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Sameen Shaw Appreciation Day

I loved how last month everyone got into paying tribute to ‘If-Then-Else’ with me so I thought I would give you all a heads up that I plan on doing something similar this coming Tuesday (February 21) to celebrate the anniversary of the first time our favorite compact Persian sociopath graced our screens. (‘Relevance’ aired on February 21, 2013)

I’ll be posting my favorite stills of Shaw all day as well as Shaw-centric posts on my other blog. I’d love to make a day of reveling in all her badass glory.

So dig up your favorite Shaw posts or make some new ones! 

It’s hammer time 🔨

For @hiddenpolkadots​, who wanted something cute and fluffy in canon-verse. Hope you like it!!

They’re out exploring when they discover it.

It’s a combination of chance and curiosity more than anything, honestly. Bellamy’s not sure they’re going to find anything of interest, but Clarke’s just so eager, and he likes spending time with her like this. Just the two of them, outside in the warm weather, the sun beaming down bright and lovely, with nothing but time.

“Just a little bit further,” she promises, not for the first time this past half hour.

“You don’t even know where we’re going,” Bellamy points out with a laugh. She glances back to shoot him a grin and he just rolls his eyes. It’s all the acceptance she needs, and she speeds up their trekking with renewed vigour.

“We’re going to find something,” she says, determined, and he simply laughs again. He’s pretty sure she could make something materialise out of nowhere if her will alone allowed it.

“If you say so,” he responds, fond but doubtful.

And of course they do find something, following the sound of water until they step out from the thick foliage of the forest and onto the open grassy riverbank. Something that takes his breath away.

A waterfall.

“Holy shit,” Clarke breathes out as she takes in the view before them.

It’s maybe twenty feet tall, the stream of water tumbling over a series of boulders and pooling at the bottom to meet a wide and gentle river. The water is gorgeous, blue and green and clear enough to see down to the riverbed, the pebbles and the plants and the fish swimming through it, and the surroundings are just as much. Moss-covered rocks and trees standing tall and large and flowers he doesn’t think he’s ever seen before in bright and gorgeous colours.

It’s beautiful, serene in a way Bellamy forgot Earth could be, with how much death and destruction it seems to have delivered them. But this place feels untouched and perfect, a small pocket of the world that right now, is all theirs. He wonders if they’re the first to witness it since the nuclear apocalypse. It feels that way. He and Clarke, together.

“We found something,” Clarke says after a long minute, voice full of wonder, and when Bellamy glances her way her smile is wide and her eyes are holding nothing but awe.

“You did, yeah,” he responds, knocking his shoulder with hers.

“I wouldn’t have if you didn’t agree to come,” she points out, pulling off her backpack and setting it down on the grass. When she looks at him she’s beaming, and he falls a little more in love with her, if that’s even possible. “We can go in, yeah?”

Bellamy’s lips tick up into an amused smile. “Doesn’t look like there are any mutant water animals living in here, does it?”

Clarke laughs, throwing her head back with it, and Bellamy can’t help but grin at the sight. He loves seeing her like this, unabashedly happy and without a care in the world. It makes his chest bloom with warmth.

They set themselves up quickly, Bellamy pulling out the small mat they brought and setting their bags down on it. They strip with little fanfare, each tugging off their clothes until they’re down to their underwear.

He’s seen Clarke naked hundreds of times by now, but still his eyes move to trace her body almost reverently. He loves every single part of her, from the swell of her stomach to the stretch marks on her hips, from the curve of her breasts to the mole above her lips. She’s smirking when he meets her gaze, teasing and a little smug like she always is when he gets lost at the sight of her.

“Stopping there?” She asks with a pointed look down, a challenge, and Bellamy snorts, raising an eyebrow as he pulls down his briefs. Clarke laughs, delighted, but he sees the way her eyes turn dark and a little mischievous, too. She steps out of her panties and unclasps her bra, letting them fall to the ground. Then, “Come on,” she says with a grin, offering him her hand.

He takes it, and together they walk to the river edge. It’s only a few feet deep, and they lower themselves down into it.

“Oh, wow,” Bellamy laughs. The water’s warm.

“Hot springs,” Clarke says, her laugh coming out surprised and delighted.

He steps further into the river slowly, and Clarke follows a second later. They wade around together for a while, just enjoying the feel of the water on their skin, of it turning their hair silky smooth, exchanging easy words and soft kisses. Their smiles never leave their faces. Bellamy can feel his widen each time Clarke laughs heartily, or squeals when he tickles her sides, or looks at him in amazement as she discovers something hidden in the depths of the water.

He’s so fucking in love with her it’s ridiculous.

