i don't want a new mommy

Twenty Abduction Starters
  • "Hey, hey, hey, hush, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna keep you for myself."
  • "_____, enough. You aren't escaping again. I made sure of it."
  • "I REALLY don't want to punish you, but if you don't stop, I will."
  • "Little one, I know you're confused, but I'M going to be your Mommy/Daddy now."
  • "Shut up! Bad pet, get back in your cage!"
  • "Stop screaming, nobody can hear you but me and the ghosts anyways."
  • "Hmph. You're a fighter. Good, I'll enjoy breaking you."
  • "Here's the deal. I. Own. You."
  • "I'm gonna make your screams echo, baby."
  • "Welcome to your new home."
  • "You'll get used to the handcuffs sooner or later."
  • "I know you're scared, but I won't hurt you. I love you!"
  • "I'm going to count to five,give you a headstart. You have until sunset to escape."
  • "Go on, keep begging."
  • "If you give in, it'll be easier."
  • "If you bite me, I'll muzzle you, pet."
  • "This is going to be a nice weekend, for me, at least. I hope your gag isn't too tight."
  • "You're so cute, struggling like that."
  • "You don't need to cry. It's not like your life was going anywhere before me."
  • "I'm going to give you purpose, to serve me as I deserve."
Scenes I really hope are in Snk season 3

Everything remaining in the manga -w- But some specific parts:

Levi has trained Eren well in the art of cleaning:

Moblit standing up for Hanji  ≧◡≦:

“Plus Eren’s ass is sticking out”:

Everyone’s realization that “No, Armin was just the devil all along.”

The infamous torture scene:

Hanji skidding down that building like spider-man:

Levi vs The Central Military police:

Armin’s first kill: 

They did it!! ≧◡≦:

The Levi & Mikasa duo:

Historia becomes queen:


Also Mikasa’s smug little smirk:

Erwin’s laugh:

Levi with wet hair:

As the members of Karasuno once said, “Meat is god”:

I love how Sasha didn’t even hesitate XD :

I just need to see all the chibis animated, they’re adorable:


Also Zeke recognizes Levi as a ‘monster’:


Bert: Mommy look, daddy got me a new soccer ball! :D

Mom: That’s not a soccer ball, honey.

Bert: What do you mean mommy?

Bert: …

Bert: I’m gonna kick it.

Mom: Honey no-


Come to Paradis, where we’ll send you millions of titans as a birthday gift for visiting us! The best part, you ask? YOU get to be the birthday cake! :D 

They finally made it to the ocean. (ಥ‿ಥ)

I just want this beauty animated:

And last but not least, of course, I can never forget:

You have done well, Grasshopper
  • Eldest Spawn: No! Put that down! You're gonna make him...
  • Me: What is going on?
  • Younger Spawn: *holding something small* Uncle Simon this has a grasshopper on it! Grasshopper seeds!
  • Me: Very good! That is a grasshopper. But no they are not seeds.
  • Young Spawn: Why does it have a grasshopper?
  • Me: Because it has grasshoppers in it.
  • Young Spawn: Why?
  • Elder Spawn: Because they're dried out and stuff...
  • Me: So that I can eat them.
  • Younger Spawn: *with a look of horror* Uncle Simon...you EAT GRASSHOPPERS?
  • Me: The better question is, Why don't you?
  • Elder Spawn: Eeeeeewwwwwww
  • Younger Spawn: *watching elder* Eww
  • Me: *arms crossed* Have you ever eaten a grasshopper?
  • Both: Noooooo!!!!!
  • Me: Well, then how do you know they are "ewwww" until you try them? Actually they are very tasty. If I eat one, will you eat one?
  • Both: No!
  • Me: If I eat one AND mommy eats one...will you eat one?
  • Younger Spawn: Yes!
  • Elder Spawn: *look of disbelief* Mommy won't eat a grasshopper.
  • Me: My dear children, you thoroughly understate the complete disregard for convention that having children has inspired in your mother.
  • Both: *usual confusion when I speak*
  • Hours later...
  • Younger Spawn: Mommy! Mommy! Uncle Simon eats grasshoppers! He said you will eat one!
  • Mother: *surprised and then accusatorially looks at me* Uncle Simon...why am I eating a bug?
  • Me: To teach them about trying new things in life and being adventurous. Here's the tin. We both agree to eat one, and then they both agree to eat one.
  • Mother: *selects a fat one* What do they taste like?
  • Me: Unsalted crackers.
  • Mother: *shrugs* Bottoms up.
  • *we eat grasshoppers*
  • Both: *select grasshoppers and with odd faces, eat*
  • Minutes later, while mother and Uncle Simon catch up...
  • Elder: No! Gimme! I get the fat one! I'm bigger!
  • Younger: I want the grasshopper! Mommy! Baby wants the grasshopper!
  • Me: Don't worry...I have many more tins where those came from. Tomorrow we shall try crickets. How do you feel about worms?

