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Antagonistic (a snowbaz au)


I’m running late. This is a fairly common occurrence. I’m the sort of person that everything has a knack for going wrong around. Ebb is used to it though, so luckily I know I’m not going to lose my job because I woke up this morning a half hour later than I’m supposed too. After throwing on the first pieces of clothing I find (my ex-girlfriend’s purple lacrosse sweatshirt and some ripped jeans) I rush out of my apartment and into the elevator. I haven’t even brushed my hair, or eaten breakfast, or even glanced in the mirror this morning so of course it’s the morning when my perfect, snobbish neighbor decides to make an appearance.

“Snow,” he nods his head as I rush into the elevator, my messenger bag catching on the doors and almost getting caught as they close. His long black hair is combed back neatly, his perfect eyebrows arched at my bedraggled, somewhat noisy appearance. Merlin, I hate him. Even his jeans look better on him than a normal person, clean and well-fitted.

“Baz” I pant back, trying to catch my breath from my sprint to the elevator. Fuck, I need to start eating healthier. But Ebb’s cherry scones are so good, and I can eat as many as I want. Perks of working at the cafe. The elevator starts moving.

“How’s the girlfriend?”

“Fuck off”

“Crowley, Snow. I’m just trying to have a polite conversation.”

Baz hates my girlfriend (ex-girlfriend). And he hates smalltalk. He already knows we broke up, he would have heard her last week when she ended it and is just trying to rub it in. (Baz is always complaining about the thin walls between our apartments. But I’m not the one playing violin at ridiculous o’clock in the morning so he has nothing to complain about).

“For fuck’s sake Baz I’m already having a shitty day. I’m late for work and I don’t need to have to deal with you along with that-”

As I say that the elevator groans and shudders to a stop. I glance at the screen. It’s stuck at a three on the screen. The doors don’t open.

“Just my luck,” Baz mutters.

I don’t spare him a glance, rushing to the doors and pressing the floor button rapidly. The elevator doesn’t respond. No no no no no. This cannot be happening.

“Aleister, Snow, maybe if you try pressing the button one more time it’ll work?” I glance up from where I’ve collapsed onto the floor in front of the rows of buttons. Baz is leaned against the elevator wall, arms crossed, smirking. Merlin I hate him.

“The elevator’s not going anywhere Snow,” he continues. He pulls out his phone from his jeans pocket.

“No but I’m going to be late!”

He scoffs. “To that stupid job at Ebb’s cafe? Good riddance.”

“Fuck off Baz!”

“Trust me if I could I would- shit”

“What?” I get up at his pause and move over to try and see the phone he’s glaring at.

He pushes me away as I lean closer.

“I don’t have service which means I can’t call anyone to fix this mess. Do you have your phone?”

“Of course.” I reach into my bag to grab it.

And freeze.

“Crowley Snow just get the fucking phone I have places to be as well.”

“I don’t have it”

“What” he stares at me, eyes narrowing.

“I-” I think back to this morning, me running around the apartment in a maddening hopeless race to be on time.

“I woke up late this morning, I forgot it”

He swears again when I say that.

“Look it’s not like I want to be stuck here with you either!” I start.

“No Snow! Do you realize that it could be fucking hours before old Davy or Miss Possibelf on third floor realize the elevator isn’t working?”

“Well, maybe-”

“Maybe what? Huh?” Baz is totally flipping out. I mean, he always hates me but he’s never lost his cool like this.

He’s pacing the length of the elevator and running his long fingers through his hair. Fuck, I’m going to be so late. Ebb is gonna hate me. Also I’m probably not going to get any sour cherry scones. My stomach growls and Baz stops his pacing and turns to glare at me.

“What? I didn’t eat breakfast.”


“I was running late!”

He runs his hands through his hair.

“Crowley Snow how thick can you be? You’re seriously concerned about breakfast right now? We are stuck. In an elevator. That’s maybe, maybe ten feet square. And you’re concerned about breakfast.”

A thought occurs to me.

“Baz? Are you- Are you claustrophobic?”

“Shut the fuck up Snow.” He sighs and leans against the wall again. At least he’s not pacing. But Merlin, Baz, perfect, put-together, prissy Baz is claustrophobic. I don’t know what to do with that information.


