i don't understand what myrtle is doing there

jellarke-deactivated20160911  asked:

So I recently read 'Weave Me A Myrtle Crown' and I loved it. Now I am looking for something similar in terms of bellarke having an inexplicable instant connection which they don't understand and try to fight/hide. Know anything like that ?

Here are some fics that might be similar to what you are looking for:

@whyclarke said: ‘do you have any fics that have clarke getting sick or hurt badly and bellamy caring for her/not letting anyone else touch her? thank you so much!’

We have done recs here and here that will suit your needs!

@bellamyblvk said: ‘hi! do you know of any CIA/spy/FBI bellarke fics? xx’

Sure thing! The blog has an FBI tag and a spies tag - we also have some previous fic recs [x,x] along similar lines. 

@longlivequeenlydia said: ‘Do you know of any fics where Bellamy and Clarke get stoned together, if not could you write one?’

We’ve done a fic rec for that here which you can check out!