i don't want any changes i like tumblr now

Daily Struggle
  • Me: hey I should write
  • Brain: while watching this documentary and scrolling on tumblr and I wonder if tattoos in Harry Potter can move bc if so yes please I mean I think I saw the dark marks do that but I'm not sure hey I'll Google it c'mon wifi don't fail me now. Okay so it's not giving me any information but I mean, that'd be totally doable right? Could you imagine the marauders all having these really ornate moon tattoos that change based on the phase of the moon like yes please maybe I should write that fanfiction I want a tattoo like that. I'm gonna have so many tattoos it's gonna be great. How did I wind up on a Wikipedia page on helicopters. Huh that's interesting.

Hey, so I know I’ve been pretty out of it the last week or so. But! everything’s all better now! Not just my personal health, but also my Tumblr!

I changed up my theme, and I think it looks pretty nice. Also, if you look at it, you may notice a little something else…

I now have a Ko-Fi!

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