It’s not that I’m claustrophobic exactly. I just can’t be stuck in here with him. My messy, loud, frustratingly adorable neighbor. And now he’s practically giving me heart eyes because he thinks I hate tight spaces. I need to do something to get him to stop.

He opens his mouth to say something, probably something stupid cause it’s Snow.

“Is it physically possible for you to be quiet for even one minute Snow?”

His face turns red.

“Well what if I don’t want to be quiet?”

“Really Snow? I’m stuck in an elevator with you the least you could do is shut up.”

“Well if you weren’t so fucking-” he pauses, hands floundering, searching for words.

I’ve always found this interesting. Snow gesticulates more than he speaks. If he tried to say what he meant all the time he’s flounder for days before he got the words out of his mouth.

“Fucking what? Snow? If I weren’t so fucking what?”


I smirk and lean back. “Wow, that’s a big word. Penny teach you that one?”

He glares at me. I know I’m mean. I’ve heard Penny talk to him about speech therapy before. But it’s so entertaining to rile him up, watch him get messier and bigger and greater. He comes alive when he has someone to fight. It’s beautiful to watch.

“If you weren’t so antagonistic,” he says again, “then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be stuck in here with you.”

“Yeah, or if you weren’t so annoying,” I mutter.

“What do you have against me anyway?” he asks. His eyes trail away from mine towards the floor.

Just then a knock on the metal doors interrupt us.

“This is Fire and Rescue! You guys okay in there? We got a call about some disturbance in the elevator? People complaining about the noise?”

I keep my eyes on Simon as he perks up and rushes to the doors.

“Yeah!” he yells. “We’re, uh, we’re stuck. The doors won’t open and the elevator isn’t, uh, moving, i think.”

“You think?” I mutter. He glares at me.

“It must be sweet Simon and that Basilton in there, always fighting those two,” I hear Miss Possibelf whisper. Of course she called. She’s always getting up in other people’s business.

“Alright,” the fireman says against the doors. “How many of you are there?”

“Uh, two” Simon replies. He glances at me.

“Okay, just try not to kill each other til we get you out alright?” The fireman bangs on the door once. “It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes.”

“No promises.” I reply, too softly for the fireman to hear.

I hear a creak and a groan as the fireman starts to do whatever he’s doing to get us out. We’ve already been in here for half an hour, according to my phone.

“What is wrong with you?” Simon turns to me, eyes blazing.

“Wrong with me?”

“Yeah. What the fuck is your problem with me? You’ve been like this ever since I moved in here and I am sick of it. I’ve given you no reason to hate me but you do.”

Oh, Simon, I think, if only I could hate you.

“I mean, sure I’m not the best neighbor. And yeah I’m a mess. But I’m not- I’m not fucking playing the fucking violin at three in the morning. And I’m not eavesdropping on private conversations. Oh, and yeah Agatha broke up with me so just rub that in my face while you’re at it. Happy? But I mean, if either of us has a reason to hate each other I think it should be me and I don’t hate you. You’re too-” He pauses, sucking in air. I don’t think he’s ever said so much at once.

“Too what?” I ask quietly.

“Perfect, Baz. You’re too bloody perfect.”

And then I’m moving forward and my hands find his cheeks and my mouth finds his lips and I have him up against the doors of the elevator and I can’t think because why is he so beautiful and messy and glorious. I should not be doing this, but I can’t help it anymore. I can’t fucking help it anymore. And then Simon moves his hands into my hair and he’s pushing his mouth back against mine and it’s so, so good.

I pull back, gasping, and press my forehead against his, looking at his blue, blue eyes. “I don’t hate you Simon. I wish I could, because you’re- fuck you’re bloody annoying and messy and loud, but it’s beautiful Simon. So yeah, I don’t hate you. I- I love you Simon.”

His eyes grow wide, and I can feel my cheeks turning red before he’s pulling me back into him, kissing me hard. I lean into him, my eyes closing as I melt into the sensations. I’m kissing Simon Snow.

And then there’s a loud clunk and the doors fall open. In a rush we both topple out, a tangle of limbs sprawled on the floor. Miss Possibelf, Old Davy, and the fireman stare down at us in surprise. Simon grins his gorgeous grin and blushes a glorious shade of red. I smirk from where I’m settled on top of us and look at the fireman.

