i don't understand how it looks so real

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First, lemme say that I love your art <3 I'm not talking shit, I do like it, seriously. Mind if I ask you for any tips for learning how to draw dragons, specially heads? I've been trying to learn those bastards, and I thought that looking at real lizards would be helpful, but a dragon skull and a lizard skull don't quite match if you know what I mean. Thank you in advance!

Yeah definitely! The good thing about dragons is they’re complete fantasy, so you can push the anatomy pretty far and draw your inspiration from practically anywhere. Reptiles, birds, bats, mammals. 

BUT it’s easier to create your own believable anatomy when you’re comfortable and familiar with drawing anatomy for other animals. A strong understanding of anatomy will carry you a long way. Being able to mentally conceptualize your design in 3D helps too.

I really enjoy looking at dinosaurs for dragon facial inspiration. Bats and birds are great for wings and musculature but I don’t have time to get into that.

Dragons are fun because you can design such unusual and striking silhouettes for them.

The best thing about dragons is you can draw them as alien or as terran as you want. Take your inspiration from anywhere, go wild! There’s absolutely no set form to stick to.


hockey tough is just regular stupid

in which a steeler doesn’t understand why bones is walking on his peg leg

(ps if someone else could please gif this like the struggle was real since i have no idea what i was doing or if this will work)

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Please Snooze! I need your help! I've been trying to draw all cool like you, but I can't figure out ears! Like how do you make them look so perfect and like they actually fit the character and Pokemon!? Like how would you draw a cat one? Like Meowth or Espurr?? Or what about a Pikachu or Raichu?! I don't understand! Plz send help...

that’s the basics of how i personally go about figuring out animal ears! for translating pokemon ears -> animal ears, look up real life animals the pokemon could be based on / is similar to and take inspiration from that! anyway good luck anon! hope this helped!

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Sea, I just don't understand. How can it be so shady? Looking at this from any angle, every angle is fucked up. I just can't believe that h&l weren't/aren't more than just friends. At the same time, the other stuff is making me lose my damn mind. There's SO MUCH evidence for one angle and I think this just Can't not be real, and then there's the evidence from the other side that makes me go uhhh most recently, the "L"/"E" tattoos, I mean... how do you explain that?! It all seems like a sick game

Well, that’s just it.

These things are meant to sow doubt. And they’re very clever.

The “other” stuff you mentioned– the E and L tattoo, the matching outfits, the baby photos, are done with such visibility and intentionality, when everything else is hidden.

Remember when Danielle and Fizzy did the mannequin challenge in November 2016, diverting attention away from Louis’s being at the hospital with Jay? (Emmie actually pointed this out to me). They were in no mood to do a stupid mannequin challenge. But it bought some time for Louis.

They travel in anonymity 90% of the time… until they don’t. They can walk the streets of London and Los Angeles as ordinary people (as Niall says, he is almost never recognized), until they can’t.

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Hi Cate, I'm curious for your perspective on this question (and I don't want to inadvertently start something that will end up in an uproar, so I understand if you don't publish this ask): What is your feeling on people who have said that GA had the opportunity to purchase these pics and didn't (with the insinuation that she therefore approved their release)?

Hi anon. I actually don’t know who is making these claims (since I stay far away from the crazy around here) but this is on the same level of imagination and idiocy as the marketing theory. Remember how reliable that was? 

So let’s look at the scenario that is being suggested in a real way: freelance tabloid photographer takes photos of Gillian. Before selling them to a publication or wire service he/she goes to Gillian:

Photojournalist: “I have these photos of you. If you don’t buy them for XX, then I am going to sell them for publication.”

Does that sound….legal to you? Or does it sound like what it actually is: extortion? Which is actually…you know, a CRIME.

Let’s also look at what’s published on a regular basis. Let’s look at Gary Hart - who lost the presidency due to tabloid shots of him and his girlfriend - let’s look at the many photos that exposed Britney Spears and other celebs getting out of cars and so on. Do you honestly, rationally believe that these celebrities were given some kind of Right of First Refusal? How in the name of fuck does anyone think this is something that actually happens?? It’s so asinine, it makes my blood boil. And if this actually were a thing (which I assure you it isn’t), would you allow yourself to be extorted?

