i don't understand how he's so beautiful and perfect

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Ah I just got to Kiri's hero debut and can I say... I am WEAK for Kirishima with his hair half spiked up, half disheveled and falling all over his face from the battle while wearing that big, genuine, bright smile of his. What did we do to deserve this boy? Bakugou and Denki are such lucky boyfriends.

I KNOW RIGHT he’s such a gorgeous boy???? Most beautiful manly man I’ve ever seen ever??? with his bright smile and huge eyes and long lashes more like rip me I’m every day grateful Kirishima Eijirou is a thing that exists

The thing about the mixtape is that is a really beautiful gesture and it doesn’t matter the way you want to think about it. I mean you can think about Dean buying all he needed to make it, you can think about him actually making it, carefully choosing the songs, and writing on it. And you think “ is a really beautiful gesture”. ( And you are probably right, mostly because the mixtape doesn’t look used)But you can think about it being a mixtape Dean had with him before giving it to Cas and is not less special, because that means Dean gave Cas a little piece of him, something he loves and takes with him everywhere, something that means a lot to him. And probably he got the mixtape nice and clean because he wanted it to be perfect for Cas. And you think “is a beautiful gesture” And I don’t care how you think about it because is true, is something really beautiful.


I went to the Hijikata Toshizo Museum this morning! It’s a lovely little place, and I had a very nice time.

No photos are allowed inside, but it’s a very interesting collection, and I would happily go back again. There are some medicine-making tools, notebooks, a campaign map, armor, forehead guard, Shinsengumi arm badge, and all sorts of cool things. Any history lover would enjoy it.

But let’s not mess around. You all know what today is. This month Izuminokami Kanesada will be on display during the holiday weekends, and today is the first day. And let me tell you, this sword does not disappoint.

Of course, the place was packed with Touken Ranbu fans, plus two very confused-looking men. Once the first batch of guests were inside, Hijikata Ai gave a brief lecture on Izuminokami Kanesada, which was quite interesting. Then all the guests were free to walk around and look at the exhibits.

I have to tell you. I really like swords. I’ve been going to the ren faire for most of my life, so that’s a given. Swords are great. I have never seen a more beautiful sword than this one. I mean, I’m not an expert, nor do I work at a museum and normally get to see antique swords, but seeing Izuminokami in person took my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous. Photos don’t do it justice, so maybe it’s just as well we aren’t allowed to take any.

I would think that something strange happened to me to make me think something weird, but every person who waited patiently to go up to the display case sat down and studied the sword with more scholarly fervor than I’ve seen in many years, like we were all trying to memorize the pattern of the hamon.

Before leaving I picked up a photo book on the exhibits, plus a paper knife designed to look like Izuminokami (look, I didn’t have a paper knife and it will be useful).

The museum exit is out through the Hijikata family’s driveway, so you can see the bamboo Hijikata Toshizo planted there. 

It’s a very small museum in a quiet neighborhood, but I highly recommend it to any Shinsengumi or history fans. It’s perfect for a morning visit. And if you can make it any time Izuminokami Kanesada is on display, definitely go! You won’t regret it.

headcanon: naruto

so i don’t know if they would have used vows in their wedding, but imagine Naruto trying to write his if they did. imagine him pacing the room, practicing out loud the words he’d already written down, and then dramatically dropping to the floor to scratch them out because damn it they’re not good enough

imagine him carrying a little notepad around with him for an entire week, jotting things down and scribbling down a really good thought when it came to him in a moment of ah-ha! inspiration. maybe while he was walking with Hinata, or watching her prune and plant flowers, or seeing her pause to help someone while they were out shopping, imagine him just being repeatedly floored by her and ending up with a notebook full of one-liners and single thoughts on why he loves her and what she means to him.

imagine him sitting up at night trying to string everything together, to make it sound perfect and flow perfectly, instead of the choppy sentences he’d managed so far. imagine him getting frustrated and disappointed in himself, ripping the pages and angrily crumpling them up before throwing them into the growing pile in the corner. 

imagine him wishing Jiraya were around because damn that man may have been a perv but he could string words like no other. so maybe he goes to Iruka instead and paces in his living room, just rambling about Hinata and what she means to him, how he was in idiot all those years, how much he loves her and how he always, in some way he didn’t understand, always loved her and imagine Iruka writing it all down and the two piecing together the perfect vow for Naruto to recite tomorrow

now just imagine him standing before his beautiful beautiful bride and completely blanking on everything and just whispering “I love you”.

(he ends up reciting the vow to her later on their honeymoon)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: There are so many people out there who are lucky enough to get a chance to go see Hamilton and don't even realize how fortunate they are and then I'm just here sitting at home, crying over and over about the album at how beautiful the soundtrack is and how perfect Lin Manuel Miranda is like how do people not understand how lucky they are to be alive to see this legendary man perform something that he absolute loves and will protect forever??? I want more than anything to watch Daveed Diggs rap his heart out and for Renee Elise Goldsberry go slay everyone the second she appears on the stage. I want my heart to break when Eliza literally has hers stomped all over. I want to see Aaron Burr realize that the world was big enough for the both of them. I want to be in the room where it happened but I'm poor and can't afford anything and there's no pro shot yet I just want to see a proshot is that too much to ask for???
  • me before meeting eunwoo: i mean he's very handsome but i just thought that moonbin would've been the visual, you know?
  • me while meeting eunwoo seeing his gold eyeliner slaying my soul: "you are so beautiful" (lol straight up told him that)
  • me after meeting eunwoo: OOOOO BOIIII I UNDERSTAND WHY MOONBIN ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT HOW HE COULDN'T BELIEVE EUNWOO WAS SO PERFECT BECAUSE LET. ME. TELL. YOU. it's been 2 days and i still don't know what to do with my life.
A rare conversation lol
  • Person: I don't understand! Krystal is so perfect, she can sing and dance so well! How can you say that he's in love with that boy?
  • Me: have you heard kyungsoo's voice? Lol he can dance too and he's beautiful as fuck
  • Person: But you know... Krystal has something that Jongin can enjoy at least... e_e
  • Me: Girl,... Kyungsoo has FOUR things that Jongin can enjoy down there , if you know what I mean →_→
  • Person: LOL BITCH!
  • Me: Deal with it. 😘