i don't want psycho pass to end

everyone’s complaining about mika and calling her a bad character and no one seems to realize that she’s basically ginoza

like everything she’s done this episode (undermining and ignoring the enforcers, animosity towards latent criminals, frustration with akane) is 100% ginoza pre-development

ginoza’s advice towards her further drives this point home. beneath the nostalgic “ojousan” was really him giving advice to someone who represents everything he once was:

“if you look away and just turn your back on those you don’t understand, you’ll regret it someday.”

it’s advice that he needed when he was an inspector but never really got (though even if he did, he probably wouldn’t heed the warning). psycho pass has been all about duality since day one and this is yet another parallel that has the potential to turn into something awesome.

ginoza was a condescending and hateful little shit and then he ended up being one of the strongest and best developed characters in the entire series. we should probably give mika a chance before jumping to criticisms so quickly because we’ve seen how this has all panned out before.