i don't want them but i don't want anyone else to have them

Today, I tried.
That’s enough.


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1. Who was your first ult bias and who is your current one?  Bang Yong Guk was my first bias from B.A.P. Current bias hmmm Ravi from vixx I don’t know he is just….him

2. Why did you get into kpop? I just stumbled across it one day and it was just really colorful when I saw it and I couldn’t stop from there.

3. If you could join any kpop group, who would you choose? I honestly don’t know I don’t have a group that I would join. I just enjoy watching them simply because I have no talent so I would just be their number one fan.

4. If all your biases proposed to you, who would you pick?  Hmmm none since I cannot choose one I rather not chose any of them, even though I don’t want them to cry. But if they havent met me they should be fine. (( Look at my positive way of thinking but also avoiding the question))

5. If you could be in a fanfic, what genre would it be?  Horror, thriller, Action, something exciting.

6. What mythological creature would you be if you had the chance? Fairy maybe.

7. Supernatural!au or mafia!au? Mafia i get some action of course

8. Which kpop idol would you switch bodies with? Hmmm seeing that they are all overworked and stressed and I’m overworked and stressed who knows.

9. If you could have any idol as a pocket size companion, who would you pick?  Minho

10. What idol would you want as a sibling? Onew

11. If you were only able to say 5 words to your bias, what would you say?   Your doing great, eat well.

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im an adult but i talk like im five with my over-exaggeration of excitement and thankfulness and affection, but it’s only because i know what it’s like to feel like what im saying or doing isn’t important so i overdo it that way no one has to feel unwelcome around me like i used to feel around everyone else