How about we look at the root of this and the people who are perpetuating this bullshit: THEY. WERE. WRONG. ABOUT. GILLOVNY. They have egg all over their faces and they are angry about it. They don’t have anyone else to blame for planting false stories and dividing the fandom. Now they are getting proof in spades that Gillian and Peter are together and happy, so guess who has to be the villain? Yup, Gillian. A 48-year-old woman in love for the first time in a long while. A woman who spent the better part of the year promoting the idea of embracing each other as women, rather than turning on one another. Who embraces her fandom and her charities with her time and fundraising. Who works hard to be a better person. And this is what she gets in return: to be completely fucked over by her “fans” and slandered after she has already been hideously violated by photographers. I have been in the fandom for a long time and I have never been more embarrassed in all my life at being remotely associated with a group of people who reblog and “like” this nonsense. It’s repulsive. 

Anyone putting out or buying into this messaging needs to check themselves. What content are you putting out into the world right now? What messages are you getting from certain blogs? One can sound kind and understanding but still be putting out PURE HATE. What are you promoting here? How would you feel if this happened to you?

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for real though man i don't know shit about blacksmithing but your armors always look so fuckin good man. how long does it normally take to finish one?


^ I learnt most of my armouring techniques from David Guyton on Youtube, his videos are really easy to understand and fun to watch. I watched his videos then applied those techniques to the Elite Knight’s armour. Eg: watch his gauntlet video, then make your own gauntlet using the same techniques he does.

The elite knight armour took roughly 7 months, 3 months on the helmet alone since I messed it up a lot and had to restart and remake certain parts. If you don’t work and have school or uni holidays then yeah you could finish it a lot faster.

Every part you do starts with a cardboard template. So whichever armour you’re doing prepare to have a huge folder of screenshots and art. Getting the proportions right, making sure it fits your body and making sure the parts can actually move IRL is a challenge but a lot of fun. Prepare to waste a lot of cardboard getting the shapes right. Sometimes it will look right when flat but once you cut and fold the piece it looks way off.

Once your template looks right and fits with the other cardboard templates/ fits on your body, you mark it out on a piece of sheet metal, cut the sheet metal out with a jigsaw or aviation snips, sand the edges, then shape the metal. In the photo here I’m chiselling out the face grill, then I bend it in half against a sharp edged surface.

The helmet is the hardest piece to do since it has to be very symmetrical from all angles, especially the front. I would try making a gauntlet as your first project, it was mine and the feeling of a metal covered hand is great! Here’s my first gauntlet I ever made. Super simple design, just cut the metal, fold the metal, drill holes, then pop rivet it together. Took about 1 week since I wasn’t confident with my tools back then.

And here’s the Elite Knight gauntlet. Took about 2 months since it’s a much more elaborate design which used a lot more hammering techniques such as rolling metal edges, fluting and peening rivets onto the fingers.

Overall 7 months well spent. Armouring/cosplay is a relaxing hobby since you kind of shut off from the world and just focus on looking as cool as possible. Give it a go if you have some money and time to spare.

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hey I have a random question, how do you draw someone's face? do you layer the photo and draw or you draw by looking at the photo? Thank youuu

when i FIRST start out with real people, i trace multiple times over their faces as practice mainly for familiarising with their face’s shape! the rest after that is simply referencing from the side, since tracing wouldn’t really help you in understanding the process of sculpting faces itself.

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That wasn't even anon hate, you're not that special. I just don't understand how someone could be so fucking obsessed with a dress from a fictional movie

Dear anon, you are not even remotely the most interesting, influential, powerful, or intimidating person who’s looked at me and told me I’m not that special. I could tell you stories that would keep you up at night.