“I don’t know what is left other than cross-dressing Cas. He’s been crazy, he’s been megalomaniacal, he’s been contrite, he’s been self-loathing, he’s been whimsical, he’s been human, he’s been a leviathan.” ~Misha Collins

The Neighbourhood sentence starters
  • "I'd like to be proud, but somehow I'm ashamed."
  • "Everybody's talking, but what's anybody saying?"
  • "Put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars."
  • "I was naive and hopeful and lost."
  • "R.I.P. to my youth."
  • "If I told you that I loved you, tell me, what would you say?"
  • "If I told you that I hated you, would you go away?"
  • "Now I need your help with everything that I do."
  • "I don't want to lie, I've been relying on you."
  • "You can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off."
  • "First it just threw me off, now I'm just moving on."
  • "I've been callin' you 'friend', I might need to give it up."
  • "I can admit, I am not fireproof."
  • "I hope I don't burden you."
  • "I tried to be someone."
  • "If I had done something a little bit differently, we would've moved in a better direction than this."
  • "You say that you love me, but you act like you don't."
  • "You used to adore me."
  • "You put me in harm's way."
  • "When we had our first kiss it was your favorite thing."
  • "You weren't lying when you said it would sting."
  • "Imagine our children; how fucked would they be?"
  • "Mommy's a psycho, daddy lives in a dream."
  • "Don't take this the wrong way."
  • "I thought that I loved you, but we weren't in love."
  • "You were my dream."
  • "So sorry, but your lady's with me."
  • "So shitty to be you right now, soon you will see pictures of us kissing on the mouth."
  • "I hate her new boyfriend."
  • "I don't wanna be forgotten."
  • "I'm fake and I don't get offended."
  • "You ended up with gold, but it started as a dream."
  • "I used to be broke, now there's money in my jeans."
  • "I want you to touch me there."
  • "Darling, your looks can kill, so now you’re dead."
  • "If I made it too hard for you maybe you should've changed it."
  • "I hope you find a way to be yourself someday."
  • "Change can be amazing."
  • "I pray for the best for you."
  • "Why’d you stick around, why’d you stay with me?"
  • "I couldn’t save it."
  • "I wish you could be honest with me."
  • "I am the chosen one."
  • "I could change all your minds."
  • "This is the one they won't forget."
  • "I want to be bad, I want to destroy you."
  • "I want the attention, I want all the cash, I want all the ass; is it too much to ask?"
  • "I get what I want."
  • "You think I'm a fake and I know you're a fraud."
  • "I'll fucking digest you, one kiss at a time."
  • "You wish I was yours and I hope that you're mine."
  • "You need to get off my mind."
  • "I'm never satisfied, it's never good enough."
  • "I knew it was wrong, but I thought about you still."
  • "I'm paranoid, I hate to sleep alone."
  • "I try my best, no matter what it's like I'm always wrong."
  • "I just need some peace of mind."
  • "I'm never the same, I change every week."
  • "I would ask for advice, but I just do what I like."
  • "I smoke cause I'm stressed, I try to get high, but it gets me depressed, I'm just tryna get by."
  • "I've got no man to follow."
  • "And I know that I'm shallow, but why shouldn't I be?"
  • "Trouble being alone, I've been losing my mind."
  • "I don't want any trouble, it just chooses to find me."
  • "I feel like you're worth it."
