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so i finally finished that persona 4 wip i posted like way back in dec… for the persona zine which is? on hiatus right now? but as soon as the organization gets going again, i’m gonna post another preview!

thanks all for being patient with me even though i don’t draw that much cries;; i know my art is boring but i’m trying my hand at more bgs and painting these days – gotta work hard and push myself!! ><)9

She started to sniffle again, and he put a fatherly arm around her. She pulled close, trying to use his warmth to push away the pain.

someday i’ll do this scene proper justice… it’s one of my favorites.

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I don't ship TicciMask but your responses and stuff keep showing up in the creepypasta tag and I just wanna say I love your art!! And I think the scenarios u put Toby and Tim in are super awesome and cute!! Keep it up friend

Well thank you very much! I’m glad a non-shipper actually enjoys my stuff. :)

Azula Week - Day Five: Throne

A prompt that could’ve gone the entire opposite way, for as we know, Azula is canonically not sitting that throne anytime soon… but ahahaha, I’m too much of an Azula fan to deny myself the pleasure of seeing her ruling while being perfectly sane, sorry not sorry!

That throne can prove hard to draw, references don’t exactly abound, but I did all I could. The reference for Azula’s outfit is shamelessly inspired by this great Fire Lord Azula cosplay, I borrowed many of its elements but went simpler in some of them as well.

I honestly had tried to draw other fanarts with Fire Lord Azula before, but unfortunately I failed until now (in turn, it’s fortunate I succeeded this time around :’D). It may not be the greatest Fire Lord Azula art ever, but believe me, it’s better than all my other attempts put together xD

Hope you guys like it!

It must be chemistry, some magical, maddening balance – or imbalance – between them, the sort of thing that people write books about and sing songs about, that sends them fucking mad.

Keep the Car Running by writeivywrite


Enda helps Cole with his eye-contact issues sometimes. 

Was especially getting some autistic!Cole feels, but this can be interpreted however you prefer. :) 

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Charisk soul touch please? You don't have to if you don't wanna

Thanks for giving me the excuse to draw charisk soul touching ahaha-

I put it under read more cause the pictures look ginormous from my iphone so I apologize for that.

Read with caution for Chara being a little poophead.

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Tonight’s OTP trash art is brought to you by peach schnapps and diet coke

So like it’s snowing outside again and it looks really nice, especially when it’s all quiet at 3am?? Well, it isn’t 3am anymore, more like 6am uhhhh I have way too many ideas for what to draw and it’s overwhelming, so have this in the meantime.








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