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Hi there! I'm writing a story fanfic about a main character with epilepsy. Her meds don't control it very well, and she has absence and tonic-conic seizures. One night she goes into status epilepticus and 911 is called. Could you give me some insight as to what the paramedics would do when they arrive on scene? And if they couldn't get her to stop seizing at the ER what could the ICU stay be like? And how long roughly would it be? I'm love to get a better idea of this in addition to my research.

Hey there nonny! Yes! Status epilepticus is a really scary thing to watch, and I’ve come across it several times.

First, upon arrival, paramedics are going to try to determine:

  • How long she’s been seizing
  • Does she usually seize once or multiple times, when she seizes?
  • Has she ever been in the ICU for her seizures?

All this is going to be while they’re making sure she’s lying on her side, that she has a pillow under her head, and while one of them is drawing up a medication (either Ativan / lorazepam, 2mg, or Versed / midazolam, 10mg) to give intramuscularly into a thigh.

They’ll also apply an oxygen mask and may check a blood sugar level, especially if she’s diabetic.

If the first line of medication doesn’t work, it’s time to scoop and run, because many EMS systems don’t have good backup plans for “what if first-line benzodiazepines fail?”.

If they have it on hand, an excellent second-line medication is ketamine, given at high doses (4mg/kg IM, so a 70kg person might get 300mg intramuscularly). That should stop the seizing.

Once we get beyond that point it’s down to general anesthesia and intubation, which, hopefully the ketamine is enough to get that done.

Somewhere along the line, probably en route to the hospital, they’ll try to get an IV, but I have to say, getting an IV on a seizing patient in a moving vehicle isn’t easy. I’ve done it, but I’ve never LIKED doing it. (The medic will likely stabilize the arm against the medic’s leg to keep it “still” while performing the IV).

Other systems might try more benzos – additional Ativan or Versed or Valium / diazepam – but this probably won’t work, because the longer someone seizes, the more GABA receptors shut down – the same receptors hit by benzodiazepines. (This is why I suggested ketamine above!)

This is a patient the ER will get a heads-up about. If EMS hasn’t intubated her, the ER is going to. They’ll put her on a drip of either midazolam or (preferably) propofol and fentanyl until her brainwaves have been completely flatlined, as evidenced by EEG monitoring. She’ll also be loaded with an antiepileptic like Keppra or Dilantin IV.

This character is getting an emergent CT of the head, to make sure that the issue isn’t because of a bleed or a tumor or some other intracranial catastrophe.

If it truly is her epilepsy, she’ll be admitted to the neuro ICU, which may be at another hospital, so they may need someone like me to come and do the transfer.

At the Neuro ICU…. well, honestly, she’ll likely get another CT, and probably an MRI if they suspect a physical cause.

As for the experience of being in a Neuro ICU, you’re in luck. I have not one, but TWO excellent masterposts – interviews, really – about this very topic. M was kind and brave enough to come on the blog and talk with me about her husband’s 3-month coma that was due to intractable seizures.

Her posts are here (part 1): http://scriptmedic.tumblr.com/post/155822695067/nothing-like-a-lightswitch-ms-husbands-3-month

and here (part 2): http://scriptmedic.tumblr.com/post/156139302257/nothing-like-a-lightswitch-ms-husbands-3-month

Part 2 even contains her direct advice for writers, which I appreciate immensely.

I hope this helped your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I'm 14 years old and for the past year or so I've had sadistic thoughts and feelings. I don't care if I see blood or gore imagery whereas normal people my age would freak out at the sight of it. I constantly think about murder and I'm afraid that one day I'll just snap and hurt someone. I'm not trying to sound like an edgy special snowflake or anything, I'm genuinely concerned for my own mental health. I have no history of abuse and I don't know of any hereditary mental disorders.

TW: homicidal ideation, sadism

Hi Anon,

It’s great of you to reach out. I totally get that you are concerned.

There could be a whole bunch of things that cause this: it could be your age for example. It’s not unheard of for fourteen year olds to have a bit more then a passing interest in violence of all kinds. Usually this interest fades over time. It could also be that you are actually repressing something or suffering from something and that an interest in violence and sadism channels that. 

