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Scott McCall Imagine- I Came To Help

Summery- You’re Lydia Martin’s cousin, you grew up in Beacon Hills but you moved with your parents to England, after you were bit by Peter Hale in your sophomore year. However as soon as you heard Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune you came back to help. You had romantic history with Scott McCall but you soon discovered he had moved on, but you weren’t ready to let him go yet.

“Y/N!” someone shouted from across the airport. You could barley see, you had two hours of sleep on the plane and some serious jetlag. You soon knew who it was when they wrapped their arms around you. “Lydia, you’ve changed so much” you laughed, struggling to breathe. You may be a werewolf, but no one gives long hugs like your cousin. “You’re one to talk, I barley recognised you. If it wasn’t for the hair and moody expression” she joked, finally letting go of you. “So, how do you feel about being back?” she asked, while helping you carry all your luggage. ”So far so good, but I would of rather come back on better terms, rather than this whole dark kitsune business” you shrugged. “I agree, but hey lets not think about that for at least the first few hours. We need to go show your new and improved self off to the pack” she said, giving you a small poke. “I thought you told me they knew I was coming back” you said, stopping still. “Erm… they do. In fact Allison is waiting in the car for you. She was going to come in but I told her I wanted to have some catch up time first” she said, dragging you along by your arm. When you eventually made it to the car, it took Allison no longer than three seconds to climb out and hug you. “Hunters. You’ve definitely been practicing since the last time I saw you” you smiled. “Well I haven’t seen you in all your wolf glory yet. I’ve missed you so much” she beamed, letting go and putting your suitcase on the backseat. “I missed you too, I’ve missed all of you” you said, shuffling onto the seat next to your things. They both got in the car and began driving. “So… Have I missed anything?” you asked curiously. “You haven’t told her?” Allison tried to whisper to Lydia. “You must of forgot I have werewolf hearing and I’m not blind. You haven’t told me what?” you questioned, leaning forward. There was a brief moment of them exchanging glares before Lydia began, “I haven’t told you that… there’s a new member in the pack. She’s a Thunder Kitsune and her name’s Kira”. “That’s cool” you said, leaning back into your seat, there was definitely something she wasn’t telling you.

“I cant” you said anxiously. You had been parked outside Scott’s house for about five minutes, luckily no one had noticed. “You can and you’re going to” Lydia said sternly. “You may be a banshee, but I doubt you have superhuman strength or the ability to run really fast, like run off out of here as soon as you unlock the car door” you said, staring at the front of his house through the windshield. “It’s going to be fine, I promise” Allison said softly. “If you don't strut your werewolf ass in there, you’re cooking dinner tonight” Lydia smirked, knowing that would be enough to convince you alone. “Fine” you whined, as the three of you got out the car and approached the door. You tuned your hearing to hear the words, “Lydia and Allison are back with the pizza” come from Stiles’ mouth. You knew she was lying to you, her unsteady heartbeat gave that away but you didn’t think it would be about such a major detail. You turned to the side, ready to make run for it but the door swung open before you could move. “Hey, where’s the… OMG” Stiles practically shouted in disbelief. You turned to face him and gave a believable smile, you were going to kill Lydia when you got to your aunts. “This is way better than pizza” he grinned, letting the other two walk in. He stopped to give you a hug before following you into the living room. Isaac was sitting on the sofa along with a girl you didn’t recognise. Isaac’s eyes widened and he stood up to hug you, “Long time no see” he laughed. “You’ve gotten tall, and you’ve gained a scarf” you joked. The girl stood up nervously and smiled at you, “You must be Kira, the badass Kitsune, right?” you asked, pulling her into a short hug to not leave her out. “That’s me” she said shyly. You could already tell you were going to get along. There was an awkward silence for a moment, “Why does it smell like-” Scott began saying as he walked in, before Lydia, Allison and Stiles moved out of the way so he could see you, “Y/N?” he asked. You nod your head, not able to speak or look away from him. “What are you doing here, in Beacon Hills?” he asked, equally staring back at you. “I erm.. I came to help” you said, barley making a sound. He walked closer over to you, neither of you knowing whether to kiss on the cheek, hug, shake hands or high five. Luckily you avoided the situation of you doing two different things, as you both went in for a hug. You both lingered longer than you should of, melting back into old habits and familiar scents. Stiles cleared his throat, signalling for Scott to let go. You pulled away from each other, both of you trying to conceal a small smile. “Shall we put a film on and do a bit of catching up?” Lydia suggested, clapping her hands together. You all nod and began to get settled. You were just telling Isaac how your flight went, when you saw Allison take Lydia into the kitchen. “One sec” you excused. You walked over to your bag that was in the hall and pretend to get something. You focused your hearing, only catching a bit of their conversation. “When are you going to tell her?” Allison whispered. “I’ll tell her but not right now. She seems happy” Lydia replied. “I think it’s important she knows Scott and Kira have a thing going on” Allison remarked. Considering it had been over a year, the feelings were still raw, it was like you found him cheating on you or something. Your heart was beating out of your chest and you felt a tight pain in your stomach. You wiped your eyes that had began to tear up and you exhaled, before gathering the courage to walk back into the living room. You looked over to see Kira sitting next to Scott, leaning on him. They were both laughing, but Scott stopped the second he saw you and his body tensed up. “I’m really tired and I just need some rest, I think I’m going to go back to Lydia’s. But we need to do this another time for sure” you said, it was obvious you were hurt. “Are you sure? We could all have a pack sleep over like we used to-” Stiles began. “No really, I just need a good nights sleep. Tell Lydia I’ve got the spare key and I’ll get my suitcase from Allison’s car tomorrow if she cant carry it.” you said, giving a weak smile. “Do you want a lift?” Stiles asked, noticing there was something wrong. “No, I’m fine honestly, see you” you said picking up your bag and heading out the door. “See you” they replied simultaneously. It didn't fully hit you until about half way down the road. Your walk turned into a run and your tears turned into loud sobs. You should of seen this coming, did you expect him to wait around for you forever? “ Where’s Y/N?” Lydia asked concerned, walking back into the living room. “She just took off, she’s heading back to yours” Isaac said. “Is she ok?” Allison questioned. “She didn’t seem it” Stiles said, shaking his head, trying to come to a conclusion. “Well cant werewolves smell emotions?” Lydia asked, her voice getting higher. “She smelled upset” Isaac said, not sure if he was right or not. “No, she smelt heartbroken” Scott said, staring down at his hands.

You heard the door unlock and footsteps coming up the stairs but you didn’t have the energy to move. You were laying on Lydia’s bed, your head buried into her pillow, you had the lights off and re-runs of ‘friends’ playing. “This must be serious” she said opening the door. She kicked her shoes off and flopped down beside you, “What happened? I’ve never seen you like this, ever” she sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it” you groaned, but it was muffled by the pillow anyway. “Come on, we haven’t had boy talk in ages” she said softly. “I just, I just couldn’t sit there and watch him with someone else” you said, sitting up. “You heard me and Allison talking, didn’t you” she said, dropping her head. “Yeah” you whispered, giving a sad smile. “If it makes you feel any better, Kira and Scott haven’t known each other long, about a month” she said, rubbing your arm. “It’s ok. He deserves to be happy, even if I’m not the reason anymore” you shrugged. “Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of boy drama. I can spot someone who isn’t ready to move on from a mile off” she claimed. “I guess I’m not. Maybe I’m just being selfish” you said downheartedly. “Sweetie, there’s no such thing as selfish when it comes to heartbreak” she stated. “I’ll get over it, you fall in love more than once” you were trying to convince yourself more than her. “Right” she said, letting out a small sigh. “It’s late, maybe we should just go to sleep” you said, rolling over. “Well being as you already have friends on, it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few more episodes” she hinted. You smiled and sat back up, “You’re the reason I was sleep deprived when we were young” you said, shaking your head. She turned up the volume and your few episodes turned into an all night marathon. You’d missed doing things like this with her.

A few weeks later.

“I came here to save my best friend” Allison said bravely. “Are you ready?” Scott asked you. You simply nod your head, before you all walked through the gates. You, Allison, Isaac and Kira stayed to fight the Oni off, while Scott went to find Lydia and Stiles. You weren't fighting them for long, before you all started to get tired. “How do we stop them?” you shouted, while ducking to avoid one of their swords. “You cant!” Kira’s mom shouted back to you. You felt one of them slice the back of your leg, while another slashed your arm. You shook your head, allowing your fangs and nails to grow out. You let out a ferocious growl and carried on fighting them both, until Isaac jumped in to help you. A third one came over and pushed him to the ground, while another sliced his chest. You were distracted by that for a split second, which was enough time for one of them to pick you up by your throat. You were struggling to breathe and you couldn’t move. Allison began to panic, she fumbled with her bow and pulled out another arrow. Meanwhile, Isaac was repetitively being cut and the Oni threw you to the floor. You were pulling yourself away when Kira distracted it, giving you enough time to heal, you had just enough energy to pick yourself back up. That’s when you saw a bright green light, coming from the Oni that was cutting Isaac. She managed to kill one, Allison did it. There was a moment of hope, before you saw one of them move towards her, “ALLISON MOVE!” you shouted. Before you knew it, she was pulling a sword from her stomach. You heard your cousin’s shrill scream, which echoed through your head. Isaac caught her as she fell to the ground. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, you must of been in shock because all of a sudden you couldn’t hear anything, not even your own loud crying. Kira’s mom pulled Kira back, allowing you all to have your space to soak everything in. Your mouth was wide open in disbelief and you felt your legs get weak, you were about to pass out before Scott pulled you into him. You put your hand on his chest and leant your head on his shoulder. You were crying on him until Allison’s dad came. You watched the heartbreak in his eyes, he may of been an Argent but nothing could prepare him for his daughter’s death. Yet still he stood there and told you all exactly what to say, when he was hurting even more so than you all. That was the say you lost your best friend. Knowing you would never be bridesmaids at each other’s weddings, knowing you wouldn’t hear her laugh, see her smile or even listen to her complaining about how much homework she had to do. That was the day you lost a piece of you, a piece you would never get back.

Hours Later

You pushed the door open, and fell into what appeared to be a garden. It was covered in a thick layer of snow, and snowflakes were still falling. You had no idea where you were, you didn’t even remember how you got there. You walked around, running your fingers on the tops of statues, not actually sure what you were doing. You saw a girl sitting up against something (It looked like a school cupboard). “Hey” you shouted over to them. You didn’t receive an answer, so you began to walk over slowly. That’s when you realised the girl had strawberry blonde hair, similar to yours. “Lydia?” you shouted, your concerned expression turned into a smile. You walked over to her quickly, but stopped when you still didn’t get a reply, you weren’t actually sure if she was moving. ”Lydia?” you asked again, slowly walking to face her. You screamed and covered your mouth when you saw it. Your cousin, her eyes wide open and her dress saturated in blood. You crouched down beside her and tried to feel for a pulse, to which you were unsuccessful. You leant your head on her and began to cry. “We’re going to kill you, all of you” someone said. “Who’s there?” you asked, slowly looking up. You saw a mummified creature creep its way across to stand infront of the door. “You’re the Nogitsune, you killed Allison, you killed my cousin!” you shouted. You stood up and let your fangs and nails grow. But before you could move the Oni appeared out of thin air and pulled out their swords.

“Where’s my cousin, where is she?” Lydia shouted. “She said something about going to the school” Stiles said, with his head in his hands. “I’ve just lost my best friend, I’m not loosing my cousin too” she said, her lip quivering. “We’re not loosing anyone else, we’ll save her!” Scott said firmly. “So what now?” Kira asked, “We go to the school, we save Y/N and we kill the Nogitsune” Scott exclaimed. “I’ll get Derek” Isaac said, as everyone rushed outside. “Are you sure she said the school?” Lydia asked as they approached the door. “Positive” Stiles replied, slowly opening it. They walked in, being met with the same coldness, making them fall short of breath. They walked through the garden together, until they come across a small trail of blood stained snow. “We’re going to kill them Stiles, we’re going to kill all of them” a voice from behind them claimed. They all turned around quickly. The Nogitsune was standing there, with you knelt on the floor next to him with two Oni holding you down. “Y/N!” Lydia shouted running forward, before Scott put his arm out to stop her. “Lydia, you’re not dead” you said, your tears turning into a nervous laugh of relief. “Let her go” Scott demanded, his eyes glowing red. With that, three more Oni appeared surrounding them. Stiles grabbed Lydia and dragged her to the side out of the way. After a few minutes of them fighting and you attempting to break free, Stiles stood up and picked up a sword, pointing it at himself. “Do it Scott, do what he cannot do for himself, or she dies” the trickster stated. “Don’t Scott” you shouted, before the Oni tightened their grip, making you tense from the pain. You closed your eyes, refusing to see another one of your friends die. “Divine move… It’s not real, none of this is real. You have to trust me, you may feel it but it’s not real, it’s another trick”  Stiles exclaimed. The pack stopped, and all began to slowly walked forward, the Oni forming a line slashing them with their swords as they walked past. You hesitantly stood up with all the strength you had left, enduring the pain from both Oni slicing into you. Scott grabbed your arm and helped steady you, pulling you into the line as you all walked back through the door. You all gave a sigh of relief and hugged each other, before the real void Stiles came marching over. He hit Kira and Scott, knocking them to the ground. Leaving you, Lydia and Stiles to shuffle your way backwards down the hall. “I’M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD, YOU CANT KILL ME!” It shouted, approaching you. “But we can change you” Lydia said uneasily. You smirked as you saw a pair of red eyes coming forward, along with Kira holding her sword. After the fall of Void Stiles, you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Until you remembered all the damage and destruction it left behind. Including the death of Allison, and even one of the twins named Aiden. Lydia turned around and pulled you and Stiles into a tight hug after seeing him. It had been a long few weeks for you all.

