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Some people here try really hard to destroy the fun. Let people headcanon whatever they want and mind your own business. It’s a game. A game that makes a lot of us happy and makes us forget about our problems for a while. Don’t make a big deal out of it and cause more distress.

Have you seen me? A fear submitted by Chelsea to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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funny tumnglr joke: bi culture is being into girls and then seeing a guy and remembering you’re unfortunately into guys too, haha!!

me: please stop trying to make me, a bisexual, feel as if part of my attraction is dirty and tainted, i already get that enough from straight people about the OTHER part of my attraction and it just makes me feel like i need to quash down parts of myself for anyone to ever accept me

Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

ADD YOUR OWN DEMONGO! An idea inspired by @rotodisk and @chairosaki ’s Samurai Jack collaborations. I’ve got one suggestion for those who’d like to draw and add on to the work: I think it would be fun if everyone could draw Demongo in some sort of pose! Let him show off that body~ 

Look, if my romance and sex repulsed ass can respect your decision to ship people, can you please return the favor and let me see everyone as friends??


Papercraft Bison* with Headphones 

Pattern and Instructions now available


  • 4 sheets dark grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 sheets brown cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets black cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets white cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 1 sheet light grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 paper brads
  • 4 ceramic magnets (optional)
  • Some corrugated cardboard
  • Some brown tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge or other water-based varnish

Difficulty: ??? Probably not hard to figure out, but it takes a while. 

Link to download pdf of instructions and printable pattern laid out for US letter paper.

Please contact me if you run into problems and I will help troubleshoot. Please contact me if you need the svg files for a scrapbooking machine (I spent a lot of time optimizing the svg files for cr!cut’s frankly terrible ‘software’, and I’d love to know how it works on the other brands). Please contact me if you need the layout for a4 paper. Really, please just contact me. I will be over the moon if anyone tries to make this. If you make one, send me pictures! 

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So, not only did ANTIFA idiots get their asses kicked in Berkley, they also set off a smoke bomb on themselves (a smoke bomb they meant to unload on people that were demonstrating peacefully).  All ANTIFA are doing is showing themselves to be a bunch of violent assholes with no actual reason to exist.  This is NOT ACTIVISM.

I’m sorry, but if you legitimately believe that there is genuine fascism in the United States (which would require significant power, and wouldn’t be allowed to flourish in an overwhelmingly liberal first-world nation–the fact that Trump is so highly criticized by the press should be a MAJOR indication of this), you deserve to suffer under your own stupidity.  For starters, the FIRST thing that would be done under legitimate fascism would be the confiscation of ALL WEAPONS (as if that’s going to happen in the U.S. anytime soon).  Just ask anyone that lived under Marcos’ presidency in the Phillippines.  Highly-privileged American teenagers and college students have NO FUCKING IDEA what real fascism is.  One of the ANTIFA protesters fucking punched a Syrian refugee they thought was a fascist.  Do you understand now why others are criticizing your abuse of the term?  Not only is there no true fascism in the U.S., but YOU CLEARLY CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO PROPERLY IDENTIFY IT.

Are there people with shitty beliefs in this country?  Yes.  However, they have NO power, are extremely small in numbers, and are overall a fucking joke that shouldn’t have been given any attention in the first place.  We should have been continuing to roll our eyes at white supremacists and neo-Nazis the way we had been for decades, and dismissed them as the obsolete leftovers of a bygone era that they are.  ANTIFA not only made them feel validated, but gave them an undeserved spotlight.  ANTIFA made them louder, and bolder.




P.S.: Y’all are panicking over some dumbass orangutan in a suit when Ronald Reagan was way, WAY worse than Chump could ever be, especially because no one even criticized him.

ACOTAR Characters + Text Posts
  • Rhys: My style is black and it's expensive
  • Feyre: don't joke about murder I was murdered once and it offends me
  • Cassian: *sticks my leg in the air* give me attention
  • Mor: i hate when people ask "who you tryna look good for" bitch myself bye
  • Azriel: flirting aka staring at u and when u look back at me i look away very fast so u wont see that i was staring at u
  • Amren: I may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep down I'm actually angrier
  • Nesta: having "feelings" is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch
  • Elain: So tired of being human I want to be a flower
  • Lucien: i need a paid break from my life

Even though I overslept and miss it, I’m proud of the majority votes in Australia (and now hope the rest goes well)..! (;v;)