Finally it could all be part of your emerging personality. Since a few years there has been a lot of research on sadistic and violent non-disordered personalities. These are individuals who exhibit traits like those you describe. Researchers group them in the Dark Triad (Machiavellism, Narcissism, Psychopathy) or the Dark Tetrad, in which sadism is included as well as, some say, BPD. But a lot of the research into these groupings and traits is ongoing and pretty inconclusive so I am not going to speculate any further on that.

My advice is to focus on your immediate symptoms, these are the most important. So please reach out, and have your parents take you to a therapist to discuss this further. You say you are genuinely concerned about your mental health and so it is important to take that seriously and see a professional about this. For the rest underneath are links on how to stay in control, as well as links on homicidal ideation. These will help you further:

Getting & talking to a therapist

How to tell someone about your mental health & interactions with others

Homicidal ideation

Teen issues

All the best,


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I don't know why we never talk about this because it's very interesting: Tyrion's pride. Like, he can be very self-deprecating but he always strikes me as a prideful man, as prideful as the rest of his family, with his refusal to tolerate being mocked. And honestly I don't blame him at all for that.

There’s a lot I could say about the way fandom praises Tyrion vs the way they praise the rest of his family. Tyrion is often seen as the “good” Lannister so when fandom praises him they talk about his kindness, his empathy for “cripples, bastards, and broken things”, his sense of justice. So when people criticize him, they usually criticize him for not showing enough of these qualities. People talk about how he’s “not a saint” and “just as bad as the rest of his family” partly as a response to a portion of the fandom that believes Tyrion can do no wrong, but I feel like it’s also because there’s this expectation that he should be better, and that reeks of ableism to me.

And this expectation that Tyrion be the “good one” of his family is actually very meta. GRRM is deliberately drawing on and addressing this by setting up Tyrion at the beginning of the story using the “noble outcast” trope, but then a large part of Tyrion’s arc is about deconstructing that. Not subverting it, because subversion is just creating the opposite effect, and one that is equally problematic because the noble outcast stereotype is in itself a response to the stereotype of outcasts and minorities as inherently flawed, inferior, even evil.

That’s why critiques of Tyrion so often fall into ableist stereotypes, even in an attempt to avoid them. Of course, it’s hugely problematic and ableist to praise Tyrion for being some kind of noble outcast, but it’s also problematic to villainize him for not being humble enough. This happens A LOT with characters in asoiaf (see the ongoing discussion on my blog about Sansa and Arya and the concept of the “good” or morally superior victim), but in particular it is noticeable in Tyrion especially when people condemn Tyrion for being too prideful because his able-bodied siblings are all about pride, and their stans emphasize this as one of their greatest qualities. It’s also a strongly Lannister quality, and there’s this perception in fandom that Tyrion either is not, or should not be like his other siblings. Which is so meta because of the way he is treated in the text as not a real part of his family, and the way in which he struggles with his Lannisterness as a huge part of his identity, his struggle to be taken seriously as a part of his family while also wanting to define himself as an individual.

I’ve roleplayed Tyrion on tumblr several times and I always got people telling my Tyrion that he “wasn’t like the other Lannisters”, which I know is meant as a compliment but I would always have Tyrion take it as an insult, because I think he would.

Conversely, fandom praises Cersei and Jaime for the very same qualities that they condemn Tyrion for, and treat their flaws as beautiful and tragic, while Tyrion’s flaws are intolerable. Cersei goes around like “I’m the queen!!!” and fandom praises this as powerful and feminist but when Tyrion tries to exert his authority over people who underestimate him because of his disability, he’s wrong and terrible and when you point out how this is a response to ableism people are like “oh well Tyrion is just imagining and/or exaggerating all that ableism because entitlement”.

One of my very favorite Tyrion lines is in ACOK when he sits the iron throne and “looked down on them all, and found he liked it”, precisely because Tyrion is not supposed to enjoy having power over others. He’s disabled, he’s supposed to be humble and good and only want to do things for the benefit of able-bodied people.