“We should go under the waterfall,” she suggests after they’ve grown accustomed to the gentle flow of the river, to the warmth of the water around them and the sun shining from above. “Do you think it’ll be like a shower?”

“With about a hundred times the water, maybe,” Bellamy says, earning himself a splash in the face.

“Shut up,” Clarke mutters, although she can’t keep the smile off her face. She pulls him under before he even gets a chance to think twice about it, her laugh turning into a surprised squeak at the cool rush of water over them.

It’s falling heavily, but Bellamy can’t say he minds the feeling. There’s something refreshing in the way it runs from the top of his head down the planes of his body to meet the water below, leaving his skin prickling. Peaceful too, the white noise of rushing water pushing everything from his mind, leaving nothing but this feeling of content rooted deep in his chest right now and the girl who’s experiencing it with him.

She folds herself into his arms, and they stay like that for a few minutes, together under the cascade of the waterfall.

Eventually they make it back into the open river, after Clarke gets cold and lets Bellamy know by tugging on his arm and spitting a mouthful of water in his face. He sputters and she laughs, and he challenges her to a water fight, and she does the same with an underwater handstand competition. They splash each other and they race around this little, wonderful space they’ve found together. They talk and they laugh and they kiss and they get carried away on the riverbank for half an hour or so, until their faces are flushed red and they’re too exhausted to do anything more than just float on their backs and enjoy the sun.

And when that begins the set, turning the sky shades of pink and orange he knows Clarke would love to paint, she swims up to him. It’ll be getting dark soon, and they’ll need to make dinner and put up a tent, but right now his thoughts are only for Clarke, naked and gorgeous and wading through the water to meet him. She locks her legs around his waist and curls her arms around his shoulders, and he pulls her closer, loving the feeling of her right here, skin against skin.

“I told you this was a good idea.”

Bellamy chuckles lightly, closing his eyes. He can feel Clarke’s smile between them, knows it’s wide and bright and full of love. “You did. And it was.”

She hums, nosing at his neck. “I love you.”

“Yeah,” he says, sighing in content when she presses her lips to his shoulder. He feels so full with her, with this easy happiness and with this day and with this place they’ve found. It’s enough to feel like it’ll burst from his chest, so he just holds her tighter, closer, and presses his smile into her hair. “I love you too.”

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“For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me.” // “Try to remember I’m a werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won’t judge.”


Mulder and Scully touching in 1x14 so you don’t actually have to watch the episode.

Also it’s taken me this long for the episodes to actually sink into my head (I. Hate. Bing. Watching. This) but Kit totally knows about Anakin/Padme. Like the scene where Padme’s helmet was broken he was a little too “Anakin chill you need to focus to save her (because she’s important to you)” for him not to know. 

So he knows, and he isn’t dobbing them in - either because he doesn’t care or he thinks the rule is dumb anyway. TBH both seem in character. 


“ So Ginny poured her soul out to me, and her soul happened to be exactly what I wanted…I grew stronger on a diet of her deepest fears, her darkest secrets. I grew powerful, far more powerful than little Miss Weasely. Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasely a few of my secrets, to start pouring a little of my soul back into her ”


Zion was too distracted to pay any mind to the exhibits. 

“Can I feel?” Zion asked. 

“Of course. It won’t be long. I’m 2 trimesters in.” She looked down at him fondly.  “You don’t hate me, do you? For not wanting our baby?” 

He stood up and stared into her eyes. “No, of course I don’t. Not everyone wants children in their life. Society seems to want to make women feel bad, if they choose not to have kids. I think that is utterly wrong. I know that you love our son already, he might not understand it himself until he’s older. Trust me, he’ll be surrounded by so much love.”

Zariah hugged him tighter, than she had ever before. “Zion Harper, I’ll always be in love with you.” 

“I will too. Hey, do you want to come back with me to my place? I promise that isn’t a pick up line. Its Ace’s birthday, there will be cake.” 

“You had me at cake, your mom makes the best food ever. Can we stop by my place so I can change?”

“Of course.” 


L: We can’t do anything. We can’t force anybody to do something they don’t want to do. 

G: It seems Luna made it very clear she wasn’t going to say anything. 

M: Yeah, and in front of everybody. That girl has a code*. If she’s really close to Felicity then that speaks very highly of her. It’s hard to keep your beliefs when there’s people putting pressure on you. 

G: So, you’re saying you’d be capable of doing something like that?

M: Doing what? Standing up for you in public? Obviously. 

G: No, no, basically confessing you’re still very much eclipsed by her. 