“I believe we owe you a thank you for getting us out of there. Even if it took ridiculously too long.”

The fireman just blinks down at me, sprawled over Simon, whose lips are obviously swollen from kissing.

“But you were- the yelling? What?”

“Ah, yes, we’ve figured that out. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have places to be.” I pull Simon up and tug him forwards, dragging him up the stairs and towards my apartment. 

I hear quiet murmurs from the people we’ve left behind, specifically the fireman, who shakes his head and mutters, “What the fuck.”

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So, I heard you need it a distraction and I love me some Tim Drake. Could I have a request where some of the lines are. "The fate of the world is in your hands" "...yikes" "Sure you don't want to pick the dog? He seems to know what he is doing." 😙😙

You groan in frustration. Damian is running around the chair you’re sitting on, wrapping you up with leftover wrapping paper. You should’ve known babysitting Damian wouldn’t be so easy, but no, you just had to be helpful. You just had to tell Bruce to go on that date and volunteer yourself to babysit. Ugh, you and your big mouth!

Two Hours Ago

You stared at Damian, the little boy looking up at you with wide blue eyes. His stare was relentless and gleeful, and he smiled so wide, you thought it’d split his face in half if it weren’t for his adorable chubby cheeks.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine babysitting Damian?” Bruce asked, ruffling Damian’s hair as the boy played in his pen.

Is it too late to change my answer? you wanted to snark, but decide against it and instead smile. “Yeah, I’m sure! The boys and Cass are coming home soon anyway, right? They’ll help me.”

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You guys are actually adorable and precious I'm so sorry I had to put that out there you just radiate with warmth. Hmm how aBout RFA + V reacting to an mc that sees/makes costume/ *coughs* cosplays a lil notthatiknowanyonelikethathaha please and thank you! Sorry if you don't have time!

A/N: oh no my cold and hard persona, it’s been shattered already (kidding but omg you’re sooo sweet and adorable as well thankyouthankyouthankyou), sorry if this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for!  ~Admin 404


               -He’d love it if you cosplayed!

               -Everyone always told him that dressing up was a “kids” thing, so when he finds out you cosplay

               -He’d be over the moon


               -Probably joins a sewing club so he learns how he can help you out

               -It doesn’t matter which character you dress as, he’ll always blush a little because you’re just. so. cUTE

               -S E L F I E S


               - “MC, can you help me make one of my LOLOL character?!”


               - The guys an actor, he’s used to costumes

               -Probably wouldn’t join you since he’s in them all the time for plays

               -He’d sit and admire how much work you put into it though

               -He’s seen how stressed out the designers are when they make outfits for the shows he’s in

               -Will do anything and everything he can to help de-stress you because of this

               -If you make a small mistake in the costume, you best not get sad

               -‘Cause this guy will 100% spend all the time you need to explain how it just gives it flair

               -“Now it’s completely unique to you! No one else can have the exact some one! It’s special just like you are, princess”


               -“Why can’t you just dress up as yourself?”

               - Because that’s no fun, Jaehee

               -She’d slowly come around and learn to love it though

               -She’d see how your face lights up every time you finish a piece for that costume you’ve been working on for weEKS

               -When you try it on for the first time, she gets just as excited as you

               -Always smiling to herself when you really get into the character (Hello, you’re like her personal Zen now)

               -If you’re not home, she tries on a few of your wigs to test out different hairstyles

               -“Maybe I should dye my hair blue… or pink? Wait, doesn’t MC have one that’s green?”


               -“MC, please put on these cat ears.”

               -Doesn’t understand why you insist on making these costumes yourself

               -He can pay designers to do it for you? What if you prick yourself with the needle? whAT IF-

               -“Jumin, I’ve been doing it for years, I’ll be okay!”

               -He definitely won’t join in, but loves seeing you in these..interesting costumes

               -Doesn’t know any of the characters you’re trying to portray (Jumin, you liar)

               -The type to secretly have a Tokyo Mew Mew kind of costume made for you

               - the caT EARS MC, THE CAT EARS!!