This is not even to mention things like that post I was responding to about how Tyrion is too prideful merely by not wanting to be treated like he exists for the entertainment of able-bodied people. I mean, we also never talk about things like this:

His clothing was still soaked from his involuntary swim, clinging to his arms and legs uncomfortably. Whilst Young Griff went off with Septa Lemore to be instructed in the mysteries of the Faith, Tyrion stripped off the wet clothes and donned dry ones. Duck had a good guffaw when he emerged on deck again. He could not blame him. Dressed as he was, he made a comic sight. His doublet was divided down the middle; the left side was purple velvet with bronze studs; the right, yellow wool embroidered in green floral patterns. His breeches were similarly split; the right leg was solid green, the left leg striped in red and white. One of Illyrio’s chests had been packed with a child’s clothing, musty but well made. Septa Lemore had slit each garment apart, then sewn them back together, joining half of this to half of that to fashion a crude motley. Griff had even insisted that Tyrion help with the cutting and sewing. No doubt he meant for it to be humbling, but Tyrion enjoyed the needlework. Lemore was always pleasant company, despite her penchant for scolding him whenever he said something rude about the gods. If Griff wants to cast me as the fool, I’ll play the game. Somewhere, he knew, Lord Tywin Lannister was horrified, and that took the sting from it.   

I have never, ever seen a post about the inherent ableism in forcing a little person to wear motley to “humble” them. Probably because everyone loves Jon Connington, but also because I bet most people reading these books didn’t even notice it. And people treat Tyrion’s ADWD arc like it was a needed lesson in humility! That’s honestly disgusting. When Cersei was forced to walk naked, the same justification of “humbling” her was also used, and the same thing is happening here. A marginalized person is being “humbled” by being objectified in a way specifically related to institutionalized ableism/sexism. This is to say nothing of Tyrion or Cersei’s actual flaws, you only have to look to the way they’re being punished to understand what this is about. Tyrion and Cersei’s real crime is thinking that they deserve to be treated equal to others, and they’re being brought down in a way that specifically emphasizes that they aren’t.

I mean, the Lannisters as a whole have this toxic view of themselves as better than other people, but it’s so interesting to me that Cersei and Tyrion are specifically targeted (both in universe and by fans) not only for their pride, but because of the perception that pride in a woman, or pride in a dwarf, is so much worse. This fandom seems to get that with regard to Cersei, because they are very attuned to sexism, but with Tyrion they just fall right back into the very prejudice they are fighting against.

tl;dr, I’m not denying that Tyrion is a prideful asshole. But we need to specifically analyze the way in which Tyrion is criticized for his pride. I love that Tyrion is a prideful asshole precisely because we live in a world that says that pride is so much more of a flaw if you aren’t an able-bodied white man.

You know the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Dean’s decision to kill Amy in 7x03 had nothing to do with Amy and everything to Sam. Because as far as Dean’s arguments for why it was The Right Decision go, not only is it extremely hypocritical, it makes less than zero sense. And everything from Dean’s reaction to Sam taking this hunt, to this story’s conclusion in 7x07, is pretty disturbing.

And this got a little long, so it’s under the cut.

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so pru, I recently got my first adult full time job. I'm in my mid-twenties and can afford to start saving. Right now I just put 10% in a savings account but my money could be doing more. But I don't know where to start. Any advice?

Congratulations! Welcome to…well, welcome to having money to buy food and pay rent but you know what, that’s pretty flipping good all things even.

Before reading further, keep in mind all of the below advice comes with a massive caveat of IF FEASIBLE, so any moron reading this who thinks being pragmatic about money is somehow privilege, you can go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw right now. May god have mercy on your financial future.

In terms of saving, it’s fantastic that you’re thinking about it! The earlier you start, the better off you are.

This is actually going to be kind of long, but hopefully useful!

Some basic info first:

401(k) is an employer-sponsored employee retirement savings plan. Usually how this works is that a percentage of each of your paychecks is taken out pre-tax (thereby reducing the taxable income remaining) and added to this savings account, which is then invested in vehicles with a longer-term horizon, such as mutual funds, municipal bonds, etc. The details here aren’t super important at the moment, just know this isn’t a simple savings account, the money is being put to work earning more per year than you would ever get just putting it in a bank savings account.