“It’s your last day today, isn’t it?” Scott asked sadly. “It’s supposed to be” you replied. “What do you mean?” he questioned. “Well with everything we’ve been through I think It’s best if I stuck around for a while longer” you said slowly. “That’s great news” he said, pulling you into a hug. Even though you and Scott weren’t that close anymore, it was the happiest you’d seen him since you’d been there. He eventually pulled away from you, beaming you a smile. You smiled back, accidently glancing down from his eyes to his lips. He caught onto this and began to lean in, “What about Kira?” you asked quickly. “We’re just friends, we’ve told the pack a thousand times” he said softly. “Are you sure?” you asked again, not wanting to intrude on anything. “Positive” he smiled. leaning in again. He pressed his lips to yours, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. He hoisted you up, because of the whole height difference. Regression to the mean, it looked like things were going to get better after all.



But here are examples of some hardcore Harley and Joker NON-shippers:

- omg i’m so done with these delusional ppl who ship these two together
- delete this
- she should be with poison ivy instead, i hate joker. he doesn’t deserve her.
- joker loves harley? but he keeps abusing her and trying to kill her? if that’s what love is then, fuck this shit i’m out
- let’s continue to romanticize and normalize this abusive af relationship. i’m totally here for it.
- don’t ship this!!! don’t ship her with her abuser!!! don’t put romantic lines to this toxic couple!!!

And here’s what I have to say:

1. some of the shippers already know that joker abuses harley, maybe even most of us already do. but why do we still ship them, i wonder? well, the answer to that my friend, is because we know joker loves harley too.

2. now, before you say, “OMG YOU’RE SO DELUSIONAL GET A LIFE FOR FUCK’S SAKE YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT ABUSIVE AND TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.” my child, i know what their relationship is like. i’ve read the comics (and some of us probs hasn’t and has only watched Suicide Squad so they keep romanticizing this toxic relationship), but I DO KNOW IN FACT WHAT THE JOKER DOES: he hurts harley physically and emotionally, he throws her away to dogs like she’s just one of them, he even tries to kill her at times and he doesn’t care about her feelings.

3. I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORT THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IN REAL LIFE. If you are experiencing this with someone you truly love and can’t let go of, you need help. Please get help or at least talk to me or someone else about this. Now, I know it’s hard. Because you’re afraid of what people would think of you, you’re ashamed of telling someone else that you fell in love with an abusive and demented person like this, but you need to save yourself. If you can’t do it for yourself, at least do it for the person you love. It’s for the sake of helping them, too.

4. but then you ask me, “WHY DO YOU SHIP THIS IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY SUPPORT THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP?”, let us not forget harley and joker are fictional characters. shipping two fictional characters doesn’t mean you’re shipping them in real life. that doesn’t make any fucking sense? and child, if you think the fact that someone wants two FICTIONAL characters together means that they WORSHIP TOXIC AND ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS, you’re clearly not mature enough to understand this. maybe you’re not even old enough to read comics or watch movies like this.

fiction: imaginary, fantasy, false, unreal, idealistic

reality: the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Harley and Joker: fiction

Abusive & toxic relationships: real

Thing they have in common: they’re both bad

Thing they don’t have in common: fiction and reality.

Saying Suicide Squad made it okay for people to have toxic love is like saying this movie made it okay for people to kill their own families (ex: el diablo).

Stop being immature, it’s sad.

I hope I made that clear.


This is the funniest because that’s a complete lie:

• the creators themselves said that The Joker has feelings for Harley but they’re not normal for him, so he feels scared and vulnerable, leading to him trying kill her.

proof: some part in the comics, joker sent harley to a rocket and explained to harley in a video about (exactly what the creators said). thus, he does have feelings for her but he just doesn’t want to have them.

• news flash, the joker’s insane. now, a crazy person does crazy things of-fucking-course. so instead of joker showing harley how much he loves her, he hurts her, just like he does to everyone else.

6. “Harley deserves so much better. Harley and Poison Ivy should be together.”

Okay, I don’t know a lot about PI and Harl but I do know a lot of people ship them and I can’t argue with that. I COMPLETELY RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS AND UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WANT WHAT’S BEST FOR HARLEY.

On the other haaaaand, are we Harley? No, we’re not. We can’t choose for her. She’s a fucking fictional character. The creators decide.

And as we’ve already seen, even when Harley has already been fucked by Deadshot, she still loved her Mistah J in the end even when he died. (I’m not gonna spoil more for those who haven’t read the comics yet.)

She loved him ‘til the very end. We can’t do anything about that. Even if Harley finds someone else who will treat her like the queen she really is, she’ll always have The Joker in her heart.


7. No. Don’t force your ship on other else’s faces. No. Just no.

Do you see me going on Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn pages or Deadshot x Harley pages or Batman x Harley pages like:


Uhm, no. I DON’T do that. Why? Because it’s disrespectful. It’s immature. It’s sad. It’s just… NO.

You can’t force your opinions on other people. We have our own. We’re all different. This is the world we live in. Deal with it.


Well, I do whatever the fuck I want. Bye.

In conclusion:

Think before you speak or type.

DO NOT force your ships on other people. If I did that to you, you’d get annoyed too, now, wouldn’t you? Maybe even more pissed than I actually am right now.

Shipping two fictional characters together doesn’t mean you ship everyone else in the real world who have the same type of relationship they have.

If you think the Suicide Squad movie made it okay for people to have unhealthy, abusive & toxic relationships to be fine and acceptable, you weren’t ready for this movie. You’re not mature enough. You do not understand what’s real from what’s not.

Hurting someone you love when you’re insane doesn’t make you love them any less. But it’s wrong. Seriously, you need to get help.

Don’t tell people to stop loving what they love. You can’t do that. If I told you to stop doing something you’re immensely passionate about, you’d say the exact same thing.


oh wait, i have something else to say…
there’s someone who told me to post about poison ivy and harley because they’re canon too as much as harley and joker are canon.


It’s like telling someone who doesn’t necessarily hate horror movies, but is just not their thing, to watch horror movies.

Like ???

Please think before you say something.

anonymous asked:

On the subject of 13rw like when i tell people i didnt watch it theyre like "omg whyyy???" So i say i can't cause i know i cant handle certain scenes but sure enough everyone wants a 5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format on why i cant watch 13rw. Like you don't need my life story just take your stupid show and get away from me (sidenote, whys it getting a second season?? Like what are they gonna do in it? Relistening to tapes??)

Okay so firstly: Fuck those people

Secondly: I can go on a rant about the Second Season™ sooooooo….

Thirdly: The first thing that jumped out at me was “5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format” SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Why 13RW Does NOT Deserve the Progressive Title People are Giving It

                                               An Essay by Me

13RW made its debut back in 2007 as a novel written by author Jay Asher. Now, the book had its problems with handling such a sensitive subject BUT these problems were only highlighted once the novel found its way to Netflix. 

The first problem is the fact that they do NOT follow guidlines laid out for them (by “them”, I’m kind of grouping them under the term “media” since this is the media) in a nifty handbook for media outlets called “Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide”, which outlines responsible ways to talk about suicide. This includes the acknowledgement that suicide is not so easily pinpointed to one or two specific events but the culmination of numerous causes, most often including mental illness. This also includes staying away from graphic depictions and descriptions of the suicide. Otherwise, you risk what is called the “copycat effect” where people will take these ideas of suicide and apply them to their own suicide. Which has already happened because of this show. 

Now, to the show’s credit, it does put a warning in front of the episodes. But warnings are an…. iffy sort of deal. For example, I was going through a difficult time when I first started watching the show. And when I saw the warnings, I figured that they wouldn’t phase me because usually I’m not very sensitive to things like that. I’m usually pretty good about separating myself from the story. But this was very different because the story doesn’t just focus on her, it focuses on all of this pain and regret and saddness over her loss, all of this attention and love she was getting afterwards. And for someone who was on the border of having a SHITTY™ time, something, almost anything, that would earn me so much attention and feeling from other people was appealing. I honestly sat down and thought very seriously about it before gathering myself and taking MANY walks outside to cool my head. And the worst part is that if I was feeling this way, someone more sensitive than me would be feeling 100x worse and would have no resources given to them at ANY POINT during ANY of those episodes. At no time did they list any resources before the credits, or peppered in the episodes. None. In fact the only alternative the audience is presented is in the line “[cutting is] what you do instead of killing yourself.” 

That being said- they then also try to bring in the issue of rape and sexual assault. Of which they also graphically show (which, again they do put warnings but) And this is where it gets sticky so I’m gonna bullet list people, or rather characters at fault here: 

  • Bryce- He’s the one that does the raping here (TWICE on screen) 
  • Justin- Sits back and does nothing to help Jessica, his girl, and lies about it to her face for months(?) before finally coming clean and telling her the truth but also trying to convince her that it’s okay because they just have to keep quiet about it. 
  • Hannah- Ah, the black sheep no one wants to talk about. The other person who ALSO witnessed the rape occurring and did absolutely nothing about it whatsoever until making the tapes where she spends then entire time putting the blame on Justin and Bryce despite being in there and witnessing the entire thing and going on to do, again, N O T H I N G to help Jessica either.

And of course, over the course of these tapes being listened to, no one ELSE does anything about any of this either until Clay gets his hands on the tapes. 

Which brings me to my next point: Mother. Fucking. Clay. Jensen. The boy who acted like a dick to her while she was dealing with the rumors and the bullying. The one we’re supposed to sympathize with because he wanted to bone her so badly but never got the chance. NEWS FLASH- Clay Jensen is a “Nice Guy” in sheep’s clothing. His entire character arc is trying to redeem this girl that he thought he was in love with because he regrets not being able to “love” her back to life somehow- despite the fact that his relationship does not: 

  1. Suddenly erase the rumors 
  2. Take away the fact that there is a counselor on staff who has no regard for his student’s safety or mental health 
  3. Fix her developing mental health issues
  4. Mean that people will change their minds so quickly

This just in- dating someone who has a mental illness, who has the kind of issues that she does, is not butterflies and rose colored lighting. It is not saying “I love you” and everything just being magical and okay. And that’s exactly the picture this show paints, there is an entire scene devoted to it. And this furthers the unrealistic and problematic picture that being in a relationship will solve all of your problems.

And, after ALL of this, there are the subplots being introduced in the show of: 

  1. That kid (Tyler?) about to shoot the school up because Hannah told those people about how he took naked pictures of her (but when Justin took a similar picture of her underwear and showed his friends- that was okay and didn’t deserve the same kind of punishment?) 
  2. Justin’s family life isn’t too hot and we’re supposed to sympathize with him and understand that this is why he acts out and he’s so devoted to Bryce because Bryce has on numerous occasions supported him and this is, presumably, why he does nothing to stop him from having his moment with Jessica (because to Bryce women are property, no different from an Xbox, and so Justin has to act that same way), why he goes along with Bryce sending out the picture of Hannah, and why he is trying to help protect Bryce. 
  3. Alex has shown signs of suicide on multiple occasions, including actively trying to kill himself at least twice in the show. 
  4. Jessica, now having to deal with her rape.

That last point is probably the one I want you to pay attention to most because the PR team or w/e released a video of Jessica’s phone in use. Justin calls Jessica a whore (or slut…. something) and she confronts him. And then, suddenly, the conversations flips to him saying how much he loves her and needs her.

Well, little miss Jessica, who has been exposed to the tapes just like the rest of us now, gets an idea in her head and good thing there are weapons in her house. She sends a snapchat of a gun to Justin and leaves a note on her phone addressed to her parents and that’s where the video ends. So yet again, suicide is used as the big dramatic plot device to move the story along. 

And in ALL of this talk about suicide not ONCE is ANY sort of mental illness addressed. There are a few glimmers of a serious conversation about it from an English teacher who then immediately gets drowned out because of whatever angst Clay is feeling over his unsatisfied Hannah needs.

The show tries to act like it’s the knight in shining armor riding in on the white horse of “Media Representation” when in all actuality it’s the court jester trying to stall his beheading by telling the King some convoluted drama just enough to plan his escape. 

It tries to say that it’s going to address the issues of rape, sexual assault/harassment, and mental illness. It tries to say that it is trying to bring awareness to suicide because it shouldn’t be an option. But the fact of the matter is: It doesn’t. The social media accounts the show runs only post “cute”, ~relatable~ pictures and quotes from the show, with little to nothing about any potential resources anyone might need or be curious about. 

The ONLY actual, real conversations that MAY be productive are in a video called “Beyond the Reasons” that is also on Netflix but presented as a completely separate entity that does not how up in recommendations after the show or otherwise, and had next to no publicity whatsoever around the release of the show. 

Overall, the conversations the show has stirred up are not about mental illness, not about how rape is reported or viewed in our society, and it’s not about how we can be working to prevent suicide in young people. The conversation has been about the show itself and the question of whether or not it’s a “good” or “powerful” show and if/how we should be letting younger, more impressionable people (i.e, middle schoolers and young high schoolers) watch this show. 

The writers and producers will sit there and tell you that they want to show this in a “real” way. They’ll say they wanted to portray these to mimic reality, the nitty girtty truth. Well, guess what? If you are going to take on that responsibility to be truthful about what goes on, about how these things happen, then it is ALSO your responsibility to make sure that you actually give people REAL WORKING alternatives. And the fact that there is no sort of master list of resources, no conversation in the show about how to handle all of this, no sort of conversation about these ISSUES THEMSELVES in the show proves that the writers and producers don’t care about being accurate. They don’t care about helping the community, they don’t care about representation. 

They care about views and money. 

