i don't trust her yet

when i was in middle school, i took a history test in pencil and when we went over the answers, i noticed the teacher marked me down on a question i had answered correctly. so i raised my hand and told him, and he went over to my desk and said, “your test is in pencil, you could have changed it now while we’re going over it” and walked away. and when i tried to argue, because i’ve always been taught to use a pencil if i ever made a mistake, and i’ve always been a good student, he snapped and said, “well then you should have used pen then. you bring this up with me again and i’ll lower your score further.”

and just to make matters worse, he would give us these trick question quizzes that only had 3 questions so each question was about 33 points and if you got just one wrong, it was a 67 which is a D. and because of that first week experience i had to take all his tests and quizzes in pen.

i was an 11 year old girl who didn’t even have a single friend or ambition yet, all i had was school and the praise of my parents, and all i ever did was stress over the abrupt changes from elementary to middle school and learn to shut up, follow orders, and not trust anyone.

I just noticed something...

There’s always been something about Zaheer’s face that felt strange to me. To be specific it’s his eyes that I always found unique (and slightly feminine maybe?) and the way he smirks too.

You know who else has the exact same eyes and similar smile?

Remember when it was mentioned that Book 4 would have a new villain but the Red Lotus would still be relevant?

Why do I get the feeling Kuvira is related to Zaheer?

Someone mentioned she might be Zaheer and Suyin’s love child but I don’t believe that for a variety of reasons (Su had no reaction to Zaheer, the chronology is all wrong, etc), I also don’t see anything of P'li in her excluding, perhaps, the hair so she may or may not be related to P'li though I fight it had to believe… Nonetheless I’m leaning towards the headcanon that she might be related to Zaheer.