Roth 401(k) is also an employer-sponsored employee retirement savings plan some companies offer, and the “Roth” means that the money is taken out of your check and put into the savings plan post-tax. That means you are charged income tax by the state, local, and federal government first, and then of the remainder, it’s put into that savings account. This will have a more significant impact on your take-home every month, but the benefit in the long term is that later in life, when you start drawing on your retirement accounts, the funds that come out of this account will come to you tax free, as you already paid at the time of investment. Deciding whether or not to go this route is kind of a complicated thing, because you have to make the decision on whether you think your money is going to be worth more to you now or later. IE: How much is $20 going to be worth today, versus in 35 or 40 years, when you retire? It’s worth speaking to a financial advisor if this is a big consideration for you.

403b is another employer-sponsored employee retirement savings plan, and it functions essentially like the regular 401(k), the difference is that the fees associated with this from your investment manager are lower. That is because only nonprofits, religious organizations, schools and governments can use this type of savings vehicles, so it lets smaller, less affluent organizations still help their employees set up some kind of retirement nest egg.

That also raises a good point: all of these retirement savings vehicles will come with associated investment advisor fees. I won’t say it doesn’t matter what the fees are, but I will say that that investing in any one of them will still be more profitable than chucking your cash under a mattress or dumping it into a regular savings account to avoid said fees.

If your company offers any of the above, I strongly, strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.

Another component of this is, does your company provide an employer match? An employer match is when the company will match some amount of money you’ve invested. For example, my company may have a 5% match – that means if I set it up so that every month, I’m contributing 5% to my 401(k), my company will match that amount into my retirement account. Free money! Pretty sweet, huh? The takeaway? If your office offers an employee match, you should at minimum contribute that amount to your retirement vehicle per month, otherwise you’re leaving money on the table.

Now, if feasible? You should probably contribute more than the employee match, since that number is low because companies are bastards and cheapskates. It’s great that you’re socking away 10% of your paycheck into a savings account each month – but if you have the option of socking that 10% away into a retirement account, all the better. 

Beyond that, my personal financial management also compels me to save up rainy day funds, and to do it in a way that my poor impulse management will not trip me up. It’s all well and good to think about the distant future via retirement, but it’s imperative to build in a cushion in case of emergencies, to bank in some extra cash for treats for yourself, too. Money’s only as valuable as what it can buy you, and I want vacations and to be able to splurge on something nice occasionally, too. 

What I mean is: I have direct deposit set up, and two separate bank accounts – one of which is designed specifically so I never look at it, can’t spend money out of it, and it just keeps accruing for emergencies. So every month, after my retirement contributions and health care costs and fucking tax from New York State and City are sucked like marrow from my paycheck bones, of the remaining balance, 90% goes into my regular checking account so I can weep grateful tears, pay my rent and credit card bills and sundries, and the other 10% goes directly to a different bank and account altogether. 

Then within the 90% that’s in my regular account, I pay my bills and cover my every day costs, and every month I try to – on the day I get paid – move some cash into a savings account I carry at the same institution. 

I know that sounds insanely complicated, but here is the benefit of doing it this way: this way, I know that I’m saving for retirement, that I’m building an emergency account somewhere with money I never even see, so it doesn’t feel real and I won’t feel compelled to access it or blow it on something dumb, and all the while, I still have a functional savings account building regularly within my financial eyeline that I can use to build up funds for a vacation, for travel, or some big purchase – or hell, who knows, for some month say where I lame myself on the way to a wedding and then have to shell out fucking $500 for physical therapy because I’m limping around New York City like fucking Igor and my right hip’s gone weird. JUST AN EXAMPLE.

Look, money is very complicated, but as long as you work hard to avoid debt, you really can experiment. You can adjust your retirement contributions, you can change how much you want to put away into a savings account, you can look at your budget for a month and think, “yep, not saving anything this month” and it’s all fine. This is a long-term project and you have some room to screw up. Just be cognizant, be thoughtful, and don’t be afraid to ask an expert for help. I know early in my career I would look at my pathetic bank account and think, “Literally no one would ever give me financial advice for like $50,” and sure, nobody’s going to inviting you to the private client bank, but no matter how much cash flow you have, there are better and worse ways to handle it. That you’re actively interested in how to better manage money is already a great sign – all too many people like to bury their heads in the sand.

Anyway, best of luck! As I warned, super long response. Hope at least some of it was useful!

