i don't want this to end :(


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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  • Me: *writes one line in a supposedly 6 page essay*
  • Me: "yep that's good enough, I've worked hard. I deserve chocolate, a scroll through tumblr and a read through a new fan fiction"

“ok but-”


He isn’t gonna make the same mistake twice

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)


#watchfuturama meme (3/10 scenes): Named for his Uncle

“It’s all lies, every word of it! He wasn’t original, he wasn’t a martian, he wasn’t Philip Fry! And since when is he a ‘the?’”

Sir Andy Murray continuing to shut down sexism in Tennis 

Andy reminding John Inverdale that women also exist x | Andy putting people in their places by defending his former coach x | Andy and Serena argue for equal prize money x | Andy: equal share of men and women on centre court at wimbledon x 

im never gonna finish this rip but here’s an unfinished autistic!morty becoming nonverbal and signing

edit: i changed ‘speak’ bc someone pointed out it looked like ‘bitch’ lol thank u @middle1 !!


NSFW below the cut. This is a repost of a comic I drew in August 2015 for the now-defunct kmeme. Enjoy!

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