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So I personally see Hermione as white or light skinned, and James as white, too. Now I don't care if anyone else sees them as black, if fact I support it! I just personally don't headcanon them as black. I'm not trying to hate or anything I just wanted to share me view and see what you thought of it, if that's okay.

i feel like i’m going to state the obvious here, but just to make it clear: you see them as white? that’s ok. you’re fancasting white people for them? alright. you’re drawing fanarts with white harry, james and hermione? cool! since their skin colour was never specified, i have absolutely no problem with people picturing them as white. knock yourself out, have fun, produce your own content! i certainly won’t criticize you for it.

my only beef is with people who feel the need to harass others for headcanoning these characters as pocs. feeling the need to FORBID others from drawing the characters as non-white - that’s a problem. trying to prove to me that they HAVE TO be white, because you can’t handle a random person on the internet drawing a black hermione - that’s a problem. and i promise you, this happens a lot. nearly every artist i follow who’s had a picture of dark-skinned hermione (or harry, james, sirius, lily, anyone who was white in the movies pretty much) had to go through these arguments.

Hate at First Sight

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Adrien tries to keep himself calm and under control.

He isn’t her boyfriend, he reminds himself, teeth grinding—well, in point of fact he is, but not as Adrien, damn his secret identity—which means that he can’t personally push this bastard’s face in.

A second thought occurs to him a beat later, which makes him grind his teeth harder. The whole “Adrien Agreste is not dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng” thing also means he can’t take the much-preferred option of grabbing Marinette, dipping her low, and kissing the living daylights out of her.  At least, he can’t do it without getting slapped.  Or, considering that this is Marinette he’s talking about, getting an arm broken.

Nino taps him on a shoulder.

“Yes?” Adrien says, with a hint of a disemboweling snarl in his voice.  Nino scoots to the side a little with his next step.

“Uh, you all right, man?” Nino says.

“Fine,” Adrien growls, keeping his eyes fixed forwards, fists shoved into his jacket pockets.

Ahead of them, the transfer student—Adrien refuses to dignify him with a name—chats casually with Marinette, who smiles and laughs at his jokes appropriately but otherwise maintains a comfortable distance between them.

Adrien tries to force himself to relax.  This is Marinette, he tells himself, whose instinctive reaction to basically everyone she meets is to make them feel welcome and comfortable and a whole host of other adjectives that Adrien doesn’t care to associate with him.  This is the girl who not only loves him but who makes a point of reminding him of that every chance she gets.  He has zero reason to be concerned over his proximity to her.

The transfer student playfully bumps shoulders with Marinette and Adrien growls deep in his chest.

“You’re more head-bumpy than usual today,” Marinette says absently as she strokes his hair behind an ear.  “What’s up?”

Chat purrs as he flops supine across Marinette’s lap and bats at her chin; Marinette rolls her eyes at him and shoves him off of her lap.  “I need to pee,” she says to Chat’s pout, and kisses him lightly on the forehead.

When Marinette comes back Chat flops back onto her lap.  Marinette sighs.

“Okay, kitty,” she says, running her fingers through his hair, “what’s wrong? And don’t bother denying it, you’re only ever this affectionate when something’s bothering you.”

Chat sighs and tells her.

“Are you stalking me?” Marinette says, narrowing her eyes at him.  Chat springs into a sitting position and waves his hands frantically in denial.

“No, no, not at all,” he babbles, “friends, I’m friends with Adrien, dropped by, he was complaining about—“

“Relax, kitty,” Marinette says, “I was kidding.  Though that does explain how you’ve been keeping tabs on me.”

She studies Chat as he sags in relief.  “So Adrien was talking about it, huh?” she asks quietly.

“Loudly,” Chat says.  He bobs his head to the side.  “I think he’s still interested in you.”

“Well, he’ll just have to deal,” Marinette says firmly.  “I’m in love with you, and you’re my boyfriend.”

Chat decides to not take the second it takes her to answer as an omen.

“But anyways,” she continues, “I think that your concerns about him are not, shall we say, entirely unfounded.”

“You have a plan, don’t you.”

“Not really,” Marinette says, waggling a hand in a “maybe-maybe not” gesture between them.  “Like, if he’s not going to make a big deal of it I’m not going to either.”  She bites her lip and looks away.  “I’ve broken enough hearts for now, I think.”

“He doesn’t seem the sort to not make a big deal of it,” Chat notes as he pulls her up against him, her back against his chest.

Marinette shrugs.  “I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.”

The transfer student makes his move the next week.