  • "We're made to love, but you're dangerous."
  • "I'll tell my friends about my fast life because they know me from my past life."
  • "I can't wait 'till you're back to California."
  • "I know a couple girls like you."
  • "I hope we can go round two, 'cause you know I wanna do it again."
  • "Being away from her, it makes me hurt, it makes me sad."
  • "I'll try to find another way, to make it work."
  • "I know what to say that will make you hurt."
  • "I can't even believe what you did to me."
  • "You can't even say I'm overreacting."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "What the fuck am I supposed to do about you and I?"
  • "Fuck that guy, happy I don't know his name."
  • "My love never seems to come out right."
  • "I still love you even though you’re a fucking cunt douchebag."
  • "I’m sure you feel the same about me but, whatever, that’s it."
  • "I've seen it a million times."
  • "Everybody else so basic, stop tryin', please stay home."
  • "We got signed to a label and we infected the internet."
  • "I'm my own worst enemy."
  • "You were crazy, but I miss you."
  • "Now we're a little bit famous and I think I might hate it."
  • "I think I found hell."
  • "Don't tell them anything."
  • "You fooled me from the start when you let me start to love you."
  • "I'm leaving tonight, I'll be gone in the morning."
  • "I can't love her no more."
  • "She had all my trust, and I guess that was never enough."
  • "I want the world in my hands."
  • "Let's have an adventure."
  • "I don't mind if there's not much to say."
  • "We talked about making it - I'm sorry that you never made it."
  • "You knew the game and played it."
  • "Mr. know it all, had his reign and his fall."
  • "I'm having trouble in believing."
  • "How could you tell me that I'm great when they chew me up, spit me out, pissed on me?"
  • "When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place."
  • "All my friends always lie to me."
  • "You’re too mean, I don’t like you, fuck you anyway."
  • "You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs."
  • "I’m afraid somebody else might end up being me."
  • "I told you I would tell you everything you want to know."
  • "Everybody's watching me."
  • "I try to be as subtle as I can."
  • "It looks like you were right again."
  • "I'm from a little city with expensive taste."
  • "Shouldn't try to fix it if it keeps getting better."
  • "I wasn't listening at all."
  • "We were young, skinny dipping, having fun, I remember."
  • "And we all grew up, shit got tough."
  • "What a mistake, saying the way I felt."
  • "I was scared as fuck and out of touch, and I was still testing my luck."
  • "I guess there's something wrong inside."
  • "Maybe you're right, maybe this is all that I can be."
  • "But what if it's you, and it wasn't me?"
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "She planned ahead for a year."
  • "I fell in love today."
  • "There aren't any words that you can say that could ever get my mind to change."
  • "You're a doll, you are flawless."
  • "I just can't wait for love to destroy us."
  • "You better not leave me."
  • "No food to eat, all the money's been wasted from last week."
  • "Some part of me feels a little bit naked and empty."
  • "I still believe something is out there."
  • "All I'll ever be is partly settled in."
  • "They show you how to swim, then they throw you in the deep end."
  • "Float away, then come right back to me."