Some articles/sources: 








And some places to get help: 





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Ahhh I'm scared go send this request in I don't want to bother you 🙈.. but I was wondering if you could do a head canon where jungkook is a famous singer and jimin is his back up dancer and they fall in love and jungkook is so whipped for him and they're just so fluffy and cute and the power couple that everyone ships (they've even been named Korea's hottest couple) <3 thank you so much I'm sending you lots of love, do it whenever you feel you have time don't feel pressured 💛

it’s fine! don’t forget about it bc it might be a while. (i have begun writing, days, maybe weeks later). SORRY IT’S SO LATE OMG. also i didn’t touch on them being like a power couple much i’m sorry, it’s a lot more dramatic than i feel like you wanted it lmao. but it’s finally done omg. next time i won’t take so long. 

+ “jungkook, bend your knees over your toes. you’ll pull a muscle doing it like that,” jimin said, grabbing jungkook’s thigh and moving it into proper placement before going back to his own place next to him. 

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I know this is hella weird but it's the same anon as the don't die on me or (something along those lines) WHICH WAS AMAZING AGSFDHDJE B U T,,, Can I request RFA + V + Saeran reacting to an MC who killed someone purposely and they see the bloody body or something,,, (omg and she asks if they could help her out) like would they be scared and still call the police or would they stick to MC? Its fine if you feel uncomfortable with this request it's pretty out there. ~Dylan

oh, hey again, thank you for coming back! ahhh I’m glad you liked the last drabble thingy\ ˚▽˚ / 

and yeah, this is a pretty out there request, but hohoho i’m gonna do it! I hope you like this one too^^ feel free to ask for as many as you want!!

[tw: mentions of death and blood  ]

….ok so, loopholes. ¯\_(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯  also seven’s is short, i apologize;;


  • the label director zen was signed under got to mc’s last nerve 
  • he had to go, they were going to limit him so much! not only in their relationship but his acting! and they were going to leak more about his past?? no on mc’s watch 
  • but then they call zen over because Regret 
  • “i’m sorry, what did you do? was it an accident?” when they say no he’s literally about to have a mental breakdown 
  • but mc looks like they regret it and are about to start crying, “zen, help”
  • zen is so thankful he doesn’t believe in god right now 
  • here comes a plan! it wasn’t at the apartment, but near the sidewalk between these two buildings 
  • he pulls mc into a hug and whispers “just let me do all the talking, okay babe?” 
  • calls 911 and puts on his Actor Voice™ on and tells the operator he and mc found a dead body 
  • when the police come and ask about the blood mc, zen tells them she tripped and fell on it, which is how they found out 
  • oh look, they bought it
  • they don’t leave the house for at least 2 days and they both have nightmares for almost a month..they also cuddle a lot 


  • this one panics understandably 
  • they were in the parking lot of a convention and this one asshole who had been both picking on yoosung and making advances towards mc got in the way of their car (mc: :)) ) and by advances i mean the rly bad kind
  • “oh no~ yoosung, i need your help” “how am i going to help here, mc? i can’t call the police-” 
  • mc, who somehow is still calm, tells him yes, he can. 
  • “listen, just give me the phone when you call” “..ok mc”
  • when they get an answer, mc switches their tone to nervous and scared
  • yoosung is lowkey impressed 
  • they hang up eventually and give yoosung’s phone back
  • “we’re not in trouble, the police are going to ask a bit of questions, but it was an accident”
  • now he’s terrified because did mc just…get away with murder? 
  • decides to repress it 


  • mc really thought they weren’t going to get caught
  • but jaehee went out to the back of the cafe to check them and almost screamed
  • mc covered her mouth 
  • “mc!” she whisper-yells “what did you do?! why did you? oh my god-”
  • “wait, jaehee, look who it is.” 
  • “is that….that same person who threatened to destroy the cafe and us last week?” geez ams, what are you putting the cafe through?
  • they nod
  • “oh my god” 
  • eventually decides to help
  • is the one who rearranges the scene to make it look like they had no idea
  • both she and mc talk to the cops and its like a mad libs story they have the same plot to 
  • this is never going to happen again


  • mc totally snapped at this reporter who was following around for a month
  • so they were like “i’m just going to kill them”
  • but then it worked
  • they panic and tell jumin when he gets home
  • he is Shocked but also immediately has a plan 
  • tells all the guards to leave he and mc alone for like an hour 
  • they’re used to this and leave asap its usually for ~sexy times~
  • but this is not sexy
  • they position the body at the end of some stairs (turns out jumin has like a trapdoor in the penthouse and they put it there for it to lift up when mc passes by 
  • mc acts like the reporter was still following them until they reach the end of those stairs it was really only like a few minutes, they pretended to leave them and jumin’s room
  • the police are called and it was determined the reporter fell 
  • no reporters are allowed near mc anymore 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • so it was for this one guest who was…making mc uncomfortable
  • this guy was probably there when it happened and came up with a plan in advance 
  • he doesn’t even call the police, he just hacks into the person’s records and now their dead
  • died from a heart attack, apparently
  • he and mc act surprised along with the rest of the rfa when word gets out 
  • no one has to know
  • no one else knows
  • they “celebrate” with honey buddha chips

v / jihyun

  • why would you put this man through this?
  • some weird mint eye supporter that wasn’t saeran was going after mc
  • they broke into mc’s apartment and mc had no choice really
  • no question would stick by mc and take blame for them if they ask
  • but they don’t 
  • they ask him for a story they could tell
  • he was surprised, but also…has the perfect idea
  • jihyun “i don’t know how to explain this so the body is in the ocean now” kim 
  • they tell no one 
  • seven found out, though because of the camera 
  • “you know you could have just…vouched for self-defense, right?”
  • yeah, ok smarty-pants, but when you’re in a panic, the body goes into the ocean
  • please don’t do this to him again, mc


  • it didn’t matter who it was to saeran
  • it didn’t matter what they did, either
  • he probably gave mc the tools they needed
  • also knew the perfect place to hide a body
  • and came up with the perfect story
  • no, he didn’t force mc to do anything, but he does have all the details covered
  • cops? what cops?
  • not when saeran also hacked into the person’s records 
  • take that, dead person
  • if mc feels guilty afterwards, he shares a blanket with them and tells them that if they felt like they needed to do that, the person deserved it
  • and that if anything really did come up, he’d take the blame for them 
  • so mc doesn’t bring it up again
Shadowhunters 2x18 and me: a summary (with books spoilers until CoHF)
  • Sebastian: *attacks Max*
  • Me: omg.
  • Sebastian: *offers Izzy to take a break and offers himself to watch Max in her place*
  • Sebastian: *leaves smiling with the thought that Max may die if he goes trough the procedure offered by the Silent Brothers*
  • Me: OMG.
  • Sebastian: *threatens someone life, and also this man's wife and son*
  • Jace: *gets a text from "Alec" saying Max is dead*
  • Me: I know that was you. You can trick Jace but you can't trick me.
  • Sebastian: *kills about six trained shadowhunters with two seraph blades without even blinking or getting tired so he can steal the mirror*
  • Me: That was incredible *looking at my mom* DID YOU SEE THAT?!
  • My mom: That's the bad guy?
  • Me: Yup, he is a pyromaniac, and incestuous little shit and lived in hell. That's not even his real face.
  • Sebastian: *holds the electro while smiling even when I can see between the smiles that the little electro stone it's hurting him*
  • Sebastian: *survives being stabbed multiple times only with minor grunts*
  • Me: Don't kill him yet. We need Heavenly Fire™ and "I've never felt so light".
  • Sebastian: After ten years of torture in Edom, I learned to endure pain... in fact, I rather enjoy it.
  • My mom: He is also a masochist?
  • Me: Yeaaaaahh, I may have forgotten that. It's a TV thing.
  • Sebastian: *touching Clary's lips like he wants to kiss her again and almost crying because he can't* I wanted you and the Mirror. But if I can't have both...
  • Clary: *stabs him again*
  • Sebastian: *gets the fuck out of the Institute at super fucking speed after being injured many times*
  • Me: *crying and hugging CoHF* You are precious, and you are loved. You are doing amazing, honey, keep going. I love you.
  • My mom: *gets the fuck out of the room as fast as she can while I cry*
  • And we also have my reactions to other thing like...
  • Malec: *overload of it*
  • Me: well, Tumblr is going to be full of this.
  • Malec: *is in bed with Where's My Love playing in the backgroun*
  • Me: OMG, remember what I told you last week? That Stydia and and Malec would share THIS song like Stydia and Clace share Anchor?????
  • My mom: ... yes?
  • Me: omg, can you believe there wasn't any Stydia in all of the Teen Wolf trailers but Stydia was most of the Previously On. I love my Stydia... *puts pause to SH and talks about Stydia for fifteen minutes*
  • Saia: *exists*
  • Me: omg, I can't wait until Sizzy exists too.
  • Maia: *finds Bat*
  • Me: He is your future boyfriend, baby.
  • Maia: *talks about Jordan*
  • Me: He is also going to be your boyfriend again, and then my psycho baby is going to kill him lmao You didn't love him anyway.
  • Simon: *is a vampire*
  • Me: Not for long, baby. Just wait. *sends a kiss to the TV*
  • My mom: *to the dog* why am I watching this?
  • The dog: *goes away*
  • Luke: *is a badass alpha wolf*
  • Luke: *doesn't kill someone even when that is the werewolf rule and even when he has the perfect chance to do it*
  • Me: You are so pure. You are an angel. You deserved to marry Jocelyn and be happy with her.
  • Jocelyn: *is still dead and probably she will stay that way*
  • Me: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???
  • The lack of Sizzy: *is a thing*
  • Me: don't worry. When Max dies this is goind down.
  • Max: *doesn't die*
  • The lack of Sizzy: *is still a thing*
  • Me: ... *dies*
  • Ollie: *puts a camera in the restaurant and watches with her girlfriend the "Welcome to the pack" moment*
  • Izzy: *sad because she thinks the Sebastian/Jonathan thing is her fault*
  • Me: no, wait. nonononono. Nothing is your fault. Please don't be sad.
  • Clary: *figures out that the Mortal Mirror is Lake Lyn*
  • Me: I love you so much, my little carrot.
Please don't be sad;Doyoung

Genre: extreme angst omg im sorry

Request: hello, i’ve been recently reading your scenarios and i really like your writing style :)) can i pls request a doyoung one :] thank you so much

A/N: i’ve been feeling emotional lately and doyoung’s been wrecking my bias list so i decided to do a storyline like this (im sorry if this made you emo because it made me) and i just realised this is my first ever doyoung scenario like?? this bunny needs more love and attention. i’ll be using highlight’s “please don’t be sad” in this scenario so go check it out!! (don’t sleep on them i love them so much)


You’re smiling less, especially today

You seem sad for some reason

When I asked you what’s wrong

You said everything’s fine and turned your head

All he wanted to be was your pillar of strength and support, the one you could always lean on whenever you needed it.

He wanted to be there for you, every second of the day.

He wanted to love and show you how much you mean to him, and he wanted you to know that he was always willing to help.

But he couldn’t.

You didn’t want to bother to bother him. You felt bad, for always making him fix all your problems and asking him for help, when you knew he had other importants things to fix.

And most importantly, he had feelings for you.

But you didn’t.

It kills you to know that he treats you like an angel every single day knowing that you have no feelings for him at all, other than seeing him as a best friend.

You were deeply affected.

“Are you okay? You look tired today,” the man beside you flashed a smile to you, then brushed his hand slightly pass yours. Your hands instantly reacted to his touch, and you kept your arm to yourself.

He must have noticed, for he gave a small frown, but his eyes still held a little glimpse of hope and love, as he patiently waited for your reply.

Your heart ached.

You kept a straight face, “Just tired, that’s all”, a tone of exhaustion coming out with your words.

Doyoung swallowed hard, as his hands reached up to comb your hair lightly, “Are you sure everything’s fine? You know i could help you-”

“Yes, i’m sure” you cut him off, and you saw him sunk in his chair once again.

He let out a small and awkward laugh, then took a deep breath, trying to hide his expression of dejection and remorse, “Oh… But if you need anything i’m always here”

You sighed, then nodded your head.

You hated that you had to treat him like that. But it was the only way to make him stop having feelings for you, right? You still love him, but you didn’t want him to have any high hopes or misunderstandings, and you couldn’t put it to words to him.

Doyoung, can’t we go back to how we used to be?


Your single tear drop

Makes my day crumble down

Your deep sighs

Tear apart my heart

Days passed and time flew by, but his feelings for you were still as deep as before.

He couldn’t bear to let go of his feelings for you.

He loves you too much.

Every single day he just hopes that you would reciprocate the same feelings for him, even the tinniest bit would make him smile.

But you didn’t.

You couldn’t bring yourself to.

He makes sure he faces you with a smile everyday, because he knows you feel guilty and bad, but he doesn’t know it’s what makes you feel worst about yourself.

Your hands froze on the doorknob as you were just about to turn it, as you heard a stifled cry from inside.

You pressed your ear against the wooden door, and you heard even more sobs.

“Taeyong… I just, is this all even worth it? It’s been 2 years, i’ve been suffering alone for two years but i still love her”

Doyoung’s despairing and heartbroken tone could be heard clearly as he said through his phone, trying to catch his breath from the amount of tears he was losing.

Your heart ached again, a sense of guilt rising up from the back of your throat, your head still pressing against the door to his apartment.

He let a small cough, and you heard his cries getting louder.

You had never heard him cry this much before.

How you wished you could just vanish and disappear for making your best friend, the man who loves you more than you love yourself, into such a big mess.

“I know it’s never going to happen but if i keep waiting, she’ll accept me one day right?” he sighed then said softly into his phone again. He had quietened down, and all you could hear now, was the sniffling of his nose.

“I just love her so much”

You couldn’t feel worst, as tears was already flowing down your face like a faucet. You turned around and quickly ran away, afraid that he’d find you listening to his conversation.

I’m sorry Doyoung, i’m sorry you had to fall for someone like me.


I’ll be your light

So take away that shadow

From your angelic face

I don’t want even the smallest scar

To form on you

I even want all of your sadness

He grabbed you your favourite soft toy that sat at the side of your bed, and wrapped you around tightly in your blankets.