“I am utterly enchanted by you, Marinette,” he says, dropping to a knee and presenting her with a rich bouquet of flowers. “From the moment I arrived here, your beauty has burned constantly in my thoughts.”

He shoots her what he probably thinks is a heart-stopping grin.  “Would you be open to a dinner engagement this Wednesday?”

“Thank you,” Marinette says, taking a step back, “but I can’t say yes.  At all.”

His smile falters.  “What?”

“My answer, unfortunately,” she says, “is no.  I am not open to going on a date with you.”

“What, really?  Even after I went to all this trouble?” he responds, gesturing to his suit.

“Yes, really,” Marinette says, taking another step back.  Her hands rest easily and warily at her sides.

His brow furrows in confusion.  “Why not?”

“Because I’m not interested,” Marinette says patiently.

“You could be,” he says, “if you got to know me.”

“She’s got a boyfriend,” Alya cuts in, pushing Marinette behind her.

“Who?” the transfer student demands.

“Adrien,” Alya says.  Marinette chokes on her next breath.

“What, pretty boy?” he says.

“Yes, pretty boy, excuse me, come along, Alya,” Marinette says, grabbing Alya by the arm and dragging her off past Adrien.  “The fuck are you thinking you know I’m not interested in him anymore—“ he hears Marinette hiss as they go by.

He hears footsteps and turns back to see the transfer student standing entirely too close to him.

“You don’t deserve her,” he says, and tries to follow Alya and Marinette, only to be blocked by Ivan.

Ivan growls.

Ivan is, in actuality, probably the only person in the room who could give Rose a run for her money in the cuddliness department.  But, Adrien has to admit, he has a very good growl.

The transfer student goes and sits grumpily at his seat, chucking the bouquet into the garbage bin on his way.

Later that day, as Adrien is waiting for the Gorilla, Marinette comes up to him and hugs him tightly.

“Please don’t tell Chat until I get a chance to talk to him,” she whispers in his ear.

She leans back, pecks him quickly on the cheek and says, with an airy, flirty air worthy of Chloe, says, “See you tomorrow, Adrien,” before scurrying off.

It’s kind of creepy.

“So, long story short I’m pretend-dating Adrien Agreste until we figure out a permanent solution to this mess,” Marinette explains to Chat.  “I am really, really sorry about this.”

“Well, so long as you don’t bear his child or anything,” Chat says.  Marinette punches him on the shoulder.


“I don’t have a problem with this, Princess,” Chat says.  “Whatever helps you get through this.”

She stares at him for a minute.  “You’re,” she says eventually, “like, not going to threaten to punch Adrien if he gets handsy or anything?”

“What good would that do?” Chat says.  “Besides, you hit harder than I do.”

“Damn skippy.”

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(the percy jackson books are greek myth blackface)

Are they really? You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but I wouldn’t personally say they’re being disrespectful of Greek culture. In that case, Disney’s Hercules is disrespectful, or the various movies based on the myths. Of course, there will be people, both Greek and non-Greek, who will hold different opinions on this matter. Hell, some people could probably argue that this blog is disrespectful since we often exaggerate on the gods’ characters and personality, and sometimes openly mock figures that people genuinely care about.

Personally, I believe the following: the books (and movies) are stylised and do not seek to inform but to entertain. Riordan created the character and world for his child, and for many that was our introduction to Greek mythology. Before reading Percy Jackson I’d vaguely heard of some myths, but hadn’t really had any interest. Now I’m continuously diving headfirst into any pantheon I can find because it’s so damn fascinating. They’re like the first step into the entire world of Greek (or general) mythology, and I just don’t see anything wrong in that. It’s an interpretation of gods in the modern world for children. Is there harm in that?

Also, whilst the actual series’ may not be accurate, I’ve found that the side books Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Greek Heroes are pretty accurate, and do reference the fact that there are many versions of the myths!

Obviously, I’m biased. I started reading the books at 13 and they’ve been a big part of my life since then. I adore the books (particularly the original series) and really appreciate how it introduced me to the world of mythology. Whilst there are various ‘errors’ or ‘problems’ with it in terms of how it lines up with actual myths, I’m willing to overlook them because we have so many other sources of knowledge now.

However, I do understand your view, even if I’ve gotten overly defensive about the series.

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I have an assumption that you don't like heroes dying in unheroic ways. However, could that view have a negative effect in that, if every hero dies heroically, death loses its effect as an unpredictable or even as consequential force? An example of this, where it to me is presedent, may be in DBZ, where everyone can just be brought back with the magic balls. Any thoughts?

