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I’m really glad to have been wrong about Split (well, more like misled, the advertising paints a different picture) and I’ll tell you why.

What I’ve seen from tumblr and the small Split fandom in general is not fear for those of us with DID. I’ve seen childish “haha tumblr is so easily triggered! I’m edgy!!” posts here and there but the thoughtful posts vastly outnumber those. I see understanding and a willingness to learn. I’ve talked to more people about DID in the last week than I have in a long while, even on my DID sideblog.

I, and more importantly we, never felt comfortable talking about it on our main. We’ve had this account for over 5 years and have barely mentioned it. We felt ashamed, like people wouldn’t understand us, or think worse of us. But here we are talking openly about it and people are listening.

Thats one of the best things is people are listening. Split has brought attention to DID. Is there misinformation in the film? Sure. Is it dramatized? Yup. Does it put DID on a weird pedestal? To me, yes. But have people walked out feeling sympathy for Kevin and his system, wanting to learn more? Yes they have. I’ve yet to read a single post that says they are now more scared of systems after viewing the movie. And I think most people who view the film are mature enough to realize the supernatural aspect of the movie caused those events to occur, not the disorder itself.

I would love someday for there to be an excellent portrayal of DID as it actually is. Split was never meant to be that but the struggles Kevin, Barry, Hedwig, Dennis and Patricia go through (outside of the Beast) are something we can relate to. And if it gets even 10 people to look into DID and understand us we’ll take it.

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you say you're against gradence but you post pictures of colin farrell and percival graves on your main account so isn't that a little two-faced ?

okay so i like left this sitting here for a little bit bc i was debating whether to delete it or to answer it but ?? i just reblogged a picture of colin on my main so it reminded me lmao

so like, idk if you’re trying to be shady or just don’t understand why but?? i fucking love colin farrell. like, straight up adore him. as a person and an actor. he and ezra are my favorite actors in the world. and i think he’s attractive too, and i love his costumes for fb. but i’m still ?? anti gr*dence. like, the actors aren’t their characters, babe. and the ship is still abusive and problematic, and i think failing to admit that is a problem. i have never once reblogged anything gr*dence related, unless it was anti, which i tagged as such. and more than that, i don’t rb anything really graves related, other than like “why tf did no one ask where this rly important guy was” bc we don’t ?? know him at all. it was literally grindel!graves the whole time. we don’t know percival graves literally at all. so anything graves related that i reblog is usually ?? just pictures of colin in the costume bc he looks damn good. i don’t speculate on the character at all because, again, we don’t know him.

i won’t get further into this bc i want to keep this space mostly Discourse free, so if it’s something you’re just confused about, feel free to message me privately so that i can explain to the best of my ability.


█░     HIGH SUMMONER ( 大召喚士 )

     “ It’s a skill. ”

I need a cute boy that will go to bookstores with me and not rush me. That will take me to cute little coffee shops and try unique coffees each time we go. Someone who doesn’t mind me wanting to take an annoying amount of pictures of us. Who will understand when I need to be alone and isolated for a little and will try to help me out. I want a strong HEALTHY and HAPPY relationship since I’ve never been able to have one.


I would understand the first picture of just the face having a few more notes because doesn’t need any context it could just be a nice headshot but why in god’s name would the middle one have the most notes??? there are 10 people out there who just sent the middle image floating down a bunch of people’s dashboards. like how would anyone even know what that is out of context? is it a neck? is it a dick? i can tell you what my first guess would be and i’ll give you a hint IT LOOKS LIKE A DICK


So like in the first picture, I had enough of scrolling down his Instagram and seeing his impressions of black celebrities such as Rihanna and Snoop Dogg so I decided to comment on his video using my primary instagram account @ afrxdite.
Then this girl @ gmoney probably didn’t understand what blackface even was so fair enough if she didn’t understand why I was taking his “artistic talents” so deeply. I was hoping she’d actually go away and research everything regarding blackface and she’d leave it at that.
But in the third image as you can see, the guy decided to block me so I knew he obviously saw the comments.
I had a back up account when I went through this rock music phase thing so I went onto that and typed out this message thinking that she’d finally understand what’s up. But of course in the last picture, you can clearly see how ignorant she is using that racist slur. And last but not least, the make up artist blocked my account.
I just wanted to express what happened because I’m tired of hearing people say things like “it’s 2015, it’s time to move on” because that just means you won’t acknowledge all the bad events that occur everyday and that’s exactly why we can’t move on. So yeah, it’s like 3:37am and I’m extremely pissed off.

yall ria*rkle is friendship goals. I feel like this picture beautifully explains that farkle understands riley better than maya does.

he was the first one who took notice that she was being bullied, and he was the first one to realize that she was lying about her true feelings for lucas.

hence why the water is clear between them, because farkle can always tell when something is off about riley, when she’s hurt, when she’s lying, etc etc. there is nothing clouding their friendship because they’re honest with each other (although farkle had to get riley to admit that she still liked lucas but he was the only one that noticed that she was lying!!!)

ultimate friendship goals tbh!!!

Norman Bates 2.0?: A Deep* Look into Mako.

We polled 100 regular people JUST LIKE YOU about what came to mind when they thought of our favorite detective, and the responses were overwhelming.

But we here at the Center for Something think everyone’s missing the big picture. It’s absolutely no secret in fanon (and in canon) that people view Mako as the “mother figure.” Let me regale you with some actual, canon moments.

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