               -He loves when Elizabeth the Third starts to mess with your string and seeing how you pout at her


               -COSPLAY POWER COUPLE

               -500% WILL STEAL YOUR COSPLAY

               -“Hey Saeyoung, have you seen my- nevermind I see that you’ve decided to put it on”

               -Always matches cosplays with you

               -Just can’t contain his excitement when you suggest making a couples costume

               - “MC, you should try my maid costume on wink wonk

               -If you wear any revealing cosplay though, you can bet his face will match his hair

               -That is, until he goes and puts on another revealing one of yours and tries to seduce you


               -“If it makes you happy, then by all means, please continue”

               -Loves seeing how happy and bubbly you get when you finish a project

               -Always the first one to ask to see it when it’s done

               -If he doesn’t know who you’re trying to be, he’ll sit and listen to you explain no matter how long it takes

               -Offers to take professional pictures of your cosplay

               - V, no, this is just my hobby not my job, please

               -I mean, unless it IS your job then by all means accEPT HIS OFFER THIS SUNSHINE WILL CAPTURE EXACTLY HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -Candid photos of your progress on the costume because he thinks your determined face is the cutest

(I know you didn’t ask for Saeran but he’s my faVOURITE I PHYSICALLY CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO LEAVE HIM OUT I’M S O R R Y)



               -Who the fuck are you trying to be??

               -Poor baby wouldn’t understand until you explain it

               -“So you’re acting but for free?”

               -“Can’t you just…buy the costume? Wouldn’t that be easier?”

               -You know this kid can help you with your eyeliner though, just gotta give him the puppy dog face

               -He’ll crack a smile every now and then when you’re extremely excited, just because seeing you bounce around amuses him

               -Doesn’t know who you’re dressed as, and doesn’t care, all he knows is that you look cute and he likes it

               -“I’m not putting that costume on I don’t care how many times you ask”

So I saw a post about Sam and Cas being friends, and since I always write them as such, I figures I might write an introduction. Also, friends Dean and Jess for the win.  

“It’s just… weird.”

“If you are saying what I think you’re saying, Winchester, I’m throwing that ring right back into your face.”

He laughed, able to tell that Jess didn’t mean it.

“Nah, I don’t have a problem with it being a guy. God knows he’s been mooning over Doctor sexy long enough for me to figure certain things out. It’s just - Dean is in a relationship”.

“Yes he is” Jess confirmed, still not understanding.

“In a relationship”.

She raised an eyebrow.

“In a committed, monogamous relationship. My brother”.

“I don’t find that surprising. Remember Lisa?”

“I do, that’s why it’s strange! We all know how it ended…”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you underestimate your brother sometimes”.

“Yeah” he said, mustering his girlfriend - no, fiancée - cook the meat because she was convinced he was far better at preparing salad than “anything substantial”. “Maybe you’re right”.

After all, the last thing he would have expected was Dean being so open about his attraction to guys.

And, if he was being honest, Dean sounding so smitten. After he had listened to his brother vainly trying to describe the exact shade of his new boyfriend’s eyes, he had decided he had to meet him.

Because apparently Cas was going to stick around for a according to Dean’s wishes.

Cas. Castiel. The name of an angel, said the man himself, and Dean didn’t seem far away from taking it literally.

He smiled.

It was nice to know that his brother was happy. They hadn’t had the easiest start in life. Dean deserved all the luck he got.

And if Cas held what Dean promised, it was indeed a stroke of luck that they had met.

Not because he was a well-paid lector in one the country’s biggest publishing companies but because he was nice to Dean and constantly surprised him with dates or burgers at work.

Dean needed someone to take care of him.

So he was rather curious about this Castiel. And he really wanted to make a good impression himself.

He knew Dean.

His brother had surely talked him up beyond all reasonable measure.

Jess pushed a cup of coffee in his hands and smiled. They never needed much words.

Then it was six o’ clock and Dean, punctual as ever, was right at the door with his boyfriend.

“Sam, Jess, this is Cas” he announced and Sam didn’t believe he’d used that tone of voice for introducing anyone else than him yet.

He studied the blue-eyed man with the dark hair and serious smile; he was not what he would have supposed was Dean’s type, but it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered. Nothing except for the fact that Dean was grinning brightly and holding Cas’ hand and looking like he was on cloud nine.