The dragon balls at least still have limitations on them. And even then, the problem with cheapening death is not so much HOW they die but the FREQUENCY of death. Characters have died so frequently in comics that people have a jaded reaction to it, or even treated like a joke in the stories themselves. Give a moratorium on character death for, say, ten years and people will be care again.

As for people already saying, “Well, if there’s no fear of death, where’s the tension?!” - if the fear of heroes dying is the ONLY thing that can be tense about your story, it’s not necessarily a good story.

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I don't know if you do snowbaz fic, but if you do for the first sentence ask: "I wouldn't have a problem with you wearing those pants, Baz, if they weren't so /unfair/."

“What exactly is so unfair about them, Snow?” Baz asks giving his skinny jeans an incredulous look.

Simon makes about five unintelligible noises, and just waves a hand frantically at the area of Baz’s thighs, “Just….there…that…all of it.”

Baz sighs, and turns to walk back up the stairs, “I guess I can change.”

He hears Simon strangle behind him (probably from the view of his ass), “No you can’t change!”

Baz just smiles and mutters to himself, “I’m in love with an idiot.”

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Hello, I read your "About me" selection to make sure you haven't done this tutorial before I asked. I'm having major problems with side view lips. My lips always end up looking like The Simpsons lips. (Google it if you don't know the show to know what I'm talking about) It's Terrible because I can't seem to understand how to draw them on both Males and Females. Can you please help guide me on how to draw them? (If you have time)

Omg dear this is a really difficult thing you are asking to me because I’m not a lips expert ;w; I’ll do my best! 
I even did gifs OHOH it’s the first time, I hope they explains better than my writing.
Lips are not ‘round’ as simpsons one, quoting you. They have more like a smoothed triangular aspect, like a cone with a round tip.
Of course it depends the style you are using when drawing lips, most anime-manga/cartoonish styles uses just a line for the lips and I do use a more complicated but still simple style for the lips I draw. 
For example, I do draw the lower part of the cupid’s bow, I don’t think it has a proper name, so I’m showing you:

When I’m drawing and coloring males, I don’t color the lips because my style isn’t realistic so I don’t bother. That’s why the cupid’s bow isn’t showing (and in non-realistic styles I find it really annoying if it’s only drew, like in certain mangas, for example)

Time to show you how I draw lips. 
First example, the normal smiling side view lips

As you can see the lips are little curves and it’s not necessary that the side lips have to touch the line. Also, look at the third arrow, the line between the lips is more curved because of the under cupid’s bow. 

An opened mouth is different, since the inside of the mouth or the teeth divide the lips:

The smiling mouth:

Normal closed mouth, no smiling:

I am sorry, I hope it helps ;__; I didn’t even know where to start explaining! Anyway you can try to search on deviantart for more accura tutorials ;v;

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why you don't like south park? (the game and the show)

south park is very much a product of generation x’s bullshit view of “your vote doesn’t matter so don’t bother voting” and it has colored everything they do

matt and trey’s career is literally built on making fun of people who care, no matter the side. which whatever it’s not that they mock democrats or republicans or whatever that bother me, it’s not even the bad taste and often offensive jokes, though i have a problem with those. it’s the apathetic cause they ride for. the “everything is dumb so don’t bother doing anything about it” attitude is toxic, and it is that fuckin attitude that leads to the us having consistently terrible voter turnouts, consistently uninvolved citizens on an embarrassing scale.

and it has evolved from “don’t care about anything because it’s stupid” to something many alt-right garbage people love. that was always going to be the natural progression, cartman started as the acknowledged villain, you decidedly can’t claim that anymore.

south park is the epitome of “anti-pc” bullshit culture and they became that over decades of “lol it’s dumb to care” rhetoric. that generation and that rhetoric is what gave us bush II, and now has given us trump. how many people said hillary and trump were the same so their vote was going third party or they weren’t voting at all? that’s the culmination of that shitty rhetoric which south park lives and breathes.

stone and parker are out of touch aging white men who are very much a product of their generation and not only don’t care to change but actively mock those who do, and they’re continuing to push that message onto impressionable teenage boys and the worst part of all is it’s working.

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If you don't mind me asking: What's your view of Spy and Scout's father/son relationship? (And I'm really excited that this is now canon, too!)

Hey! It’s no problem at all. Thank you for asking :D!

I’m going to start by saying that their relationship is not the best.