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Can I ask your opinion on what currently is happening with the Syrian refugees? Do you think they should all be allowed entry and asylum? I feel like I don't know a lot about this issue, I'm from the US, but most European leaders don't seem to be supportive of taking them in? Do you know why they don't, is it an economic concern? Any insight or information you have would be really cool!

Hey anon - I really appreciate this question because it is something that has been really been resting heavy on my heart and I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post about this for days.

The arguments against allowing refugees entry and asylum into European nations are largely economic – governments that accept refugees allow a fixed number to enter their borders every year, usually after a lengthy application process, and then many provide some kind of meager assistance to refugees. A lot of countries to which refugees are fleeing do not have the resources to help the flood of people coming to their country for safety. So many Syrians are coming to Greece because it is a relatively short (though can be very dangerous) boat trip across the Mediterranean. However, Greece is facing a dire economic crisis of its own, so it quite literally cannot afford to give aid to refugees seeking asylum from war.

There are other, more horrible arguments against letting refugees in. I haven’t done the research to back up this thought, but I feel like many of the objections probably stem from racial or religious prejudices, much like arguments in the US against Mexican migrants reek of racism. People fear that refugees will take their jobs, will rape their women, will bring violence to their cities, will abuse their aid systems.

Those people are very, very wrong.

You might also see a lot of rhetoric around refugees vs. migrants. It’s easier for governments to call Syrians migrants because migrants have no legal protections. Migrants are considered to be people fleeing economic poverty in search of prosperity in another country, and can be deported back to their home countries. (Because. You know. Poor people are the worst, apparently. WTF.) Refugees, on the other hand, are fleeing humanitarian crises – usually war – and have required basic protections under the 1951 Refugee Convention. They can’t be deported back to their home countries. The Syrian people are fleeing a civil war that began in the Arab Spring in 2011 and has killed more than 200,000 of its citizens, many of them innocent civilians. They are, quite simply, refugees.

Do I believe Syrians refugees should be allowed entry and asylum?


I’m studying public policy and economics in graduate school right now. I get the concerns over where the money is going to come from. I can also tell you that I give precisely zero f*cks about the funding. These people – people, they are people – are in crisis. They need help and they need it right now. Let them in, offer them safety, and figure it out later. I am also in the US and I believe that we need to exponentially increase the number of refugees that we are letting in during the worst humanitarian crisis of our time and expedite the process allowing them into the country. I mean… come on, y’all, this is still relevant:

Originally posted by cluelesscaps


When I see people say things like, “we should take care of our own people first,” or, “they’re never going to leave, they’re going to be in the welfare system forever,” I want to scream. You’re damn right we should be taking care of our own citizens, like the children that I work with, that live down the road from me, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. To that, I say, why??? aren’t??? you??? doing??? anything??? about??? it??? already??? And moreover, their need does not negate the need of the refugees. We can do both. We should be doing both. 

And let me tell you, mothers and fathers who pack up their children in the middle of the night and pay smugglers exorbitant amounts of money to force them at gunpoint onto leaky rafts with the promise of reaching a place where they don’t have to worry about the goddamn roof exploding over their heads when they go to sleep at night, who stand on the side of the road selling pens so they can buy their children something to eat, who walk hundreds of miles clinging to the hope of safety with barely any food or water – they aren’t doing it so they can abuse the system, so they can live on welfare for the rest of their lives. They are doing it because the alternative to them is dying in their homes, being shelled, being dragged out into the street and shot, being raped, being forced into the military by your own government. They are people. They deserve food and shelter and safety and humanity. They deserve compassion, and we as fellow humans  are worth nothing if we don’t give it to them. 

If you’re at all moved to help, here are a some reputable organizations that are doing a lot of good. The best things that we can do, as people who live far away from where Syrians are at the moment, is give money, use our voices as advocates, send vibes of goodwill and healing into the universe, and pray, if you pray. 

Mercy Corps is providing emergency aid to refugees.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station keeps boats in the Mediterranean, providing supplies, life jackets, and rescuing refugees so that they get to shore safely (and so we see no more heartbreak like Aylan and Galip Kurdi).

Hand in Hand for Syria works inside Syria, providing aid to those who cannot get out of the country. 

Refugees Welcome is basically an AirBnB for refugees in Germany. If you aren’t in Germany, you can donate here.