You saw him frown a little as his eyebrows knitted close together as he took a look at the temperature of the thermometer, then sighed to himself.

“Doyoung… You can go home now, i’ll be fine.” you tried to say out to him, but starting coughing as you felt a sharp pain down your throat.

His eyes softened, then gave you a smile, shaking his head, he pulled the blanket up closer to you, “No it’s okay, i’ll stay here till you get better.”

Not again, Doyoung. You don’t need to do all of these for me.

He skipped his meals for the sake of taking care of you, and spent most of his free time cleaning up your place and cooking for you.

He was doing everything for you.

“Doyoung, you really don’t need to-”

“I said it’s fine, it’s my duty.”

The next day you noticed how pale his lips were, his fatigue and exhausted body lying restlessly on the couch in your living room.

Your shuffling woke him up, but as he tried to get up of the couch, a sharp pain in his head hit him, as he leaned back down in pain, letting out a small yelp as his hands cupped his head.

Your hands were cold around his burning hot body as he gave you an apologetic look, as he tried to push himself up again, “You’re still not fully recovered, let me cook breakfast-”

Your heart ached at his words and stubornness, but you pushed him down and said to him softly, “Please Doyoung, you’re having it worst than me right now. Please, just rest”

His eyes softened, then he nodded in defeat, closing his eyes to go rest.

His hand reached out to grab your wrist, “Call me if you need anything”

Stop being so nice to me Doyoung, it hurts.


I want you to be happy as you’re with me

If I can protect you, nothing’s a waste

Even my own world

Please don’t be sad

You hated and didn’t want this day to come, but as soon as you started dating him, you knew one day, you were going to have to tell him.

You noticed the familiar back view of the faint blonde head in front of you, as you clenched your hand tightly in the hands of the man beside you.

You took a deep breath and walked up to him, and took a seat.

Doyoung’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw you, but his expression fell when he saw you beside another man, your fingers intertwined with his.

“Hello, i’m WinWin, nice to meet you, Y/N’s bestfriend”

Doyoung faked a smile, and shook the younger’s hand. You took a deep breath,  “Doyoung, meet WinWin, we’ve been dating for two months now.”

Doyoung’s heart sank, as his tears threatened to fall, but he kept a brave front, letting out a small laugh, which killed you internally too.

“No wonder you were always not free the previous two months,” Doyoung joked, but you could sense a tone if jealousy and sadness, but you just smiled at him.

Doyoung took a deep breath, then reached out to squeeze your shoulder, “I’m glad you found someone who can make you happy.”

He wanted to cry.

“And as long as you’re happy, i’m happy too”

Your heart tore in two.

Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.

Maybe you should have just broke off the friendship and let him find someone better instead of sticking with you for so long.

He had a smile on his face, but his eyes showed otherwise, as they would fidget and eye both your hands every second.

His eyes were watery and he kept avoiding eye contact with you.

But there was nothing you could do.

Please don’t be sad, Doyoung.

Stay Alive

Originally posted by plumpark

Genre: Angst/Some Fluff There’s barely any but it’s there 

Word Count: 2,083

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

“No stop, don’t you dare close your eyes okay? I’m going to get you out of here alive. Stay with me please.” 

Masterlist ♥︎


A/N: Made this cause the Jungkook feels for me rn are just not okay I’m trying not to admit that he’s most likely my bias now. I still love you yoongi, you just can’t ignore him, it’s impossible. so get ready for some feels I’m not sorry. And warning there’s mention of blood and stuff..

 (on another note I will be posting betrayed part 4 soon ^.^ I’m sorry for the long wait idk why but my writing skills just gave out so it’s gonna take a little bit longer)