Jessica was beaming back, obviously thrilled; and soon, Sam came to the conclusion that he agreed with her.

Because Cas wasn’t just nice. He wasn’t just smart. He wasn’t just charming in an admittedly now and then strange kind of way.

Sam had been wrong about him caring for Dean.

He adored Dean.

He corrected Dean when his brother put himself down again to compliment either Sam or his boyfriend, insisted he was smart, held his hand during dinner, talked about them taking a holiday when Dean had never been on a holiday - well, ever.

His brother was being spoiled.

And Sam loved every minute of it.

He hadn’t seen his brother blush that much since he was a high schooler and going out on his first date.

But he still really wanted to talk to Cas alone.

The opportunity presented itself later that evening when Jess forced Dean to help her put away leftovers - obviously with the design of allowing them to talk.

And it was only then that Sam realized that Cas was drawing as much confidence from Dean as Dean was from Cas (Sam had just about chocked on his drink when he’d mentioned casually that he was thinking of taking a course at community college).

He was avoiding Sam’s eyes.

“Cas? You okay there?”

He figured it was best to be direct. Dean had told him Cas was more comfortable with people telling him the truth than being polite.

It worked.

“I’m just - I want to make a good impression” he admitted. “You are very important to Dean, and I’m not really good with people - “

“Trust me, Cas, you’re good enough. Especially when you keep that smile on his face”. He paused. “Scratch that. ONLY if you keep that smile on his face”.

Cas’ eyes flew to the kitchen door, and he smiled, the soft, happy smile Sam recognized, the one he undoubtedly wore when he looked at Jess.

Cas was as much in love with Dean as Dean was in love with Cas.

“I intend to” Cas said softly.

Sam raised his glass.

“I’ll drink to that”.

“Do you think he likes him?” Dean inquired anxiously.

“Which way around?” Jess asked. “Sam - Cas or Cas - Sam?”

He glared at her. “Both, of course.”

“Dean” Jess sighed. If this was going were she thought this was going, then there was the hole problem in a nutshell. “First of all, yes. On both. And second: Would it matter?”

Dean had always been ready to drop anything and anyone when it came to Sam.

He frowned at her then declared, “No”.

That night, after they had left, Jess turned to Sam and said, “He’s going to marry him”.

She was proven right two years later.

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i am having a really awful week anxiety wise, and my depression has been getting worse, and i don't wanna bother you but your fics always cheer me up, so, if you have time and are up for it, do you think you could write me something extremely fluffy and cavity inducing? i'd love you forever <3 (not that i don't already!)

I am so so sorry it took me two days to reply to this, but here. Please accept my offering of de-aged, baby!Derek and true love’s kiss! I hope you are feeling better today, sweet anon, but if not I hope this goes a little way in making you smile <3

Stiles never thought he’d see the day where Derek let Kira and Erica paint his face and smile about it. Then again, he never expected to be taking care of a four year old Derek either.

Stiles thought the first Derek got de-aged was hard enough. From the moment they found him, Stiles had panicked; all the way from Mexico to when Derek had been lying unconscious on Deaton’s table, it took all his self-control not to freak out, even though he didn’t know exactly why. His heart just about stopped, however, when he saw him going out that window with Kate, and, well, if that was also the moment he realised just how much he actually cared for the asshole…it wasn’t much of a revelation anyway.  

So, all said and done, Stiles thought this time would be a much simpler affair. Derek can’t climb out any windows without someone helping him- not funny Erica. He doesn’t have to convince anyone he’s his cousin, and finally Derek doesn’t question Stiles’ authority every minute of the day. Which, you know, is nice- so nice Stiles plans to record at least some of it to tease Derek with later-  but mostly, it just makes him miss his- uh, their- Derek more. Because, well, shut up, he just likes challenging people. He doesn’t get turned on by it or anything.

He doesn’t.

The problem though, the problem with this whole damn thing, is Derek’s face is currently painted like a bunny and he’s looking at Stiles like he’s his favourite person in the whole world.

An hour ago, Derek painted Stiles a picture of the pack and put Stiles in the middle of it, a blue and orange blanket wrapped around him, before proceeding to say in the most adorable and earnest voice ever, because you deserve snuggles, ‘tiles.

