i don't think you should complain bc

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i do understand the skinny shaming thing. fat shaming has been in this society for so long that people tend to see skinnier people as prettier, some people would die to be able to fit in smaller clothes. I don't really think you should be complaining tbh bc you're an ''average'' size to this society while others get starred at like they're the show of sea world.

i totally get you but; are you saying just because i’m skinny i’m not allowed to complain about the way i feel???
do you think its nice for me to have to see people with regular sized arms while i’m stuck with this?? (in the first picture i think my arm is like slightly tilted o gosh i hope i’m not actually that thin jc)

and for my arms to go skinny at the top and not nice and round???

and hey might as well look at how nothing fits my waist

my wrists are tiny and my hands are bony and g r o s s

i really wish i took pictures when i was in primark
because i literally tried on 7 pairs of shorts, and i could fit my fist between the edge of the material and my hips because i have such trouble with clothes
so please don’t say i’m just an “average size to society” and for some people i guess it boosts their confidence but to me it feels like you’re saying i can’t complain for pretty reasonable things
bigger girls (i mean no offence by this) find it hard to fit into things, and they’re accepted for that - so how come i can’t be accepted for not being able to fit into things??
psa over
and if ya’ll piss on me for postin pics of my skin im gonna fuckin stab ya titties