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MMKAY this may sound weird but I'd //really like to see Shiro pilot Black again because he's a traumatized character, and as a traumatized person, the idea that you can be traumatized and still be a good leader is something really important for me to see. As much as I want to see Shiro have a rest and be happy, I don't agree with when people advocate for pushing him to the side and letting him 'have a break' and get better by staying out of the fights. Piloting is what makes Shiro happy. :/

i wasn’t going to discourse about this, but you’re making a really, really good point. my least favorite thing on this website is the idea that coddling is preferable to healing.

i don’t want to be harsh about it, but i hate this. if you’ve experienced trauma, a lot of the time the way to heal is to work through it and past it. it’s hard. it’s supposed to be hard. that’s what shiro is doing as a pilot. he’s found something to center himself in, something that gives him a sense of self-worth–this is canon.

it’s canon that he questions whether he can be part of voltron given what he’s been through, and it’s canon that a big part of keith’s relationship with him is keith constantly re-centering him and reminding him that he is worthy, and that he’ll always have someone there to fight for him:

like i know i joke about shiro needing a nap (which he does, he deserves that), but more than that he needs to know that he has a purpose. in canon, that’s how he deals with his ptsd. being a pilot isn’t just his coping mechanism–it’s how he’s healing. and despite what a good portion of tumblr likes to think and say, healing will always be preferable to coddling yourself and dwelling on it. i’m sorry, but i really strongly believe this and i absolutely hate that mentality.

and shiro is a great leader. he knows his team’s strengths, he keeps cool under pressure, he’s tireless, he watches out for everyone. he’s doing… //clenches fist. so so good. anyway, this a really valid argument for why he doesn’t just deserve to be the black paladin for his relationship with the black lion (which he does) but he’s really earned his spot as a leader and a part of this team.

A thing about BBS Shipping

Something that I see a lot in this fandom that I don’t understand is people giving up on a ship because it won’t ever happen. Like, I’m not hating on anyone and if you wanna stop then that’s totally on you.

But like… going into this, we all knew that ships like H2OVanoss or Minicat weren’t gonna happen in real life. We should all know this, really. But it’s okay to still ship them, so long as you aren’t forcing it on them or try to break them up from their girlfriends.

It’s okay to ship things that “Aren’t gonna become real.” as long as you realize just that: It’s not gonna become real. The chances of any of these ships happening in real life is really 0.01%.

These ships aren’t going to happen. But don’t let that stop you from making or enjoying the content that you enjoy. Write as many H2OVanoss or as many Ohmtoonz fics as you want. Draw that Minicat fanart. Read that Terrornuckel fic. Enjoy yourself.

Just remember that it is, and will most likely remain as it is: Fiction. That’s all it is.

My Love

My love for you isn’t lip gloss. It isn’t pigtails or short skirts. It isn’t biting my lips, sucking on a lollipop in class, twirling my hair around my finger or stopping by your office to say hi. It’s not bending over in front of you, crossing then uncrossing my legs while I’m sitting across from you to show you sneak peeks of my panties, or “accidentally” touching certain parts of you when you walk past my desk.
My love for you isn’t trying to turn you on or tap into your sexual fantasies. It’s not assuming you’re like most of the older men that have been staring at me in supermarkets since I was a child, trying to make myself seem like I’m naughty but very young but also all grown up in all the right ways.
My love for you is deep. It’s silent. It’s distant. It’s watching you from afar. It’s taking an extra moment to look at you when you write on the board because I like your shoulders. It’s looking away when we lock eyes for too long but then looking right back because I want you to know I’m still interested and engaged but don’t want you to know how much those few seconds mean to me. It’s me smiling for weeks about the “excellent job!” you wrote on my exam or the quick “good!” you give me after I answer something correctly in class but never staying after to ask you a question because alone time with you is nerve wracking. It’s me doubting every answer in class up until the very moment I say it because I don’t want to look stupid in front of you. It’s painful and blissful and confusing and embarrassing and beautiful all at once. It’s wanting to sit on the couch, curled up with green tea and a blanket over winter break watching you grade papers, admiring the slope of your nose, how nice your new glasses are, and feeling my heart get lighter when you talk about what you’re passionate about. It’s respecting you as a teacher (and a human being) and myself at the same time.
My love for you is so much more than you or the rest of the world will ever realize.

guys can you translate this

I’ve been studying english for years and am a fluent speaker, yet I can’t for the life of me figure out what the everloving fuck ‘snape normalization’ means


one of my favourite things to come out of bvs are the comments about wonder woman’s theme ‘is she with you?’