I’m “obsessed”, as you put it, because 1. this is my future career. I’m looking now at a very real possibility that the things I make will be co-opted by so-called feminists with no sense of historical context, or social norms from the period in question, just so they could make a Point about How Enlightened They Are. Which both discounts my own feminism and the achievements of countless women from all over the world who have worn what some might consider sexist or restrictive garments and still done great things. Also? My work matters. The work of Jacqueline Durran matters. It’s offensive to me that her art and her labor matter so little that one rich White Feminist actress can discount all her suggestions and her efforts and her expertise. Because, you know, going to school for something and putting in hundreds of hours of often hard and sometimes carpal-tunnel-engendering sewing doesn’t entitle you to the final opinion about what works.

On to Point 2: it’s not just about the dress. It’s never just about the dress. It’s about one woman’s very narrow viewpoint on what feminism is shaping the aesthetic of an entire movie - dominating another woman’s words, another woman who has no real authority because the one demanding creative control is a Celebrity. It’s about the fact that the first time we see Belle, her skirt is hitched up on her thigh so that we can see she’s really wearing pants, as though wearing pants is somehow inherently More Feminist. It’s about the fact that this movie, marketed to literally millions of little girls, is saying “you know what? Fuck being kind with no thought of selfishness. Fuck being selfless and gentle and graceful. Real Women Don’t Behave That Way.” And yes. Not all real women are kind or selfless or graceful or gentle, and that’s fine. That’s good, because women are people, women are diverse, women come from infinite backgrounds and in infinite shapes. But not all of us are Strong Independent Women ™ as Hollywood would have you perceive us. Some of us wear skirts and are delicate and are gentle and want to have adventures anyway. Some of us live every day with the motto “have courage and be kind” because we won’t let our toxic childhoods shape us. Some of us take cover and refuge and shelter in pretty things because damnit why can’t the world always be beautiful. So when you take the one - the only - Disney princess who is kind and gentle and graceful and nice but also has a character beyond that, and you turn her into A Strong Independent Feminist Who Don’t Need No Man? (Because Aurora and Snow White and the animated, first-movie Cinderella didn’t really have other traits to call their own, and Ariel was curious and impulsive, and Jasmine was proud and stubborn, and Mulan was loyal and hardworking, and Tiana was driven and tenacious, and Rapunzel was a clumsy action heroine, and Anna was earnest and sweet but not kind, and Elsa was harsh and sharp and melancholy, and Moana was independent and bold) I’m left out in the cold. The other girls like me who are too young to realize that the messages they internalize are now “Belle is forceful and snarky and abrasive” are left out in the cold.

A real, flesh-and-blood person shouldn’t have an existential crisis when she’s nineteen because she likes corsets and pretty things and the color pink. But I did, and that’s why I’m “obsessed”

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Who is Adam Kelly and what meaning does he have? Because he recently followed two (?) Ziam accounts on twitter and I just don't understand why and how that is relevant.

Adam Kelly is a Business Hoe who is the Digital Manager for Doyen Global, also known as Team Loammy.  I was going to look for a real photo of him, but I’m really busy setting up my new Kindle, so here’s a gif of him doing some kind of shimmy next to Loammy and looking like a pleasant faced nondescript white man from a distance. Its a pretty thrilling gif, because Liam’s chain narrowly misses clubbing Adam Kelly in the face:

You can tell Adam Kelly does shit because he has a very large man satchel strapped to him. 

Suhhhh, why is Adam Kelly following the ZiamNews significant? Well, two reasons, I think. The first is that it says they are well aware of Ziam as a “ship” and what it means in terms of interfandom relations (and really, any Business Hoe worth their salt would have done a really lengthy study and analysis of their artist’s fandom anyway). The second is that it means they’re likely smart enough to have figured out how to make what other teams might consider a problem work for them. So, with that, I’m pretty interested to see how their solo!Loammy social media strategy shakes it in the next few weeks/months/whatevs. 

like tbh post what u want on ur blogs it’s ur space but like, i genuinely hate how many posts i see just being overtly sexual about actors/musicians/people generally in the public eye like,,,,,,it’s ur blog do what u want but i can never unsee the mildly pornographic statements about sebastian stan that have burnt into my retinas

in other news im looking for new Sebastian Stan accounts to follow - preferably ones that don’t post the explicit things you’d like him to do to ur body thanks

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I just don't understand being with someone you literally NEVER look happy around? And how do you constantly look like you need a bath every time she is around. This just feels so unhealthy for various reasons.