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Aqours daily chat routine
  • Chika: woah look at this emoticon I found ʕ•͡•ʔ so cute lol
  • You: you never runs out of emoticon I swear
  • Chika: thats cuz I keep finding new ones (・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
  • //Mari has entered the chat//
  • You: stop before Mari enters the chat
  • You: I didn't even finish
  • Mari: I sense the emoticons being used
  • Chika: yo mari (*゚▽゚)ノ
  • Mari: yo mikan lover
  • Chika: im You's lover wtf
  • Mari: dude chill take a joke ffs
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: take your jokes away from the main chat
  • Mari: nope
  • Dia: we created another chat for this kind of thing, go use it
  • Mari: ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
  • Dia: you use that emoticon all the time when you're going to grope me, leave
  • Mari: 〒_〒
  • Dia: I don't care if you're sad
  • Mari: T ^ T
  • Mari: ΩДΩ
  • Mari: ( •̥́ ﹏ •̀ू )
  • Dia: I really don't care if you are crying
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: Dia stop bullying Mari
  • Mari: kanKanan (っ´▽`)っ
  • Chika: Kanan help us
  • Kanan: yo kiddo
  • You: why r u like dis
  • Dia: please type properly
  • Mari: only you cares lol
  • You: I dont wtf u on about
  • Mari: not you We caps your name
  • You: oh lol
  • You: and I thought you were crying wtf
  • Mari: im still crying shut up :'(
  • //Riko has entered the chat//
  • //Yoshiko has entered the chat//
  • Riko: the notifications are annoying me
  • Yoshiko: wtf r u gays on about again and hey Lily
  • Riko: we always enters at the same time??
  • Chika: Ha! G A Y
  • Riko: shut up
  • Yoshiko: shut up
  • Mari: omg they texted the same thing goals
  • You: werent you crying
  • Mari: I was until my sub unit members shows up
  • Dia: one thing that bothers me
  • Dia: Is that a typo or did you mean it?
  • Yoshiko: what typo
  • Dia: is that guys or gays
  • You: I bet you its gays
  • Yoshiko: its gays
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: my phone kept vibrating whats up
  • Mari: gays
  • Kanan: you guys are always like this
  • Chika: dont talk like you arent gay either →_→
  • Kanan: im the second gayest of all chika
  • Dia: I'm not surprised, to be honest
  • Riko: then who's the most gayest?
  • Yoshiko: I bet you its Mari
  • //Maru has entered the chat//
  • //Ruby has entered the chat//
  • Mari: im the gayest of all
  • Yoshiko: omg rip
  • Chika: omg rip
  • You: omg rip
  • Ruby: sis im also gay you know
  • Dia: wait, what? Who are you going out with?
  • Hanamaru: mE
  • Mari: did you not know?
  • Dia: why the fuck do you think I'm asking
  • Chika: omg Dia just swear guys take covers Σ(゜゜)
  • You: don't overreact lol
  • Riko: I think you should
  • Dia: shut up, she's my lil'sis for fuck sake
  • Chika: omg she swear again run guys ᕕ(‾口‾)ᕗ
  • Kanan: calm down shes not a little kid
  • Yoshiko: techinally speaking yeah
  • You: id be worried tbh cuz Chika once lured Ruby with a lolipop
  • Riko: so cute
  • Yoshiko: Lily no youre mine
  • Riko: im not trying to cheat
  • Dia: The group chat is a mess
  • Mari: Ikr
  • Dia: especially you, Mari
  • Mari: ԅ(。≖△≖。ԅ) I feel personally attacked
  • Dia: you should be
  • Kanan: calm down you two
  • Chika: wtf were we even talking about in the first place lol ( ᐛ )
  • Riko: something I guess
  • Ruby: I entered late so
  • Hanamaru: Ofh mAy g'otd
  • You: wtf
  • Chika: wtf
  • Mark: omg another couple texting the same thing goals
  • Yoshiko: ruby translate
  • Ruby: im with her and theres a dog
  • //Riko has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: omg Lily come back
  • Yoshiko: dont leave me
  • Yoshiko: I NEED U HERE
  • //Riko has entered the chat//
  • Riko: my mum just called sorry
  • Mari: that was great
  • You: someone screenshot it
  • Chika: Yoshiko cant live without Riko confirmed
  • Yoshiko: ITS YOHANE
  • Dia: screw you gays
  • Chika: omg hwat
  • Mari: omg hwat
  • You: omg hwat
  • Hanamaru: OM'g Hwa's4T
  • Ruby: sis?
  • Dia: typo, sorry
  • Mari: that is def not a typo
  • Riko: the a and u is at in end from each other
  • Yoshiko: cant be a typo
  • Dia: you're right because it's actually auto-correct
  • Kanan: dont meme Dia now
  • Mari: "screw you gays"
  • Kanan: what did I say
  • Chika: guess who just got memed again
  • Riko: this is a literal mess
  • Hanamaru: CwkaoaAgkGtu'jdv?
  • Yoshiko: wtf speak human language
  • Ruby: the dog just trampled on her phone
  • Riko: stop or I wont give you any kisses tmr
  • Yoshiko: my deepest apologies I want my kisses
  • Mari: our chats never have a solid topic lol
  • Dia: that's because y'all a mess
  • Ruby: sis did you just say "y'all"
  • Mari: probs picked it up from me
  • Dia: save me
  • [Mari has sent a link - SAVE ME]
  • Mari: this is your song
  • Dia: Why do I always get memed
  • Chika: because its easy to meme you ٩( 'ω' )و
  • You: and its hilarious
  • Kanan: What did she do to deserve this
  • Mari: nothing rly
  • Riko: but theyre gonna do it anyway
  • Ruby: sis
  • Dia: help me
  • Ruby: I cant
  • Dia: Betrayed by my own blood
  • Dia: I'm leaving
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Hanamaru: sHge 'lEaft
  • Yoshiko: what
  • Ruby: "she left"
  • Mari: buuu she left
  • Kanan: good for her she'll get stressed because of us
  • Chika: omg ur worrying about her are you cheating on Mari (|||゚д゚)
  • Kanan: we're in a polyamorous relationship jeez
  • Mari: yh yh Dia's bottom btw
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: shut up
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Mari: she came to say that and left lol
  • Riko: also we did not need to know that =//=
  • Yoshiko: you're bottom too tho
  • You: friendly reminder that Ruby and Hanamaru is still here
  • Kanan: cant ruin the innocent
  • Chika: you two should leave cuz Dia will kill us if we ruined you two @_@
  • Ruby: sure I guess
  • //Ruby has left the chat//
  • //hanamaru has left the chat//
  • Chika: this will probs surprise you but You is actually bottom
  • Mari: no way
  • Kanan: I thought shes top
  • Chika: she cant even pin me without turning into a blushing mess ๑乛◡乛๑
  • You: thats a lie
  • Chika: then try to top me then
  • Mari: omg a big discovery Chika is top
  • Riko: Chika doesnt get embarrassed that easily so
  • Yoshiko: unlike You and lily
  • Yoshiko: another reminder that Lily is also bottom
  • Riko: Yocchan!
  • Mari: this one im not surprised
  • Riko: I top sometimes as well
  • Mari: that one surprises me
  • Kanan: I did think you two are versatile
  • Chika: same goes to the 3rd year probs
  • Mari: yup
  • Mari: altho Dia is the ultimate bottom
  • Kanan: I'm the ultimate top
  • Mari: I die whenever Kanan top
  • You: you die when Kanan strips
  • Mari: and that too
  • Kanan: she die whenever im around tbh
  • Chika: calm your gf lol
  • You: its late so imma catch some zzZ
  • Chika: more like ur gonna sleep in my arms
  • You: yh that byeee
  • Chika: bye as wellllll
  • //You has left the chat//
  • //Chika has left the chat//
  • Mari: Yous at Chika place I guess
  • Riko: she is
  • Riko: they just came over to the balcony to say G'night
  • Yoshiko: let me sleep at your place next time Lily
  • Riko: sure my mum called earlier to tell me she wont be home till next week
  • Mari: and you can get hot and steamy~~ ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
  • Riko: stop associating us with you perv
  • Yoshiko: stop associating us with you perv
  • Mari: wow rude
  • Mari: and how the heck did you managed to text the exact same thing
  • Yoshiko: thats cuz Lily made a contract with me
  • Riko: I guess Yocchan and I are connected
  • Mari: so cute lol
  • Mari: Kanan can you come over
  • Kanan: now?
  • Kanan: its 11pm
  • Mari: but im cold n lonely
  • Kanan: be there in 10
  • //Kanan has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: omg thats quick
  • Riko: how can she get there under 10 mins
  • Mari: her jet ski n im important
  • Yoshiko: makes sense
  • Yoshiko: unless she secretly have a pair of wings since shes a little demon
  • Riko: Yocchan
  • Yoshiko: my deepest apologies I still want my kisses
  • Mari: so cute lol
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: Mari, I swear to god if you don't come to school tomorrow only because Kanan is coming over
  • Mari: join us then lol
  • Yoshiko: your relationship will forever confuses me
  • Mari: lmao
  • Dia: Do I need to go?
  • Mari: yes im cold
  • Dia: give me 20 minutes
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: that actually works
  • Mari: yee I get a rly bad cold when im cold for too long
  • Mari: Or I can have Dia and Kanan sandwich me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yoshiko: Who allows you to be in a relationship
  • Mari: my parents obv
  • Riko: can the bed fit 3 ppl?
  • Mari: i have kings size bed sily
  • Yoshiko: but ur three grown teens ffs
  • Mari: remember that we will be sandwiched ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: im in the lift rn
  • Yoshiko: so quick wtf
  • Kanan: Mari gets real sick if she's cold when she sleeps
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: Yes, there is. She loves to have someone to snuggle in her sleep
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: she entered to just say that...
  • Mari: thats because im important
  • Kanan: we're spoiling her too tbh
  • Yoshiko: you need to stop omg
  • Kanan: im getting out of the lift
  • Kanan: bye kiddos
  • //Kanan has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: wtf im only 2 years younger
  • Mari: still a kid
  • Mari: so much to learn
  • Mari: so many positions to use
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: please don't ruin them too
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: she did it again
  • Yoshiko: imma leave
  • Yoshiko: Lily I'm calling you after
  • Riko: why?
  • Yoshiko: cuz I want to hear your voice obv
  • Riko: thats so cute of you
  • Yoshiko: shuddup I want to hear you say G'night to me
  • Mari: what a cute couple you are
  • Yoshiko: shut up ur gayer
  • Riko: shut up ur gayer
  • //Yoshiko has left the chat//
  • //Riko has left the chat//
  • Mari: wow
  • Mari: I'm leaving too bYE
  • //Mari has left the chat//
Mass Effect 2 - a (not so) short summary
  • Shepard: this is a routine mission
  • Joker: yeah we are just chillin in the empty calm space without worries that is the life eh
  • Shepard: tru homie no danger in sight we are just like little bugs in the infinite field of the universe
  • Collector's ship: DID SOMEONE SAY BUGS *destroys the Normandy*
  • Shepard: sorry wrong quote
  • Joker: let me save the ship
  • Shepard: let me save your fragile ass
  • Joker: Shepper nooooooo
  • Shepard: Shepper yooooooo *crashes into a planet like a comet and dies*
  • Joker: look at that lemme make a wish real quick
  • Joker: I wish one day I'll fuck a robot
  • ---
  • Miranda: Allusive Man we found Shep's corpse
  • Illusive Man: nice now let's spend a shitload of money to resurrect him/her
  • Miranda: cool let's make him/her our slave by modifying the brain
  • Illusive Man: damn girl what is your problem we can't manipulate someone's mind that's fucked up shit
  • Illusive Man: anyway how is the project of turning Grayson in a human reaper going?
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up after a 2 years coma*
  • Miranda: Shepard we're under attack stand up and fight u inferior slut
  • Shepard: aw shit I can barely move *runs like a leopard* *fight like a demon from hell* *tears shit up*
  • Jacob: hurry up commander
  • Shepard: wait I need answers
  • Jacob: Shepard for the love of god we're in the middle of a fight mechs are shooting at us we can't talk rn
  • Shapard: so how was your day?
  • Jacob: OMG it was nice thank you, I wake up and had a toast then I did some push ups then...
  • Miranda: let's get out of here gossip girls
  • ---
  • Illusive Man: hello I'm Cerberus' boss listen to me you have to find out why humans are disappearing
  • Shepard: fuck you Intrusive Man I don't work for you
  • Illusive Man: I revived you
  • Shepard: oh fuck ok then
  • ---
  • Tali: holy fleet Shap is that u
  • Shepard: ye it is me Tali I missed you so much
  • Tali: cool bye
  • Shepard: no wait Tali join my squad
  • Tali: nah better later I got stuff to do now
  • ---
  • Mordin: *fast shit-talking*
  • Shepard: haha I like you I'll make sure nothing bad will ever happen to you trust me
  • ---
  • Kasumi: god I miss Keiji so much I will never love again
  • Jacob: hey
  • Kasumi: yooooooooooo
  • ---
  • Shepard: Zaeed you squinter swine you set fire to a refinery just to find your boyfriend we are all going to die
  • Zaeed: that fucker shoot me in the head
  • Shepard: aaw isn't this love
  • ---
  • Grunt: Shepurd I feel strange I just want to kill everybody and destroy everything
  • Shepard: oh Grunt baby it's perfectly normal you're just becoming a woman
  • Wrex: Shep he is a krogan. Male. It's like our puberty
  • Grunt: do you mean I don't need this XXXXL tampon?
  • ---
  • Thane: my son is in trouble and my wife is dead
  • Shepard: k
  • Thane: "The fire has gone to be kindled anew.” He begs them not to take her away. They let her body slide into the water. He hits me. “Don’t let them! Stop them! Why weren’t you–” It rains. It always rains on Kahje. Warm water pours down his face.
  • Shepard: Cole is that you
  • Thane: what
  • Shepard: what
  • ---
  • Jack: fuck you and fuck everything and fuck Cerberus in particular
  • Shepard: girl put a shirt on it's raining cats and dogs
  • Jack: fuck shirts fuck cats and dogs and fuck me
  • Shepard: kinky
  • ---
  • Samara: help me kill my daughter
  • Shepard: shit why everyone in my squad are psycopath or have tragic stories and why do I have to solve everyone's problem?
  • Samara: so you won't help me?
  • Shepard: sure I'll help you let's do it girl
  • ---
  • Garrus: guess who's fucking back and ready to be romanced
  • Shepard: fuck yes I'm gonna date the shit out of you
  • Garrus: ...
  • Shepard: so-
  • Garrus: shut up I'm calibrating
  • ---
  • Shepard: why do you have a piece of my armor you creepy weirdo
  • Legion: there was a hole
  • Shepard: are you telling me you just have to close every hole you see?
  • Legion: yes
  • Shepard: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ---
  • Shepard: all right let's go kill all collectors as requested from the Incisive Man
  • Harbinger: we are the beginning, you are the end
  • Shepard: yeah I'm YOUR end
  • Harbinger: this hurts me
  • Shepard: fuck my second life what is that big ass blue motherfucker
  • EDI: it's a human reaper
  • Shepard: woah tough shit better destroy this ship and everything in it
  • Illusive Man: wait Shepard don't do it we need this technology
  • Shepard: shut up Disquisitive Man I do what I want and I want to tear this abomination up
  • Illusive Man: damn no I should have enslaved your mind when I had the chance
  • Miranda: called it
  • Shepard: well too fucking bad Dispositive Man let's do this homies
  • ---
  • Shepard: and that's how I saved the day once again
  • Hackett: Shepard you gangsta you forgot to say you killed 300.000 batarian in the process
  • Shepard: I do it for a good cause
  • Hackett: what cause
  • Shepard: peace
  • Hackett: *cries* this is beautiful
  • Shepard: I know buddy
  • Hackett: you're under arrest
If Izaya had a crush on Shun (3)
  • Shizuo: …So, you practice martial arts?
  • Hajime: Yeah.
  • Shizuo: Is that how you became so strong?
  • Hajime: Yeah.
  • Shizuo: …I see.
  • Hajime: Do you not practice martial arts as well?
  • Shizuo: Ah, no…I was just born with this strength. I didn’t do anything to get it.
  • Hajime: It doesn’t change the fact that you’re strong.
  • Shizuo: I guess, but it’s not like I wanted this strength. To me, people like you and Vorona are more amazing.
  • Hajime: Why?
  • Shizuo: To train until you attain that level of strength, it’s something more admirable than just being born with it.
  • Hajime: …I know someone with a super memory.
  • Shizuo: Huh?
  • Hajime: That person can memorize anything after reading it once.
  • Shizuo: Seriously? That’s pretty amazing.
  • Hajime: Then isn’t your strength amazing too?
  • Shizuo: …!
  • Hajime: You get it right? Just because you were born with it doesn’t make it any less amazing. It’s what you do with your skill that matters. Since you have it, why don’t you use it? It’s yours after all.
  • Shizuo: …Ah…that person, what do they use their super memory for?
  • Hajime: …He used it for studying, he was second in our high school.
  • Shizuo: Not the first?
  • Hajime: I’m the first.
  • Shizuo: …You really are an amazing guy, aren’t you?
  • Hajime: Not really. I’m not the one who can speak French, Mandarin, Russian, English, and other languages besides Japanese.
  • Shizuo: Really? That person must be really amazing.
  • Hajime: …That person with a super memory…now he uses it to memorize my schedule.
  • Shizuo:
  • Hajime: …He’s a fan.
  • Shizuo: …I see.
  • Hajime: So, you really can do anything you want with the skill that belongs to you. Own it and take pride in it, and you can become stronger than you already are.
  • Shizuo: …Heh, thanks. Somehow, I feel better after listening to you. I can see why that person’s a fan.
  • Hajime: I’m flattered.
  • Shizuo: To be honest, I don’t usually talk to people, so talking to someone who isn’t afraid of me is kind of nice.
  • Hajime: Why would people be afraid of you?
  • Shizuo: …I kind of have a bad reputation because of my strength.
  • Hajime: I see. Well, I’m not afraid of you.
  • Shizuo: …I never asked for your name.
  • Hajime: Mutsuki Hajime.
  • Shizuo: Heiwajima Shizuo.
  • -------
  • Izaya: Shun-chan, your hand.
  • Shun: My hand?
  • Izaya: *reaches out to take hold of Shun's hand*
  • Shun: I-Izaya-kun?
  • Izaya: You said it would be a date if I wanted it to be, right?
  • Shun: *blushing*
  • Shun: Yes…
  • Izaya: It's a hot day and your hand is cool, so let me hold it for a while.
  • -------
  • Hajime: Nice to meet you, Heiwajima-san. I’m not usually talkative either. But I feel like we’re similar somehow.
  • Shizuo: Just Shizuo is fine.
  • Hajime: I see. You can call me Hajime then. Anyway, is ‘Izaya-kun’ your enemy?
  • Shizuo: …Yeah.
  • Hajime: What did he do?
  • Shizuo: It’s a fucking long story…he got me fired from jobs in the past, and now he sends gangs after me. And he screws up shit in Ikebukuro…you don’t seem like you’re from around here since you don’t know me and Izaya. But he’s like a flea, he’ll suck your blood before you know it so stay far away from him.
  • -------
  • Shun: Ah…Izaya-kun is really my fan then?
  • Izaya: That's right. I am your biggest fan, Shun-chan. I'm a huge fan of the human being you are. I love the human you are.
  • Shun: *blushing but smiling*
  • Shun: …Hey? If Izaya-kun is hot, I don't mind if you lean against my shoulder. The temperature is already set to 20°C.
  • Izaya: Is that so?
  • Izaya: *leans against Shun's shoulder with a smirk*
  • Izaya: You really are like magic, Shun-chan.
  • -------
  • Hajime: …What is a guy like that doing with Shun?
  • Shizuo: Shun?
  • Hajime: My…rival. And my fan.
  • Shizuo: Your fan is your rival…?
  • Hajime: It’s a long story. Shun has been talking about ‘Izaya-kun’ and going to get my merchandise with him. I don’t like him, but I didn’t know he was a bad guy.
  • Shizuo: Knowing the flea…he’s probably just toying with him.
  • -------
  • Shun: *smiling and blushing, intertwining their fingers shyly*
  • Shun: Hey, Izaya-kun works in a dangerous job right? Why is it dangerous? Is it something illegal?
  • Izaya: That’s right. I do illegal things. Can I do you?
  • -------
  • Hajime: …Is that so. I need to get Shun away from him.
  • Shizuo: You punched the wall just now because Izaya took your fan away?
  • Hajime: Yeah. If what you say is true, Izaya is manipulating him through his fan love for me and getting him to buy merchandise with him. …I’m almost relieved.
  • Shizuo: Why?
  • Hajime: …Because Shun is mine.
  • Shizuo: …I see. That’s - …!
  • Hajime: ...
  • -------
  • Shun: Eh?
  • Izaya: (Kill me now)
  • Izaya: *gets hit by a vending machine*
  • Izaya: (I didn’t mean it literally)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your fics and i had this prompt that I really want written so i thought who better to ask than one of my favourite writers? No pressure to write this if you don't want to btw, but Todd said something about Simon holding the secret of how he got to be a daylighter dear to his heart cuz otherwise it would complicate things for Jace in S2B. So maybe play around the idea that some vamps are trying to get the ability too and Simon won't spill no matter what & risk endangering Jace? Thanks!

ur so SWEET i cant believe this omg here u go love


In some ways, the whole thing was Simon’s fault.

He’d known what would happen if word got out about his new ability to walk outside without disintegrating. Magnus had sat him down and, after a surprising moment of the warlock hugging him and smoothing his hair over like his mother, had told him the best and safest course of action.

“Don’t let people know.” He’d advised. “If you go out during the day, be sure that you aren’t anywhere too public. Simon, you have what some vampires would kill for. And don’t underestimate them, because they just might.”

“How would killing me help anything?” Simon had asked. He wanted to be angry at the idea of someone killing him for this, but he really couldn’t. Only a few months without sun had made him desperate. He wondered how many years would have to pass before he’d be willing to kill, too.

“Well, remember, they have no idea what made you a Daylighter. They might think that drinking your blood could give them the ability.”

“Could it?”

Magnus had shrugged, and looked almost defeated by not knowing. “Maybe.”

At first, Simon really had stayed sealed up in the boathouse during the day. He even moved his bed to a spot where the sunlight shone through the cracks between the old boards and soaked up the small slices of sunshine he could get.

But then a lingering coldness sunk into his bones, a permanent chill that he couldn’t get rid of. He tried jogging in place and pressing his body against the warm panels of wood and burying himself under blankets, but it wouldn’t go away. Clary found him, shivering in his makeshift bed and too exhausted to move.

So once again Magnus’ expertise was required.

“Is he sick?” Clary asked, sitting beside Simon on Magnus’ couch. He was wrapped up in two blankets, one that plugged into the wall and heated up, with a warm wet cloth draped around his neck. “Can he even get sick?”

“Simon how do you feel?” Magnus asked him gently, putting his fingers under Simon’s chin and lifting his face. “Does anything hurt?”

Simon shook his head. “Just c-cold.”

“We had a dog when we were younger,” Alec spoke up from where he was watching in the nearby armchair, “and for a few days it wouldn’t get out of its bed. It would hardly lift its head at all, really. Izzy cried about it so much until our parents broke down and took it to the vet. Anyways, it turned out that the dog was physically fine. But it hardly got to go out, because we don’t exactly live in a normal house with a yard, so it just kind of…shut down.”

“You had a dog?” Clary asked, sounding baffled. “Shadowhunters have dogs?”

“It was Jace’s. He named it Pollux.” Alec shrugged defensively. “Anyways, it could be like, Simon’s body knows it can accept sunlight now. And depriving himself of it is making his body react badly.”

Simon and Clary looked at Magnus for confirmation, and he was looking at his boyfriend like he’d just cured cancer. Like he was the smartest man alive.

