i don't wanna tag the show tbh


I got tagged by the babe @cantbeatus to show my lock screen, home screen, last selfie I took and last song I listened to. HURRRR IT IS.

I tag @papirafinha @neymardefensesquad @terfinhaaa @thirstegen and any other homies who wanna do it

p.s. lmao @ the shitty lighting in my room, but peep that kehlani YSBH inspired art deco in my mirror 😉

do people who are anti zimbits realize how little representation there is of happy gay couples in anything and that they’re not calling for the main character to end up with anyone else, and that the comic isn’t going to continue for all of bitty’s life (probably) and that breaking them up would be taking away another happy mlm couple………………..

whom here

wants to hold me but also punch me in the throat bc my cat hasn’t come home so he’s either
with God
or someone snatched him and won’t give him back even though his tag has my number on it :)