Yesterday, Stiles found him crying in the kitchen, sitting on the floor all by himself, because Aslan died in the ‘Narnia’ movie Scott had put on for him. His little fingers had clutched at Stiles’ t-shirt when he asked him what was wrong, little cheeks all puffed out and red from crying, only regaining their normal colour when Stiles put him in his lap and let Derek scent him for a while.

It just about broke Stiles’ heart when Derek whispered home before falling asleep with his face buried in Stiles’ neck.

And now, because Derek is intent on killing him, Derek is tugging at his sleeve, asking Stiles if he makes a good bunny.

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Moments (Part 2)

Characters: Jensen X Reader

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Okay, so I’m doing something a bit different here. I’ve let this run away with me a little, so it’s now a short series.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Originally posted by neoran

“As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I’m looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

After the karaoke show, the two of you retreated to your hotel room. You gushed over the events of the evening to each other, washed your face, and climbed beneath the sheets. When you closed your eyes, though, all you could see were Jensen’s staring back at you. Your stomach was still in knots at the thought of running—running—into the man. The look of his freckles up close, how he smelled, the feeling of his hand on your arm, but the color of his eyes was what stood out most. It was indescribable. A smile spread across your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Yeah, like I love Phil (obviously) but Dan is better at presenting/interview stuff. There's a reason the BBC wanted him to present the Gaming Documentary and let him do the Nicer internet stuff, he's good at it, there's nothing wrong with that. The same way I think Phil is better when they are interacting with fans/in a more personal setting and Dan isn't. They complement well, i don't understand what's so bad about knowing their weakness and strengths?

Dan is really fast at replying and he can articulate his thoughts very well and I’m very proud of him for that! He developed that skill so much over time, you can see how critical he is of things and how much thought he puts into each word. He’s also very articulate in speaking (ahahah), so he draws you in with whatever he’s saying. I’ll listen to him rant about breakfast choices on his liveshow and I never get tired of it.

Phil is really inviting and he has this whole atmosphere (especially when he’s not pilled up with nerves in situations like interviews) about him that is just warm and it makes you go: wow, this guy is really nice and easy to talk to! He can come up with stuff out of the blue and no matter how ridiculous whatever he is saying is, you want to listen to him, because he’s so excited about every single thing he does. The way he can say the most brilliant things out of the blue and come up with the most reassuring things to say is so admirable! He’s clearly really really intelligent without being too academic or whatever, he doesn’t try really hard to word things the best way (hence all the adorable moments in which he makes no sense), but the way he interacts with people makes you feel at home, like you’d just sit right next to him and have some hot chocolate and mindlessly talk about any topic for a while and you’d never get bored. Watching Phil speak is like hanging out with a close friend: you’re cozy and happy yo have his company.

No talent is better than the other. While Dan excells in high pressure situations and can be funny in his self-deprecating way in pretty much any environment and charm his way into anything he wants, Phil is the best conversationalist and even if he’s awkward at other situations, he makes up for it with how much of his heart and soul he puts into any project he ever does. 

Dan may not be the best at interacting with smaller groups of people or making conversation with people, but that’s okay, because he has Phil there to make everyone welcome. And Phil doesn’t have to be great at interviews or quick answering, he may be nervous about it and maybe not always participate as much as he should, but Dan is there to take over and enthusiastically cheer him on whenever he feels like he’s ready to speak.

It’s a wonderful partnership, don’t you think?

With credit to agentsassydirewolf​ for telling me to write the thing… here’s a little oneshot based on the prompts - 

  • I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU 
  • I’m a busy businessperson and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly, who does this person think they are AU.

On Their Sleeves

He’s so busy on his phone that when the barista asks his name for the order he actually gives her a business card as a response. It’s a dick move and he knows it but he’s been dealing with the QC Vice President of Regulation and Licensing back in New York for three hours now. It’s only eight in the morning. He’s just now finally managed to get a word in edgewise with the guy.

He feels like he more than makes up for his rudeness by leaving a really sizable tip, but he still ends up with a coffee for Orville.

