i don't want name them

“Come on Thomas, turn that frown upside down! Or else Fredbear won’t stop giving you bear hugs!”

“Oh no Fredbear’s gonna nuzzle me to death! Whatever shall I do hehe!”

“HA! I knew I’d get you to stop crying and to smile again!”

“ Y-yeah. Thanks sis. Honestly if you weren’t around I don’t think I’d be happy ever again.”

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon then right? Now come on, lets continue playing! Fredbear and Funtime Foxy have to get their treasure back from foxy in your room!”

“Alright I’m coming! That fox won’t know what hit him haha!”

A picture of the sister from SL cheering up her brother who was feeling blue. (Probably caused by the masked brother)

I either want Nesryn and Yrene’s first meeting to be Yrene tripping over her feet and falling in front of Nesryn and flashing her a big grin and Nesryn finds her adorably cute. Or Yrene walking dramatically down a long flight of stairs because she is the High Healer or whatever and it’s a great honor to be in her presence and Nesryn’s jaw literally drops to the floor.

Star Wars Force Awakens: Space Gay Boyfriends
Star Wars Rouge One: Space Gay Husbands
Future Star Wars films: Everyone is ultra gay.


The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

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Lost and Found

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Two sweeps and a bit is a touch too young to make it on your own.

A prologue/taster for something I’m working on, hoping to get the first proper chapter out soon. 

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How do I ask my friends to stop using my deadname and stop using she/her pronouns? I've come out to them but they still don't call me by my actual name or use they/them I don't want to be rude but I'm sick of not feeling valid at all around the people I'm closest to....

Andy: It sounds like they’re the ones being rude, love. Tell them.

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I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of names for places in the novel I'm working on, and I obviously don't want to leave them with names like the desert and the capitol. Do you have any methods or tricks for naming places? Any help would be greatly appreciated

So, when I’m stuck, I usually go to name generators. For towns, if it’s just a normal town and I’m looking for some inspiration, I’ll play around with generators like this one to help come up with something I like. Names too - I look at lists of baby names. Based on the age of the character, I’ll pick from the top 100 baby names the year they were born (only if no name is coming to mind and I’m not looking for anything special anyways). I particularly like this website.  

If I’m trying to come up with a name with meaning for an important place - I’m a bit of a Classics geek - I turn to Latin and Greek roots and play around with what might make it sound more like the name of a city. For a capital, I might pick something that feels titanic or domineering, but it depends on what I’m going for. A lot of the time I don’t think too hard on it. I just make something up on the spot so that I can keep writing. I always will play around with the name while I’m procrastinating, but more often than not, the name I made up on the spot usually sticks - there’s usually a reason why it came to mind and the more I try to pick something new, the more I end up preferring the spur of the moment name. 

Seventh Sanctum is also a great resource. I can’t say I ever really use any of the names in the generators, but it usually prompts some kind of inspiration that with help me come up with a name on my own that I’ll use instead. For that reason, it’s pretty helpful. I hope this helps! Happy writing! 


Lmao this is terrible timing bc the EXO mvs just came out but for the anons who asked me to make them a guide for Boys Republic, here you go.

I am a very new Boys Republc stan and I am terrible at powerpoint so I apologize for the quality. For more information please watch Boys Republic Rookie King or consult the following folks for more information about their biases:

Onejunn: twojunn (and based on the url, I believe 1junn is also Onejunn biased)

Sunwoo: nacseo-scrawl (I believe weetaeil is also Sunwoo biased)

Sungjun: me

Minsu: junsusgf

Suwoong: suwoongsboyfriend


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

realistically ki&-/no’s “art tips” or whatever the fuck they posted like a year ago made me shut down and stop drawing for months. some of the bullets weren’t even things that would really help, it was just “accept you’re a mediocre artist” like? I’ll Pass? that’s one of my biggest fears coming from someone who’s art is Wildly Popular
don’t accept that you’re mediocre- accept that right now you may not be where you want or like what your art looks like, but you have to look at it all the time, imagine how other people see it instead? art is always improving as long as you keep drawing


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There’s so much shit I’d draw if I could.

Like my Polynesian half-fae child.

Jon with his paternal grandparents (possibly in their regalia possibly not depends)

So much ship stuff.

Drury with his mother.

Garfield with his childhood best friend.

The maori teenager Junkrat and Roadhog adopted.

Salem in her rainbow outfit.

Salem and Harley in matching rainbow outfits with party hats.

Like I’d draw so much stuff i just-ahhhhhhhh