i don't want to dirty her


Obviously Becca’s Island is impervious to radiation because her house and that lab look like they are in perfect condition (come on-not even a dirty film on top of the pool water?) so maybe just….move everyone to Becca’s Island? 

It’s an island, so they can construct little houses around the main mansion and everyone should be safe.  I’ve solved Season 4.

Master List!

WWE Imagine


These are not in any particular order other than by Wrestler, Originally I did each Fic as it came in, in order, but now I do what I waaannnnt, but no worries they will all get done! Love you guys! PSA: If you don’t specify if you want smutt or fluff, I will assume you want FLUFF. ( IF YOU DONT SEE YOUR REQUEST, DONT PUNCH ME IN THE FACE JUST MESSAGE ME! love you all )

Roman Reigns:

 * Roman x curvy Reader -He sees her in a crowded college bar and flirts, talking dirty lots of smut.

 * Roman x Reader- You are recovering from serious injury and want to have sex, but he is super gentle, smutt

 * Roman x Reader-  You block a attack from Seth in ring, then full on fight him, Roman pulls you off of him, and is super worried about you. ( There wasn’t a specific ask for smutt or fluff so imma assume you want fluff. )

 * Roman x Reader- Your finisher goes seriously wrong and you are hurt, Roman breaks through a crowd of people holding him back to make sure you’re ok. ( Again, assuming FLUFF. )

 * Roman x Reader- You’re a singer who comes home early to surprise Roman ring side. ( Assuming Fluff.)

 * Roman x Reader- He is afraid he will hurt you during sex so he holds back, but he ends up hurting you anyway. Smutt

Dean Amborse:

 * Dean x Reader- Fluffy when the shield broke up you stayed the closest to Dean.

 * Dean x Reader- Dean in officer Roleplay. Smutt

 * Dean x Bayley- Bayley hears all the divas talking about sex and shes hasn’t ever done it, so she goes to Dean and he gladly shows her wha tall the ‘Fuss’ is about.

 * Dean x Jojo- Rough shower smutt

 * Dean x Reader- Y/N and Dean celebrating Championship win, rough daddy kink in front of the window in his house, public play, but no one sees.

 * Dean x Reader- You have been teasing him all day, and when you finally get home, he ties you up and teases you to the point he cant stand it, rough smut happens.

 * Dean x Reader- Fluffy Dean, admits he wants you to not just be his best friend but be HIS. Flufffff

 * Dean x Reader- Smutt after he wins the championship.

 * Jon Moxley x Reader- Daddy kink Smutt

Seth Rollins:

 * Seth x Reader- Fluffy Seth, you’re home sick so he takes care of you.

 * Seth x Reader- You are on a Total Divas episode with Seth, Fluffy.

 * Seth x Reader- You get scared of the thunderstorm s o you run into Seth’s shared room with Roman and Dean, they are asleep so Seth comforts you with cuddles, but things get heated and you have to be super quite so you don’t wake up Roman and Dean.

 * Seth x Reader- Seth gets Jealous you are best friends with Dean, Smutt

 * Seth x Reader- You had no idea Seth was coming back at Extreme Rules, and you are super shocked when you fins out. Smutt and Fluff.

Shield and members of the shield Requests:

 * Shield- You are the fourth member of the Shield and all the guys come out to protect you when you get attacked backstage, Fluff

 * Roman x Seth x Reader- Super sexy threesome. Smutt

Finn Balor:

 * Finn x Reader- Super Fluffy/ Little Smutty Finn Balor fic, my choice on story.

 * Finn x Reader- Finn wants to claim you as his, super smutty and Dominant.

 * Finn x Reader- Lazy morning fluff and smutt with Finn

Baron Corbin:

 * Baron x Reader- Super rough Smut outside a biker bar.

 * Baron x Reader- Sweet smut after a rough match

 * Baron x Reader- Baron is acting really tough during Smut, but you keep giggling, turns into fluff.