What makes the TF2 universe so much fun is just how out of the ordinary/ insane everything and everyone is so when I see the relationship between Spy and Scout be portrayed in such a healthy and rather romanticized manner I just can’t get behind that; Two individuals who aren’t entirely in their right mind won’t have such a healthy and loving father/son dynamic.

With Scout: narcissistic and egomaniac af manchild with a side of daddy issues and Spy: narcissistic, French(jk), with a god-complex, slight anti-social disorder and sociopathic tendencies - things are not going to be pretty between them.

Scout will forever refuse to acknowledge Spy as his father and Spy mournfully(with some coercion from his wife) learns to accept Scout as his son. They’d eventually learn to tolerate each other enough…

Even so, they’d have a highly dysfunctional and rather difficult relationship; they’ll never display physical affection, they’d enjoy poking at each other’s weaknesses (Spy at Scout’s insecurities and Scout at Spy’s HUGE ego, but they wouldn’t get emotional over it, they just get into a hissy fit and don’t talk to each other until Scout’s Ma brings them together at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner), they’ll struggle having a decent conversation with each other, even harder time with hearts to hearts, being in the same room, but despite the hardships they low-key care enough to be vengeful af if anyone hurts the other, they will give you a hell of a time and you don’t want to be on Spy’s bad side if you threaten his mess of a WIP legacy. 

I just don’t see Scout’s family life being normal or atypically nice, it’d be a mess of a household filled with criminals and terrible assholes that love, love, love hurting others folks No remorse, PTSD? Pfff. (Spy wouldn’t just date any pretty woman, c’mon) 

Despite it all, they’d be living a good life, even if it’s not the traditional definition of good.

I hope this made some sense.

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Apparently "I have decided to log off of tumblr in order to be in a controlled space where I don't have to worry about some asshat saying my problems aren't valid" equates to "Society is 100% accepting of asexuals and aromantics and no matter where I go, everyone is going to be fine with me. The only problem spot for me is on Tumblr and there is no way exclusionists on tumblr are going to promote their shit views on ace/aros in real life" Sounds fake but ok, exclusionists. Stay under that rock.

yeah, i cant count how many times ive been told this about being nonbinary, for example, or even for my race!

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Can I confess something ? I don't watch Boruto but I do check out the reviews/comments and see people's reactions ... And well.. Naruto fans are hypocrite even within themselves. Most of them had 0 problems when the series was already getting milked with gaiden, the last, and all these unending fillers (including NH wedding) but NOW they're complaining cause it's not their type of milking. And you can see some of them stay on the Naruto train for the views so they're no better.

These type of fans were fine with the horrible ending, although being fully aware the ending was disastrous and yet, they didn’t mind since their ships became canon. To them, that was all that matters. Unfortunately, they didn’t get what they dreamed of and suddenly, it’s a problem. Notice how they are usually the same ones who called antis bitter and whiny for criticising their favourite ships. It shows us how they used this in order to shut us up—not because they truly believed we are bitter and whiny. Ironic, isn’t it?

INFP: Interpersonal conflict time
  • Me (INFP): *Has a mild disagreement with someone*
  • Shortly after: *Starts bawling*
  • Te: Wth
  • Fi: They're WRONG and it's because of this and that and /this/ hypocrisy and /this/ unreasonableness and they didn't even try to understand my point of view
  • Si: Oh and don't forget how what they said then contradicted what they asked of you in the past
  • Ne: And they could have made it better easily by doing this but ohhh no they had to go do that and it's not just an isolated problem it's an -
  • Si: -accumulation of all these previous passive-aggressive encounters-
  • Fi: -and repressed feelings -
  • Ne: and really a reflection of how bad both your communication is and symptomatic of this unsatisfactory place you are in life right now-
  • Fi: -which is impacting your emotional health although I don't really understand how I got like this exactly and it's driving me crazy and I'm afraid I have flaws that I'm not addressing which are making this worse
  • Ne: So I always have a doubt in the back of my mind that my perceptions are at all accurate -
  • Fi: - and maybe I'm really a just a terrible person
  • Te: ...
  • Te: Why are u like this
  • Fi: Everything Hurts And I'm Dying

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Mister, what is your view on blanket dominants & Are they safe to respond to? By that I mean people who identify as dominants but are looking for any type of counter part whether they be a sub, pet, slave, or little. Recently, I've noticed this a lot and it just seems weird to me because I've always thought of people in bdsm as being more niche like. I mean I need a daddy not a master. However, I know that I don't understand everything yet so I wanted to ask your opinion. Thanks in advance!

