i don't want anything to do with the internet


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

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Hey. I am sorry to bother you, because this is a bit stupid, but may I ask for your advice? The thing is that I had horrible art block and now i have no idea what to do, because when i try to draw my drawings look very bad and when I see them I just want to give up and it gives me a bit of anxiety. Though I continue to draw I don't really seem to improve. Is there anything I can do to end this? (I am self tough in drawing, so maybe going to art school will help?). Thank you anyway.

Art school can, so can different tutorials on the internet! There’s so much helpful stuff you can learn over them! For example, if you’re bad at drawing hands, you can find a tutorial that shows how to draw them in an easier way and a simplified form!

And it’s not stupid at all. We all know how horrible art blocks can be. Usually, when I’m art blocked, I WANT to draw, but I can’t, I get all frustrated because I want to draw things fast and great, but it doesn’t happen like this. SO, I guess my first advice is to not rush it when you try drawing while you’re artblocked. Take it slow, you don’t draw for stats. You don’t have to always feel that urge to draw.

Ideas wise, sometimes it’s good to start with random shapes or even faces, sometimes the idea comes in a process and you’re like BOOM omygod I can draw again.

As for not getting better… I think you do. Everyone does, some people faster, some slower, but none the less. You might not see it yet because you still see many mistakes, which is good! Doesn’t feel like it, but it’s good because your eye can see more mistakes than your current skill can fix, for now. I think it’s worse when you draw and don’t see these mistakes. Seeing them means you crave to fix them, to get better, to keep on. While not seeing you just. draw. thinking hey, it’s great! I don’t have to do anything else.

This craving to get better and frustration with your current level of skill is completely normal and can take you WAYS. I can say from experience, I remember how frustrated I have always been, because I couldn’t do that, and this, and I just wanted to be as great as those artists I admired and I wanted to reach them. I think my obsession took me a long way.

So take your frustration and let it drive you forward! It’s okay if you’re over artblock now, it’s not going to take forever. You’ll overcome it as you overcame many of other artblocks that seemed so horrible at that time. It’s a cycle, having an artblock usually means your mind is filtering new information, lets your body adapt to something new you’ve learn. Once it’s over, you’ll get even better! 

Don’t stop, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a pause. It’s normal to take your time to re-charge! 

  • Me: *is a-spec*
  • Me: *Talks about my life*
  • Friend: So what about your love life? Any romantic prospects? Hookups? Are you still asexual/aromantic? Where on the spectrum do you lie? Do you have feelings? Why aren't you out to more people?
  • Me: ... Can we talk about something unrelated to my orientation?
  • Friend: But it's so interesting! I don't understand it! I'm not like that so I want to know more!
  • Me: I have other aspects to my personality! The internet exists! It's not hard to find more info on asexuals using google! Did you know that I have interests outside of my orientation! I also have interests in having conversations about things OTHER THAN MY ORIENTATION!!!
  • Me: Like literally anything other than being grilled on my sexuality/romanticism and having to "prove" aspects of it so you can "validate" something you have no say in.

Hello, everyone!! 

I recently reached 1.5K lovely followers and this is so so amazing!!  I never thought I would get this far, and the affection and love and friendship and companionship and involvement of you is one of my biggest reasons to smile. So, thank you. Thank you so much!! I love you all <3 

To celebrate such exciting news, I’ve decided to do Blog Awards !!

Okay, so let’s move to some important information:

How do you nominate people? Send me an ask with the URL of the blog you want to nominate + the category you’re nominating it in (anon or not) ~ make sure to check the categories before nominating !

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Under the cut you can see what the categories are and the prizes for the winners…

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Hi everyone,

to make long story short, due to various reasons (mostly my shitty salary) I’m in a serious need of money.
That’s why I decided to sell my drawings.

But… I don’t know how much I can sell an original drawing by me, and, well, I don’t even know if anyone would be interested to buy them.

Thus if any of you think they could be interested, please contact me.

You can see some of my drawings on the picture above, all of them can be found in my “my drawings” tag (i’m very unoriginal).

I might take some times to answer, as my internet had been cut off, I only have the 4G on my phone, but please feel free to ask me anything you want.

If you have no interest in buying them, it’ll be very kind if you could reblog this post, thanks.

Please help

Okay, so here’s the deal. I have a chronic illness (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) that has kept me from working for a while now. I’m in danger of losing everything. My house. My kids. Everything. I’ve tried getting TANF and food stamps, but, even though I haven’t got a paycheck in two months and even submitted paperwork to show that, I “make too much” to qualify. I try every day, but I am in so much pain that often times I can’t even move.

I am asking for help from people with a lot of trepidation. If you can help with donations, it would be greatly appreciated. I would even write you an spn ficlet if you’d like. I have no other talents or I would take advantage of that. If you can donate via PayPal my email is jaydeamali@gmail.com. If you can’t, please repost this so others can see and decide if they want to help or reblog.

