i don't understand how you don't love them honestly

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Hi Azra, I've always enjoyed your writing and the powerful relationship advice you give people, amongst other things. However, I am deeply disturbed by your recent prose piece. The fact that it was based on a movie is irrelevant to me. When you say things like "I don't think I saw/felt anything before you" you are planting ideas in young girls heads that they were nothing before they met someone else. I don't understand how "It's so fucking empty without you" is empowering or healthy at all.

I am honestly getting really sick of having to defend my writing. You can’t say the fact that it’s based on a movie is irrelevant to you because it’s written like that because of the movie it’s based on. Because that is how they loved. That’s what it looked like to them. I’m not here as some mouthpiece for young girls to aspire to. I’m here and I have a blog and I write things on it. That’s it. Please stop ascribing these roles onto me, I certainly didn’t ask for them. 

And another thing, women are loads of different qualities. Strong women who don’t love, strong women who do, weak women who don’t love, weak women who do, intelligent women, smart women, scared women, cowardly women, brave women, it all looks different for everybody. You could find the strongest, most empowered woman who is brought to her knees because of love. Sometimes love is all consuming. Sometimes it does feel like nobody else existed before them. It’s not necessarily healthy or right, but that’s what it is. And that’s what I was writing about. Thanks 

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I don't see how you could be in a relationship with someone that has kids. I wouldn't be able to tolerate that. I mean yeah i could be their friend but nothing more. I want children but I want them of my own blood. I just don't see how you could deal with that.

Understandable. I honestly felt the same way a few years ago, but then I met them. I love them. They’re the greatest kids I’ve ever met - and honestly, the second you stop looking at them as ‘not your flesh and blood’ and start looking at them as just little silly people, any kind of bias like that goes out the window. Love is love - some people can’t stand their own children so the same applies when the situation is flipped :-)

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I don't understand why people are bashing Lauren? I mean, if you honestly like the group, you like all of the girls. You can't like just one of them. You like them all. And if you don't want to express love for all of them, don't. But don't fucking bash them for hanging out with people and dressing how they want. If there's anything these girls have taught me, it's self love and respect. Once you can love and respect yourself you most love and respect others, and only then are you a good person.

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So, since you don't believe in my right to marry a man (I'm a gay male) you believe that I should be denied legal protections when the man I fall in love with, and spend my life with dies? Why? Because it's a sin? I honestly don't understand how your religion has any pull on LEGAL marriage. Ban me from your churches - I don't care, but don't strip my rights from me - to tell me that the person I live my entire life with and I will have no protection from the world, is not very christian.

Hi lovely,

I’m sorry, but you seem to have misunderstood my thoughts on this one (or maybe I worded them unclearly). As J.S. Park so eloquently put it, “I don’t believe the church has the right to write government laws, just as much as the government cannot write the church’s laws. The church can inform policy, but we cannot impose a point of view on the individual choices of others. That would be an abusive, theocratic tyranny.” I agree with this. For Christians to forcefully impose our beliefs on lawmakers would be unfair to everyone involved. I think the reason most Christians are grieving over the recent Supreme Court decision is because it allows others to see same-sex marriage as more acceptable in society, and may make them forget it is still a sin.

And for the record, no Godly church would ever ban you. That would completely go against everything we as Christians are trying to do! We want to welcome anyone and everyone to the church and spread the gospel to everyone. EVERYONE is welcome at the foot of the cross. There is forgiveness for everyone, there is unending mercy and grace for everyone, and God loves and accepts everyone.

Feel free to ask any more questions you may have! God bless you :)