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I think dan is upset that people don't get that he's joking in his video. he made a new comment under his video "in these comments: people not understanding humour". I think he's referring to the people who are asking if he is depressed and wants to kill himself.

edit, adding in a screenshot of his comment for posterity lol: 

my feelings are pretty aptly summed up by this response: 

this is something that irks me about dan. i understand humor is his coping mechanism with his own mental health issues and i appreciate and acknowledge that. it is 100% his right to have that, use it, put it in videos, whatever he wants, if it’s really helping him work through things for himself. but if that humor is not received 100% graciously by people who are particularly sensitive to these themes (and esp bc those ppl might not watch his live shows so they dont even hear him ever rambling about his mental health struggles; they only have these ‘jokes’ that dan himself says are ‘jokes’ to go off of) OR people who just care about him and are worried about him,,,, then he can’t be surprised or take issue. it’s also just self-contradiction after a point bc on the one hand he says (in live shows) that his dark humor is a coping mechanism for real internal struggle, but in venues like this he very much cops out and says it’s just a joke and that ppl dont get his edgy humor and theres no need to worry about him. i mean theyre probably related in a sense bc he doesnt want the wider internet to be worried about him and so he trivializes these jokes to deflect attention, but overall i feel like he can’t just cling to both explanations when it suits him and depending on which audience he’s talking to. im giving him enough benefit of the doubt to think that its a bit more than just ‘edgy humor’ for the sake of it, but if this is all that people are hearing and all that ppl have to go off of … no wonder they’re upset?  

in short: as much as it’s his right to make jokes like this, it’s his audience’s right to dislike them. he has to know there are people out there who are actually struggling with these problems, so idk how it’s shocking that some people might be hurt or a little put off to hear it referenced so so so much and for the purposes of comedy by someone they’re trying to watch for entertainment. i myself find suicidal ideation and even general references to ‘wanting death’ to be pretty hard to stomach at the best of times and thats why even tho i wanted to uninhibitedly love this vid and also the recent anthony collab, both of them made me feel slightly unsettled at the same time. doesnt mean i dont understand dan’s ‘humor’ or why he resorts to it. i do, but i dont always like it. simple as that. 

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Can you explain to me why y'all are so happy with that she has bellamy thing? Yikes. Stop making it all about a man. She can't be independent? She needs a man? Of course, if a woman is strong, writers have to give her a male character. So groundbreaking.

Hmmm…..sorry but I’m not sure where you’re coming from. I don’t want to think badly so let’s assume you just hate the idea of a strong woman being in a relationship with a man and this is not related to Clarke’s sexuality.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion. The way I see it, strong female characters should be allowed to fall in love. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re weak or depend on the other person.

Clarke loves Bellamy and Bellamy loves her too. When bellarke finally gets together in a romantic sense, Clarke will still be strong and independent. If you really watched the show you’d know that she has bellamy since s1, they share the leadership role. Just tell me a moment when the narrative doesn’t acknowledge her as leader.  

Can we stop talking about gender for a second? Clarke doesn’t need a man, nobody’s ever said that, but she needs Bellamy.

She doesn’t need him because he’s a strong man, she needs him because he’s her best friend, the one who is there when she’s scared or broken, the one who helps her to bear the burden, the one who would make a joke about his own torture just to make her smile…

The show has pointed out that Clarke needs Bellamy, either through words or gestures. 


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This is not my interpretation, this is canon!!

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Do you know why exactly people are hating on DDADDS because of the Game Grumps? Like I understand that they don't want to support them, but why? Sorry I'm super oblivious to everything, but I'm curious and don't have a good launching point to find out on my own.

Its alright! I haven’t watched the Grumps in like 2 years, so this is just mostly why other people hate the grumps, not my own personal opinions on them. Anyways, the Game Grumps have said some pretty awful things in the past, most notably their racist and homophobic jokes, but I’ve heard people say that they’ve apologized for it and put warnings on the videos that might be offensive. Also, I know a couple of people have been upset at Arin for liking photos that are sort of (?) child porn during the cutie saturday thing, but i don’t know if he still does that/has apologized for it. And there was the whole Suzy Etsy Scam thing that happened two or so years ago, you can read about that Here, whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. A lot of people don’t want to buy and play dream daddy because it was funded and voiced by members of the Game Grumps. But as far as i know, everything problematic that the Grumps have done happened years ago, and I’m not totally clear on what they’ve apologized for and such, but i hope this still at least helped to answer your question!

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I'm kind of late, but I wanted to ask anyway: why is Chara screaming in your Valentine day drawing, and why is Asriel scared? I can understand Frisk's bubble (they don't like chocolate, I guess), but I don't understand Asriel's one. Sorry if it is a dumb question, haha

it is implied in the game that Chara likes chocolate, so in this headcanon that many shares (althought a pretty solid ingame theory if you look into it), they reside by frisk side as some kind of guide/narrator, therefore, the reaction when frisk rejects the chocolate. Asriel disliking flowers (due to flowey resamble) it’s kinda my own thing, it’s pretty silly but it’s part of the joke here. Peace!