“Okay, kiddo. I’m prescribing an hour of sunlight every day. The previous warning still stands, don’t do it anywhere where you’d be noticed by a vampire. Or someone who would inform a vampire. Okay?” Simon nodded, and Magnus leaned forward to press an affectionate kiss to his forehead. “Feel better.”

It took about two days for Simon to get his strength back, and evidently Alec was right. Simply sitting in the sun atop his boathouse made him feel refreshed and warm. And then, eventually, when his phone timer went off and the hour was up, he just stayed.

He couldn’t waste this gift. His body ached to be outside, to feel the sun against his skin. Laying inside in eternal coldness when he had the opportunity to be free wasn’t even life, it was just hiding.

He took small steps. One day he went to the Institute, then to Central Park, then to Times Square. He avoided the Hotel Dumort. He went with Clary to get coffee and with Luke to get lunch and with Jace to just walk around and talk, to listen to Jace vent and reciprocate when he felt frustrations.

He made it almost two weeks with no disturbances. But as all good things must come to an end, a vampire sat herself across from Simon at open mic night right in the middle of Maia’s song.

“Do I know you?” Simon asked, already on alert. “That seat is actually taken, by my friend Maia. She’s just singing right now, but she’ll be back soon and uh, she’s gonna need her seat back–”

“I’m going to tell you what I need from you.” She interrupted. “And you’re going to do it.”

“Well.” Simon said. “I’ll see if I can help.”

“How did you become a Daylighter?” She hissed. “Did Magnus Bane do it?”


She must have seen the sincerity in his eyes, because she moved onto her next theory. “You’re around the Shadowhunters an awful lot. Is it something to do with them? Why would they help a Downworlder?”

Simon’s one year of high school theatre failed him. Though he shook his head and tried to act completely unaffected by the mention of the Shadowhunters, she could see something that proved he was lying. She latched onto it.

“What did they give you? Was it a potion or–or like a spell?”

“No.” Simon sighed. “Why do you care how it happened? If you want to suck me dry, just get it over with. Playing twenty questions won’t help anything.”

She seemed startled. “I wouldn’t drink your worthless blood. Raphael said that wouldn’t even work. But why would you mention that? Did you…drink a Shadowhunter’s blood?”

Simon’s chest tightened. This was wrong. He thought they’d just try to kill him, not go after Jace. Why would they go after Jace? Why would Raphael have told them not to go after Simon? In what world would it make any sort of sense for Jace to be punished after saving Simon’s life?

Was the universe capable of being that ruthless?

“I’ll tell you.” Simon said carefully. “But you have to promise not to kill me. Alright? I’ll tell you who I got it from, and you can go to him.”

She nodded immediately. While Maia sang with her silky, angelic voice Simon let himself be dragged out the side door and into the alley. The vampire pinned him against a brick wall that was hastily decorated with Christmas lights. At least it was a pretty place to die.

“There’s a Daylighter I met. He was traveling here, I don’t know where he was from. He had an accent.” Simon explained slowly. “I bit him. And when I woke up, I was invincible. He escaped, but I remember his name.”

“What was his name?” She whispered, and he could almost forgive her. She looked young, younger than him. She couldn’t have been older than sixteen when she was turned. He could see the hope shining in her eyes and the slight sense of hesitation. Maybe she didn’t want to be doing this.

“Pollux.” Simon said firmly. “And you can find him if you–”

The bite didn’t even hurt. It startled him, because he wasn’t expecting it to happen yet, but it didn’t hurt. It only took a minute for his knees to buckle and his back to slide down the wall, and he thought of Jace. He thought that Jace might be upset if he realized that he’d given Simon his blood for no reason.

But at least this way Jace was alive. Simon pictured Jace’s laugh, just two days before in Central Park, and the determination in his eyes when he talked about finding the Soul Sword and destroying it. He deserved to live over Simon.

“Just remember,” Jace had told him one night in the park, “no matter what happens, we’ll look out for each other. You, me, Clary, Iz, Alec, Magnus. All of us. They can’t get us if we look out for each other.”

His mind replayed that moment over and over while she drank from him, and then it abruptly stopped when she was suddenly yanked away from him. He opened his eyes and tried to decipher the hazy blur of golden and black that was suddenly in front of him.

“Simon?” Jace’s voice swam through the numbness. “Simon. Simon, can you hear me?”


“Good, oh my God. Thank God. Come on, grab onto me. Let’s go to Magnus.”

He tried to get a grip on Jace’s arm, but his fingers couldn’t seem to grasp anything. Before he knew it, he was being hauled off his feet and his head was against Jace’s chest. The sound of his heartbeat was soothing enough to put Simon to sleep.

He woke up again in a bed, and Alec was sitting beside him with a look of disbelief on his face. “Honestly, how many times can you get yourself hurt?”

“A lot.” Simon managed to croak, and Alec rolled his eyes before whipping out his phone and texting someone, presumably Magnus. Simon remembered what happened, but not really falling asleep or passing out, whichever happened. “Oh G–. Did I drink from anyone?”

“No.” Alec assured him. “Magnus had bags. Jace actually tried to give you some, but you wouldn’t take it. Magnus said it was kind of amazing, actually. Because you were starving.”

Simon relaxed. “Good.”

Magnus and Jace entered and gave him a weird mix of hugs and scornful lectures about safety, which was greatly comforting. Alec and Magnus left, the latter muttering about hopeless baby vampires. Jace stayed, sitting on the edge of Simon’s bed.

“How’d you find me?” Simon asked through a yawn.

“I came to hear you sing. Maia said she didn’t know where you went, and your phone was still at the table. I knew something was wrong. Why was that vampire drinking from you?”

“She wanted to know how I became a Daylighter. And I lied and told her that drinking from other Daylighters worked.”

Jace looked up to meet his gaze, seemingly surprised. “Why didn’t you tell her the truth?”

“Because I didn’t want this to happen to you.” Simon shrugged. “I didn’t deserve your blood, and she definitely doesn’t.”

“You deserved it.” Jace said firmly. “God, Simon. You–you do these things for people, you nearly die for them, you refuse to drink from them when you’re literally starving. And you think you don’t deserve to be saved in exchange. Listen, you deserve good things. I’ve seen horrible people do horrible things, and you’re the opposite end of the spectrum. Trust me.”

Simon might’ve cried if he weren’t exhausted, but he could manage a weak grin. “Thanks. I like you too.”

“Don’t ever almost die for me ever again.”

“No promises.”

sunkingdoms-deactivated20170403  asked:

omg i don't really have a specific prompt but could you write a fic about anything season 4 bellarke related?? really whatever you feel like writing i trust you

omg i’m so flattered you trust me but IDK IF YOU SHOULD??? okay here you go, babes.

darkness brings evil things, oh, the reckoning begins


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: T (for violent thoughts???)
Words: 1,480

Maybe it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to what Octavia is doing, but there is. The rhyme is this: slash the throats, slice the veins, stab the hearts of those who do the same. Here’s the reason: Lincoln.

Octavia doesn’t particularly care why Echo approached her after A.L.I.E. was defeated.

To eliminate the leaders of the Thirteen Clans and help King Roan rise to power, Heda once and for all.


To kill Wanheda, take her power, use it to annihilate them.

Again, Octavia could not care less.

Still, she agrees to Echo’s proposition.

Wiping out your competitors, taking power, putting people in charge – it’s all politics. Possibly, if things were different, Octavia would have a vested interest in the state of the grounders and her people. As it is, she’s interested in one thing only: bringing vengeance upon anyone responsible, directly or indirectly, for the death of Lincoln.

The death of her soul.

And as far as Octavia is concerned, anyone in a seat of power held Pike’s hand and pulled the trigger with him. Now, thanks to Echo, she has a veiled excuse to kill them.

If Clarke Griffin happens to be one of the people she’s been contracted to murder, well. That’s tough.

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What went down in Gamer
  • Marinette: dear diary, here's a description of some events that would have definitely been pretty cool to see
  • Marinette: but eh I guess there's no need to show that
  • Tikki: this isn't supposed to be a webisode so you'd better go do something now
  • Marinette: *goes to school*
  • Marinette: ok where is everybody
  • Alya: we're in the library preparing for the Super Smash competition that everybody knows about but you
  • Marinette: sounds contrived but okay
  • Alya: and if anybody beats Max they get to team up with that hot guy for the tournament
  • Alya: why do I open my mouth ever
  • Adrien: can I maybe forfeit my position in the tournament
  • Mr. Damocles: nope
  • Max: just take a controller and sit down please
  • Marinette: right gotcha
  • Max: you do actually know how to play this game right
  • Marinette: come on what do you take me for
  • Max: somebody who'd 100% be willing to enter a tournament for a game she knows nothing about if it would mean being with Adrien
  • Marinette: fair
  • Marinette: but I actually do know how to play this game
  • Max: oh noes
  • Marinette: *beats Max*
  • Max: that was it?
  • Max: with all that buildup I was expecting more echoing defeat and controller shoving
  • Marinette: don't tempt me
  • Max: yeah gotcha
  • Max: anyways imma go get akumatized now
  • Adrien: are you really just gonna let him
  • Marinette: yeah now come to my house
  • Adrien: Mr. Damocles this is terrifying
  • Adrien: is there really no way out of this situation
  • Mr. Damocles: nope
  • Hawkmoth: Gamer, the situation may not have turned out in your favor
  • Hawkmoth: but from now on you and I will be playing this game by our own rules
  • Max: nope sorry but playing with a modified system results in an automatic ban from participation in all future tournaments
  • Max: if we're doing this we're doing it properly
  • Hawkmoth: so you'll have to kill a bunch of people to level up before you can get a giant robot?
  • Max: yep
  • Hawkmoth: and if Ladybug and Chat Noir take you down
  • Max: they get their own giant robot, yes
  • Hawkmoth: will this result in more meaningless destruction
  • Max: probs
  • Hawkmoth: ok fine you've sold me
  • Max: great
  • Marinette: anyway Adrien welcome to my house and to my room where I definitely don't have 20,000 pictures of you
  • Adrien: eep
  • Tom and Sabine: *ship Adrienette*
  • Adrien: ok but can you not
  • Adrien: like it's clearly the most unhealthy pairing in the love square
  • Adrien: which is actually saying quite a lot
  • Adrien: it really could only ever work out if Marinette learned the difference between attraction and obsession
  • Sabine: shush it's an adorable pairing
  • Adrien: as someone who's literally part of that pairing I can attest that it defs isn't
  • Tom: do you want some food
  • Adrien: OMG YES PLEASE
  • Marinette: coolio let's eat it at the park
  • Adrien: disclaimer: the fact that I am eating croissants at a park with you is in no way a sign of interest, romantic or otherwise, in anything besides this delicious food
  • Marinette: yes please eat more of the food you look beautiful when eating it
  • Adrien: you're really starting to scare me Marinette
  • Gamer: AND SO AM I
  • Marinette: eep it's a giant robot!
  • Adrien: oh come ON that's such a blatant ripoff
  • Adrien: rly is nobody gonna call him out on this
  • Marinette: we're running away now
  • Adrien: right
  • Marinette: oh and here have this charm bracelet
  • Adrien: wot
  • Marinette: look it's probs gonna be important or something
  • Marinette: I had to shoehorn it in somewhere there
  • Adrien: wait this robot is the perfect excuse
  • Adrien: *runs in the opposite direction*
  • Marinette: oh no he's gone
  • Marinette and Adrien: *transform*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *fight the robot*
  • Gamer: *levels up*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *ollie outy*
  • Ladybug: what if we take him to the stadium where the tournament's happening
  • Chat Noir: so he wrecks it and gets the tournament cancelled?
  • Chat Noir: yeah I'm very down with that idea rn
  • Ladybug: I just meant it would get him out of a crowded area
  • Chat Noir: oh right that
  • Ladybug: *arrives at stadium*
  • Chat Noir: *arrives at stadium*
  • Gamer: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: oh no
  • Chat Noir: yeah screw that
  • Chat Noir: *cataclysms*
  • Gamer: you may have destroyed my robot
  • Gamer: but you will be shocked and awed by my secret scheme
  • Gamer: where I will restore my robot from a save—
  • Ladybug: *punches Gamer in the face*
  • Gamer: wait I wasn't finished monolog—
  • Ladybug: oh hey I broke your glasses
  • Ladybug: and there goes your akuma
  • Gamer: so you won't get to pilot a giant robot then
  • Ladybug: WHAT
  • Ladybug: wait little butterfly come back here!
  • Gamer: it's not coming back
  • Ladybug: well maybe if it copies itself and affects thousands of people then I'll get to have a giant robot?
  • Hawkmoth: yeah nope
  • Hawkmoth: I am not filling Paris with thousands of giant robots
  • Hawkmoth: even I'm not that stupid
  • Ladybug: dammit
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly :(
  • Chat Noir: don't worry, you two can still get to kick butt in the tournament
  • Chat Noir: (Max, help me out here pls)
  • Max: yes, the tournament that you and I will defs be the two participants in and Adrien won't
  • Max: perfect! that's the spirit! we are totes gonna win
  • Chat Noir: phew, I thought I'd never escape

anonymous asked:

It's been two weeks since I found out about my condition. I'm diagnosed with HSV2. Its only now that I had the courage to really look deep into my situation. I googled, reasearched just to find out this isn't curable. :( I didn't inform anyone. Only me and my doctor know about this. I don't know what my future will be now. One wrong mistake and everything fell apart. How are you coping up? can u give me advice?

You’re right, you’re stuck with it. BUT! It’s really not that bad. Really! It seems scary and shitty and awful right now, emotionally and probably physically too, and everything you’re feeling now is normal. Give your brain some time to process, and your body time to heal.

