i don't understand their faces

Tony Padilla : a summary : B E A U  T I F U L  (◠‿◠✿)

- beautiful voice  (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful hair (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful face (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful outfits (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful tattoos (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful car (◡‿◡✿)

-beautiful boyfriend (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful soul (◡‿◡✿)


Father Crowley.

  • Dream: Guys, look, Red's upset! We should go help him.
  • Ink: ... But that's not our job.
  • Dream: Of course it is! We are the Star Sanses, and we-
  • Ink: Please, don't do the theme song.
  • Blue: Here's a compromise. I have a plan that involves him being happy, and neither of you have to do any work.
  • Ink: Perfect!
  • Dream: ... I don't mind, I just want to make sure those negative emotions go away.
  • Blue: We all know I'm the master of getting rid of negativity. Now, here's the plan: we walk up to him, and you, Dream, ask him "why the long face?" Then, Ink, you say something about horses having long face or something.
  • Ink: Okay.
  • Dream: ... I don't understand this plan. Won't that just make him feel worse?
  • Blue: For a second, maybe, but then it's my turn to step in! I tell him, "Huh, so does that mean I'm a cowboy?"
  • Dream:
  • Ink:
  • Blue: What? You guys will leave after that. Everyone gets what they want.
  • Dream: ... I don't think you understand-
  • Blue: Yes I do.
  • Dream: Um... Ink, a little help, please?
  • Ink: Okay, sure. Blue, there's a flaw in your plan.
  • Dream: Thank you!
  • Ink: Saying that you ARE a cowboy suggests that it's already happened, which could either confuse him or creep him out, for fair reasons, so change it to "I'm going to be a cowboy tonight".
  • Blue: ... Good thinking. Okay, team, initiate plan "Blue Gets-"
  • Dream: S T O P

TLC Ship Weeks - Windy Day

I guess someone had to do the Big Bad Wolf joke XD
And yes, that’s Cinder, Thorne, and Cress as the three little pigs. I dunno why. They just are.

Downton Rewatch (Season 1): part ii

- oh my gOD Bates get a hold of yourself. so william comes barreling through the door and spills Thomas’ tea all over him and thomas gets mad. and says something snotty. wow. call the constable, what an effing crime. like. now thomas has tea all over his clothes so he’s either got to go and change (which i’m sure he has just masses of other clothes no problem right) or wait for it to dry, during which time if Mr. Carson catches him he’s going to get a verbal thrashing. DO EITHER OF THOSE OPTIONS SOUND APPEALING. like I am the first to admit that thomas is the most…JUST THE MOST. but don’t treat him like he just ripped the head off of a baby lamb for having a reaction jesus BACK OFF BATES

- oh good lord when Daisy says, “i’d do anything for you” and Thomas glows - ACTUALLY GLOWS - with something like pride and wonder and genuine surprise. i mean in the next second his face shifts and he does this villainous little smirk sure yeah because that’s a weapon, that’s something to defend yourself with if you need it, something to use against other people duh. (honestly i don’t know how anyone who isn’t a slytherin makes sense of the world but okay) but in that moment before, there was bare vulnerability and it was fucking beautiful. shit. i’m gonna make a shitty gif of it because you guys have got to see this shit.

THOMAS. (90% of my live action commentary watching this show is just me yelling out in a pained and strangled voice THUHMASSS).

-this is a real live actual conversation that happens.

OB: [plotting against Bates} What we need to do is to make him a suspect when something’s really been stolen.

Thomas: How do we know anything’s been stolen?

OB: Because you stole it, you noodle.

You are both noodles, and this is a terrible idea.

- side note: how fucking spot on is it that when there are scenes happening in Carson’s office or the servants hall you can hear Mrs. Patmore and Daisy bickering in the background. I mean. I take this show to task for a lot but wow that is some tight storytelling.

- man do i miss the good ole days of Thomas and OB plotting and smoking in the courtyard. iconic.

- there is not much i find more delightful than Thomas saying “sod ‘em.” why can’t he have been given more dirty lines please…why is RJC’s ridiculous accent so fucking soothing. SEE HOW SOOTHED I AM. i am currently just a skin bag of loose bones and honey.

- Daisy and Mrs. Patmore are fuking underappreciated. Daisy misunderstanding Mrs. Patmore and thinking she’s supposed to poison the food while Mrs. P is away for eye surgery is one of the best and most subtle moments of comedic genius in television history.

- why is watching Thomas putting food in his mouth…so erotic. i did not ask for this. i was perfectly happy not knowing this about myself.

- okay so look. i am the first (okay maybe not the first) to admit that Thomas says and does some mean shit. he’s not perfect! some days…he is so overwhelmingly far from perfect that hypothetically you have to go have a good long talk with yourself in the bathroom mirror about why the eff it’s one o clock in the morning and you are lulling yourself to sleep with VIVID fantasies of putting a grown man in the bathtub, washing the pomade out of his hair, and seeing what kinds of noises he makes when you skritch the back of his head. hypothetically. i can only imagine that’s what it would be like because none of this is personal experience. but also let’s not pretend that i won’t defend Thomas to the everloving end. yes, it is not his finest moment to make light of a woman losing her pregnancy or a young person losing their mother, BUT for fuck’s sake why does no one seem to have a problem with people putting their hands on Thomas in violence, holy shit.

- aghhhhh the fact that Thomas holds himself so still, head so high and proud when he’s got bruises on his face. It is the Don’t Fucking Touch Me Stillness, cousin to his Blank Look of Shame, and you all know how i feel about that.

- hahahahahhah ohhhhhhh well fuck me i guess branson/sybil/gwen was the ot3 i didn’t even know i wanted.