i don't understand why it's still going around

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Melly could you explain to me why Liam still has to parade around with Cheryl? It's May shouldn't he be free of Cowell Modest and their shit PR team? I honesty don't understand what's going on.

Hiya Melly! I hope you’re having a good vacation! I noticed that there were as many breakup articles for Chiam as there are Loved Up articles, and I’m kind of confused about what they are trying to do there. Thoughts? Have a good day!

So I’m going to answer theses asks in one fell swoop, because i think they all relate to each other.

Ok, so first and foremost everyone take deep cleansing breaths, have some stress snacks, hug some therapy dogs if you own any, maybe even construct a blanket fort and create your own stunt-free sanctuary.

The big question here, is why we’re towards the end of May, and all stunts appear to be going strong.

I think the main reasons, and the big reasons that this is happening, is that One Direction are stuck in a team transition purgatory due to contract and/or money disputes and that they are very much preparing for legal proceedings. Modest is in the midst of being audited in a very aggressive and very legal way, and that’s usually a sign that it was requested by the court.  I think a large reason why the stunts are all at 100 is to also help distract you from that very fact.

There are several complex false narratives surrounding One Direction, and even though you and I know they are bullshit, they have to play out however they are planned to, since you can’t effectively conclude them overnight without creating even more of a hot mess than there already is.

I think that communication between One Direction and 1DHQ has broken down to anything past civility at this point, and that there’s a lot of ugly fighting behind the scenes. If I had to consult my Olivia Pope Gut, I think Modest will be presented as the sacrificial lambs and that Syco will be let off the hook of sorts.

Modest’s behavior as of late is indicative of the fact they are preparing for a fight too. But I think as a result, the boys are stuck in a weird limbo, and any completion of a team transition has effectively stalled.  I also think the fighting has gotten ugly and personal, so these stunts are a mixture of 1D going through the motions, because at present, there are really complex false narratives that have been constructed around the boys, and you have to maintain those.  But at the same time, I also think there’s a certain level of asserting whatever power they have left while the boys are in limbo (e.g. Louis exchanging Freddie in a parking lot, the 812 pap walks, the gross Cherliam narrative and stunts).

So what does that mean in terms of a definite end?  I don’t know that there’s any sort of banner or landmark that everyone behind the scenes is waiting to reach in order to begin resuming the transition. I think it’s part of what this hiatus for. Yes, it’s extremely important that One Direction each get some much deserved time off and pursue their own personal interests, but I think the New Team also have a lot of legal and financial things to sort, and the hiatus will be time well spent for that.

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All I see ppl say is black on black crime doesn't exist. I still don't understand why black ppl say that knowing damn well in the hood it's not safe to even walk around. Ppl don't talk about what we as black ppl have to take responsibility for. They only focus on what the white man is doing. To uplift ourselves we have to love within our own communities. Be about the solutions don't just complain!!!

Nah you interpret it that way disregarding the explanations and resources provided. People have been talking about it and have been about finding solutions. Stop the Violence Campaigns have been going on for years. Protests have been going on to counter what contributes to the issue. Stop this narrative that black people don’t do anything for their communities and only complain, stop projecting.