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Moon Dupes: Crescent Pendant

Usagi loved to wear this cute, minimalist outfit in the first few seasons - a white sleeveless hoodie, a baby blue pinafore, accented with a giant crescent moon pendant. Ever since I was a child, that pendant stuck in my mind; it was such a perfect simple accessory for the Moon Princess. Did she buy it after she discovered her identity, or was she always drawn to it?

What I knew is that I wanted one for myself, and with the power of the modern Internet, I can have one!

The necklace I found that matches the one in the show most closely is HH & Co’s Crescent Moon Necklace in Bronze (left).*

If you want a more stylized 3D rendition of the same concept, I really love Ewelina Pas’s Large Brass Moon Necklace (middle).

And for a really contemporary take with modern cut glitter acrylic, check out Geeky Wears’s Large Crescent Moon Necklace in Gold Glitter (right).

*I’ve seen multiple sellers using these same moons, so if anyone has wholesale shopping links for the pendants used in the first (and possibly second) necklaces, share the knowledge!

To match Usagi’s necklace even closer, you can restring any of these necklaces onto a sturdy brown cord or hemp rope.


Archie was low on cash and just gave him a rock he saw outside of the Team Magma base.  It ended up being Maxie’s favorite thing, but I think anything from archie would be his favorite.  Based on some forgotten post I saw on tumblr once.   

ok so the studyblr aesthetic. i LOVE pretty notes. i LOVE stationery. i love anything aesthetic and i don’t see the problem w people who want to post absolutely gorgeous photos of their notes or bullet journals. over half of my blog is studyspo pics ! but i do hate the idea that new studyblrs seem to have where they have to get the “studyblr stationery” or “brand notebooks” for their bullet journals. like no?? i’ve never bought stabilos or moleskins or the kipling 100 and am fine ?? i have a pretty large following?? all you need for studyblr is the desire to learn & do better in school. 

  • “Leverrier likes baking cakes and authority and dislikes sentiment “ 
  • “Link likes memorizing things, rules and Leverrier and dislikes jokes “ 

Inktober 9  I don’t know why am I still trying to ink. .


[‘my favorite memory’ by merle haggard playing softly in the distance] 

idk, teen!r & l, anyone?

So, in celebration of making an ask blog, (It’s http://ask-tmc-dark.tumblr.com/ if you’re curious,) I did a few quick sketches for the three other ask blogs that led up to and inspired me making it. Hopefully I don’t rip them off without realizing it.

Anyways, go and check them out!: http://asktimeandtwilight.tumblr.com/ http://ask-young-link.tumblr.com/ http://askdarkyounglink.tumblr.com/ (If you want to, I mean…)