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Someone probably beat me to the punch and made a post like this already, but honestly, I just had talk about this scene.

I’m sure all of you remember the infamous bathroom scene. This new flashback from episode 12 puts things into a different perspective. 

Here Yuri is, watching Yuuri’s past GPF performance. He’s trying his best to look disinterested yet you can tell he’s clearly interested. He even goes as far to admit that Yuuri’s step sequence grabbed his attention. And when he mentions the failed jumps he sounds almost…disappointed.

He isn’t making fun of him for messing up his jumps. He wants to see Yuuri be able to succeed and successfully complete a program.

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found an old Steven Universe screencap re-draw/over paint thingy in my files that I thought was pretty neat


  • Rin: *can't find Haruka in the crowd* Where is he? Well, time for drastic measures...
  • Rin: *cupping hands around mouth* RIN MATSUOKA IS SUCH A JACKASS, NO ONE NEEDS HIM!
  • Haruka: *from across the street* WHO SAID THAT?!
  • Rin: There he-
  • Makoto: Why would you say something like that?!
  • Nagisa: Say that to my face, you jerk!
  • Rei: I've never heard something so rude!
  • Nitori: Senpai is a good person, how could you?!
  • Momo: Shut up, YOU'RE the jackass!
  • Seijuurou: Who's the asshole saying stupid things?!

I like to think that the day of Spock and Uhura’s wedding he’s like Extra Chill all day and Bones and Jim keep trying to get him to show emotion but he Does Not and then the second he sees Nyota coming toward him in a beautiful gold wedding dress beaming like the sun he starts crying like a weenie 

Remnant Fashion

So lets talk about something I don’t usually, and have never before talked about: Fashion in fictional worlds, specifically the world of Remnant from RWBY. There’s one specific thing I want to point out here so i’ll just talk about that. One fashion trend that seems to prominent all throughout Remnant. Those freaking one finger sleeves. 

Look at those. Those things are apparently common in Remnant. Cinder wears them here, but she’s by far not alone.

Those are Ren’s new sleeves in Volume 4. Because you gotta look good while fighting monsters. Cinder’s not the only Villian, not even the only in Salem’s possy, to wear them.

Tyrion has him a pair too. But it’s not just there, it even spread to Menagerie. 

Here’s Blake’s mom, Kali Belladonna, wearing a similar pair. She’s not alone there either.

White Fang member Fennec has them, and his brother wears an identical pair. Emerald even wears an altered version.

Not really a sleeve, more of a glove. That brings me to another point. Fingerless gloves are common in Remnant too. At least those make some sort of sense as they cover the palm, which those sleeves don’t. 

Nora has a pair, but at least it makes sense for a huntress to wear something that allows dexterity while still protecting their hands. I mean look at all the fingerless gloves.






Cinder traded in her sleeves for them as a disguise.

Then Coco has one finger gloves, probably her trigger finger.

Tiayang wears one. Literally exactly one. not even a pair. Kind of similar to Nora’s on the hand though.

Sun has them, those his have an added bracer for defense. Smart move.

Raven did the same. Even Background characters get them.

In conclusion, one current Remnant fashion trend is to cover the back of your hand but leave your fingers exposed. Covering can extend up into the arm, or stop at the hand. it can be gloves or sleeves. Only rule, cover the back of the hand. 

This is what it looked like at my school today.

There are no filters on this photo.

The sky was turned pure yellow from the smoke of the wildfires in the mountains. Ash was falling on everything, and people were having trouble breathing.

Gatlinburg has been evacuated, but there are several people still trapped in a hotel. Shops and homes are catching on fire. The gorgeous mountains themselves have been covered in flames for the past week.

The economy here relies on revenue provided by tourists, and if our attractions, both natural and man made, burn up, the people here will suffer.

I’ve seen some people making jokes about Satan coming back for Trump, but please, now is not the time. People, animals, homes, and shops are all at risk here.

If anyone can, donate to our firefighters and rescue forces. The people who live here, including me, need all the help in the world right now.

