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Here's a Cassian/Jyn plot for you: Everyone in the Alliance knows they're bloody in love with the other, except them. Or in which Cassian and Jyn pine for each other for years. Any headcanons?

shit, i live for this trope: 

  • bodhi figures it out first. he sees the way jyn’s eyes light up when cassian comes into the mess and notices how cassian always stands up a little straighter when jyn joins them for briefing. he hears how they gush about each other, singing praises to the high heavens, totally unprompted. he’s got a mental tally of how many times they do something couple-y, but loses track after three days.
  • princess leia isn’t much for gossip, but even she can’t avoid some of the more junior recruits huddled around x-wings between runs. they just assume jyn and cassian are fucking, but leia brushes it off. then she takes a closer look, sees how their arguments are full of passion and their normal conversations are full of unfiltered happiness. it reminds her of…well, then that settles it. just gossip. they clearly just respect each other.
  • baze and chirrut aren’t quite sure what to make of jyn and cassian at first. baze thinks they might just be doing some kind of mating dance around each other, but chirrut thinks it must be something deeper. when they catch cassian screaming his head off at jyn for getting hurt on a mission, they know it’s love. at least, that’s how it’s always been for them – constant worry because one of them just happens to be a smartass. baze laughs because he knows cassian has a long life of that yelling ahead of him. 
  • luke gets it from bodhi. “they’re totally in love with each other!” bodhi says one day while they’re eating lunch together. luke doesn’t get it at first, but then he sees the warmth in cassian’s eyes when he looks at jyn. it matches the way he looks at bodhi, so he just smiles to himself and nods along the next time bodhi brings it up. 
  • once han starts paying attention (at chewie’s insistence) he figures it out immediately. the way jyn seems to purposefully antagonize cassian to get a rise out of him is…exactly what he does with leia, if he’s being honest. (the way she looks so lost when cassian’s gone resonates with him – he feels for that scrappy little rebel).
  • shockingly, it takes kaytoo the longest to make the connection. he notices the little things – upticks in cassian’s body temperature and strange blood flow patterns – but assumes its just his human male biology being an inconvenience. after all, he sees that in a lot of the recruits when jyn’s around. but then he notices the same things in jyn when she’s around cassian. their symptoms don’t go away – he can cross out alien virus – so he does some research and comes to this conclusion: romantic love.
  • jyn and cassian figure it out dead last. they’re arguing in the mess – not an unusual occurrence – and then in a totally unplanned move, jyn fists a hand in his shit and pulls him down to kiss her. he doesn’t pull away in a timely manner and it takes bodhi clearing his throat for them to remember where they are. jyn turns bright red and cassian shrinks into his parka. kay says, “oh, so you are aware of your romantic feelings,” and they both start sputtering, but eventually stop, meeting each other’s eyes. 
  • “we’ll be back,” jyn says, and drags cassian out of the mess. everyone there burst out laughing because no one thought two of the most talented alliance assets could be this kriffing stupid
|| Moments Like These. ❤️

H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ’ S  D A Y ! !  <3

Kay so… one day [IT WAS ACTUALLY A LONG TIME AGO I JUST TOOK REALLY LONG TO DRAW THEM LOL] me and Yuuko were fantasizing about fluff with KuroMahi, and then she brought up snowball fights <3 then we just kept adding stuff up on it e///e
So yeah… enjoy >////<;; 


@lawlicht4eva – Tagging you cause i accidentally spoiled some to you and now here’s the drawings i’ve been working on >/////<;;; <3

*Note* Please forgive my bad art style… I don’t normally do comic panels…. and stuff e////e I was just really inspired by @reimeijennoir’s artwork… >//////////<;;; So excuse the part where they lie down on the snow;thearms;thesideviews;thepiggyback.actuallyjustexcusethewholecomicplse//////e

Please read from right to left cause I suck doing left to right x’DD

Them playing on the snow together having snowball fights. Afterwards they lie down on the snow.
Mahiru: [smiles]
Kuro: Why are you smiling like that?
Mahiru [blushing]: WHA?!?
Kuro: So creepy…
Mahiru: I-I was just thinking… that in moments like these where it’s just the two of us, I have so much fun!!
Kuro: Kay, let’s head back. *stands up*
Mahiru: Oi, listen to me! Grrr!! *makes a snowball*
Kuro: What a pain…
Mahiru tries to sneakily attack Kuro from behind, but ends up slipping on the snow by accident. Kuro notices, helps Mahiru up and removes the snow on his hair.
Kuro: Look at you, you’re a mess… all covered in white.
Mahiru [smiling widely]: Ain’t that good? We’re more alike now!
Kuro [Looks away]: Get on.
Mahiru: Kay! Hey Kuro, don’t you have fun too??
Kuro: I guess… anywhere feels like home when you’re around.
Mahiru [hugs him tightly trying to hold back his tears]: You’re home for me too!



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I just ordered Internet!! like an actual, home internet flatrate. its gonna take a week or two for the router to arive and the thing to be set up etc BUT THEN I will have ????????? reliable fast-ish internet ?????????????????????

SO looking forward to it :V

oK, OK  so you’re telling me that Harry got a tattoo of a tiger on his thigh and that Louis not only tweeted

but also wore this tiger shirt around the same time:

Tell me again that he doesn’t communicate through his shirts.

birthday ships 🎉

listen! i had the most exhausting week but my birthday week starts today and i’m so excited for wednesday (my birthday) that i feel like doing ships again! :D

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