So here’s what’s going on: You contracted, through skin-to-skin contact, a virus. It’s the same one that causes cold sores on people’s lips, though possibly a different strain. It’s related to the viruses that cause chicken pox and shingles! (Remember chicken pox? They vaccinate for it now, but until they did, everyone had a really friendly-sounding story about that time they had it and talked about it like it was a fond memory.) It hides in your nerves, then it travels to the skin, where it has a little party and tries to reproduce and find new hosts. This can cause, among other things, itchiness, skin sensitivity, flu symptoms, soreness, blisters, and ulcers. THE PARTY FAVORS SUCK. And then it gets tired of what it’s doing, or your immune system punches it in the face enough times, and it retreats back to your nerves, where your immune system can’t find it — that’s why you’re never rid of it. So it’s just a stupid little virus doing its stupid little biologically programmed thing. (IT’S NOT TRYING TO OFFEND YOU, OK, IT JUST WANTS TO MAKE FRIENDS. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN BAD AT THAT AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUB IT IN.) Over time your immune system figures out the best ways to beat it up and force it back into submission (OMG IT’S SORRY, IT JUST WANTED TO PARTY, GEEZ, CHILL OUT) so over time your outbreaks become milder and less frequent, and may go away entirely. (YOU ARE TOTALLY LAME, MAYBE IT JUST WON’T HANG OUT WITH YOU ANYMORE.)

What the virus will do: Piss you off. Make you uncomfortable. Be a really shitty bodymate. Sulk and glare at you from the corner. Lock itself in its room and stop trying to hang out with you as often.

What it will not do: Kill you. Threaten your fertility. Give you cancer. Hack your Twitter account. Keep you from living a totally normal life.

Why it seems so scary: Omg, forever sounds ominous. Especially with all those dumb-ass herpes jokes running around. For real, though, the drug companies tried to sell their anti-virals to the masses to treat their herpes, and the masses didn’t give a shit, because whatevs, harmless annoying crotch pox. So the drug companies spent a lot of money on marketing campaigns that made it sound like crotch pox were something to be wildly ashamed of and feel bad about, and it worked. The same way the razor people made us feel bad about growing hair, and the deodorant people made us feel bad about smelling like people. And now we buy Valtrex and Venus razors and Gillette shaving gel and Secret deodorant sticks by the goddamn truckload.

So here’s what you do:
-Read, but selectively. There’s a lot of bad information out there, and there are a lot of people who are filled with fear, so you’re best off sticking to non-alarmist, medically accurate information. Try this and this and this.
-Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Antivirals generally work pretty well for people, and you have a few to chose from.
-Take really, really good care of yourself. Eat well, and keep in mind that some foods can trigger outbreaks, while others can help prevent them. Get plenty of rest. Avoid stress. Exercise. Listen to your body.
-BE REALLY NICE TO YOURSELF. Imagine this happened to your best friend in the whole wide world. Think about all the ways you’d try to comfort them. Now do all of those thing for yourself.
-If and when you’re comfortable doing so, and not before, find a friend you trust and talk to them. Look for support from someone you love.
-Focus on doing things that you like. Develop your skills and talents and remind yourself what’s cool about yourself. Your self esteem just took a nosedive, and you need to gently build it back up.
-Remember that you’re not alone. 20% of the population has genital herpes. ONE IN FIVE. That’s a lotta people. Most of them just don’t know they have it. The rest of them just don’t talk about it. Next time you’re at the grocery store, count off 5 people. And then do it again, in every isle. Welcome to the biggest secret club you’ve ever been a part of.

Last but not least, stick around Herpblr. There are a ton of HSV+ people around here, and they’re all different, and they’re all awesome. New people find us and join in all the time. Consider creating an anonymous account (or using your own!), and following some people. Ask questions when you have them. Rant when you need to. Join in the conversation. We all know how you feel, and we’ll always have your back.

prettylittlehanison  asked:

I still don't understand why Cece hated the girls that much, yes they did talk bad about Alison after she was 'dead' but what about before that when Ali got her kicked out of college? What did she think the girls did?

*I know this post seems VERY LONG, but I really think it is worth a read. Please give this a chance before you scroll past and please spread this around before the premiere next week*

OMG I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this. Thank you :))

This is the thing that the majority of the fandom just doesn’t understand. And I’ll admit, at first I didn’t either. On the night of the finale, I literally said to myself when the episode finished “soooooo, I still don’t get why CeCe hated the liars so much????”

But then I went and re-watched episodes and with the following information in mind: “CECE DILAURENTIS IS A, SHE ACCIDENTALLY ‘KILLED’ HER SISTER WHO SHE LOVES, AND CECE WANTS TO BRING HER SISTER HOME ALIVE SAFELY”, literally the whole entire show fell into place for me. It’s really quite brilliant BUT ONLY IF YOU RE-WATCH or you simply won’t see the pieces fall together.

This needs to be made very clear so I’ll put it in capitals, not because I’m yelling though haha.



Everyone needs to stop thinking “what did the girls do to CeCe to make her hate them so much?” and instead be thinking “why did CeCe do that?”

There’s a difference.

Because majority of the time, the answer as to “why did CeCe do that?” is NOT because CeCe hated the liars. To quote CeCe “I love all of my dolls. That’s why you’re still alive”.

“Why the hell did A hate her sister enough to dig up her own grave?” WRONG QUESTION to be asking! She loved her sister. CeCe dug up Ali’s grave in 3x01 because she had a hunch that Ali is truly alive (CeCe said she was seeing a blonde in a red coat and thought it might be Ali - it was Ali) and thought by digging her grave she may get answers about her sister who she thought she killed.

“What did the liars do to make CeCe want to burn them alive at the lodge?” That’s how the fandom is thinking. Wrong question to be asking!! Totally wrong approach!!

I’ve said this a million and one times, long time followers are probably sick of me now but I’m happy to say it again in case you’ve missed it - CeCe did not want to kill the girls. CeCe wanted to put the girls in what SEEMS to be a dangerous situation because CeCe knew that her sister would come out of hiding to save the girls (ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE WHEN SHANA AND WILDEN SHOWED UP AND TURNED CECE’S FAKE THREAT TO A REAL THREAT - Shana and Wilden wanted Ali dead for their own reasons and thought Ali was going to be in that house, Shana failed to get justice for Jenna here and tried again in New York), to which CeCe wanted to know if her sister is alive. And she was. Alison pulled out Hanna.

“Why the hell did A kill a cop?” Well Wilden wasn’t going to let A’s sister to come home and tell her story because Wilden covered up the true ‘murder’. Again, CeCe is helping her sister!!!

“Why the actual f*ck did A frame Ashley Marin for Wilden’s murder? Why did A hate Ashley?”
A didn’t hate Ashley. CeCe killed Wilden. CeCe wanted to get away with it. CeCe thought that by pinning it on the person who ran Wilden over with a car a few episodes ago, she may get away with the murder and she may be able to bring her sister home without Wilden stopping her.

This is where the part that majority of the fandom isn’t happy with comes into play. CeCe overdid things, and perhaps those tiny events are without reason: driving the car through Emily’s house. Almost cutting Emily in half. Freezing Aria and Spencer to death.



Driving a car through Emily’s house?? Happened ONE episode after all the liars found out from Nigel that CECE WAS THE ONE WHO ORGANISED THE FLIGHT PATH TO THE LODGE.

Cutting Emily in half? Happened right when CeCe was on the news for killing Wilden, and right when they were ramping up investigation about CeCe and her connection to Radley and Marion (Spencer literally asked Dr. Palmer “do you know a CeCe Drake?”)
The girls were SO close the uncovering the truth! CeCe got mad!!! CeCe needed to protect herself! CeCe nearly cut Emily in half!!

Again, please notice the timing!!!

There is no underlying motive. It’s all about the timing and what is going on in CeCe’s world that causes her to attack or not.

“Why the hell does A hate Ali so much that she would attack her in her own living room and text her saying “if you leave I’ll kill you?”
Ali was going to leave Rosewood… right after CeCe worked so hard to bring her home safely! CeCe even BLEW UP JENNA’S HOUSE TO MAKE ALI SAFER AS JENNA WAS A REAL THREAT (dead girlfriend Shana, the Jenna Thing), yet Ali was going to leave. CeCe didn’t want her sister to leave after ALL that effort!!

“What did Mona do to CeCe to make her kidnap Mona?” Mona was building an army against A’s sister. Mona told Ali to get out of Rosewood (yet CeCe attacked her to stay) once and for all. CeCe ain’t having any of that.

AGAIN, to help her sister, CeCe got rid of Mona. “Mona can’t hurt you anymore”, said CeCe to Ali in the Christmas episode.

“Explain to me why the heck CeCe threw Jason down an elevator shaft.”
Jason and Emily were getting too close for comfort!! Jason and Emily were SO close to getting to the truth about CeCe’s connection to Wilden. Remember earlier that episode, CeCe lied about knowing Wilden yet later Jason finds a picture of CeCe and Wilden in Cape May. Clearly, they had a history. CeCe’s true identity of being Charlotte was on the line. CeCe needed to act fast before they got the photo. CeCe got mad. CeCe broke the elevator. Whoops. Oh well. No one got seriously injured. No one died. Identity safe. CeCe won. She can move on with her day.

I could go on for DAYS and DAYS and break down every SINGLE event that happened. There are NO plot holes OTHER THAN Marion’s death in the timeline. How the hell was Charles like 10 when Marion was killed, meaning Toby was a child when his mother died, yet she was alive when Toby was a teenager. Impossible. I don’t believe Marlene saying “flashbacks are interpretative”. THAT is the ONLY plot hole.

So please. Message me if you think there are plot holes. I will try my best to clarify. In my mind, I have all the answers. I’ve been re-watching and everything makes sense. Everything. Sure some of it is heightened reality such as CeCe blowing up Jenna’s house to protect her sister, but hey, there is SOME logic there. It’s not bizarre as if “Caleb blew up Hanna’s house because she said no to dinner and a movie”. I’ve had messages saying “you’re just an obsessed fan that is too in love with the show to admit that they screwed up”. That couldn’t be more further from the truth. I talk shit about the show when they deserve it, my followers know that I speak my mind! I don’t hold back! But in this case, I genuinely think Marlene has done a fantastic job at crafting an A storyline that wouldn’t have worked with anyone other than CeCe. Sure Wren is suspicious, but he was never A.

“There would’ve been less plot holes if it were Wren”.
People who say that get me mad. Then how do you justify the CeCe clues that are there by fact, not opinion? There would be MORE plot holes if it were Wren. He could be Uber A, don’t get me wrong, he is so suspicious. But he was NEVER ever Big A. (I say that politely. I know there’s some huge Wren is A theorists.)

I need to rap it up now (again I’m not yelling, just want to emphasise)




This is where the negativity of the fandom is coming from, not everyone has dug that deep (fair enough, whose got the time when it wasn’t said IN the show - we gotta do it ourselves)



That’s how I end it. Different motives at different times, with Alison’s safety being at the CORE.

PLEASE share this post around, I really want more and more people to see the positives especially with the premiere next week.

Not asking for you to all of a sudden LOVE CeCe being A. Each to their own. You have the right to your opinion, obviously, and I respect your opinion.

Though if you say “I don’t like CeCe being A because it doesn’t make sense”, there’s a problem. It does make sense. You just don’t like it for other reasons. AND THAT IS TOTALLY FINE.

That’s probably the last time I’ll speak about why it makes sense. Hope this clarified for some people :)

Please spread!!

bizzzlle  asked:

I'm not from America so I don't get what happened to Brown...

  1. Michael Brown, described by his teachers as a ‘gentle giant’, was an eighteen year old who had just graduated high school, saying to one of his friends ‘we made it’ and telling him that he wasn’t going to end up like some people on the streets. He was going to get an education. He was going to make his life a whole a lot better.“ 
  2. On the 9th of August, 2014, a Saturday, Michael and a friend, Dorian Johnson, whose account can be seen in the link, were walking down Canfield Drive to Michaels grandmothers house when a police vehicle cut them off. 
  3. According to Johnson, the police officer, named Darren Wilson "approached us, and as he pulled up on the side of us, he didn’t say ‘freeze,’ ‘halt,’ or nothing like we were committing a crime. He said, ‘Get the f—- on the sidewalk!’ I told the officer we were not but a minute away from the destination.” 
  4. The official reason the police officer approached them was because of jaywalking, which was stated by Police Chief Jackson: "Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wilson did not initially make a connection between the robbery and Brown … Wilson stopped Brown and a friend because "they were in the middle of the street, blocking traffic,” Jackson said.“
  5. What happened next is of contention - witnesses have their accounts as do the police and Darren Wilson - but what can be certain is that there was a physical struggle between Michael and Wilson, as there was Michaels DNA found inside the car
  6. Wilson states "punches started flying” but I find it odd that a 289 pound, 6’4 man in his prime didn’t create more damage to Wilsons face. It’s odd that there is hardly any swelling when a man who is 80 pounds heavier than Wilson, and has the advantage of being outside the car, is punching the officers face so much so that Wilson felt like his life was threatened, no? 
  7. Brown was also UNARMED, as he reportedly stated numerous times to Officer Wilson. 
  8. The first shot was then fired, smashing the glass and Michael began to flee. At some point, Michael was hit in the arm and turned to face Wilson, his hands up and saying “don’t shoot” before being shot a collective six times, with one fatal shot to the head, including the eye.
  9. Wilson estimated that “Brown ran 20-30 feet away from the car and then charged another 10 feet back towards him.” But Brown died 150 feet away from the car. It’s impossible that he charged another 10 feet. 
  10. Wilson describing the altercation before Michael was killed: The only way I can describe it, it [Michael] looks like a demon, that’s how angry he looked. He comes back towards me again with his hands up.” It. He called Michael ‘it’. And a demon. Does that not give some indication to what Wilson was thinking when he killed Michael? 
  11. @TheePharoah then tweets “I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMG” with a link to a picture of Wilson standing over Browns body, but I will not link that. 
  12. Browns body was left on the street for 4 and a half hours. No ambulance was called. The police didn’t even let Michaels mother see the body of her son. She later talked to reporters at the scene. 
  13. In the later afternoon, this image of Browns stepfather went viral on twitter, holding a sign saying ‘FERGUSON POLICE JUST EXECUTED MY UNARMED SON’ 
  14. Antonio French provided coverage via twitter and vine when no one else was in the hours after Michaels death (x) (x) (x) (x)
  15. Peaceful Protests occurred in the following days on the streets of Ferguson. The protestors were blasted with tear gas and were ran out of the streets by a militarised police force. 
  16. A no fly zone was put into place, the media were forced to leave, and protests were banned by the police force in the next few days. 
  17. August 15th, Ferguson Police Dept. release a tape they brand as Michael Brown robbing a local convenience store by stealing $48 worth of cigarillos. Police didn’t include this footage which shows Michael Brown paying for the cigarillos.  Wilson also didn’t complete an incident report, which is against the law. 
  18. Store owner states through his lawyer that he, nor his employees, called 911 about the ‘petty theft’ and that the Ferguson Police Dept. had requested the tape days after Michael was murdered. 
  19. Store owner attorney states: “Whatever the police are looking for on the surveillance tape, has nothing to do with what went on in the street.”
  20. November 24th: After nearly four months of paid leave, in which time a fundraiser for Darren Wilson raised over $400,000, Wilson got married, a Grand Jury came to their decision to not indict Darren Wilson. Here is the transcript for those sittings, including every piece of evidence used. Here are all the ‘facts’. They had been hearing evidence since August 20th. A Grand Jury’s decision to not indict is extremely rare, about 0.006% of cases aren’t indicted as of 2010