I dont see so much of a problem with it so long as the Dom has a good bit of experience and is seasoned. I myself am a bit of a blanket Dom to be honest… but thats because I also have a great deal of experience along with no judgment. Sometimes it may be that the Dom is new and doesnt really know what they like yet… same with littles/subs/pets etc.. 

I have had an abdl little.. Ive had subs… one slave… a common little.. a middle.. they were all terrrific and I handled them well.

The only restrictions in this lifestyle are the ones you place on yourself. 

    do  you  ever  think  about  how  s atine  k ryze  most  likely  saw  through  the  toxic  masculinity  of  the  whole  jedi  gang  and  yet  she  still  let  obi  go  bc  she  respected  him  and  qui  too  much  ?  ?  ?


Bad news, everyone.

It seems that this blog is almost completely broken. The problems I’ve been experiencing seem to be exclusive to this blog only. I can’t view my activity without the app crashing and burning, I can’t even view this page without it crashing and burning, I can’t view the activity on the browser either (most of the time - it’s quite temperamental), and the ask box is just completely broken. It does tell me when there is a new question about 50% of the time, but then when I open the inbox, there’s nothing new in there. I transferred it to a different account, but it made no difference.

In short, this blog is just slowly dying on me and I have no idea why. So, I’ve decided to make a new account/blog and I’m going to relocate there. It’ll take some time as I’ll reblog every post from here to there to make sure it’s the same place besides a different URL. I’ll also be sure to tag things properly this time as well to make searching through a bit easier.

As for the queue, I’ll let it run out. There’s about 12 things in there so I’ll just let those things get posted and will then reblog them to the new one. I’ll just screenshot the asks awaiting a drawn answer and just post them straight to the new blog. Once it’s ready I’ll close the ask box/submissions and leave this blog to rest. I just can’t figure out what’s going on.

Thanks, tumblr. 🙃

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How do I begin discussing a plot or RP with you? I don't want to sound pushy, but I am curious. Thank you.

[[ No problem at all!  Here’s my advice for asking me (or anyone) to plot/rp: 

You can View/Download the full Tumblr RP Guide here. 

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Why do you dislike Trans People??? My friend is Trans and she's been using the girls restroom for years now, and no one really cares, she's really sweet and has a girlfriend that loves her to death! I just want to know what made you exclude them from not only the LGBT community but saying that they're straight men is really mean, no offense! I just want to hear your point of view, you don't have to answer this but maybe make a post or something to explain!! Thanks for your time I suppose. ://///

i realize that some people have dysphoria which is a recognized mental disorder and that they want to be referred to as the opposite sex and that they get cosmetic surgery and stuff to make them look more like they sex they want to be but like ……. my problem is when males (bc yeah, your friend, although a “girl,” is still a male w male biology) are allowed unlimited access to female spaces (bathrooms, changing rooms, sports teams, shelters) bc they “feel” like they’re female. that’s what’s not cool with me. also female women aka biological women aka real women have issues that trans women will never be able to understand. also trans “women” commit crimes at the same rate as males do, perhaps because they are male. which is why females deserve female only spaces bc ALL males, every trans women, have violent tendencies due to male socialization which females DO NOT. and transgender people have nothing in common with LGB people. they can make their own communities and spaces if they want to but having sex dysphoria is a completely different thing from being same sex attracted. also i don’t hate trans people but nice try i guess

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In some of the Classic Undertale fandom (as in, the original universe, with sub-au's and head canons), Papyrus is portrayed as a slightly un-informed oblivious wannabe-popular skeleton. In others, which I prefer, Papyrus is much more mature, and has a more realistic personality, albeit a little sheltered. I hope that you don't feel uncomfortable answering this, but which do you view as more likely, given the game itself? The "dumbed-down", the more realistic, or something mid-ground?

I’m okay with interpretations where he’s oblivious and silly, as long as he’s not entirely babied by people around him. I think that’s my biggest problem with “dumb silly Papyrus” interpretations, they almost always get paired up with “everyone else is smart and very serious.” Papyrus IS uninformed and oblivious for most of the game. He’s a goofy, slightly ill-informed character! But so is Undyne! And Mettaton! And literally almost all of the NPCs!

But I don’t mind a more grounded interpretation of Papyrus either, if it goes along with grounding everyone else too. He was missing a lot of his goofball edge in Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach, but I still enjoyed that because he felt like he matched up with how the other characters were written. Even if the tone of the fic didn’t exactly match the tone of the games, I felt the relationships between characters was as it should be.