I have a new hobby:  Dig a hole after breakfast like a proper tortoise, wiggle around in my hole, and stare at Mommy until she gives me more treats.

My new hobby no longer works with Mommy, but boy does it work with Grandmom!

Chappie (2015 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I'm consciousness. I'm alive."
  • "Don't laugh, I'm being cool!"
  • "Don't let people take away your potential, _______."
  • "No. I can't shoot people."
  • "_______ no crimes!"
  • "A man... in a van."
  • "And they threw fire, even though I said, "please"."
  • "I've got blings!"
  • "People are always fearful of something they don't understand."
  • "You've hurt my people!"
  • "Now, I forgive you."
  • "I don't want to die. I want to live!"
  • "If you want survive _______, you must fight!"
  • "Fuckmother!"
  • "I am your creator."
  • "This is a new kind of life form, a new step in evolution."
  • "_______, if you want to be in the gang you have to be cool, like daddy/mommy!"
  • "Need to keep it gangsta' _______!"
  • "You've taught us so much more than I can ever have imagined."
  • "Look how cool it's!"
  • "I created you, but I might not survive you."
  • "Remember. No matter what happens. You are made for good."
  • "I can save us."
  • "The problem with artificial intelligence is it's way too unpredictable."
  • "Look how daddy/mommy walks!"
  • "So, which dog do you want to be _______? The live dog or the dead dog?"
  • "Why did you build me to die, maker?"
  • "We program that robot to fight for us!"
  • "It's more than just a machine!"
  • "It's time to pump up the jam!"
  • "_______ cannot die! He's too important!"
  • "My main interest is to protect and serve."
  • "(S)He's the key to the revolution."
  • "You think you're real?"
  • "Surely you can go and count your narcotics in a... in another room."
  • "Burn it to ash!"
  • "I know you don't understand, but it's okay."
  • "This is the day of reckoning!"
  • "You lied to me!"
  • "I built you to live."
The signs as wine mom quotes
  • Aries: "I so need a glass of wine or I'm going to sell my kids."
  • Taurus: "The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink."
  • Gemini: "If they had 'Box Tops for Education' on wine labels, my kids' school would be rich!"
  • Cancer: "A mother's sacrifice isn't giving birth. It's nine months without wine."
  • Leo: "If I ever go missing, I want my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton. This way, my friends will know I'm missing."
  • Virgo: "Boxed wine is just a juice box for mom"
  • Libra: "We should open a store called 'Forever 39.' We would sell wine and yoga pants."
  • Scorpio: "Once upon a time some kids did as they were told and their mommy didn't have to lose her shit and drink wine out the box before noon"
  • Sagittarius: "The best part of being a new mom is the lower tolerance from not drinking for nine months."
  • Capricorn: "Don't forget to pick up a bottle of wine for your mom on mother's day. After all, you are one of the reasons she drinks."
  • Aquarius: "I've learned to use meditation to relieve my stress-just kidding, I'm on my third glass of wine."
  • Pisces: "I stay up late drinking wine every night. And wake up in the morning realizing it wasn't a good idea. I'll probably be drinking wine again tonight.
#183 You're dead and your child asks about you
  • Louis: "Daddy?" She asked from under the covers, pulling up at what he had tucked in to get comfortable. "Yes, darling." He sighs, sending her a grin as he makes his way back to her bed. He tucks himself on the edge, placing his hand on the other side of her. "Do you miss mommy?" He brings his bottom lip in between his teeth. Drawing his thumb across her apple shaped cheeks. "Of course I do, everyday." The little girl nods, eyes too bright for it to be past her bed time but she was grinning up at her father. "Do you ever get sad?" He sighed again, removing his hand from her cheek to place it in between his thighs. "Sometimes." His daughter nods. Her eyes dropping, lips pursing into the numbness of sleep. He leans down to press a kiss to her forehead, and dreams of you.
  • Niall: His son is curled under his chest with ice cream dribbling out of the corner of his mouth. His arm is around his couch cushion, and his son looks up from the game for a split second before looking back. "Daddy, why were you crying last night when you were not he phone with gran? Was it because of mommy?" He pipes up, pushing his hands onto Niall's chest to get a look at his facial features change from relaxed to his brows furrowed. "Well, it's because daddy was sad." He mutters, seeing no reason to lie to his son. "You see, mommy is stuck in my heart." "Mine too, right?" His son taps his chest with a proud smile. He laughs and nods. "Right. Now since she's stuck in there sometimes she feels the need to remind me about all the good times we had together, and i start to miss her." His son nods off into his chest. "I understand daddy."
  • Harry: His little boy comes running, full speed into his bed. Jumping off the floor and grabbing onto the sheets because he was too small to be able to jump the whole way. He pulls himself up with that before crawling over to Harry. Tucked under the covers, mouth open, loud snore filling up the room. The boy tapped on his shoulder, bringing him out of dead sleep. "Daddy, daddy, where's mommy?" He whispers, harry yawns, pushing up from the covers and warmth to lean on the headboard. His sons was just grasping the concept of death, and heaven and an afterlife but he still asked, frequently. "Well, baby, when people, like you and me. When it's time for them to go and be angels in heaven. God takes them and makes them angels. So, they can watch over people." The boy nods, throwing himself into the pillow beside his father. "Do you think mommys watching over us?" He sighs, Harry scoots himself toward the boy. Planting a kiss on his head before melting into the pillow right beside him. "I know she is."