Do I expect people to help, actually no. I don’t. Let’s face it. I’m not in the “in” crowd. Im just someone over here doing his own thing. I just don’t want to lose everything, so I’m asking for help. I have until the 21st to get rent in or they evict. I have until the 23rd to get the electric bill paid. I still have to pay At&T their share for Internet and phones. I have to get my meds to keep my anxiety under control. All in all, I’m about $1,000 short for the month. Anything would help. Even if I can get just one bill paid, it would be a relief.

Y'all mind if I

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if you're all in for women nippples = men nipples why do you still cover them up in you photos? or why don't you take pictures topless. I don't mean to be rude or anything, it's just that I don't get it

Okay here we go.
As someone who yea posts a bit of skin in my photos (bc I don’t believe that continuing to hide away will normalise dexualisation of the human form) I do choose to cover my nips in pics for a few reasons here:
1. Honestly I can’t deal with it, i can’t deal with the feeling that other people are sexualising me, i can’t deal with the inappropriate comments I get and the gross creepers
2. Dont want the whole internet to see my nipples just yet like from a professional perspective unfortunately in this society it ain’t ok
3. As a woman with larger breasts admittedly it’s a lot harder for us to get away with it. When gals with cute lil titties put up topless pics they’re seen as revolutionary, as cool and carefree go u for supporting free the nipple. When gals with bigger busts put up topless pics we’re fkn labelled. We’re “doing it for male attention”, slut shamed and sexualised

There ya go a lil rant but still not the full story Edit: I do take topless photos just don’t feel the need to share them with everyone on the internet

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Hey I don't want to be rude or anything but I saw the post about ur water friend and I just wanna know if he's doing any better, it makes me really worried to not see any updates or anything after seeing that stuff

no youre not being rude! i really appreciate everyone thats so concerned. axolotlapothecary is currently helping me out directly, because i was severely misinformed about the proper care i need to do by the people i bought him from, and all the research id been doing on the internet was also incorrect.

im extremely upset about this as i would never intentionally harm any creature, and i am taking steps to immediately amend his care so that he can be as healthy as possible. again i appreciate everyones concern, it does mean a lot to me, and i love him dearly and i want the best for him. i truly thought that what i was doing was fine, and its good that someone was able to intervene and tell me otherwise.

i am going to purchase him a larger tank and filter and hopefully this will aid him in his development and health.

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this might be a weird question but do you have any advice to people trying to get their fanfics/fanart... I don't really want to say "attention" but that's the closest word I can think of. It's just really disappointing to see something you put a lot of effort into get what feels like no one noticing.

1. Draw/write what you like.

2. Post it on the Internet.

3. Hope/pray someone notice it.

Sorry, but that was not completely a joke. This is basically what I do and I don’t ask anything back.

But your question doesn’t sound weird to me at all: I’ve been struggling a lot about that when I was younger and my crappy art/fanfics didn’t get the feedback I wanted. I think I’m still not good enough or generally prepared to answer you properly about this subject, but If you’re asking to me, it can only means that you think my works get the attention you’re talking about, so I’ll try something.

Let me say this: goals will come, but it takes time.

If you’re at the beginning of something (first time putting stuff on the internet - first time producing that stuff) it’s normal you won’t get the “attention” you’re hoping for. The internet, but social medias especially, are a fucking (if you allow me the word) closed chain circle into another. The more people see and share your stuff, the more it goes around. Internet itself is stupid, it cannot judge if your efforts were well spent, it cannot give you a vote/star/rating according to the amount of hours of research, study, pain and LOVE you put in something you create. It simply can’t. So Internet is not your agent. People are. And remember this: you are the first agent of yourself. A good agent knows about people, what they want and look for, and promotes whoever can satisfy them.

I’m not saying that you must write/draw what people wants, NO, I MEAN, not all the time, at least, but you have to know that this is how the world goes right now.  If you can’t count on others, count on yourself and those close ones you have around: friends, family. Share your work with them, ask for impressions, suggestions. Confrontation is at the base of anything good in this crazy world.

For example, I ask my mom a lot about my art: “Hey mom! Is this feet correct or I better to fix it?” - “Definitely.” - “Definitely what?” - “It looks like a banana.” - “Okay.”

Another example: “Hey mom! Is it cute that two super soldiers trained to kill mad robots were actually in love?” - “Is one of them blond?” - “Yay.” - “Better they marry before one of them dies.” (RIGHT IN THE FEELS)

Another one, more recent: “Hey Sara! ( @replica-004 ) In my next comic Jack has Reaper’s shotgun and he shots at him with it.” - “But Reaper’s guns can evaporate.” - “… Freaking cool, sis. Our fellow r76 fans will love this.”

