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Dear Lukas, I made my account just so I can keep up with all your works. Your work always makes my day. I just want to thank you for always making me feel better when I'm in times of giving up. You're my strength eversince. I've been suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar for 2 years now and I've been just healed this week. I feel better now and I'm finally back in reality. I don't know where to start again with my life because I don't have any friends anymore. I only have my fam, God and you.

You have no idea how happy I am to read this message of yours. I am so proud of you for winning against the monsters in your head, for not giving up. Take your time in life, love. Don’t rush yourself to begin your life at other’s pace. Take your own step and give yourself time. Friends come and go, and I’m sure they will find their way to you. I wish you all the best in life. Do take good care of yourself, love.

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Hi so I have an interview for an elementary music position and I'm terrified bc I've never done one before and I don't know what to expect and I don't even know if I want it anymore pls help bc my anxiety is getting the best of me thanks

I’ll put this in some steps for you.


2. Interviewing does not indicate in anyway that you HAVE to take a job if it’s offered to you. I once interviewed for a position (and this only worked because I knew the person interviewing me) and said halfway through that I realized the position was not for me. If that’s the case then take that interview as experience for other jobs.  If you realize you wanted the position but don’t get it  , it was just not your time. Your moment will DEFINITELY come.

3. Expect everything. They once had my friend show them how to whip and nay nay in a music interview, so…legit anything. 

4. Always come prepared with questions. I don’t suggest asking about salary out right (because it makes you seem like you’re only in it for the $$$). Look up some simple interview questions or ask them why they chose to continue working at the school.

5. You’re amazing no matter what and your path will never be clear, but you will survive this. <3

Let us know how it goes!


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Part 1. Don't you think it would be a big mistake not to put anything explicit between bellarke this season? By explicit I mean a confession and/or a kiss. They're always moving forward. It's like the nature of their relationship changed every season, enemies, co-leaders, friends, best friends, friends with romantic feelings. If they don't take the next step they could stagnate. I'm not being a shipper, I'm talking as a viewer of shows.

Part 2. The slow burn ships reach a point where they have to happen, not because shippers want but because it’s transparent where they’re going, it’s on the scripts they’re writing and the “will they or won’t they” doesn’t work anymore. Casual viewers can get bored and shippers can start to lose interest. They have to give the viewers something solid. I really hope writers to be smart and not to get afraid of feedbacks.

Part 3. I’m expecting them to be reunited at the end of 4x09, then in the next episodes to get more obvious than ever and something huge in the episode 12 since it has been written by Aaron and I feel it’s gonna be an “intimate” episode with few characters (bc everyone will be in the bunker I guess)

Honestly? Yes, I think it would be a mistake not to have anything more explicit than we have gotten between Bellarke in Season 4.

I don’t think that the timing has been quite right earlier in the season. Bellamy and Clarke needed to separate to flesh out their individual journeys more, which is why I loved 4x07 and 4x08. But now they’re coming back together in either 4x09 or 4x10 I’m assuming and there are six days left to survive and the nature of Bellamy and Clarke’s journeys conveniently push them together. 

Clarke is now learning to let loose a little bit and take a moment for herself (the 4x07 bedroom scene) and she’s moving on from L.exa. Bellamy’s journey is in part about saving himself, and part of that could make him open to a relationship with Clarke, something I doubt he would have allowed himself before.

I don’t think that Bellarke has stagnated, I think the writers have been saving the romantic stuff for the back end of the season (as they should - lets be honest with ourselves - 4A would have been too soon for a romance between Bellarke if they don’t want us to mistaken Bellamy as a rebound, which he definitely isn’t). The stakes are higher now, the clock is ticking. Our characters have a clear direction in their character arcs now and they’re finally ready to join each other again to work towards a final solution. Emotions will be running high. Aaron has an episode coming up. 

Honestly? Things are looking good for Bellarke. It would make sense for something to happen in the next few episodes (I think if any episodes this season, it will be 4x12). 

