i don't wanna be friends with you

bottomkenobi  asked:

pomegranate and kiwi?

pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

uhhhhhh usually when my skin is good and i’m wearing my fav jeans and. usually when i’m with my best friend who always compliments me and validates my gender so . thanks lou ur the best

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

shit bruh it’s easier 2 ask what Doesn’t fascinate me…….. um i’m gonna choose this weird thing that happens probably all over but. right next 2 my parent’s house is this huge race course and every night at about 5pm THOUSANDS of swallows all join together in something that’s called a murmuration and it’s Wild As Fuck like. it’s like a huge swathe of black ripples across the sky, all swooping together and moving around each other, and growing and growing and growing, it’s beautiful, but i have no idea why the fuck they do it???? i know that they roost right after but like. who leads the murmur???? how do they know what pattern to follow???? why do they even do it????? they do it for like. a full hour. and people come down to the racecourse to take pictures n shit it’s incredible i love it, especially when the sun is setting and the sky is all sweet pink and soft yellow……….. yeah i love that

ask me things from this list maybe !!

Fall in love with someone that doesn’t make you think that you are hard to love.

-After all… no one is perfect.



“does this mean i have to give you a stupid name, too?”
“go for it. the current stupidest is teenie mcleanie.”
“…don’t tell me. leo?”

okay BUT consider: post-war piper/nico slowly becoming friends. it’s 90% adorable banter & support, 10% awkwardly trying to hint to each other that they wanna be friends


Little Belle

A few friends and I were going back and forth with many ideas of Nick being a dad, and we had to create someone for him to cuddle with, thus the little monster here named Isabelle.

And since we’re Wildehopps supporters, Judy would be her sweet and loving momma <3 (Of course, this would have to happen through adoption. ^^; But feel free to imagine, my sweets!)

Hope you all enjoy my little gift! :D 


Come on, Alex, we’re friends. You can tell me– No, Maggie. We’re not friends. 

I heard everything you said. I get it and if you never wanna talk to me again… I’ll respect that, I’ll disappear. But I don’t meet many people that I care about and I care about you… a lot. You’ve become really important to me and um, I hope that one day you and I can be friends because I don’t wanna imagine my life without you in it. 

I’d follow you into the ends of the earth even if it meant that it would be the end of me on this earth.

-As long as I’m with you.


like or reblog this if you’re a lesbian & it’s totally okay to message you, be friends, grab lunch, talk about the universe and donuts, etc.

just looking for some conversation, i love meeting new people.

“I love you,” was so easy to say in my head but impossible to roll off my tongue.

-But I love you, I do I do.


i made this, a stupid doodle animation.. imma add some spice later on this is only the first frame. lol

aslo, kids, do not be like me if you wanna be animator, just by putting a chimney fire gif that was found on google and put it behind the image X’“DD << i’m a bad example

thanks to my friend for letting me use her wifi at her house to post this shit lol XDDD