i don't want homework anymore

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I FORGOT, I was so busy I didn't ask how your exams went!

No problem! Well, I passed all of them, i’m unsatisfied with some subjects tho. But in general they were good, thanks for your concern!

I’m still tired from all the works i have done this month, this semester is very strong @-@

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Part of that AU where Shin, Yeo and Eun Tak are demon hunters? in modern day. Idk. Yeo in these clothes and wings just seemed fun to draw (it was!)

I did a goryeo version of this with Shin as the goblin, horns and all. Dunno, I draw the AUs I will never write about nor really actually want to read about lmao They just look cool visually but if you guys have any ideas to flesh out this au more, drop me a message I suppose :O Would be fun to doodle this again with more details if inspiration strikes :P

The out fit was inspired by this: https://twitter.com/mortlee_8/status/795244869262286848

I also had a recent thought about other Korean Mythical characters :O Yeomra, king of the underworld for example. The name similarity just made me imagine an au of Yeo as some underworld deity managing other reapers haha. Maybe he takes over after staying as a reaper for many years and goes through promotion after promotion :P