Devil Seam | Songs for the Spectre at sea | listen: X

01 The High Seas | Brian Tyler
02 Loreley | Blackmore’s Night
03 Maid of Amsterdam | Brown, Dagher, Schrey, and Kennedy
04 Randy Dandy Oh | Johnny Collins
05 Leave Her Johnny (Leave Her) | Johnny Collins
06 Hanging Johnny | Hanging Johnny
07 The Highwayman | Loreena McKennitt
08 The Kiss | Trevor Jones
09 My Jolly Sailor Bold | Gemma Ward
10 Drunken Whaler | COPILOT
11 On Board of a Man of War | Damien Barber and Mike Wilson
12 Black Heart | Two Steps From Hell
13 Pirates of Skyrim | Klaus Badelt vs Jeremy Soule

art by nnamier

(my pro-Gruvia shipping followers are advised to not read this)

Yes, I have always disliked pro-Gruvia, but recently, it had been getting a bit better development, so I didn’t say much. But now, Mashima has given me a solid reason to make me permanently hate it. Judging from the new pic on twitter…

How in this world is this healthy? Oh, I see she is doing something badass. Oh, how much she has suffered. Gray was so rude to her, right? He always has been, why did he even reject her when apparently, he secretly likes her. Poor girl. You go girl. You go. You own his life, right? Make him love you.

If that’s the kind of gf/wife Juvia is going to be, then I don’t give a damn. I will forever hate it. Don’t get me wrong, this pairing really has some deep moments like that horse-riding scene and Gray leaning on Juvia. While those make my heart sink (I don’t ship it so) at least it looked like Gray was happy. But when I see stuff like this, it makes me cry because it looks like no one cares how Gray ends up with her, they just want him to, one way or another. It’s like Gray’s character is being developed just for the sake of Juvia and more than anything, for the sake of their shippers. Why does Gray have to end up with her in such a forcible manner? Like, aren’t there any other nicer ways…? It’s like he has no choice but to date her, and make babies and wowow “mission please fandom = complete” I don’t see the love on Gray’s side at all. All I see is forced development which became somewhat understandable on the way, but Mashima would rather keep it forced. Congrats, it is officially my most hated pairing. Ever.

 Feel free to unfollow if it makes you hate me, I am in a permanent anti-Gruvia mood as of now. I don’t plan to change either. 

You know what I want? I want the Suriel to come back in book 3 and play like, some essential role to the plot, other than telling Feyre things she already knows (I mean come on there is no way she didn’t know on some level that Rhysand was her mate). That’s what I want. The Suriel is the coolest.

If the ER wasn’t so busy I would be past chapter 3 already. But @ijiness writes Kagome to be such an Amazon in Sword and Arrow. I have already printed out chapters one and two. Don’t judge me.

literally everything was illegal in this justin bieber/sofia richie relationship until three seconds ago when sofia turned 18 and justin bieber is a pedophile for hanging around her before that. judging by the recent imagines of them performing oral sex outdoors, it’s gonna be really fuckin hard to convince me that they were “just friends” up until her birthday and you know what, even if they were, it only makes him a disgusting predator for waiting for an opportunity when she became legal. additionally, she turned 18 days ago; there’s been no sort of major mental development in this time, she’s still a child and he has no business being around her. everything surrounding this situation is completely disgusting.

justin bieber threatened his own fans because they called him out on his disgusting actions. he whined like a baby because people refused to put up with bullshit, just like he always does. he was passive aggressive when fans called him out on getting cornrows, on getting dreads, and in being involved in a pedophilic relationship and he went so far as to delete his whole instagram because he really felt that he was in the right about this situation.

i’ve heard all sorts of shit about this sofia richie girl and honestly idc if she’s “into” older men, it doesn’t soften the situation or put justin in any better light. she might think she’s grown, but she’s not. i was in a relationship where my significant other was older than me and i didn’t see a problem with it, until it was too late and i had to deal with the psychological manipulation, the pressure to feel older and to please them, and the depression that came with the age cap and subsequent overpowerment. I’ve been through it and it wasn’t pretty. i didn’t have anyone warning me against it, and i really hope the guy i was with rots in hell for the way he treated and manipulated me. what he was doing was wrong and he had no business being around me.

justin bieber is the adult in this situation. he’s a grown ass man and as he’s proven before, he’s completely aware of what he’s doing and how people have reacted to and warned against it and he as publicly defied all warning and shown he doesn’t care. above all, he’s an ignorant, arrogant, racist, antiblack pedophile and a grown ass white man who needs to be held accountable for his actions. im tired of the excuses and seeing white men like him being the example in the popular media. i have completely had it; i don’t want to hear his excuses nor do i want to hear any excuses anyone has to defend him. i’m sick of it.


but I do all the time. I want you all the time.