The people who run zazzle-poetry are TWERFs

Earlier tonight, kittyit and dogsonline, the two people who run zazzle-poetry, made this post (cw: transmisogyny) where they proclaim themselves to be radfems, extoll the ideas of “male socialization”, specifically misgender trans people (including identifying trans men as “female”), and basically spout general TWERF garbage.

Shame on them both. I don’t know how long they’ve held these shitty opinions to themselves without saying anything, but it is absolutely disgusting. Their stuff is super popular on here, including among trans people, and it is just super fucked up that they are spewing this kind of hateful transphobic shit.

So yeah, please don’t support zazzle-poetry.


Horsekeeping Duty Part 2 (Part 1 here)

Why Eren x Mikasa is NOT incest. A Q&A for simple-minded people.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga.

Does Eren and Mikasa share the same blood parents?


Do they share the same blood in any way?


Was Mikasa adopted by the Jaegers?

No, she was taken in by them.

That’s wrong. She was adopted.

No, as I said, she was simply taken in by them. If she was adopted, her last name would have changed to Jaeger as well.

Does Eren see Mikasa as family?


How do you know?

Eren has stated multiple times to Mikasa that he is “not her brother/she is not his sister" (and that he is not a child).

Does Mikasa see Eren as family?

It seems that way in season 1. But because of the manga, there is evidence that Mikasa does not see Eren as family. 

Where is this evidence? (Spoilers)

There are a few scenes in which Mikasa portrays non-platonic love for Eren, but let’s cut to the chase and go to the iconic Chapter 50 scene.

If you can’t tell, Mikasa is leaning in for a kiss. You don’t kiss your family member (brother-sister) on the lips. Mikasa does not see Eren as family.

Does that mean that Mikasa likes Eren?

I’m 300% sure that Mikasa has a crush on Eren (or even more). 

Does Eren like Mikasa? 

Maybe. Eren has shown very little romantic affection to any of the characters so we can’t say if he has a crush or not. We’re getting off topic though.

You (usually) don’t have crushes on your family members though.

Exactly. Mikasa does not have a crush on her family member because she does not see Eren as her family. 

So, Eren and Mikasa aren’t related? 


And Mikasa and Eren do not view each other as family?


Because of that, Eren + Mikasa is not incest?

You got it!


Also, if you ever decide to be a complete asshole and argue with an ErenxMikasa shipper, DO NOT pull the incest card. It makes you look like a complete fucking moron. 

i was very, very, very hesitant to post this. I don’t usually draw this kind of AU, because it’s a very sensitive subject. if you’ve paid attention, you’ll know I have in the past, but i never made it quite as obvious. so, yeah, don’t expect to see much of this in the future.

On another note, I used new brushes and to make this!! it was a very experimental piece but I like how it turned out. it’s inspired very loosely by an AU @elvendoll and I came up with, involving an exasperated singer and a newbie bartender who may or may not have fallen head over heels for said exasperated singer. 

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear

Possibility for 4x13.

Basically, Philinda has destroyed me.

“They say the mother was the one that made everyone crazy with her powers. Agent May took them all on.”

Melinda looked down at her hands–still shaking from the fight. She felt a deep sense of relief that she couldn’t explain, knowing that the precious little girl behind her was safe. But there was a weight in her gut, telling her that something was off. Something about this felt…surreal.

“The Cavalry went in after all.”

Melinda drew her eyebrows together at the word “Cavalry.” Her fist tightened unconsciously. What was going on? She felt like she was still fighting, though the battle in the warehouse was behind her now. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Like a puzzle piece that someone was trying to force into a space it didn’t belong.

Melinda picked up her phone and dialed a familiar number, hoping that talking to Andrew would settle her down.

“I did it, Andrew.” Melinda’s voice wobbled as she spoke, the raw emotion bringing a teary smile to her face. She looked back for confirmation. Yes, she was still there. She wasn’t dreaming. She saved her. She saved the girl.

“Thank you,” the girl whispered.