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‘I work part-time in a flower shop and you keep asking me about what this flower means in flower language and I honestly don’t know so you end up giving me a lesson’ AU  (X)

“Dean! It’s almost ten thirty!” Charlie’s cheerful voice called from the front of the shop - and Dean wasn’t proud of the way he knocked off a huge vase of sunflowers in his attempt to reach the front of the shop as soon as possible, muttering “Shit, shit - fuck,” under his breath, but not quite caring enough to stop and fix the mess. He had to get to the front immediately. And because he was just that fucking big of a loser, he ran there so fast that when he finally arrived behind the counter, he was a little out of breath.

Charlie raised an eyebrow at him, a knowing smirk on her face, and he had the good grace of giving her a sheepish smile and turning a little red.

“…I might or might not have knocked off that vase of sunflowers - you know, um. The really huge one,” he said. “I don’t think anything’s broken, but there’s water all over the floor, and someone’s gotta check I didn’t ruin the flowers, or something. Don’t hate me.”

“I swear, this whole thing is becoming ridiculous,” Charlie said, rolling her eyes at him. “Dean, just talk to the guy!”

“And make him think I’m some kind of stalker?! Nope, thanks.”

“Whatever, Romeo. But you owe me for cleaning up your mess again.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean said, waving his hand dismissively. In another moment, the banter would continue until Dean would finally agree to buy Charlie a drink for being a freaking awesome friend, or maybe help her out with some pretty girl or another. But now, Dean was too busy staring out of the window.

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anonymous asked:

I have this one really awkward moment that happened to me once and I was hoping you you could write it as like a percabeth or jasiper Au, so basically what happened was I was walking up the stairs at school and this girl fell forward and bother her hands cupped my butt and she was red and nervously laughing and apologizing while her friend was laughing her ass off and it was super awkward and I ended up running away (you don't have to include that) but yeah, you don't have to write it though.

The Library Steps

A/N: Yo, anon, that is super cute and ofc I will write you an AU. This is Jasper btw, and I hope you like it! (also sorry for the lame title and it’s pretty short too)


Thinking back on it, Piper would have loved to grab his ass for the first time in a completely different scenario.

She had just been minding her own damn business, walking up the steps of the library with Annabeth. Of course, she knew that the blonde guy from the coffee shop was in front of them (she would know his back anywhere; she stood behind him every morning waiting for her macchiato). Annabeth was talking about a paper that she had to write for one of her classes, and between that and the blonde dude in front of them, Piper wasn’t really paying that much attention anyway. She probably deserved it when she tripped.

But she didn’t deserve actually grabbing his ass when she reached for a hold on something to keep from falling. She stumbled to the ground anyway, whacking her elbow against the concrete steps.

Even the pain in her arm couldn’t rival the embarrassment that she was feeling when the blonde guy turned around. His face was blood red, and the glasses with the black frames were sliding down his nose. He looked extremely nervous for a big muscle guy that had just gotten ass-grabbed. Piper would have thought it was cute if, you know, she wasn’t dying from embarrassment.

“Oh my god,” she started, scrambling up from the stairs. “I’m–I didn’t mean to–I’m sorry!”

It really didn’t help that Piper could hear Annabeth laughing. She knew that her face must have been red by now too, but she wouldn’t just stand here and look stupid, even if she did.

The blonde guy shrugged, looking down at his feet. “It’s umm. It’s fine?”

“It is definitely not ‘fine,‘” Piper argued, feeling her face heat up more. How was that even possible? “I’m so sorry!”

He waved her off, staring down at the ground. His blue eyes were so fucking beautiful too, and Piper wished he would look at her even though she was incredibly mortified. His voice was low when he said, “I’m just gonna…”

He took off up the stairs before he could say anything else, disappearing into the library.

Annabeth was wheezing for breath when Piper turned around. “You… I can’t…”

“Oh, shut up, Annabeth, before I grab you by the ass and toss you down these stairs.”


The next morning when Piper walked into the coffee shop and saw him standing at the end of the line like always, she took a deep breath and marched over to take her place behind him.

She hoped her face wasn’t as red as it felt, but she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder anyway.

When he turned around and saw her, he blushed too.

“Hey,” Piper greeted, trying to be nonchalant. She had practiced this all damn night. “So I was thinking that I owe you a first date.”

He looked confused, staring at her with wide eyes. Piper ignored how fast her heart was beating.