That’s why I’ll never believe it’s real. How on earth is it acceptable for him to look more happy with his platonic costar and with fans than with his girlfriend of nearly two years? 

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it's not about them acting "too gay", and I understand if you don't want to tag it, but also it's not me having anything against gay people (I'm part of the LGBT community too), please don't get that impression. Sorry if that's how I came off.

Okay… Look, I will dutifully continue to tag anything regarding their interactions that isn’t 100% based on fact and is fan speculation or interpretation, as ‘Cockles’ and ‘Cockles for ts’. 

But the very reason I use that tag (Cockles) for this kind of content, and ‘Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins’ for everything that is ‘real/fact/not a manip or interpretation’ is because so many people in this fandom that follow me don’t want to see the ‘shippy stuff’ but do want to see the real interactions between them. 

And I will gladly tag the shipper stuff, -again- on the rare occasions that I reblog Cockles fiction verse at all, because I’m not even that much into RPF myself, but I can’t make a difference between their actual interactions and when they are ‘too shippy’ and when they’re not? 

Like if they decide to fake a make out on a stage like three years ago, or when Jensen decides to unzip his pants for Misha in front of an audience, or whatever the hell else they’re doing; it’s not for me to put a label on it when it’s ‘too shippy’. Especially when your take on it is that this is simply two friends having fun… (seeing as they’re married, and all that jazz) I don’t know where to draw that line, and I’m not going to, because it’s not my job to do so.

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Kaisoo is so real, that even I myself don't exist irl compared to them. Mbyyyye!!


So close, Kyungsoo, stop.

Their happy smiles, that’s what I live for~ 

Suho trying to be a thirdwheel for Kaisoo, but failing, I love it.

Yeah, because Jongin looks at eveyone at the same way he looks at Kyungsoo. No bitch, no.

Kyungsoo taking Jongin’s jacket off. How to unsee? Oh, yeah, I CAN’T!

Jongin helping Kyungsoo pull his pants up (I love the way Jongin used to look at Kyungsoo everytime they did this Overdose choreography)


Kyungsoo fixing Jongin’s collar~ 

Now I’m wondering… Is this collar fixing a kind of mate preparation? Someone clarify this to me!

Jongin as a shy boy… Hm…

Is just me that thinks that this moment is a little… solemn? Maybe is the light effects.

Look how close Kaisoo is compared to Chanyeol the oficial Kaisoo’s thirdwheel lOl.

If Kaisoo isn’t real, I don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy anymore.

me stuck in the elevator with Larry Stylinson:
  • me: so you know what I don't understand?
  • larry: *is silent*
  • me: like if Larry wasn't real, why don't Louis and Harry just deny it?
  • larry: *still silent*
  • me: I mean do you know how easy it was for louis to deny zouis? and how easy it was for louis to deny that him and eleanor are engaged?
  • me: like, he was like "just to be clear, me and zayn are not dating we got separate girlfriends"
  • me: and the interview asked Louis if him and eleanor are engaged and he was like "NO! no" and Harry looked
  • so smug and ugh I hate them
  • me: and like why do they have matching tattoos if Larry wasn't real? like why is Louis's dagger tattoo is in the same place as Harry's rose tattoo????
  • me: like, obviously the rose and dagger go together why are they like this?
  • me: and not only the rose and dagger match but also other tattoos like COULD THEY BE ANYMORE STUBLE?????
  • me: why are they like this if Larry isn't real, like god fuck ugh
  • *elevator door opens*
  • me: k see you two. lArry is real
  • me: *walks out of elevator*
  • *elevator doors close, louis and Harry are alone and the elevator goes up*
  • louis: love fans that are like that
  • harry: me too lou me too

…I have cancer too.  And let me tell you, it’s a bitch. And it’s an equal opportunity offender. No amount of money in the world, no amount of privilege, can make you exempt. Look at Leo Hendrie.
And when it chooses you, you’re suddenly thrust into a club that you didn’t ask to join. You’re shipped off to war even though you never enlisted in the army. But you have to put on your armour anyway, and know that if you’re lucky, you’ll discover new sides of yourself, Like a will you never knew you had. And you’ll get to see new sides of the people who matter the most to you in the world, as they rap you in their love and lend you their strength when yours is running low. 
And then you go off and you fight. You fight like hell. Because, really, what other choice do you have? 