Melinda turned back and repeated the thought out loud. “I saved the girl.”

Saying it out loud brought fresh tears to her eyes. At first, she thought they were tears of joy–she had been so worried about the girl’s safety. But the tears kept coming. And they felt more like tears of loss and heartache than of relief.

Melinda took in a shaky breath and looked around. Her thoughts felt muddled. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Someone was missing.


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A quick PSA for my fellow religious LGBT+ kids:

God loves you. 

He loves you just the way you are, because you are just the way He designed you to be.

No amount of hatred in this world will ever detract from that.

  • nooreva AU in which noora is a firefighter and eva is an accident-prone barista
  • noora is a regular at eva’s coffee shop, and they meet on eva’s first day
  • eva is like “o holy shit pretty girl” the moment she sees noora, so naturally she knocks over her coffee cup
    • “fuck i’m so sorry, i’m just nervous cause it’s my first day, so…”
    • noora responds graciously, smiling encouragingly, making eva’s heart beat a little faster. “it’s no problem at all. i’m not in a hurry. my work is literally just across the street.”
    • “at the firehouse?” “yeah.” “wow, that’s really cool! firefighters have been my heroes ever since i nearly burned down my house when i was eight. i mean, i don’t plan on burning my house down anytime soon, but—um..”
    • “i’ve got your back just in case you do.” noora takes her coffee, leaving with a smile and “see you around.”
  • closing time at the coffee shop. eva is wiping down counters and doesn’t notice knocking down a stack of filters into the roasting machine. until it starts to smoke and the alarm goes off.
  • noora and the fire crew—sana, vilde, and chris—answer the call right away. noora laughs fondly when she sees the klutzy barista from earlier
    • “i guess your plan to not burn the house down didn’t quite work out.”
    • “lucky for me, you’ve got my back.”
    • the fire crew cleans up the charred mess. eva tries not to panic, realizing she could get fired for this—on her first day, to boot
    • noora asks her what’s wrong, and when eva tells her, noora just smiles slyly. “who said we were going to tell your boss about this?”
    • “really? you would do that?”
    • “yeah. it’ll be our secret.”
    • “oh my god, thank you so much, i owe you—“
    • “don’t mention it. i’ve got your back, remember?”
  • for the next several days, when noora shows up to order coffee. she and eva trade knowing smiles
  • they pick up a rhythm of playful banter. eva shares silly stories of household mishaps—anything to make noora laugh
  • eva gets to know the rest of the fire crew too, since the coffee shop and fire station are in such close proximity. eva learns from sana that noora broke up with her girlfriend willa a few months ago, which brings on a jubilant internal celebration. she immediately wants to ask noora out, but it’s hard to work up the courage–what if noora doesn’t feel the same way? so instead, eva just focuses on hinting that she likes girls too, saying things like “violets are my favorite flower” and “have you seen hayley kiyoko’s new video?”
  • then comes the day when eva accidentally sets a fire in her house. honestly, this girl should know not to leave on her curling iron. but this is eva, the most fire-prone girl in town. her smoke alarm goes off at 2 am, and as fate would have it, noora answers the call
    • “oh my goodness, you truly do have the worst time sticking to your plan.”
    • eva smiles, shivering from being outside in her pajama top, as noora drapes a blanket around her shoulders. “it must be your fault—you’re too good at having my back. if you left, then i wouldn’t have a safety net, and i’d stop setting fires.”
    • “oh no, i won’t leave you. what would i do if you burned to death? who would make me smile over coffee every day?”
    • eva is super-aware of noora’s hand still resting on her shoulder, and all of a sudden, she can’t hold back anymore
    • she blurts out “do you want to go out with me? i mean, would you like to have dinner sometime? like together?”
    • noora smiles her signature red-lipped smile, the smile eva fell in love with the very first day they met. noora gently squeezes eva’s shoulder, and she responds, “i would.”

special shoutout to @skamofmylife and @closetlesbianvilde for beta reading! ilysm phoebe and alex ❤️❤️❤️