Some other interesting links: Conflict of interest with the Prosecuting Attorney that hints at bias, the rarity of a Grand Jury not indicting, leader of the KKK admits to off the record contact with the police, Anonymous has evidence that Darren Wilson has a connection to the KKK, Darren Wilson racially profiled before he killed Michael Brown

If you want to help, there are a variety of ways you can: this campaign for bail for ferguson protestors, change.com petition against police violence, sign this ‘we the people’ petition, sign this petition to take the case to the supreme court, donate to Ferguson library which is open despite the schools being closed, watch livestreams and by spreading information of what’s going on in Ferguson - talk about DeAndre Joshua, 20, who was killed in the riots yesterday while in his car. Talk about Michael Brown. Spread information about the protests, about how to protect yourself from tear gas, about their innate human rights. Support the protestors, and support the black community. 

I know I’m missing stuff, so if there is anything else I’m missing, or you think should be added, please do. If anything is found to be offensive, please message me and I’ll make changes to the links. 

A rant about TWD viewership

I’m sooooo tired of people complaining about the walking dead. If you don’t like it don’t watch. It’s that simple. 1. “Its too slow, too many bottle episodes.” You complain about pacing. Exsqueeze me but have we all watched season two. I thought that was one of THE slowest paced seasons ever. Still loved it. Got a lot of character development. Rick’s character evolved. Carl evolved. Daryl evolved. One of my favorite seasons to re-watch. The 4b was slow. 5b was slow. Character development is important, duh, because on the flip side I hear “it’s too much action, I never learn about the character. (Yall tripping). 2. “All they do is run around and try and survive a new bad person. Its the same rinse and repeat cycle.” There is never any hope. Um, it’s called “The Walking Dead,” not “The Hoping Dead” TF. It’s a show about a mass extinction event, and how survivors deal with not only zombies, but the people who survive(and let’s face it, bad people are going to make it in this world more than good people). 3. “My favorite died, I’m not watching anymore.” Hands down I loved me some Shane, Hershel, amd Glenn, but their deaths moved the show in a new direction (Nobody stopped watching GOT after the red wedding, and I loved me some Rob Stark, hell I loved Ned ass and he died before the season one finale). Your favorites will die, sorry, that’s how the cookie crumbles. 4. Negan is getting all the shine and I hate seeing Rick emasculated. (So nobody remember farming ass Rick who didn’t want to go on runs, just wanted to catch rabbits and shit.) 5.“ How long can they keep doing the same: it’s a bad guy and we have to kill him/her. ” (Um Law and Order went on for 25 years following the same formula: kill someone/prosecute the offender.) Game of thrones has the same cycle. Death, revenge, plotting, death, revenge, plotting. (Shut the fuck up.) 6.“ Glenn never kills, I wish he would kill someone.” “Omg why did he kill them, this makes me dislike him.” (Shut up). I could go on and on. I love this show. It’s on a cable channel with limited funding, so it’ll never be a blockbuster like Game of Thrones. Never. The appeal of the show has never wavered with me. If you dont like it, casually slip your ass away, like you bandwagoned your ass in. I liked the show better when only comic readers followed it. We were excited to see it come alive on tv. I watched law and order for like 15 years straight, it never got old. I doubt this show will either, and when it runs its course, I’ll be sad cause I really live and breath TWD. But for all you naggers and complainers,

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

anonymous asked:

Could you do a KBTBB headcanon about the MC helping the guys through a nightmare they woke up from. Take as long as you need! Your my favorite writer on Tumblr and I don't want to cause you any stress.

Omg Im your favorite! *blushes hardcore* T-t-thank you. Please enjoy and don’t worry, no stress was added!



Eisuke started to pace around the room. It has been ten minutes since he paged you and you were no where to be found. Panicking, he reached out for his cell phone to call Soryu when you came bursting in, frazzled and out of breath, “S-sorry there was a guest who needed something!” You explained, giving him a carefree smile.

Although Eisuke stayed emotionless, he was torn inside. He wanted to laugh at your performance, your messy hair, your careless grin. But he more so wanted to scold you, saying he came first over any guest. It just drove him crazy.

Lately he has begun to grow more worried over your naive behavior. Walking into the penthouse lounge and not seeing you there set him into panic as he asked the guys where you were, “Where’s Khim?”

The urgency in his voice caused the whole room to go quiet as he looked around for you. Starting to feel uneasy you came through the elevator doors with a smile on your face.

He started to lose sleep. He needed you there with him to assure you were ok. He hired movers to move your things permanently to the penthouse to much of your disagreement. He simply needed you by his side.

Nights were hard. Nightmares filled with you leaving him for someone else, someone more normal and kind, loving and caring than he was. Could somehow give you more than he could. Or the rare ones when you were kidnapped for being out to late, or killed in front of his eyes.

He woke with a start, realizing how much he was gripping the sheets. He as meet by your gaze, kind and loving trailed with worry as he got up and walked out to his office, to sit in his chair and take some breaths. ‘She was right there right? I’m not dreaming am I?’

He jumped when he felt your hand on his shoulder, but slowly grabbed it in his own as you leaned against the back of his chair, “Come to bed Eisuke.” You coaxed, but he made no sign to move. He never felt this scared in his life, he didn’t know what to do for once.

You sighed and spun his chair around so he could see your face, “Eisuke, I’m not going anywhere. If it makes you feel any better I’ll quit working so I can stay with you all day.”

Her kinds words set his heart at ease as he gave a grunt and got up, putting his arm around your shouter and going back to bed.


He woke up with a cold sweat dripping off his face. Panting, he slipped out of your grasp so he wouldn’t wake you and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face. Finished, he returned to the bed and checked you pulse, “She’s alive…come on Soryu get it together.” He whispered to himself and crawled back into bed, pulling you close to him.

Although, you were awake every time. Every nightmare he woke from he did the same thing. You tried not to notice, he probably wanted to face this alone. You made sure you clung to him more in your sleep and exaggerated your breathing when he checked your pulse. But the nightmares only got worse.

He saw you, being killed in front of his eyes. He saw you being tortured to death. He saw you being raped in front of him. But there was nothing he could do. It was all his fault.

Sitting upright again he wiped the cold sweat of his face and made way to go to the bathroom when you grabbed his arm, “Soryu hunny, come back to bed.”

He smiled sadly and brushed your hair back. He still couldn’t control the uneasiness he felt as he sat on the edge of the bed and held his face in his hands. All he wanted was to keep you safe, that’s all he needed.

You shifted in bed, causing him to look quickly in your direction as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. Taking a quick glance at the clock it was 3:23 in the morning. Sighing, you kissed him on the cheek, “I’m right here Soryu there’s nothing to worry about.”

He turned around to look at you, “You knew?”

“Of course I did I am your wife?” You remarked, trying to lighten the mood.

Soryu’s expression softened as he pulled you in. You were straddling his lap as he nuzzled your chest, savoring the warmth and the sound of your heart, “I just can’t help but worry.”

You ran your fingers through his hair, “I know but Soryu,” You said, leaning back to look into his face, “You can’t live like this either. I know they won’t just go away but you need to know I’m here for you. I can’t have you push me away for the…fourth time would it be now?”

The amount of effort Khim put into lightening the mood caused Soryu to chuckle, “I do always try to push you away don’t I?” He asked, falling back into bed with you in tow.

“But I love you to much to leave.” You said, placing a hand on his cheek. You both feel asleep, wrapped in each others warmth, savoring the sleep-filled nights that awaited you both.


Khim saw it every night.

The way he squeezed her once he fell asleep got harder and harder in fear that she would leave him. He would never open up about his past, and he didn’t need to. Khim knew he had attachment issues.

Sighing to yourself you stroked his hair in an attempt to calm him down. But it never showed any success as he whimpered in his sleep and tried to get as close to you as possible.

“Ota, wake up.” You coaxed, shaking his shoulder. His eyes slowly fluttered open to be meet by your big brown ones.

“W-what is it Koro?” He asked, looking around the apartment.

“What’s wrong?”

You question threw him off as he looked into your eyes, “What do you mean?”

“Why are you having nightmares?” Again, he looked at you confused but you held your ground, “This isn’t ok. You need to talk to me.” Ota averted his gaze and made his way out of the bed when you caught his arm, “Ota.”

He looked back at you before quickly turning away to rest his face in his hands, “I don’t need to talk about this with you Koro.” He said.

You were irritated that he couldn’t confide in you when you got out of bed and slipped on some shoes, handing Ota his, “Want to go for a walk?”

He grinned, “Role reversal?”

You laughed as you both set out for a walk. The streets were lit by the lamp posts as you both slowly made your way through the park. You questioned if you should ask him again when Ota started speaking, “I’m just afraid.”

You looked at him in shock when he continued, “I’m afraid that you’ll leave me. Like everyone else has.”

You didn’t dare question who left him as there was a different problem at hand. Smiling you set off in a run, “I’ll never leave you if you can catch me!” You yelled. You heard hurried footsteps behind you as he quickly caught you, holding you tight from behind, “See? I could never leave you if I tried.”

You heard a small chuckle before being scooped up in his arms, “Let’s go home Khim.”

Baba: (a/n: his is so bad I never know what to do for him orz)

Days filled with laughter and easy going nature ended quickly as to many close calls came your way.The once carefree, loving boyfriend turned into an overprotective father, watching your every move.

Although at first you didn’t mind, thinking it was cute, it soon got on your nerves. Everywhere you went, everyone you talked to, everything you bought- things he all took into account to make sure you were safe. A restaurant without secure exits, the shady man in the lobby to a knife that was to dangerous- all things you were kept away from.

Although you tried to keep your distance from Baba, he was attached to your hip. Even to the point where he became part of the cleaning staff with you.

At night he would hold you closer than before, afraid you would leave him. Would someone better, younger, more attractive come along? Granted he kept you safe from the guys, and they knew their place, but an outsider…Dreams turned into nightmares at the thought of you leaving his life, whether it be your own free will or from an outside force.

Waking up with a start, he was surprised to see Khim already awake, reading a book, “So you finally woke up?” She asked more so annoyed.

“K-khim?” Baba asked.

“You know if your going to worry yourself to the point of having nightmares maybe I should just leave.” She said, although she had no intention of leaving, Baba needed some tough love. s

Seeing him panic and say he would calm down was the reaction she was hoping for. Khim closed her book and turned off the lamp, leaning in to kiss Baba goodnight, “Now can you get some sleep?”


Ever since you both had a run in with a terrorist group rising in Japan, Mamoru has been on edge. It was one thing that they knew who he was, but they also knew who Khim was. He took the appropriate measures to ensure your safety, but when he handcuffed you to the bed frame to keep you at home to make sure you stayed put, you knew he went overboard.

Although what you thought was a half joking gesture turned out to be full blown panic.

You knew full well you were defenseless against pretty much anyone, relying on Mamoru or the guys to bail you out. So when you both happened to run into the terrorist group and a gun was pointed at you, you thought it was over.

Mamoru had the image implanted in his brain, replaying over and over in his mind. That was the closest he was to ever losing you, and it scared him. He needed you more than he knew, and the idea of losing you drove him crazy. He didn’t know if he could move on without you.

He tried to keep you sealed off from the outside world, so much it drove him crazy.

Nights were extremely hard. His worst fears becoming reality as you were either being sold off, dying, tortured or leaving him due to his protectiveness.

Waking up with a start, you were even more worried when Khim wasn’t by your side. Panicking, you ran to the living room to see Khim in the kitchen, getting a glass of water, “Mamoru your up? I was just getting you-”

Her words were cut off by your tight embrace, needing to reassure yourself she was there in your arms, “Sweetheart…” You trailed off, not knowing what to say.

Khim reached out and placed the glass on the table, wrapping her thin arms around you in a bone crushing hug while giggling, “Sill Mamoru, I’m right here.” She cooed, rubbing your back.

You sighed and leaned your forehead against the top of her head, savoring her sweet smell. How long would this go on for?

“Mamoru, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel more at ease do it. But I don’t want you to drive yourself crazy at my expense.”

He was about to retort when he meet her gaze, full of worry for him. He stopped before he could start, “Damn kid when did you get smart on me huh?” You joked. She laughed in your arms as you both went back to bed.