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Oh gosh I really love your art! Um - I hope you don't mind- can I ask you a question? I've been drawing seriously since 6th grade, so about 5 years now, and I'm having a lot of trouble, especially with understanding 3d forms and how to draw things and people in different poses because I simply don't understand it that well. You seem to really understand this concept, so if you don't mind me asking - can you give me some tips as an experienced artist? Thank you!!

Thank you very much! Drawing from real life might be a boring tip, but its very helpful in creating believable poses and actually seing the shape of things. Look up life drawing classes! if you can’t find any or don’t want to spend money you can draw ppl on the subway, in cafés, at the park, draw your friends, find some of those old nude statues and draw them from different angles (?) etc . I’ve personally found nude life drawing helpful in understanding the 3d shape of the body, fat and muscles and so on, but drawing people in their everyday is more helpul in making natural poses (and clothes…).

A thing I got from animation is to not draw a single still image but rather think about how the character got into this pose and where are they going next. Try paus/slowplay movies and draw the actors/characters to understand movement (and get an idea about action-poses)

And lastly, draw quick! as quick as you can! challange yourself to draw even quicker! Practice is about understanding, not making beautiful sketches. And you’ll understand more the more you draw. Being fast allows you to draw more! (when drawing a real piece spend as much time as you want - these tips are for learning, these sketches are for putting away when you’re done, not for showing others (unless you really want to))

I’d love to give more helpful tips but its kinda hard to do that in text, and unfortunately I don’t have time to make a tutorial (might make one later sometime?). But there are some good tutorials out there that you can google for!

I’ve found looking at Tracys Lackadaisy comic very helpful, because she really knows how to make characters look three dimensional! She also has a few great and funny tutourials that you can look at 

P.S. Draw stripes on ppl sometimes! (this is super sloppy but you get the idea)

Chappie (2015 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I'm consciousness. I'm alive."
  • "Don't laugh, I'm being cool!"
  • "Don't let people take away your potential, _______."
  • "No. I can't shoot people."
  • "_______ no crimes!"
  • "A man... in a van."
  • "And they threw fire, even though I said, "please"."
  • "I've got blings!"
  • "People are always fearful of something they don't understand."
  • "You've hurt my people!"
  • "Now, I forgive you."
  • "I don't want to die. I want to live!"
  • "If you want survive _______, you must fight!"
  • "Fuckmother!"
  • "I am your creator."
  • "This is a new kind of life form, a new step in evolution."
  • "_______, if you want to be in the gang you have to be cool, like daddy/mommy!"
  • "Need to keep it gangsta' _______!"
  • "You've taught us so much more than I can ever have imagined."
  • "Look how cool it's!"
  • "I created you, but I might not survive you."
  • "Remember. No matter what happens. You are made for good."
  • "I can save us."
  • "The problem with artificial intelligence is it's way too unpredictable."
  • "Look how daddy/mommy walks!"
  • "So, which dog do you want to be _______? The live dog or the dead dog?"
  • "Why did you build me to die, maker?"
  • "We program that robot to fight for us!"
  • "It's more than just a machine!"
  • "It's time to pump up the jam!"
  • "_______ cannot die! He's too important!"
  • "My main interest is to protect and serve."
  • "(S)He's the key to the revolution."
  • "You think you're real?"
  • "Surely you can go and count your narcotics in a... in another room."
  • "Burn it to ash!"
  • "I know you don't understand, but it's okay."
  • "This is the day of reckoning!"
  • "You lied to me!"
  • "I built you to live."