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Shout out to all the flat chested cow monsters because my god have you ever looked into the Cow Monster tag? It’s just massive tits. Like, I get it. It’s a cow, they make milk, but not all of them have to have monster boobies.

(A cute Cow who works at Crepe Escape with scramble the Egg Slime. His name is Malk.)

SuperCorp & Sanvers w/ kids

I was talking to @lesbianlena about this and I really gotta make a masterpost of headcanons bc I have Feels™

  • Alex and Maggie would get kids first.
  • Lena wouldn’t want kids bc she’s scared she’d be like Lillian and she doesn’t want that.
  • Kara reassures her that she’d be the best mom bc she’s already a great wife with so much love to give and also she’s seen her with Alex’s kids
  • Sanvers kids LOVE their auntie Lena
  • Lena’s not really comfortable around (Sanvers’) kids at first bc she just doesn’t know how to act around them. But she loves them so much.
  • She buys them something and then they’re like “thanks, auntie Lena!” and hug her for the first time anD LENA JUST MELTS
  • @lesbianlena​: omg imagine them just thinking she’s so amazing and smart??? imagine if alex and maggie had a kid around like 3yo and it’s the time for “but why?” kind of questions and the kid just being so curious and asking about lena about Science and lena being patient and trying to explain as simply as she can
  • She wants those kids to have everything so she spoils them. But then Kara tells her that she shouldn’t buy kids toys that their parents can’t afford. She thinks that it makes Alex and Maggie uncomfortable and also they’re trying to teach their kids to value things other than money
  • Sanvers kids would ofc want to play with guns bc their mommies are their heroes. Lena is horrified and is like “pls let me take them to theater instead”
  • Kids still love guns more, but Lena tried XD
  • OK OK BUT Kara and Lena would adopt older kids, bc those kids have less chances to be adopted and they just really want to give kids their best chances and they can afford to spoil them
  • Kara wants a big, loving family bc she’s used to having one. Lena wants the same bc she never had one.
  • Lena remembers how Lillian tried to buy her love with expensive gifts so she stops with those. She notices that quality time with the fam is all that the kids need :3
  • Their son would eat so much food and Lena would be like “are u sure that he’s not a kryptonian?”
  • Alex and Maggie would take the kids to park at least twice a week. Bc they’re really busy with work but they made a promise not to let that get in the way of their parenting
  • Maggie loves making sandcastles with kids ok this is 100% canon I know this
  • Alex reads them bedtime stories. Or sometimes tells them about her missions as if they were stories
  • Kara just reaaally wants to take all of the kids flying but she doesn’t wanna burden them with that secret when they’re so young
  • ok but what if one of Kara’s kids wants to become a cop, and one of Alex’s kids wants to be a journalist like auntie Kara
  • also one of the kids would want to be a scientist and both Lena and Alex are just so damn happy to have someone to share that with
  • ok but all 4 of them (Kara, Lena, Maggie, Alex) are scared of mama Danvers bc they think that she’s like the ultimate awesome mom and they think that they can’t compare. but Eliza thinks that they’re doing a great job w/ kids
  • Maggie’s parents would also come to visit and maybe babysit the kids sometimes
  • JAMES AND WINN AS UNCLES. just all the piggyback rides tbh
  • Uncle Winn would play games with them 24/7 and James would make them fall in love with photography
  • Imagine how full their house would be at Thanksgiving or Christmas
  • I want James to be a dad, too. Maybe James and Lucy would have a kid? Is that still a healthy relationship? It could be.
  • Ok but gay uncles Winn and Mon-El
  • Family photo with all of them in front of a huge Christmas tree, they’ve never been happier.

pls add more I just love this

A little something something in honour of Jared-in-tight-Tshirts day

“Jesus, Sammy,” says Dean, “did that shrink in the wash?” It wouldn’t be the first time. Laundromats are always a slightly unstable quantity. Dean’s lost all kinds of beloved clothing over the years. (The Stanford T-shirt Sam mailed him during his first semester at college. A vintage Iron Maiden tour T-shirt he’d picked up for cents at a Goodwill in Philly. Shreds of pink satin, six months after Rhonda Hurley, pulled and pocketed surreptitious from a malfunctioning machine outside Cleveland.) 

Sam looks down at his chest, at the logo straining tight across the taut-pulled fabric. “No-oo?” he says. Dean raises an eyebrow. 

Two patches of pink blossom rosy over Sam’s cheekbones. “I went shopping,” he says, “the other weekend. In Kansas City. When I went to see that film.” 

“Yeah,” says Dean, carefully neutral. 

“Well,” says Sam. “The sales assistant. Uh. I did think it was a little tight but.” He rubs a hand over the back of his neck. The movement tugs the T-shirt even tighter, emphasising the curved lines of Sam’s pecs, the rounded swell of his bicep. “Threw it in half-price,” he mumbles. “Said it would be a shame.” 

Dean’s amused, mostly. Sammy’s taste in clothes is… idiosyncratic. He can’t imagine his brother in the kind of boutique that might sell him something like this. He tries to picture her, the salesgirl, heart-eyed over this big scruffy scarecrow. She was probably tiny, tiny and glamorous and young. 

