i don't wanna use the word ship but i will

i’m not saying anything but i am saying that personally i don’t blame dan and phil for hiding their (probable) relationship from the world 

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OK so my tumblr mom said she shipped you with Saeyoung so I had to see if you had any selfies on here.... holy shit, you are gorgeous. I kinda wanna draw you and Saeyoung now (i hope thats not weird!!!) (●´ω`●)



(also, this sounds like it was @serensama‘s fault.. she has like 10000 tumblr babies as far as I know)

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Thank you for the sweet words!! And omg please feel free to draw me with my husbando, I accept any all art of us together (hence why my extra ass commissioned an icon of Saeyoung and I together, lolol).

But seriously, the sentiment is sweet enough, please don’t feel like you need to draw anything! 

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sorry but- what's the big difference between "matching tattoos" and "complementary tattoos"? i mean, i love HL and im in your team just English is not my first language and i've always used both for them? i don't wanna mess up words hahah sorry if it sounds kinda dumb

matching tattoos = you and your friend decide to get something together, like for instance you both get the same flower tattooed

complementary tattoos = one is not complete without the other, for example ship and compass, rope and anchor, heart and arrow. they are a set