whenever they cross paths as SHIELD agents - but never really going further than that for some odd reason…

AKA until Bucky decides he wants more of Sam bc he’s greedy and wants to be That Person™ Sam goes home with all the time/the person who leaves so so many marks all over him. Because I do… I’d like to read that very much.

Things the hetalia fandom should stop doing:

• whitewashing Seychelles

• forget about Kenya??

• forgetting African countries in general bitch tf

• w h i t e w a s h i n g S e y c h e l l e s

• ship wars

• character hate for literally no reason at all

• relating real life tragedies with hetalia(dead ass do you know how many 9/11 fan arts I’ve seen??? y'all ridiculous)


So I came across this re the new sneak peek and I just have to reply: 

And I just… really? Really?

First of all, I’ve been seeing plenty of people (anti-Regina people, to whom I assume that post was referring) who are mad at David for saying that.

Secondly, David actually is suffering from severe lack of sleep at this point. That will do some awful things to you, so yes he actually has a reason to lash out. This is unusual behavior from him. Regina does it constantly.

Thirdly, what Regina says is not just “sarcasm”. She’s always making genuinely cruel comments mocking people for physical disabilities, growing up as an orphan, their weight, their socioeconomic status, etc. That’s not being sarcastic; that’s just being cruel.

Lastly, and most importantly as far as I’m concerned, Hook was never David’s victim. Hook has not had David fight to ruin his life and take away everything he holds dear for the past several decades. Hook has not had to watch David torture and murder his loved ones. Hook was never raped by David. Hook’s family was not ripped apart by David. This is a big freaking difference. It’s one thing for Regina to be snide and cruel to random people, but the most frequent targets of her cruelty are the people who are victims of hers in the above ways. She owes them so damned much, but she still constantly treats them like shit. There’s a world of difference between the two.

tbh part of the reason the comics irate me so much is because yes, while I want a good relationship between the batfam….. I actually also want to see it developed

because without that you could have Tim calling Jason “the closest thing I have to real brother” and all I will do is scoff 

it’d be so awesome to see them act like a family but it doesn’t work unless you show them getting to that point because there’s too much bad blood between the lot of them for it to just ~magically~ get resolved 

The thing about being in love with a fictional character is that it’s not all in vain…there are many times we look up to certain fictional characters (“in love” with them or not), and there are days where we go “what would (insert fictional character name) do in this moment of despair?” and sometimes thinking about this gets us up in the morning, gets us doing work that needs to be done, gets us out of that dark place and just emotional support. So I’m really tired of people saying “they’re just pretend and not real” and belittling our love for them, because right now, someone’s fictional character is keeping them going - even more so than the people in their actual life.

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do all of your drabbles end up on ao3, or should I be keeping up with your fic tag if I don't want to miss any?

Moooost of them do eventually, in Miscellany at least, but some of them are like… little things that I plan to make into part of a Much Larger Thing, god-knows-when, so I don’t want to archive the snippet, so it just ends up as a weird Behind The Scenes over here in my fanfic tag.

Uh so I guess if you want to make sure you see every single thing as soon as possible you are stuck trying to follow my fanfic tag :V But if you don’t care for the sum total of my blog, I think you can just add /rss to any URL to get something you can plug into Feedly? Then you get Just The Stuff.

I think a big reason I’m too scared to be myself and post and comment on things anymore is because I’m afraid it’ll make people start talking to me again and asking to hang out and make small talk with me and I don’t really want to talk to or see any one
But I keep finding myself wanting to comment on my friends things on Facebook but not doing it because I’m scared they’ll message me or something
And also I’ve stopped talking for the most part for like 2 years now and I don’t want to break the silence and have it be really strange when I randomly comment on something of theirs even though I’m sure they wouldn’t really care

You deserve better…. 

than being ignored.

than being cancelled on repeatedly for no reason. 

than being someone’s ‘spare time’ 

than being forgotten.

than being made to feel unworthy

…than being disrespected. 

I like how some fans try to pull the whole “wow these people have an entire side blog dedicated to criticizing a cartoon show” thing when the only reason said blogs even exist is out of courtesy for followers on their main blogs that don’t want to have to see the negativity

I kinda hate tumblr

Okay so here’s a thing. I kinda hate tumblr. I really do. For an awful lot of reasons but this is going to be long enough so here are only a few of them:

1. Y’all are always preaching about how everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter who they want to be and what they want to look like. Except you feel superior because your eyebrows or your hair or your winged eyeliner are on point. There are so many you vs me posts that put others down for the clothes they wear or the accuracy of their make up. Know what you are? Hypocrites

2. I’m all for equaltiy and I think it is great that important matters such as racism and sexism etc are discussed and taken seriously on such a platform. However, it seems to me that unless you are a part of a minority group or underprivileged, you are not allowed an opinon. Like, I get that those who are affected most by those things have to speak up and need to be respected and listened to. But that doesn’t mean that someone who does not have to face these problems can’t have something important to say about it. Tumblr doesn’t value your opinion unless you are a  poc or belong to the lgbtq+ community.

3. Can fandoms just get along? Why do people get hate for a bunch of tv shows they love? I mean it is pretty obvious which ones I’m talking about (*cough* superwholock *cough*). You cannot openly admit to be a fan of those three shows without getting hate for it. Which is stupid. Yeah, there are people in this fandom that are utter douchebags. But you will find douchebags in every single fandom. Don’t make assumptions on someone’s personality based on the tv shows they enjoy. It keeps people from enjoying their fandoms.

4. Problematic. I don’t know if it’s a meme or a trend that i missed or simply didn’t get but it pisses me off so much. There are so many posts that go something like ‘when your friend won’t realise their fav is problematic…’ Like I dunno, do you get that your fav is problematic? Do you get that you’re problematic? Cause we are all human beings and we are all problematic in one way or another. There’s no way any of us go through life without ever voicing an offensive opinion. And just because a celebrity once said something problematic doesn’t make them ‘human trash’, as many like to lable them. 

(same goes for tv shows btw. I know some are very popular to hate and be called out but honeslty, pretty much everyshow lacks representation in some aspect but that doesn’t mean that the writers are ‘problematic’ or racist douchebags)

5. Tumblr made me a way angrier person. I get offended so easily because if there’s a funny situation or a joke or anything I would usually laugh about, thanks to this lovely website I can think of a hundred reasons why pretty much anything could be offensive or problematic, even if they are so freakin far fetched that noone would assume it is offensive at all.

I could probably go on forever. I mean, yeah, there are hilarious textposts and gifs and great fandoms on here. And I love that bit. But then there’s this other side that makes me want to visit tumblr less and less. Maybe that’s just me but it’s kind of taking the fun out of tumblr.

My favorite thing about language is when the name of a place acquires a regional pronunciation. For whatever reason, a name gets pronounced a certain way in a certain region and only people from around that region say the name right and then an out-of-towner says it wrong and the natives give each other a knowing look.