i don't want a boyfriend like i'm not desperate

HTGAWM masterlist of prompts and starters.
  • Annalise Keating: your/my muse accusing your/my muse of cheating
  • Wes Gibbons: our muses are laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and your/my muse tells your/my muse about something dark in their past
  • Sam Keating: your/my muse tells your/my muse that they are pregnant
  • Rebecca Sutter: your/my muse tries to get your/my muse to do drugs just to "try" it
  • Laurel Castillo: our muses want to continue their relationship but know they can't because your/my muse is in a relationship with someone already
  • Michaela Pratt: our muses are mean't to get married soon, but your/my muse gets cold feet, two weeks before the actual wedding
  • Nate Lahey: our muses are doing something reckless, and once they get caught, your/my muse takes the fall for it
  • Connor Walsh: your/my muse have been having sex with your/my muse for a while, but after rekindling their relationship again, your/my muse wants to get tested before they decide to sleep with them again
  • Asher Millstone: our muses aren't getting along but your/my muse initiates a kiss that shocks your/my muse
  • Oliver Hampton: your/my muse is intoxicated and your/my muse is carrying them to bed, and your/my muse confesses everything they feel towards them
  • Frank Delfino: your/my muse confesses about something they once hid or denied to your/my muse
  • Bonnie Winterbottom: your/my muse tries to deny their affection towards your/my muse which leads to them calling your/my muse out about it all
  • Hannah Keating: our muses are together for the holiday with family, and your/my muse's sister/brother/mother/father isn't approving of your/my muse
  • "So shut up and sit down, and stop acting like a little bitch baby."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "I’m a cheater yes, and a slut, and a bad person, and now a murderer. Judge me if you want, just do it while we’re carrying the damn body."
  • "Shut up!"
  • "You're not gonna trust me, that's just not in your nature. But you can stop worrying because and you might have forgotten this, but I'm your only option here. Without me, you'll go to prison."
  • "I don't do boyfriends."
  • "I bet you did - killing her, you enjoyed it. Didn't you?"
  • "You really think I’m that desperate? That you can buy me some takeout and bat your eyes and I’ll get down on my knees like some sad twink."
  • "You love me, and you wanna have my babies. I know."
  • "You call it crazy, I call it winning."
  • "I don't kiss and tell."
  • "Like I'd ever wanna screw you!"
  • "Why don’t we do something normal for once? - that is not sex like have breakfast or do the crosswords or whatever it is that actual couples - do."
  • "Or, you´re a classist elitist who thinks everyone who didn´t go to an Ivy is beneath you?"
  • "See what happens when you use your brain instead of your penis?"
  • "You hurt my feelings… a lot. And I know I should be used to it now, because everyone here makes fun of me all the time, but you didn’t, and then you were mean to me for no reason."
  • “I lied…I tried to help him."
  • "Whatever you say to the police, can and will be misconstrued to support the prosecution. So when in doubt, shut your mouth."
  • "Who the hell is she?"
  • "You ruined our lives, don't you get that? I was supposed to be getting married and I'm not anymore."
  • "So you're going to tell the truth. Every horrible secret about that night that you haven't told anyone. Or I swear to God, I will personally destroy you."
  • "Please don't punish him for my own error."
  • "Do you know who anyone really is?"
  • "He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice."
  • "You forgot his name and he’s still into you? What do you have, some kind of voodoo penis?"
  • "What sucks is, he doesn’t know that. That you’re just leading him on. Letting him believe he has a shot with you."
  • "You know you can't tell anyone about this. This never happened. You understand?"
  • "I'm just saying I can't stop thinking about last night."
  • "Do you think it could not happen one more time?"
  • "I could really use a drink.. Or ten."
  • "I just want to do this the right way."
  • "That thing I feel in your pants is telling me a different story."
  • "I'm totally making.. making it worse.. Forgive me."
  • “I don’t love her anymore. I love you.”
  • “And how many guys has your penis touched since then?”
  • “Just because I’m upset doesn’t mean I need you to comfort me. I’m fine.”
  • "You didn't use to drink.."
  • “You liked watching her die because that’s the piece of garbage you are.”
  • “I wiped your ass and I’ll call you anything I want.”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re still into her.”
  • “Your holed up in this bed like the Queen of Sheeba”
  • “What if I was wrong about him this whole time?”
  • “I like you. You’re more than sex. More than sex, you’re something more.”
  • "I.. I just feel like something's wrong and you're not saying anything."
  • "She can screw us all."
  • “I don’t love you, I made my decision. Please leave.”
  • “We got our secrets.”
  • "He's bad for you. You know that. He's trying to control you."
  • "Ever since I met you, I've been acting crazy."
  • "I'm the only friend you have, according to what you've been telling me over and over again."
  • "I'm done acting like some trashed-out druggie whore. That may be fine for you, but my parents raised me better."
  • "I was just trying to make you feel better."
  • "I don’t believe you. To be honest, I don’t even care. You want to sleep next to a killer, go for it."
  • [text]: He doesn’t love me. But here’s the thing: I love me.
  • [text]: Just because my facial hair is not exactly as luscious as yours does not mean I can’t still kick your ass!
  • [text]: I don't trust anyone anyone in my life except you.
  • [text]: She’s a lesbian that’s in love with you complicated or?
  • [text]: Are you a man or not?!
  • [text]: Don't tell me what I can and can't do.
  • [text]: Wednesday… Dinner, you and me. And the faster you type, the faster you get your reward.
  • [text]: We need to talk.
  • [text]: He did something to my ass that made my eyes water.
  • [text]: You lie to yourself that’s how you do it. You lie.
  • [text]: No God should forgive me,for all the bad things that I’ve done.
  • [text]: See, you're not the only one who knows how to use sex to get information.
  • [text]: You hurt people before they can hurt you.
  • [text]: You're not seriously thinking about sex right now?
  • [text]: You need someone great.
  • [text]: Your hacker boy at home?? Tell him I need his help.
  • [text]: Incest is the best put your brother to the test.
  • [text]: You’re all he talks about.
  • [text]: Say what you need to say to my face.
  • [text]: This thing that happened to me is why I am the way I am!
  • [text]: No one wants to be on the receiving end of that.
  • [text]: Call me if you get lonely.
  • [text]: We’ll stow you in the basement and you won’t like it.
  • [text]: I do like him and I want to get laid by him…
  • [text]: Would you have sex with her?
  • [text]: You're a drug addict, who cheated on me with some stranger and how many other guys has your penis touched since then?
  • [text]: Oh honey, I can’t do all the work for you.
  • [text]: You won’t be the first person in the world disappointed by your father.
  • [text]: Wow, someone have daddy issues?
  • [text]: Wait, you're gay?
  • [text]: I have no idea what you're talking about! I don't need this right now.
  • [text]: Tell me what happened and I can help you fix it.
  • [text]: Okay, if you don't want to deal with it anymore, but you have to tell me what's going on.
  • [text]: Just say the word, and I'll take care of it.
  • [text]: You know her, right?
  • [text]: Just don’t lie to me. If one more man lies to me, I swear to God…
  • [text]: I'm a jerk.
  • [text]: He didn't stand a chance in there.
  • [text]: Maybe she drowned her.
  • [text]: That's what I've been trying to tell you.. I'm not going to.
  • [text]: I've been a good boy for so long, now I just want to do something bad.
  • [text]: Spit it out, psycho.