 * Baron x Reader- Bondage, rough Daddy kink. Smut

Xavier Woods:

 * Xavier x Reader- Things get super heated on UpUpDownDown, you and Xavier get Smutty.

* Xavier x Reader- You help clean cake off his face, Fluffy!

* Xavier x Reader- Starts with you in charge of  Smut, ends with him in charge. SMUT.

Aj Styles:

* Aj x Reader- Rough Daddy kink. Smut

* Aj x Reader- Aj is jealous of Seth and teaches you just who you belong to.


* Jericho x Styles- Jericho feels protective of Aj, and gets in his face about taking unnecessary risks in the ring, ends in smutty smut.


* Tyler Breeze x Reader- You and Tyler had been making each other jealous all day and when you get back to the hotel that night you have rough smutt.

* Scott Dawson x Reader- Jealous smut

* Fan consensual gang band ft. Sheamus, Roman, Cesaro, and AJ.

* John Cena is your best friend and is super hesitant to like Seth as your Boyfriend but Seth proves himself Worthy.

* Sami x Reader- Sami catches you masturbating when he comes home early from the road and finishes you off himself, super smut.

I really get why people don’t like the Dark!Rey theory, I personally don’t like it myself. But saying “NO ! it can’t fucking happen, it’s all in your dirty fucking ugly mind! it’s not going to fucking happen!” is really fucking damaging especially to scream it at other survivors who feel like they “went to the darkside” after their trauma.

Denying an abuse and trauma survivor their right to express their trauma and abuse in any way is bullshit. Rey had dark things happen to her, things no one really can understand but her. Her going the way of the darkside would be a way of expressing her anger  and frustration. Good coping? No, not really, but saying “REY WOULD NEVER” is fucking disgusting (and a little bit sexist). A lot of shit happens after you’re traumatized. Not all of it is good and ideal. Some survivors go off the wayside. Doesn’t make them irredeemably evil, it just means they need more help.

So I had to send some photos to my Mom’s phone so I could save them because I really wanted to keep them since I had to restart my iPhone and The Apple guy holding my phone is showing me the best way to send them to her and so he opens the app with my photos in it and this is the first thing he and my mom see:

The wording is sooo important, Jack specifically says, they’re gonna ask me to do something I DON’T WANT TO DO

People look at him and see the tough guy who won a medal and survived the bloodiest battle and think of him as the guy to use to do their dirty work, and it takes a tool on him.

HE’S SO SPECIFIC WHEN HE TELLS HER THAT, he wants her to know it’s not him it’s the job, he’s the soldier, he still sees himself as a soldier.

My Angel of the 70s

Don’t Fear the Reaper blasting speakers
the old abandoned quarry by the park
keeping watch so they wouldn’t catch us 
there we shared our dirties in the dark 

Angel eyes and demon lips
heavenly sighs grinding hips
no one wants to live forever
and I think I could go like this

The heater on high the windows steaming
teaching secrets neither one could tell
did she enchant me or was I only dreaming
as I discovered paradise within her hell


Those heavenly 70s left us deeply yearning
and neither would have it any other way
she winks to remind me the fire’s yet burning 
I smile knowing my angel’s ready to play  


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Ahhh they’re so cute! Tbh I want an episode where she accidentally stubs her toe, if only to force them to talk about her little socked feet more.

Once winter hits and it snows, I bet Steven will give her big warm socks and it’ll be adorable. Put her in winter clothes, Crewniverse!

Love and Evasive Action - Chapter Twenty Five

Hello. This is fan fiction - everything is a lie. Previous parts can be found here. hartbigguyz is a precious gem who checks my words for mistakes.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter Twenty Five

When Grace arrives home, in a whirlwind of outrage and hurt pride and guilt, she tosses all of her clothes aside, and gets in the shower.

The water does nothing to make her feel any better, but she does stop feeling quite so dirty.

She cries.

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