  • Liam: "Do you think mom would've wanted you to be happy?" Your daughter yelled from his doorway. The visions of a new mum were unsettling in his stomach, and he didn't want it. He wanted you, and the way you'd hold him at night once you out the kids to bed. He missed your kisses, and your hugs. "Don't start this again." Liam hisses from his bed. Bringing himself to walk towards his daughter, already grown to be such a beautiful girl that kept reminding him of you. "Mom wanted you to move on, be happy, she told me. She told me to never let you curl up and be sad. And I'm scared that I'm letting her down. So you're going to put on some fresh clothes, and take a shower. And go on this fucking date even if I have to cancel dinner reservations and bring her here." The girl crosses her arms over her chest. Puffs out her nostrils as she breathes in heavily. Liam nods, shooting her a smile. "She would've been proud."
  • Zayn: His son is wrapped up in his cars bed sheets. Screaming out into his pillow that one night. Zayn wrapped himself up and ran over to the side of the bed he occupied. "Hey buddy, daddy's here. It's going to be okay." The boy rubbed the tears out of his eyes, curling his hands around Zayns shirt as he brought him into his chest. "I want mommy, where's mommy?" His son pushes away his comfort, letting out another terrifying scream. Zayn completely flushes and wishes he could find the strength to tell him that, for the time being, she's not here right now, but he just stares. Unable to utter words that were so needed in this. So, he did the only thing he knows how. Called his mum. "I'm coming darling, okay? Just stay with him until I'm there." He sniffed into his sleeve and waited.
Hide & Seek Starters
  • Let's just hope you don't end up like her.
  • Do you like her?
  • You want her pussy.
  • Stop this.
  • Did Daddy tell you about my mommy?
  • Let's hope you don't wind up like her.
  • It's going to be a real treat having both of you here.
  • I didn't even realize anyone else lived up here.
  • Well, it does get pretty quiet in the off season.
  • I have a new friend.
  • He told me to call him ___.
  • When did you meet ____?
  • Is he here right now?
  • ___, why would you do this?
  • ___, did you have a part in this?
  • I'm sorry, I can't tell you.
  • ___, what's going on?
  • It's not unusual for a child to create an imaginary friend.
  • I don't want to be too forward, but I don't notice a lot of kids around and I'm trying to find other kids to have play dates with ___.
  • You know ____ doesn't exist.
  • You shouldn't say that.
  • You're going to make him mad.
  • You like games?
  • I love games. Would you like to play one?
  • I'm already playing a sex game with ___.
  • Spaghetti and meatballs is your favorite dish.
  • This is a traumatic time for her. I think it's important she stays here and works through this.
  • I need to be a full-time dad/mom.
  • Is your daughter/son this crazy?
  • Did you do your homework?
  • Did you brush your teeth?
My conversation at the hospital
  • I just had a vague memory of a conversation I had with a little boy when I was in the hospital in January. He was like seven or eight and I was all jacked up on IV dips and stuff so I told him what I tried to do. It went something like this...
  • Me: Hi little one, why are you in here (remember I'm not really all there at the time)
  • Him: I tried to help my mommy cook the spegettie and the really hot water fell on me.
  • Me: Oh my goodness how do you feel?
  • Him: I'm great, I just can't really feel my arm and I miss my daddy
  • Me: I miss my family to.
  • Him: why are you here?
  • Me: I tried to leave
  • Him: Leave? Like you wanted to go see god?
  • Me: Yea like that
  • Him: How'd you do it? I know the ways...I know I shouldn't but my auntie did the same thing
  • Me: I'm so sorry, I took a bunch of my Mommy's happy pills.
  • Him: Happy pills hmmm. So you aren't happy?
  • Me: Not really...
  • Him: I don't understand this Shay. People have pills to make them better and feel good. Happy pills. But when you really feel bad and want a lot of happiness, you can't just take them all, cause then everyone will think you want to be so happy that you wanna go see god. But if you do that I was told you go to....um (whispers) hell.
  • Me: (his name), you are so wise. You have no idea
  • Him: I don't know what that means but I have to tell you something before the mean guy comes back so I can sleep.
  • Me: ok
  • Him: You know you are really pretty right? Don't answer that. But you are. You are the kind of girl my older brothers would go all heart eyes over. I heard you sing last night, it was beautiful and sad. Like you. But it made me happy. You didn't know that. But you make people happy Shaylynn. I don't think God would want you up there just yet. I heard the Nurse say you'll be leaving this hospital soon yesterday to the nurse who had to watch you sleep. Now that made me sad because you're my new friend. Can I ask you to make me a promise?
  • Me: *crying*
  • Me: y-yes
  • Him: pinky promise me you'll spread all the happiness you can. You will be happy seeing all the people you make happy, trust me. My mommy says that sometimes. And she's usually right about these things.
  • Him: *gets up to give me a pinky promise*
  • Me: I promise.

Mommy’s family was watching some silly television drama while Mommy was giving me noms and cuddles today. Mommy brought me over to the TV to see if I would like the show. Here is my verdict: I am not opening my eyes or coming out of my shell until you get me away from that silly show–I want nothing to do with it!

(Once Mommy turned me away from the TV and brought new noms, I opened my eyes and started running around again.)