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind or you think it's too personal could you tell us the story of how your adorable baby girl came about? I'm sorry if you've already answered this but I'm new to your blog and I'm quite curious. Hahah

Oh, sure :) I don’t mind.

Okay, well I met Taylor when I was 16. 

I had low self esteem, I had no confidence, I was a complete wreck. I thought no one would ever want me (even though I had a boyfriend who I 100% did not want or like. I was with him because I was desperate for attention. Of course at the time I didn’t see it this way).

Moral of the story, I was very vulnerable.

Then one night I was with one of my guy friends and he had to go pick something up from Taylor’s house and that’s when we met.

I immediately liked him. I thought he was so cute. Taylor knew that I was dating the other guy (he actually hated him. Like really really hated him) and I know now that he was only flirting with me because he wanted to get back at him.

So, whatever, he got my phone number and then we texted literally every day.

Eventually I broke up with my boyfriend and we started dating.

The warning signs were there, I kind of guessed he was cheating on me, but I ignored it because like I said I was vulnerable and was just too happy that someone like him would actually want me!

Time progressed and he became really abusive. He didn’t want me to hang out with my friends, especially Rory and the friend that brought us together. He wanted me to drive 40 minutes to see him everyday. He would call me constantly and if I didn’t text him back within 5 minutes he would blow my phone up.

Little did I know the entire time we were together he was purposefully trying to get me pregnant. I’m not going to push the full blame on him because I wasn’t on birth control and I should have taken matters into my own hands. But it was actually really hard for me to get pregnant at the time because I wasn’t eating right, I only weighed 90 pounds and hadn’t had my period in over half a year and I also have a thing called PCOS.

I only found out he was trying to get me pregnant on purpose later because apparently he told my sisters that he was going to make sure that I’d never leave him.

Fucking psycho.

But yeah right after I got pregnant (but I didn’t know it yet because I was used to never having a period) I found out that he had some girl sleeping over at his house so we broke up. Signs were there that he was cheating on me nearly the entire time we were together, but of course I ignored them like a disillusioned dumb ass.

So, we were broken up and I didn’t find out until I was 3 months along that I was pregnant. We got back together and tried to make things work and for a little while I thought things were fine. But when we moved into our apartment together that was some of the darkest times of my life. I cried all of the time and I was so unhappy because he was doing drugs and taking what little money I had.

Then I found out he cheated on me and got someone else pregnant.

That is when we officially broke up for good and it took nearly 5 months to kick him off the lease and get him out of my house. It was a horrible time in my life.

But that was 2 years ago and I survived even though I was pretty sure I wouldn’t.


P.S. wow, if no one reads this I don’t blame them. Holy fuck, I am so sorry that this is so long.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm 16 and I just feel like no guys like me! And I mean I don't really care. I don't want a serious relationship or anything, I'm just a teenager, but all my friends are getting boyfriends and I'm just embarrassed that I just had my first kiss this year! I just want to be able to flirt a little! How would you flirt but not come off slutty or desperate but still get slightly noticed?

Guess what? My first boyfriend wasn’t until after I graduated high school, I was 19. Furthermore, when I did give him my virginity that punk dumped me 2 weeks later. This is not a race, do not feel pressured because of how you measure up to your peers.

Secondly, society uses words like desperation and slut to hold us down. “Desperation” is confidence, own it. “Slut” is a shaming word used to make women who are confident in their sexuality feel bad about their desires.

Anyone who uses those words to try and define you can fuck off.

anonymous asked:

A lot of my friends have boyfriends. And I want one, I'm not desperate. And I don't wanna lower my standards. But, sometime I feel like my standards are to high. My friends always say that 'my Prince Charming is on his way' but, can he hurry up? What should I do? Lower my standards. Keep waiting? 

Lowering your standards to be in a relationship is like eating carrots and pretending it’s chocolate. Waiting for a wonderful relationship is better than rushing into a crappy one.