“Lady-killer,” he says. 

Sam turns pinker, looks up to meet Dean’s eye. Aw, Sammy, Dean wants to say. He doesn’t quite understand how Sam can still be so clueless around women, so surprised every time he gets hit on. And it doesn’t sound like this chick was trying too hard to be subtle. Half-price. 

Then, “Who says it was a lady?” Sam says, and Dean’s world tilts a little bit sideways. The tiny blonde saleswoman in his head dissolves, resolving into a hard-bodied, chisel-chinned dude, a guy looking Sam up and down as he twists in the mirror. This isn’t. Dean doesn’t.

He blinks at his brother, open-mouthed, but Sam’s already shrugging, looking away. “Yeah, I don’t know. You’re right, it’s… I’ll go take it off.”

“Hey, no,” Dean says without thinking, his own cheeks heated now, tingling-flush with an indefinable anxiety. “Leave it, Sam. It looks good.” 

Sam wrinkles his nose. 

“Really,” Dean says. His eyes skitter again over Sam’s chest, the breadth of his shoulders, the veins that twist down his arms. “You look good,” he says.

Sabrina’s Icon Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make simple icons, and make them fast? This is the post FOR YOU. I constantly brag about my 1,500 icons for each of my muses, all simply edited and edited fast with minimal effort on my end.
(Note, this tutorial ISN’T how I edit my icons, but how I make editing them easier on myself.)

For this tutorial, you will need:
Photoshop! I use CS6 and while these features might be in earlier versions, I suggest getting CS6 to make things easier on yourself!
Icons to edit! Make sure you’re allowed to edit your icons if you download them from someone else’s icon set. 

If you are cropping your icons yourself, try to save the image with the artist’s URL- that way, you can credit the artist if someone asks for it, and you can delete the icon if the artist comes and asks you not to use their art.
If you didn’t crop your icons yourself, don’t worry about it, but please remember to be respectful if an artist approaches you and asks you to stop using a certain icon that uses their art! If they say to stop, stop using the icon and delete it like they asked you to.

That said, let’s get right into this! If a part has confused you, please don’t be afraid to head to my inbox and ask me for clarification!
Also note that this is MY METHOD of making icons- there is no Right or Wrong way to make icons. This is simply how I do them, and how I edit 1,500+ icons in a matter of 10 minutes.

Image-Heavy tutorial below the cut!

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Tag Game

I was tagged by @iicraft505 (thanks buddy!)

1. Coke or Pepsi? I mostly drink coke, aka spicy juice.

2. Disney or Dreamworks? Dreamworks.

3. Coffee or Tea? Tea. Coffee is an adult drink.

4. Books or Movies? Both, except I don’t know how to read.

5. Windows or Mac? Windows.

6. DC or Marvel? Whichever one has Batman.

7. Xbox or Playstation? Xbox I guess, but I mostly play PC games.

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect? I have never played or watched either.

9. Night Owl or Early Riser? Night owl, unfortunately.

10. Cards or Chess? You can do more things with cards, so those I guess. I play Uno with my family.

11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, hell yeah.

12. Vans or Converse? Converse!!

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar? I can’t tell if these are regions from Lord of the Rings or baby names made up by suburban moms from Utah.

14. Fluff or Angst? I need literature that makes me cry. If no characters suffer, why read it?

15. Beach or Forest? I can’t decide. Either is fine if I’m with friends. I really love exploring forests.

16. Dogs or Cats? Cats, but they’re assholes.

17. Clear Skies or Rain? Fuck rain, I’ve had enough. I’m moving to Saskatchewan.

18. Cooking or Eating Out? Cooking, but I never do it lol.

19. Spicy or Mild Food? I’m white.

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas? Halloween. You can’t dress up as a goff vampire stanist on Christmas.

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? I’m already too hot.

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Flying, but it has to be like flying really fast. I don’t have enough patience for flying at walking speed.

23. Animation or Live Action? Animation.

24. Paragon or Renegade? Again, are these Lord of the Rings regions, or Utah baby names?

25. Bath or Shower? Bubble baths, buddy.

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: Iron Man.

27. Fantasy or Sci-fi? FANTASY. That was the genre I wanted to focus on when I was planning a career in writing, lol.

28. Do you have 3 or 4 favourite quotes, and if so what are they? I have a lot, I’m sorry. Here we go:

“Never give up on a dream in the arts, okay?” My Art/Photography teacher

“Drown me in my daily cup of tea
Tell the porcupines to quit stabbing me” Melanie Martinez, Dear Porcupine

“Ain’t it funny how we lose one day
And a lifetime slips away” Indigo Girls, Dairy Queen

“Life is only precious because it ends, kid. Take it from a god. You mortals don’t know how lucky you are.” Heroes of Olympus

“Nico’s eyes looked like shattered glass. Percy wondered sadly if something inside him had broken permanently.” Heroes of Olympus

“The tragedy was always
That there was nothing she could do.
For her daughter’s protest was not with her
Or her family
Or their house
Or her school
It was with the world.
Amina just didn’t think it was worth her while.” The Domino Effect, Fin Kennedy

