i don't wanna tag the show tbh

im sincerely so pissed at people disowning the show, the fandom and even Clarke before even watching the freaking episode

fine if you wanna do it after. After is great, after is freaking fine, after you have ALL the info you need

but now? Now with 0.5 footage and random people’s speculations only? are people that easily swayed? 

leave the fandom already, good riddance, what were you doing here in the first place

anonymous asked:

i used to work at a very famous mice-themed theme park that offers internships to college students to do minimum wage park operations jobs (and tbh it's the best). my internship was in custodial and guests loved using me and my friends/coworkers as examples to show their kids "why they should go to college if they don't wanna end up cleaning shit like us" all while we're wearing name tags boasting the names of our colleges and universities..............

do people who are anti zimbits realize how little representation there is of happy gay couples in anything and that they’re not calling for the main character to end up with anyone else, and that the comic isn’t going to continue for all of bitty’s life (probably) and that breaking them up would be taking away another happy mlm couple………………..


“luster, redux" 
gouache, acrylic, and ink on wood, 12x12" 

there’s an event in my city where 100 local artists are given a panel and create a piece for a gallery showing. the artists don’t sign their work and at the end of the night there’s a raffle where you can pick one of the anonymous paintings off the wall and take it home! it’s a really fun show, but i hate giving up my paintings…