i don't understand why these things need to exist

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Ofc J&M are not "social friends" if it means you always expose your location to fans and welcome them to join you lol We never knew how and why and when J gave M a ring, a shirt, a hat, or why J was wearing M's shirt or why JJ once happened to wear a blanket that was the same as West's. They just don't talk about their life outside the show, unlike some people who fear that fans don't know they are bestiest besties in the world. "wives besties, children besties, hanging out right now!"

Exactly– I don’t understand how people can think that a famous individual somehow stops existing if they’re not constantly tweeting or taking pictures of where they are and what they’re doing. Celebrities wanting to keep things private is exactly why the paparazzi is a thing.

And why would someone need to publicize it every time they hung out with their best friend? Why is that the only way to apparently validate a friendship these days? I’m pretty sure people could be super close to one another before social media. I never recall introducing my best friend to someone and having them doubt the validity of our friendship because they haven’t seen a constant stream of photographic evidence.

It’s just juvenile to disregard someone’s personal life because every inch of it hasn’t been displayed for the world to see. Jensen, Misha and Jared  are all very private people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have very full lives and a whole slew of friends and family that they love and hang out with regularly.

Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

Misha and Jensen are friends. Why the hell do we need any proof beyond how happy they are when they’re together?

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TQ I don't quite understand why you get upset so much when someone calls a "nonbinary" person by his/her actual gender. There are only 2 Genders. This whole discussion is so stupid...I...I can't believe something so basic has to be explained. The whole Nonbinary/Genderfluid/Demiboygirl-thing is completely braindead. I'm sorry but I'm not. I was always the Type of person to tell people what they need to hear not what they want. Stop confusing others and yourself. You make things more complicated.

Buddy….. Are you aware that intersex people exist? …Look it up. It’s fascinating. Even from a purely physical point of view, gender isn’t as simple as you’d probably like to believe. Is it really so hard to believe that a person’s mind and heart is at least as complicated as their body?


You know we don’t talk about moles enough. We all know about moles in theory, but I think since the majority of our interaction with them is through stylized drawings like:

we just sort of accept the fact that these things are real, but sometimes I see one and I’m just blown away that these things are actual, irl, existing animals like

hands? hands what are hands

visible joints?? is that really necessary

who needs a face? ears? eyes?? are those important?

do we even need mammalian features? features at all? why not just be a tube of silk with a nose on the end. who even cares.

what are moles because i don’t understand why we just accept these

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Why do you think it is so many websites and books say libras are extremely social and 'need' people? I know many libras, including myself, that truly aren't obsessed with having the company of others. I don't understand why most things say that

It could refer somewhat to the social element on a really superficial level but the libra’s ‘need’ for other people can be seen by ruling the 7th house/ descendant and this is the astrological ‘shadow’ it is the axis of the ‘self’ (Aries) and ‘relationship’, the personality blooms in aries, is creatively expressed in leo, the ego is undone in virgo and the existence of others begins playing a role in the expression (think virgo is here to serve), and this is further accelerated by libra who physically connects with people so the 8th house/scorpio door can be open for soul level communion. through this process you can see what underpins the role of other people in life, not so much as a dependence but as an indwelling need that allows them to fully demonstrate their qualities. there can also be weak ego boundaries in libra and at its lowest expression the personality is almost a complete imitation

although libra are ruled by venus they are cardinal/air, so the energies are largely initiative, cerebral, and independent in spirit. but libra ‘’need’’  other people so they can ascertain multiple perspectives. they like to hear a diverse range of opinions, insights, and view points so they can decide what to believe in themselves. they tend to arrive at this point through intense rationale, personal and private contemplation, and what they deem to be the most well rounded and impartial argument. they learn about themselves by learning about others.you can see this in the two lined glyph of libra that symbolises this sign’s need to measure variables against reason, logic, intuition, and righteousness. it is for this reason they are the astrological sign of law and justice.

there’s a lot more going on than libra’s ‘‘dependence’’. with libra we have socially receptive Venus, mentally astute Air, the fire of Cardinal, and wise, formidable Saturn. libra is ruled by venus and exalts in saturn.

and there is no doubt libra’s best qualities shine on the social scene ;) the urge to be around people may not always be so conscious, but those sweet venus talents scream to be conveyed. i dont know about you, but i ‘need’ libras, they make me feel so refreshed and at peace


I don’t think I have ever seen an idol get hated as VIOLENTLY as Tiffany is hated. Like, it’s so easy for some people to just be so nasty about her. Why? And why do they have to go above and beyond with their insults? Talking about her mother, wishing her death and then calling it ‘trolling’, comparing her to animals (which is very racist towards POC, btw), and just all around completely disrespecting her existence as a person. I understand that Tiffany isn’t going to be liked by everyone. Her personality isn’t for everyone. But that DOESNT mean you all need to say over half of the things you say about her. How is it so easy for you? Why has hating Tiffany become so normalized that no one even bats an eye at these awful, awful insults? You all need to relax. You can dislike a person without voicing it so violently.

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The thing i wish people (other signs) understood about me as an Aquarius personally is that i really really cherish the alone time i make for myself. I need that time just to sit down with my thoughts. Why don't other signs understand the need for self reflection time on a daily basis? And sometimes it can go on for days as well for me.

Our nesting periods are CRUCIAL to our existence as functional and productive members of society. And yes we do need an excessive amount of it. I really honestly think it’s because of how over active our minds tend to be. It’s very difficult for me to focus on what anyone is saying if what I was thinking about interests me more- and more often than not it does. Lol I’m so rude.

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I'm bi but my preference is girls it's true that as I get older I find that I'm more and more attracted to girls and less to guys but I still like them and I'm happy identifying myself as bi my friends are amazing and I love them but they don't really understand what being bi is they keep on trying to convince me to just say I'm a lesbian and don't get how I can be attracted to both genders I don't know how to explain it to them so that they'd understand that being bi is a real thing

and this is why it’s so important to stamp down on bisexuality erasure

it’s disgusting that we’re pushed aside like this. it’s the same for pansexuals, demisexuals, asexuals etc, it’s as if we don’t exist.

but we need to keep reminding the world that we do exist and it is possible to feel the way we do and we’re very obvious proof of that

you matter, we matter, bisexuals matter.