Save the Children provides food, medical care, and education to refugee children.

Catholic Relief Services provides immediate assistance to Syrian families. 

Medecins Sans Frontieres is rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean and providing desperately-needed medical care.

And there are some other worthy organizations here

I hope this helps a little. Or a lot. And thanks, anon. 

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I don't know if this is a prompt but I have always thought that their first kiss will be because Nico is about to enter the Underworld because of a quest of something and Will just grabs him and kiss him and says : ' you better be back in one piece or I will kill you'

((I like that headcanon. I’m going to write another first kiss story. If you follow me on instagram (holdensredhuntinghat) you’ll know where this story takes place, but I’ll post a picture for those who don’t have an instagram. This features New Jersey Will Solace, which is way better than Southern Will Solace, fight me)) 

“And people think you’re worried about me getting hurt all the time.” Nico complained, mostly yelling his complaints into the wind as Will skipper forward. Nico loved that his friend (and super secret crush, if Jason had anything to say about it) invited him down to his house for a weekend in April. He didn’t love that apparently, Will’s favorite place in this town was a beach/inlet that had a long row of huge rocks that jetted out into the ocean, that kids climbed on. For fun. 

“Come on, it’s not that bad!” Will paused on the rock he was standing on to let Nico catch up. “Just stick to the flat rocks, grandpa, and you’ll be fine.” 

“I really don’t know how I feel about walking out into the open ocean.” 

“It’s still land, you’ll be ok. Nothing’s gonna happen.” Will assured him. Still, he saw Nico was nervous, and backtracked to him. “Come on,” he held out his hand, “Just follow me.” 

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Ok so I wasn't able to be on Tumblr the last 3 days. Is there some kind of tag for the Louis in la thing that is going on or could you maybe give me a short summery? I'm really confused tbh. X

Wait did you imply that Louis can be in L.A.? :) In Harry’s city?  Well, not alone. He has his sitter with him…

If you need info about his current LA stay, he has been mia since the 17th, as well as Harry has not been papped since forever. 

But I doubt this is Louis’ first stay in LA in 2015. There is a clear pattern that every x days Louis is MIA then pops up. This has been going on forever.



  • Harry in London, Louis up north and vice versa: we see both of them.
  • Harry and Louis in the same place (LDN or up north): we usually don’t see any of them (just like this past 2 weeks), but Harry pops up for an hour or two, rarely though.
  • Harry staying in LA or NYC, Louis in UK: we see both of them, a lot and I mean A LOT of pap shots, just like yesterday. 
  • Harry in LA and Louis nowhere to be found (We are talking weeks of Louis Tomlinson being MIA.): if Harry pops up for an hour here and there, Louis is probably there too. Probably. 
  • Also when they work (in London), Harry goes out on the weekends, when Louis goes up north taking care of some footie business. On the weekdays Harry is almost always MIA.

Oh and Louis is spotted quite regularly out in about in Cheshire *coughs* when Harry is not in UK. Of course. 
Also PAS: Louis is most likely not where you think he is. And same goes with Harry sometimes. People think they are already in a certain city, but they like to lay low somewhere else.



You know how during WWII Operation Fortitude was developed to keep the Nazis from finding out about Operation Overlord?  H/L’s MIA pattern is like that.

When H/L go MIA it’s obviously noticeable to the fandom.  For that reason, a few patterns have emerged that are definitely diversion tactics to keep people from looking in the right place

-We get an increase in visibility from the other three (usually staggered to cover more than a few days—so an example would be a Niall picture on one day, LiamORsophiam outing on another day, some article with photos about Zerrie on yet another day).  This keeps people focused on the other three instead of the noticeably absent ones.

-We get tweets, instagrams, and sometimes even “fan accounts” of H and L being spotted in certain places (not the same one, obviously) periodically , and none of these posts are ever actually given a time or date.

-Then MIA time ends when H/L finally appear in the same place…but they never arrive together, and they never arrive at the same time either.

that’s the three parts of the pattern I’ve always noticed.  If anyone would like to add on to this, feel free.