However, I don’t think that we necessarily need a kiss or even an “I love you” for their feelings to become explicit. I think an almost kiss could do the trick, because it basically confirms that the romantic feelings are there, and offers a promise of a future. It squashes any idea of Bellarke being platonic, essentially, which I think is what Season 4 needs to accomplish.

There are other ways besides an actual confession or a kiss to show that Bellarke is romantic, so I’d be willing to accept anything else that is explicit if we don’t get either of those things. I still think a kiss is pretty likely though. :)

The only reason that I think its possible they might hold off on a kiss is because I’ve read the finale spoilers and, contrary to what some people are saying, I have reason to believe that they are still real. And because of what is in them, I can envision pretty clearly a really angsty Bellarke storyline the writers might be planning that would result in canon Bellarke within the first half of Season 5. 

But EVEN if they go that route, we still could get other forms of “confirmation” - more or less - that Bellarke is not Platonic. 

I think people are getting antsy because it’s been almost a month and half we’ve waited without any new Bellarke, because of this hiatus. The energy I’m seeing on my dash is pretty similar to the energy between episodes 3x06 and 3x10 last year, where we waited two months with no Bellarke (except even worse then). I know it may feel like there hasn’t been any true Bellarke development but I think the reason for that is as you already stated: Bellarke is ready to happen. They’ve developed enough that its difficult to develop their relationship anymore without making them romantic. The writers have just been holding the romance for 4B, so we should start seeing some development from here on forth.

Also, just wanted to add that we don’t actually know that Aaron and Wade are writing 4x12. We know they’re writing 4x10. I think that, if any writers are writing two episodes this season (besides JR), its most likely him (since he’s a co-executive producer) so *fingers crossed*. It does add up that they would write that episode since they have always written the episode prior to the finale ever since Season 2 (when they joined the writers team) so I’m hopeful about it.

Art Reference Masterpost

So people don’t have to go digging through my tag for tutorials. :D

Aging Faces / Eyes / Faces / Noses /  Noses 2 and Ears / Faces 2

Expressions / Expressions 2



Pose References / Getting Started / Perspective / Getting Started 2 / Poses 2


Bodies / Bodies 2 / Poses 3 / Getting Started 3


Neck  / Eyes 2 / Faces 3 / Faces 4

Legs / Hips /  Feet / Feet 2

Chest / Torso

Facial Hair / Hair / Hair 2 / Horns

@kadustuniverse I know you wanted to get started drawing, so I hope these help. :3

can i get some uhhhh art requests so i can practice digital art please ???

i’ll draw fictional characters, ocs/fan characters and celebrities i guess !! i won’t do anythng nsfw and i won’t do ship art/ multiple people, and please specify if you want a portrait or a full body drawing !! 

just send an ask and i’ll try to get to work on it asap !

also this post is ok to rb to help spread the word

"You'll get in trouble with them if you wear it all the time, 
Jack.. "

"I don't care. I'm not gonna take it off."

BlackIce WeekDay #2 - “Two Kings”

Finally finished it.. took me long enough to even get an idea what to draw. And I actually don’t know if I’m still in time… but I don’t care anymore, cause it’s 5.30am over here and I’m freakin’ tired. Good night~ 

How to start a new semster

I’m going into my first year of University and I have no idea what to expect. But I always had a certain routine before going back to school. Maybe you want to use some of this tips as well.

1. When you want a new start, cut your hair. I did this yesterday and I feel more prepared for uni😂 Sounds strange, I know, but it works.

2. Re-organize your room and/or table. Declutter all your stuff. Throw away everything you don’t need anymore and start fresh into the new semester.

3. Make some back to school shopping. Buy the essentials and some sweet little items which will make you happy. Don’t buy aesthetic stuff you will never need. It’s a waste of money that you may need later.

4. Buy some snacks. As soon the stress starts you are prepared.

5. Make a new playlist with songs which help you concentrate.

6. Buy a new planner or start a new page in your bullet journal. Write down the important stuff, your timetable, names, phone numbers, dates.

