i don't understand my own coloring choice

anonymous asked:

I love love love the way you color and use color to shade!! I really wanna learn how to use color similarly in my own art but I don't even know where to start learning color

thank you! here are some guides to the basics of colour theory: 1 2 3

getting a good understanding of how colours work together is pretty key to making smart choices in art but there’s also a lot to be learnt from just trial and error - assuming you do digital art, try putting your colours on different layers and changing the hue of one colour at a time and just see how the overall look of the picture changes accordingly, and try to figure out why. 

you can also study limited palettes (there are a million blogs and sites for these) and try to break them down into what hues are used, how many are highly/lowly saturated, which are light/dark and so on. Getting a basic understanding of which colours work well together will allow you to expand from there! i think an important part of art is trying to think through problems & it can lead to forming your own strong understanding of stuff like colour theory.

these are just kind of starting points for getting into colour use. i’d always recommend studying others’ art (classical and contemporary) and looking up resources if you feel stuck.