i don't understand music

Okay. I’m ready for the backlash I will get on this post. I am ready.

But here it is…..

Okay…. Here goes…


I really don’t understand the hype with Beyoncé. I don’t.

There. I said it.


Person: oh i love music!!!!! 


Person: oh but not rock or rap or jazz or metal or…. lol classical??? LOL who even listens to tha–


I understand not liking a particular group, but trash talking idols of a group you don’t like is extremely disrespectful. They may not be your favorites, but that does not mean you should treat them as if they don’t work hard and as if they are talentless.
It’s okay to have an opinion, but being an asshole is not okay.

Sometimes music expresses the way we feel even better than we ever could ourselves.
—  Things I realized when I was listening to my favorite playlist, part XIII
  • Looking at contemporary music: ?????
  • Practicing contemporary music: I'll probably understand this better in full band.
  • Rehearsing contemporary music: ??!!?????!??!?

i’ve been listening to abba for the whole day and i am not ashamed of it

wow,,,the number of posts i’ve seen today saying “oh, i definitely need to see great comet now with oak in it” is overwhelming. y'all, there’s been a tight knit family of us in the comet fanbase since the beginning pls don’t all jump in at once like respect the fact that everyone is talented in the cast and yes oak is great and amazing but he shouldn’t be the sudden and only reason you love the musical,,don’t think i’m not happy he’s playing pierre, i’m really excited, but i’m just saying pls don’t jump on the train and expect so much out of it


☀ Astro Hide&Seek MV aesthetic ☁

“Like playing hide and seek, catching you isn’t easy
But in my eyes I still keep trying, and grab you”