7. Don’t stress. Talk with friends when you’re insecure or write a page into your journal.

8. Be excited!

This is a gift for a friend of mine in Guild Wars 2 of his Norn Guardian Jagen.

He helped me out a lot in the game, taught me a lot, gave me gifts to help me improve/just for fun, and I wanted to give him something in return since he’s going to be quitting the game indefinitely after this weekend. So I had to make it Jagen using the legendary sword Twilight, since he’s a badass.

And hey, it’ll be something cooler for him to put on his desktop besides the silly sketch I did of his charr with my asura. 

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I really want to have hope for destiel I really do. and the whole hannah thing is really looking to be a false romantic lead... I just don't know how to have hope anymore because I feel like she'll be a false romantic lead and nothing will come of it. I hate to bring this to your askbox but I feel like you always have positive thoughts and I really want to be positive.

Oh no, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time to be positive!  The only advice I can give you is to do what works for me (so ymmv)- when I’m feeling less than positive about the show, I take a moment to look at 1) what we know about the structure so far, 2) how TPTB in Carver-era utilize that structure in general, and 3) what indication there has ever been that maybe it won’t happen, and whether or not that even begins to outweigh all the evidence that it will happen.

Putting it under a cut because this got kinda long.

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I've lost 11 pages of my most loved work, swallowed by my computer. They were the most beautiful written, the centre of my story, the other pages doen't work without it. I'm sad, desperate, angry. I don't know if I want to write anymore.

The way I see it, you’ve got two options:

1) Give up. If you quit writing, those eleven pages will have been your best work forever. 

2) Grit your teeth and keep writing. Losing work is infuriating, but it happens. You’ll write better things if you keep working. A year, five, ten years from now, if you keep up with writing, your skills will have leveled up so much that if the eleven lost darlings did reappear by magic, they wouldn’t be nearly as good as what you’d be making. 

It’s up to you which to go with. 


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Is there a chance that management refuses interview's opportunities because the boys themselves don't want to do it anymore. It's pretty obvious to me that they're fed up with answering questions they've been asked a million times. I don't know, maybe they don't want to do it, or maybe they're happy with the fact that they don't have to do it anymore ?

1. These band members work their fucking ASSES OFF for their success.

2. Not doing interviews hurts their careers.

3. Do you really think they would choose to hurt their careers because they’re sick of the questions, but continue to put with the 843958095 other pieces of crap they have to put up with for their careers.

4. Do you really think their management would kowtow to the band members’ desires to not deal with stupid interview questions, without caring about how not doing interviews would hurt the bottom line?

5. Their management would tell them to suck it up and do it, regardless of how they feel. Because that’s how it’s always worked.

The whole context tells you

1. MM is on their way out. They are replacing 1D with 5sos.

2. MM and 1D have bad blood between them.

3. MM would not actually have a lot of incentive right now to do more than they have to in order to not get sued.

I think that the 1D members are not happy with how they’ve been marketed for a very long time now. But MM continues to market them that way, regardless of how 1D members feel. They wouldn’t just say, ‘okay if you don’t want to do interviews anymore you don’t have to no matter what it does to the bottomline’.

No, the lack of interviews is not the boys’ fault.

What I Want pt. 2
  • (radio beeps)
  • Wash: (panting from exertion) Armonia? Hello? We've eliminated the space pirate force and disabled a radio jammer, and we need to talk to anyone who's there! HELLO?
  • (silence)
  • Wash: You've been betrayed by your mercenaries! They set this whole thing up so that your two groups would destroy each other and everyone would die. You don't have to worry about them anymore! But you do need to STOP FIGHTING IMMEDIATELY...HELLO?!
  • (silence)
  • Doyle: Hello, Agent Washington. Sorry for the delay...
  • Kimball: We've just been working out a peace treaty. We realized we're all tired of fighting, and that further loss of life won't get either of us closer to what we want.
  • Wash: ...
  • Wash: ...
Not In That Way. A Gail x Holly songfic.

