i don't understand how you perfect

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do you know how hard it must've been for Killian Jones to stop drinking and gambling in his pre-navy days? to claw out of the hole he was in? a man with so little self-worth would've literally drank himself to death and squandered every penny he had. a man with such supposed weakness in the face of darkness would've backslid right into drinking even after joining the navy, just as alcoholism affects jobs. a man with as much self-loathing as he had would've self-destructed and embraced every demon. but he didn't. he got his fucking act together during his time as Lt. Jones because his brother was his world and his light and his inspiration and his love and the source of hope for him. and then, that light DIED––due to machinations by the system that fucked them over in the first place. it wasn't just understandable for bright and starry-eyed Lt. Jones to fall so far after his brother's death. it was inevitable.

Anyone care to explain how I can go from “MY PRECIOUS BB, MY SON WHOM I LOVE AND WILL PROTECT WITH MY LIFE”



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                    You won,   and she   chose you,   and she loved you, and   she’s gone.
                           It's over, isn't it? Why can't I move on?

            Yamanaka Ino & Haruno Sakura: Shipping Aesthetic | Lyrics: It's Over, Isn't It? (Steven Universe)


can you imagine overwatch agents (minus winston, of course, who is their best friend and who comes over for wine nights) not understanding that they’re different people. every time tracer is gushing about emily and how perfect her beautiful wonderful girlfriend is, everyone is side-eying her. 

it comes to a head when they stage an intervention. 

“are you sure she’s the right one for you?” mercy says delicately. “it seems like a… dangerous situation.” 

lena, face horrified, “I would never hurt her or let anyone else hurt her.” 

“but how can you continue being an agent of overwatch then?” 

“my love life doesn’t affect my abilities as an agent,” lena snaps. “i was the first one back! i believe in overwatch!” 

“but with her as our enemy–” 

“emily? our enemy? she can’t even do a cartwheel!” 

“she did a backflip off of my face last week!” mccree cuts in, offended. 

“what ARE you talking about? you’ve never even met her!” she throws her arms up in the air, exasperated. “how can you say this when you don’t even know her? look, does this look like the face of a talon agent? she only looks like a zombie on mondays, unlike widowmaker and reaper, who are like. actively dead.” 

she holds up her phone’s wallpaper, and it’s a selfie of her and emily, with emily hugging lena from behind and nuzzling her hair and lena holding the phone and smiling cheesily 

angela squeals and steals her phone to gush over it. “oh, that’s precious! i’m so glad you aren’t dating a talon agent, what a relief!” and lena is like “wait what” and rapid fire wondering what the fuck her friends think of her to think she’d date someone who regularly kicks her ass 

and everyone else is trying not to look too jealous because damn. that is a cute picture. what a lucky brat. 


It was perfect, utterly perfect, and Neil felt at once inspired and horrified by the sight of it. How could he possibly play here? He closed his eyes and breathed in, breathed out, imagining the way bodies sounded as they crashed into each other on the court, the way the announcer’s voice would only come through in muffled, scattered bursts, the roar of sixty-five thousand people reacting to a goal. He knew he didn’t deserve this, knew beyond a doubt he wasn’t good enough to play on this court, but he wanted and needed it so badly he ached all over. 

… He’d made the right decision. The risks didn’t matter; the consequences would be worth it. He had to be here. He had to play on this court at least once. He had to know if the crowd screamed loud enough to blow the roof off. He had to smell the sweat and overpriced stadium food. He needed to hear the buzzer sound as a ball slammed inside the white goal lines and lit the walls up red. 

“Oh,” Nicky said … “No wonder he chose you.”

 - The Foxhole Court [Nora Sakavic]

so a reeaaaallly long time ago @wiseofathena requested some more Sun and Stars Starco au and I just now got around to it sorry

I’m really proud of how this turned out :D :D :D

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Dad, What is your most favourite thing about Vanitas?

Ask Vain ✰ . | Not accepting because I’m tired omg

Aww he is like his mom and me!!— I mean, he is so smart, handsome, kind, sweet, cute, strong, ADORABLE, SEXY, SEEEXY!! haha I can’t really choose? Oh, okay? I love everything about my Son, he is perfect and I wouldn’t change him for anything ❤ ❤ ❤


Favorite t h i n  g??

haha…that’s none of my business.

he bursts into anger?…did you see him like
that? haha….

it’s not of my business, HAHAHAHA.


i can’t believe i took the time to make this

When your mother makes it a point to tell you that you look three months pregnant in a dress that you thought you looked good in 😒😒 like geeze thanks, as if I didn’t already struggle enough with hating my body and how it looks. Like I know it’s not perfect and I still have problems but I’m slowly learning to love myself and I’m not about to start putting up with bullshit like that ✌🏻


I want to describe something beautiful to you.

First, imagine a rectangle with such proportions that when you cut the rectangle exactly in half, the two halves have the exact same proportions as the original rectangle.

Now the original rectangle has the area of one square meter (the metric system itself is also really beautiful, but we won’t go into that now, we’ll just take it as a given that one square meter is lovely). Let’s call this rectangle that has the area of one square meter 0. It is the starting point.

Now we cut it in half. Lets call these two halves 1, because they are the original halved once.

Now lets cut a 1 into half again. These we call 2, because they are the original halved twice.

Lets cut a 2 in half again. Yep, you guessed it, this one is called 3. If we half a 3 we get a 4. If we half a 4 we get a 5. If we half a 5 we get a 6. If we half a 6 we get a 7.

All of them always have the exact same proportions. A 7 has the same proportions as a 0.

And that is the Standard European Paper Size System, usually called the A-series. So the name of each sheet follow formula “A number”, so a standard printing sheet is an A4, a postcard is size A6, etc

my parents were so nice to me???? they invited me for dinner and like, their uni studies were almost perfect so i was expecting a never ending guilt trip yet it seems like i’m forgiven???? my mom was even back at it with the old ‘you lost weigth let me feed you caramel cheesecake’???? and they gave me like a ton of chocolate and raw bars????

I can’t really understand (I tried, I swear I tried and I’m still trying) people who see Nick and Judy only in a partners-friends relationship. I mean, okay, they are cute af in every sigle way including this, but… if you see them just as buddies, it means that they eventually could meet someone special, someone to love in a romantic way… but, seriously, how can they meet such a mammal when they have the perfect chemistry? Can you imagine them being married to another animal while still having such a great compatibility? To me – maybe because I firmly believe that the perfect lover is the perfect friend to begin with – it doesn’t make any sense, any at all.


I don’t understand. How did you get here?
The only thing that matters is I’m here with you now.


Outside of the incredibly intense emotions, one of my favorite aspects of Tomasi & Gleason’s run on Batman&Robin is their use of parallelism and repetition. 

I also really enjoy how this scene specifically shifted, that it was never perfect repetition, but close enough that the symbolism of the moment could easily be understood and felt.

I will never be able to thank nor convey to patrickgleason and the crew how much this title meant to me. So I guess I’ll just be forever stuck talking about it to anyone who will listen, sporadically making analytic comparison posts about my favorite moments and potentially getting a firefly or quote tattoo and excitedly anticipating Robin: Son of Batman instead.

Thanks a million times over Pete, Pat, Mick and John! For everything!

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