And I could say more.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that when I create, I try to do not create completely alone. This is the best advice I can give you, if you want your art/fanfics to be more… ok, let’s use a different word: what about “popular”?

GOD, I really hate this word, but it kinda reminds me of the word “popolo” (it) aka “people” and it reminds me that whatever I do, I don’t do that only for myself. Never. The moment it goes on the internet, it belongs to others and others have the right to earn fun from what I do as much as I earn fun creating it.

Aaaaah! I hope this will help you find your way into the world, kid.
I still haven’t find mine.

Sorry for the long answer. I am in the chatty mood.

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"because i am an adult, i don’t follow minors unless they follow me first and if they’re OK with it" sorry but I don't see anything wrong with adults following minors? Could you explain yourself?

i want to make sure that i’m not crossing boundaries- tumblr can be an intensely personal experience and its important for minors on the internet to have their own spaces without the pressure/influence/power dynamic of adults interacting with them & it’s my responsibility to acknowledge & respect this. the internet in general creates this illusion that we’re all on the same level but i feel like that’s not a really good way to do things and i know a lot of people who have been fucked up by getting into friendships with older people online before they knew what was happening. so as a precaution, i try to be aware of the ages of ppl i follow/interact with

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Why suddenly Theon tag is filled by thramsay shaming? I hate thramsay but i know my thramsay shipper mutuals are nice guys and they don't deserved to be shamed by this bunch of new theon fans that doesn't know anything about Theon tag.

I need to preface this saying that not liking Thramsay is reasonable and fine…But abusing others who DO like it is some of the most hypocritical Tumblr BS this site has to offer.

I haven’t looked in the tag for a few days but here’s the thing:

People want to be the purity police because it makes them feel good. Shaming a group of strangers on the internet about a fictional abusive relationship is a lot easier then actually being a good person. It’s all shorthand. It’s addicting and easy and it feels good. That’s why they are doing it.

I was abused for years as a child and no one did shit about it, even when they knew it was happening. Why? Because actually intervening in real abuse is hard. It’s thankless, and messy and it doesn’t instantly feel good and it doesn’t always lead to a better situation for those involved…Especially not immediately.

No one should have to qualify their affinity for Thramsay but many of the people who do, like me, are abuse victims. Thramsay rings true for some of us and the fantasy allows people to work though their trauma and gain a sense of mastery.

Some people just also just like it for no morally righteous reason at all. They just like the aesthetics and who even cares? Oh right, the purity police needs their fix. 

Most Thramsay shippers I know are incredibly against actual abuse. Many Thramsay shippers I know will actually do what it takes to solve an abusive situation in real life and are some of the kindest most empathetic people in the fandom. 

The purity police though…Not so much. They’re just bullies on the internet getting their kicks the same way the trolls do. It’s a self-serving, self-centered ironically abusive habit. They probably think they’re right and just and good people but the truth is they’re abusive monsters hacking away at an easy target to build up their self-esteem.

They don’t care about actual abuse victims. If they did, they’d stop harassing them on the internet.

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i should do art more, it literally saved my life in the past. it's kind of ironical that now when i'm not in the danger i was before, i draw less. i bet it's because i focus on school too much. when i arrive home from school, i'm just so tired that i don't want to do anything. and if, then i try to kick myself to learn something. more often though i just search for things on the internet. but what am i blabbing about, i wanted to mainly thank you for your art <3 it soothes my heart <3

(same anon that was blabbering about doing more art) btw, your wolf ocs are so cute!!! i like them a lot <3 it made me very happy, because i have my own ocs that are half-human + half-animals too but i was kind of afraid to finish their story because people would be like “omg furries!” (i strongly dislike that term). that’s all for now from me. have a nice day full of things you like to do <3            

at first, thank you so much i’m touched ; ; 💘 i’m happy my art can calm you

is it maybe because you associate drawing with bad things that happened..? if you don’t feel like drawing right now, that’s absolutely fine!! when i was in school i used to not draw much either. sometimes other things in life are just more important. and creativity needs some rest sometimes, too. but i hope you won’t stop and still pick up the pen sometimes. for now take care of yourself, often take naps, let the internet inspire you, and eat delicious food, and someday the urge to draw will come back so strongly you’ll get back into it in no time, you’ll see

about the furry thing… human characters with animal ears and tails were called kemonomimi (literally, animal ears) a few years ago, and then idk what happened?? but suddenly they got mixed with full fledged furries and everything with animal traits gets called a furry now. but don’t worry, i’m pretty sure there are many who love to see these kind of characters (with small animal traits). just do what you want! there are probably some people who look at my wolf boys and go “ohgod what the fuck” but do i care? nope. and i won’t ever care. there’s always gonna be someone who will dislike what you do and will think your characters or character designs are boring or too cringy or too detailed, or whatever. hey, they are free to do their own ocs. you don’t make yours for these people, but for yourself and for the people who care 🌻

my wolf ocs are a bit edgy, but i love them tbh. i did them when i was 15 or so, and i kept them close to their original design because i wanted to revive them just for fun~

don’t be afraid to make “cringy deviantart OCs” with neon green hair and fangs and wings. it’s how most of us started and it is FUN and also, if one day your oc’s design bothers you, you can just revise it. characters, like humans, can and will change over time. and that’s super nice as well i think

greylilacs  asked:

Hey there! Can I perhaps tag you in a post concerning something uh- terrifying going down in the rat community due to a lady who claims rats can't feel pain and is saying they don't need vet attention because of this? I would like your opinion but if you're not comfortable with it, that is fine!

I try to stay out of any internet based rants, there is simply no winning regardless of my expertise or knowledge. I’ve already experienced internet mobbing and don’t care to do so again.  People will believe what they want to believe and even when presented with evidence to the contrary, it is almost impossible to convince someone otherwise. There is a backlash against veterinarians anything we say or do is simply seen as money grubbing. The breeders and other hobbyists who provide poor advice online are seen as the better more trustworthy people because they don’t charge. So I am afraid anything would say wouldn’t help.

What I will say is that rats absolutely feel pain, as do most animals. We have irrefutable, scientific proof of this. It is unfortunate that people would allow animals to suffer simply because they don’t like the truth.

  • Me: The internet is fantastic. If I need a drawing reference, all I need to do is a google image search and I can find anything, no matter how obscure.
  • Dad: That's the problem with millennials, you're always looking at your phones. That's how the liberal media distracts you. They keep the masses pacified so they don't notice what's going on around them.
  • Me: My point was that anyone can access any kind of reference at any time. The whole of human knowledge is at your fingertips whenever you want it.
  • Dad: Yeah, but you're just looking at your phone.
  • Me: ...

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I think the reason why you would be block because you are one of the crazy cockles/destiel shipper. I don't blame them.

“You think”? My dear anon, I have news for you - I am aware that’s exactly the reason they have blocked me, they block all the blogs that heavily post Cockles and Destiel. I don’t blame them either, they don’t want to have anything to do with me and I don’t want to have anything to do with them either, so, win-win :D

I am cracking up, is this ask supposed to, what, offend me? Make me sad?

“Omg people on the internet don’t like what I post on my blog on the internet, it never happens to anyone, I am going to cry in a corner of my room now”

I adore Destiel and firmly believe it’s a story that is being told in the show, I love Cockles (I don’t really ‘ship’ them, like, I am not into fic/fanart/headcanons of their privacy and the like, but their relationship is so lovely and I appreciate seeing them together).

So, yeah. I am one of the crazy Cockles/Destiel shippers. I think it takes like an average of seven seconds on my blog to realize that.


P.s. a suggestion for you, anon: it’s really helpful for your mental health and happiness to avoid blogs that post about things that bother you. And especially not engage with the people that run those blogs.

I mean, I’ve made a comment about being blocked by a bibro/J2 blog - in the middle of a reblogging spree of Cockles things - and someone noticed it, so someone must be visiting our blogs/tracking our tags and words regularly enough to immediately find this kind of stuff and then they write out messages for us. It must be exhausting and time consuming.

Unless you genuinely have fun in being mean to people, then I don’t really know what to say.

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It's pretty shitty when the only person you can tell that you want to die is a group of strangers on the internet. My s/o and I got into a fight and I can't talk to them about it because I don't want to seem like I'm trying to be manipulative. I'm not sure what I'm doing here. I just kind of want it all to stop, you know? Idk. Sorry for wasting your time

This worries me.
You should be able to talk about anything to your SO, fight or no fight.

Maybe it depends how you word it? Like yeah, in the very middle of a fight, saying “I want to die” might come off as a little manipulative.
But if you come back to your SO calmly and say “Hey.. I haven’t been doing so well lately, and I know we’ve been having some issues between us, but I need someone to talk to about it.”, then a caring partner would likely be receptive and would want to help you, despite the issues you might be facing together.

I also want to recommend 7Cups, or if you’re feeling more urgently inclined to harm yourself, a suicide text chat or help line (which totally depends on your location).

- Solar the Sea Turtle


As you guys know (after this overexcited girl spamming you), I’m going to England and Scotland on Saturday.

I’ve not been so active the last few weeks due my preparation for this trip, and in the next three weeks I won’t be able to post or write daily as usual. Feel free to keep tagging me in everything you want me to see. I’ll try to check my notifications from time to time, but I won’t be online that much.

I’ll miss you all, but I’ll be back by the end of September. Well, if I travel through time because of one of those magical stones in Scotland, I won’t have internet. Just kidding.