It’s when ONLY Papyrus is goofy, but Sans is angsty and hardXcore, Undyne is a badass and nothing else, Alphys is steeped in depression, and Mettaton is shrewd and hypersexual that we have a problem.

Makes it out like Sans ISN’T the kind of silly person who waits around with a trombone to play WOMP WOMP WAAAA sounds, or Undyne also didn’t know what the “L” stood for in Right and Left, or that Alphys isn’t a total weeb with a crush on everyone, or that Mettaton bedazzles hamburgers and takes union mandated breaks during his fight with you.

Papyrus is certainly a gem among an already fun cast, so maybe that’s why people elevate his silliness while downplaying it for everyone else? He just stands out the most. But tonally, he’s really not THAT different from the others. Maybe it’s because he chooses kindness over anger in the Genocide Route, people don’t take him as seriously.

Ideally, I like when people capture the weird humor of the game. But I don’t mind more realistic interpretations where their other character traits are focused on instead. It’s just a matter of applying it to all the characters equally.

Otherwise, I feel like people fall into that trap of “Sans works SO HARD and CRIES EVERY NIGHT to protect his poor dumb brother who just doesn’t know any better.” THAT bothers me. In the context of the game Pap is proud, excitable, gentle, and lonely. No one acts like he’s not a smart guy, he’s just not cut out for a job that requires hurting others and being someone’s enemy.

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First: I love your blog and you,& thank you for sharing! Okay, this has been bugging me all my life. My mom loves Star Wars, showed us the series when we were young, as you do. I, as a child, fell in love with Liam Neeson and Qui-Gon Jinn and Episode I. My mother always used to say: "things would have been so different if Qui-Gon had lived." And that promise has kind of haunted me! Because I do believe it, but I don't know how different, why different. Do you have any thoughts on such a claim?

Like. 85% of the problems of Star Wars would have been solved in Qui-Gon had lived. Not because Qui-Gon is somehow this awesome benevolent moral force, but because he was a goddamn adult who had a slightly-more-flexible view of the Code than the rest of the Adult Jedi, and the authority and clout to do stuff against the Jedi Council’s wishes.

Impact of Qui-Gon living:

  • Obi-Wan doesn’t get locked into his grief and the sudden, immense responsibility of 1) being a brand-new fresh-off-his-trials Jedi Master and 2) training a padawan who is the living incarnation of the Force, a thing that was identified as his weakness by his previous master
    • I mean, as someone who just watched episodes I & II last night, the difference in Obi-Wan is stark—in episode I, he’s a mouthy well-meaning sort of punk, who clearly feels comfortable enough around his master to protest and whine and make sarcastic comments and disagree with decisions
    • in episode II, he’s basically showing all 50 shades of disapproval and insisting on obedience to the Code and the Council. This is a kid who quickly had to transition into a very adult role, and he’s not pulling it off very well.
    • (lbr, obi-wan’s internal monologue as he’s teaching anakin is basically this was your father’s dying wish, chosen one, don’t screw it up, and that is……a lot of pressure. Of course he relies on tried and tested authority)
  • Anakin gets the benefit of a master who is a goddamn adult, and does have a more flexible understanding of the Code, rather than someone insecure and uncertain of their own leadership, who will internalize every angry outburst or melancholic sulk as evidence He Has Failed As a Jedi Master
    • So much of Anakin’s frustration with opaque motives  solved by Qui-Gon’s willingness to truthfully and genuinely explain things! so much of Anakin’s anger is dealt with through understanding and calm unwavering solidity instead of disapproval!
    • “You are clearly attached to Senator Amidala, talk to me.” —Master Qui-Gon, after that first disastrous meeting to arrange for a security detail for Senator Amidala
    • “Do you think it’s wise to go to Naboo with Senator Amidala, given that she is a dangerous temptation to attachment? Well, if this assignment is what you want, I trust your judgment.” —Master Qui-Gon
    • “All right, I don’t think secret marriage was the wisest course of action and I will struggle with whether to report you to the Council, but these visions of Padme’s pregnancy are clearly deeply affecting you, let’s discuss them.” —-Master Qui-Gon
  • I like to think that Qui-Gon goes back for Shmi, because they were clearly bros during that brief stint on Tatooine, and sets her up with a job at the Temple and they all hang out like a little Code-defying family
    • In this beautiful parallel world I have constructed, Shmi has an epic love story with one of the clone troopers Anakin brought home for dinner that one time. Anakin is horrified. (”HE’S TECHNICALLY YOUNGER THAN ME!”)
    • They exchange love letters across the warfront, it’s ridiculous.