i don't want to be apart of this generation



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Hi Tamashii! After watching your last video, you seemed to make a point in it about how Generation six was basically a rehash of generation 4's storyline. But don't pretty much all the storylines in the main Pokemon games do this? Every story is just about an organization/leader who wants to capture or unleash a legendary Pokemon, and using its power control the world! Generation one did it with Team Rocket and Mewtwo. I don't see how that is different from Team Galactic and Dialga/Palkia.

Not… really? Team Rocket wasn’t a cult, and in Gen 2 they were struggling to even exist without their leader. Magma and Aqua were environmental extremists, but they also weren’t cult-like and the duality between them set them apart. Plasma was on a whole nother level, with the actual morality of capturing Pokemon being called into question.

Both Galactic and Flare were cult-like leaders with the exact same pacing and story arc. Have goons who don’t know what’s going on and don’t push the plot forward until the very last minute and then suddenly an entirely different plot kicks in and it’s time to save the world. Cyrus wanted a perfect world created in his image, Lysandre wanted a beautiful world. Swap adjectives but same thing. 

And actually, the story in Gen 1 with Team Rocket had nothing to do with Mewtwo. That was all in the movies.

That #dontjudgechallenge is honestly the dumbest challenge I've ever even seen bruh that shit is worse than the cinnamon challenge . It's an insult to people who feel insecure about their freckles about their unibrow's , blemishes and etc . & its especially it's being done by people who don't have those things to be insecure about its like a huge slap in the face and this generation we are currently living in is like a monkey see monkey do kind of generation , and sometimes I don't want to be apart of it .