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Me in 7 requested by anon (this one is based on a conversation i had with my friend. We discussed how “great” i would be as a detective xD)

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Just a reminder

I know everyone is excited for BTS at the BBMAs and we all should be, the boys have come so far and achieved so much and it honestly makes me so proud. 

But guys please please remember to respect the other artists at the show, especially if they interact with BTS. A lot of these artists the boys actually like and look up to and are excited to meet to please try remember that even if the artist in question isn’t necessarily one you personally like. 

An example is The Chainsmokers, there are lots of posts going around with them deliberately and maliciously cut out of their photos with BTS  - guys please try not to this so much because please remember that ARMYs behaviour reflects on BTS, we could make the boys look bad by being disrespectful towards the other artists 
Now i’m not saying you have to like for example The Chainsmokers - hell personally i’m not that fond of how they sound - but still BTS are obviously excited to meet them 
(probably some of them more that others, i mean there’s 7 of them they’re all gonna have different music tastes)

Now i know not everyone is doing this with malicious intention, it’s ok if you’re just trying to collect pics of the boys, there’s nothing wrong with that.
Just please remember to be as respectful as possible about any interactions BTS have with the other artists. (Unless an artist is rude to them or just really rude in general there is no reason we can’t be polite)
This is a huge night for them and it will be fun so we should all enjoy it as much as possible 

thank you <3 

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"i needed leliana in my party to open locks and i bring zevran everywhere the dog was just a bad choice" is the most relatable tag i've seen in a while

this is my first time playing as a mage and I’m kinda lost without my usual party dynamic from when I always play as a rogue tbh (which is Wynne, Zevran, Shale/Alistair) 

I could just level up Zevran to be able to pick locks so that I only have one rogue in my party but I’m so used to just putting all his points into constitution and strength so that he doesn’t die so easily and can wear better armor and Leliana is already maxed out on her lockpicking so I end up taking them both with me without even thinking about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



A kid I met before invited me in a group, told me nothing, and just put us in that custom game. I never laughed that much in my life, especially:
-All the fast tap tap from hanzo’s feet
-How you go flying just by climbing stuff
-Ryu ga-Ryu ga wag- Ryu ga w-
-One of them is called Kaplan

Special mention to those two Hanzo flying that made me lost my shit:

Where do people get the idea that Straight people, and by that I mean people with full access to straight privilege, would ever want to identify with a non-straight identity or be associated with the lgbt+ community in any way?

When has a heterosexual, heteroromantic, cisgender, perisex person ever thought to themselves: “Wow, I want a pride parade too! Time to make up a new identity that I can call myself, so I can be just like the gays!”

Instead of thinking: “wow, I want a pride parade too! Why isn’t there a straight pride march? Those fucking gays, oppressing us straight folks!”

Seriously. Straight people don’t want to change their label to be a part of the lgbt+ community. If they want to be associated with us at all, they’ll do it under the banner of an ally.

There is no epidemic of straight people wanting to be a part of the lgbt+ community. People who want to join the community have a reason to want that, and that reason is that they actually are part of an oppressed minority, even if you don’t understand their weird new labels.

If they didn’t need the community, they wouldn’t want to get in.