“There she is in the corridor like always. As though she’s been asleep these past two days.” Girls Like That, Evan Placey

“The sun’s so strong today.
Don’t sit out here all day, dreaming.” Fugee, Abi Morgan

29. YouTube or Netflix? YouTube, because I’m too lazy to sign into my Netflix account and also it has music.

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? I love Harry Potter, but I think it’s clear by now that I’m a huge fan of Rick Riordan’s books, so…

31. When do you feel accomplished? After a play that I do really well in.

32. Star Wars or Star Trek? I’ve never seen Star Trek, and only some of Star Wars.

33. Paperback Books or Hardcover Books? Don’t make me choose omg. Paperbacks are easier to hold while I’m reading them I guess, but I like hardcovers for the novelty lmao.

34. Fantastic Beasts or Cursed Child? I still haven’t seen either of them and I’ve been meaning to. I liked the Fantastic Beasts book though, but that was a bit different.

35. Rock or Pop Music? I’d say my favourite music genre is actually pop rock lol. But generally I think I like pop more. There’s nothing wrong with feel-good music.

36. What is the most important thing in your life? Katya.

37. Mountains or Sea/Ocean? The ocean.

38. Name a couple of songs you’ve been really into recently:

Breezeblocks, alt-J
Santa Baby, Eartha Kitt
One For The Road, Arctic Monkeys
Stressed Out, Twenty One Pilots
Do I Wanna Know, Arctic Monkeys
S&M, Rihanna

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My dad has been taken off of blood thinners because they almost killed him, and it turns out he was only on them to make life easier for the nurses at the dialysis center.

On the bright side, he can now have all the coleslaw and broccoli he wants! Now the only thing we have to monitor in his diet is his fluid intake and his potassium levels! Last week was horrible but this makes up for it as he is a notoriously picky and moody eater.

Week 1

Alright, I think this will be a good way to keep myself motivated and working towards my fitness goals: a weekly update. If you don’t want these posts cluttering your dash I will be tagging them as “fitjosh,” so feel free to blacklist it or whatever its called. 

I got a membership to Crunch Fitness on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. It is my first time ever doing so. Most of my past exercise was done in various classes for college credit or, when I was still working there, at the Tae Kwon Do Dojang that I was teaching at. 

I spent most of my time stretching and limbering up, running through some very light kicking techniques in the big open spot where they hold zumba classes and stuff. Its kind of a free area with a lot of space, and you’re allowed to be barefoot in there. I ran through a few of the custom forms that we put together at my school (mostly just blocking techniques while in a horse stance), and then the first few forms. I made it through Il jang, Ee jang, Sam jang, and Sa jang before I wasn’t able to maintain form throughout the whole form, then switched over to the heavy bag for about ten, fifteen minutes. I’m gonna have to get used to kicking the hanging heavy bags because so much of my kicking experience is from the paddles/mits or standing bags. The impact when I do round/roundhouse kicks hurts my knees hahahaha. I have to wear shoes when I kick them though and that feels so weiiiird I don’t like it. 

I’m gonna brink my escrima stick for extra bone conditioning, try to take some videos of me training, and get in another session on Friday. I’m still recovering hahahaha. 

My biggest weakness is my stamina. It was always an issue for me growing up because of how rapidly my weight would fluctuate. I was in really good shape in high school and then I just EXPLODED and put on like fifty pounds, and I was never really able to get in the time to train my stamina up with that added weight. Now its biting me in the ass hahahaha. but I’ll get there! When my stamina starts improving and I’m not “can barely walk” sore after my martial arts workouts, I’ll start working in lifting and resistance training machines. 

Oh, and I took a cold shower this morning. Holy shit do I feel amazing. I also burned 400 calories walking today hahahaha. I had so many errands to do.

Anyway, I’ll have an update next week, where I’ll talk about my first session with a personal trainer, and my attempts to take cold showers every day. See ya!


pouty baby nation

I was tag by @2jaesmile​ to do the bias selfie tag but I can’t even say I have a bias because my heart loves all of got7 that it can’t decide or maybe it’s just a hoe??? lately I’ve been really heart eyes mood at youngjae and yugyeom that I nicknamed them my y boys lmaooooo I think this was for the ultimate bias tag tho??? but I couldn’t decide so i’m gonna blame the fact the i’m a gemini and the symbol is the twins meaning nothing??? I don’t really know where I was going with that (My selfie is pretty bad lmao)

I tag @wangpuppo@jaebumsbb@seoulscapes@greenismyhomie@wewereborntomakevictuuri@holupslut@smollwendy@shit-aesthetics

Here’s to all the trans or non-binary or agender folk with large breasts. Here’s to the ones that even when they bind they can’t get completely flat without injuring themselves. Here’s to the people who struggle to find clothes that suit them because no matter what they wear it still looks like they have breasts. Here’s to the kids with the DD cups and spend their days tugging at their shirts to try and make it flat. Your gender does not depend on whether or not your chest is flat, your breasts do not define your gender. You are beautiful, no matter what.