Instructions : 1.Go listen to this song (even if you’re not going to read this go listen. You’ll thank yourself later!) 2. Then read :)

A/N: This is quite possibly my favourite song ever I couldn’t stop thinking about Gail and Holly when I listened to it so I wrote a thing. 

A/N 2: Italics are lyrics. I do not own this song. It belongs to Sam Smith.

‘Gail, c'mon, it’s gonna be great!’

'Chloe, it’s kareoke, it is most definitely going to be terrible’

'Holly’s going to be there, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to sing!’

'Holly can sing?’

'Gail are you kidding? Holly is the best singer I know, we used to go camping with all our friends when we were in high school and Holly always brought her guitar and would sing for us. Sometimes she even wrote her own songs. It was amazing’

'I’ve never heard her’

'Gail then you have to come!  I know you like Holly more than you like me, even though I am the mutual friend so you should both want to be my best friend not each others, but you guys clearly get on really well and I want to go out with my friends so please come and I will deal with my insecurities that you guys are going to freeze me out and make me the third wheel’.

'Well fine. I suppose I can make it if Holly’s going to be there. But you should probably invite some other people for when we abandon you’

'Wow thanks Gail’ Chloe responds with a deadpan expression.

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So are you going to get the surgery or are you just scared? Or don't want it anymore because didn't thousands of people donate for you to be like jk never mind

It’s still happening. 

I was locked down with a major television network for five months to film my surgery and recovery for an episode of their series. Then suddenly out of nowhere really recently, they sent me a 2 sentence email saying “we decided not to move forward. thank you.”

They made me sign a contract so I couldn’t look for other networks while I worked with them. My surgeon, his publicist team and I have to start looking again from scratch. 

I had a dream of sharing my story with all of the people who decided to help me, and after I was dicked around for months they just suddenly dropped me out of fucking nowhere. I’m having a hard time.

We’re figuring out the next steps. I intend to have a definitive answer by latest, the 1 year anniversary of the video going viral, March 18th.

I’m more frustrated than anyone else about this, and I’m doing everything I can.


Alright guys, so while I’m trying to find work, I’m trying to contribute as much as home as I need, and the move basically wiped out all my finances. I have a few bills, and some commissions would go a long way to helping me out.

Rules are pretty simple, I can draw SFW or NSFW, any ship, up to 2 characters (but if you really want more we can talk about additional pricing), BGs are gonna be simple, any shading is gonna be pretty simple. 

Payment over paypal in USD, and I won’t ask for it until after your picture is done.

If you’re interested in something, toss me an ask or an email at jlbrosh@gmail.com. If you send an email please put ‘commission’ in the subject.

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there's a man who comes into the fast-food place where I work just to sit at a table and read the paper. I don't rlly care that he never buys anything, but he ALWAYS leaves his news paper, and sometimes other trash, at the table when he leaves! I mean c'mon dude, you have to walk past 2 trash cans to leave, if you don't want the paper anymore than throw it away yourself!

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How can I do a serious workout when I'm obese and out of shape? I don't want to make excuses anymore, but it honesty is hard to move around with the excess weight, and I get so tired after only a few minutes. How am I ever going to progress seriously? Thanks Sharee

Set yourself some workout goals. Weigtloss is not about killing yourself at a workout 4 hours a day. It’s about being consistent with your hard work. There are lots of ways to build up endurance and it’s also important to build up a routine of fitness.

You can start with walking and add jogging intervals. Walk for 2 minutes run for 20 seconds for a total of 45 minutes.
You can do this with about any form of exercises (swimming, cycling, jump roping)
You might also enjoy attending a Zumba class 8) Zumba it was got me addicted to fitness!!

My favorite show, Extreme Makeover Weightloss edition, would be a great source of motivation for you! My favorite episode is linked on my “motivation” page, check it out!