Also, when Harry and Louis tend to go MIA, ESPECIALLY when there whereabouts are pinpointed outside of the UK, we get very “England-y” tweets from @louis_tomlinson, insert promotional things(x factor, yorkshire tea, celebrity big brother) that insinuate he is of course home and not with his laddy bro pal. Sort of like an “of course I’m here where else would I be” but typically we never get a photo attached to back it up until MIA time ends. Leading the ‘I believe everything I’m told’ fans to agree that he must have been there all along. The cycle repeats itself almost exactly the same way each time. 

My MIA tag 

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I am genuinely curious, not trying to be difficult or sarcastic, how do you see baboon? I don't see much of anything specific, but i often don't see things that aren't blatantly obvious in art.

Not at all, I like talking about art history! I hope it’s okay that I’m posting this publicly but imma give a little art lecture :D IDK if you were looking at the icon or if you googled the original image, but this is the original:

You can see the shape a little better than the icon, which honestly doesn’t look like much unless you’re familiar with the original, so don’t feel bad if the icon just looks like random shapes. :D 

Picasso deliberately left the sculpture untitled and never said what it was; it was simply his gift to Chicago (actually a commission by the mayor). It’s been popularly interpreted as a lion, a baboon, an afghan dog, or a portrait of a woman, usually his favorite model at the time, Lydia Corbett (less popular interpretations include a bird, a demon, or “that should’ve been a statue of [insert famous Cubs/White Sox player here]”).

I see a baboon – I’ve always seen a baboon – in two key features: the two small circles at the base of the top-piece, which together resembles a baboon’s snout and nostrils, and the long thin pipes leading from the front-piece to the rear arch, which to me look like the rills on either side of the muzzle, the blue bits in this image: 

Those same pipes, along with the rear arch, appear to some people as the mane of a lion, or as the ruff around the face of an afghan dog, the kind Picasso kept as pets. 

Picasso’s favorite model at the time, Lydia Corbett, did have a very long face with cheekbones that sloped up and back much like the pipes do, and her hair framed her face the way the arch of the backpiece does. His other work surrounding her does have the characteristic sloping lines leading up to an arch; the negative space within the arch could be seen to represent the shape of the ponytail. This is Corbett posing with a portrait of herself: 

You can see how the face is slightly displaced in that image, and in the sculpture, if it is of Corbett, the face is also displaced – the lines leading down from the arch should hit the face, if they’re her hair and ponytail, but instead they hit a narrow silhouette, with the face upraised above it. On the one hand this suggests that the face emerges from the lines and arch like an animal’s would from a mane – face above, mane behind, rather than face below, hair pulled back and up. But on the other hand, the displacement of faces and features is a major theme in Picasso’s work, and this allows the face to be upraised while still preserving the sweep of the hair and the framing shape. 

So I think there’s a case to be made for several different interpretations.

But I will also insist to my dying day that it is a baboon. :D 

anonymous asked:

What would you say is the weirdest thing about british culture?? :D Maybe something little you don't really think about till someone points it out?

There are lots of things that have made me think “yeah, that’s actually odd” when friends from other countries have pointed it out to me (the British tradition of avoiding your neighbours for as long as possible; the many eccentricities in our sense of humour; the odd nicknaming conventions we have where “Gareth” can become “Gazza”, etc) but I think the weirdest thing both as a British person and to explain to foreigners is probably Tea Culture. People seem to think it’s a joke or a parody, but it isn’t – there is literally a culture around tea. It’s not just England, either. There are variations all across the board. I think it’s so weird because other countries have traditions based around tea that can make it a very organised or formal event, but our tea culture is primarily based around social norms. That’s right – we can literally insult someone with a cup of tea, if we make it right (wrong?) or serve it in a particular way.

Two major facts first of all:

  • British people seem to have a reputation of being tea snobs; this is completely false. Many of us have only tried one type of tea (traditional breakfast tea). I have six different teas in my house and I’m actually considered weird for it.
  • Arguments have started and families have been destroyed over all the “correct” ways you can make a cup of tea. It’s a minefield out there and as a result, the Most Feared Job in any office is the tea run.

I’ve lived for an extended period of time in three British countries, two of which contest their Britishness loudly and regularly. It seems the whole tea thing is just ingrained into the culture, though. Now I have the main facts out of the way, here’s a long and disorganised list of the many points of tea culture that really makes us look weird when explaining them to other cultures.

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