“Since I, you know, copped a feel yesterday.”

His red face turned a shade darker, and he reached up with one hand to scrub the back of his neck. She gave up on thinking that it wasn’t adorable. “Umm, you don’t have to. I said it was okay. No worries.”

Piper tried to stop from grinning, but she really couldn’t help it. He was so fucking cute, she just wanted to squeeze him in a hug and never let go. Her voice was still light when she said, “Well at least let me buy your coffee today.”

He finally smiled shyly, ducking his head to look up at her from underneath his long eyelashes, and goddamn he was beautiful. He nodded and said, “Okay. I’m Jason.”

She smiled up at him, stepping around him to order their coffee (she knew it by heart from standing in line behind him for weeks on end now). When she was finished, she looked back to him with a smile and said, “It’s great to meet you, Jason. I’m Piper.”

[Derek and Erica being BFFs? Teachers AU? You got it.]


“Get ready.” Erica says, barging into the classroom. The few students still hanging back look at her, scared. “Not you.” She waves them off, smirks when a girl eyes her outfit curiously. “Shoo, your teacher needs some fun time, too.” The same girl giggles, leans over her shoulder to whisper something in her friend’s ear.

 Great, another gossip. Honestly, teenagers. If Derek didn’t like teaching so much he’d have quit by now.

 “Erica.” He hisses, throwing the remaining books in his bag. “Don’t you have a boyfriend to harass?”

 “I don’t harass Boyd.” She tsks, rolling her eyes. “He’s the one who gives me orgasms, why would I harass him?”

 Derek groans. Five minutes. Erica didn’t talk about sex for five minutes, that must be a new record. One would think he’d be used to it by now, he knows Erica since he was thirteen, been around for her huge ‘I love Boyd’ freak out, hugged her during their ‘break’, endured her lectures about going out and having fun and not feeling guilty because Kate Argent decided to cheat on him.

 Erica is a great friend, really. Except during those times when she isn’t, ergo now.

 “Because it’s late, I’m tired and not in the mood to go out.”

 Erica actually laughs at that, and Derek recognizes a lost cause when he sees one. “Puh-lease. You should know better.” She claps him on the shoulder, kisses his cheek. “Come on, I shouldn’t be the only one having orgasms. Let me help you out.”

 “Uh –” Someone clears their throat and Derek jumps, startled, hits his elbow on the wall and curses. “am I interrupting something?” Stiles asks, cheeks red.

 Derek looks up, sighing. Of all the people working in this damn school, Stiles had to be the one to catch him and Erica talking about sex. It’s just Derek’s luck; he spills juice on his pants? Stiles walks into the classroom; Laura starts yelling at him about something that happened when they were kids? Stiles is right behind them, waiting for coffee; Boyd accidentally throws a ball at his face? Stiles is at the E.R. when Derek gets there with a swollen face and a broken nose.

 The universe hates him.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know but I just wanted you to confirm wether you've received my Boys bonding head canon request? It's been over two weeks since I sent it. If you didn't get it here is the thing I requested, the boys bonding especially Farkle and Josh along with Lucas n Zay. Like Farkle and Josh being in competition with Riley and Maya in terms of their bonds. Like them being best buddies of all times. And if you don't mind can you end it with them being each other's best man?Plz lemme know if u got dis?

omg okay bless you. Although I already wrote out wedding headcannons for each and they weren’t each other’s best man, Josh had Cory bc his friend Andrew was officiating the wedding and Maya had claimed Farkle as ‘her best person’. Auggie was the groomsman that Farkle was paired up with and they put on a show of skipping down the ‘aisle’ and ended up falling in the mud😂 At the riarkle wedding Josh, Lucas and Zay got into a fierce competition over who should be the best man, and while they were distracted Farkle was like ‘Auggie bro you’re one of the only sane people in my life you’re best man’ lmao. He had to give some cheesy speech about friendship and how ‘you’re all winners in my heart’ to appease the other guys😂😂

  • Okay so Josh and Farkle first meet when Farkle is like 8 years old
  • Riley pulled some major puppy dog eyes and got her parents to let Farkle come with her for the month she usually spends with her grandparents in the summer
  • But Amy and Alan only said ‘Riley’s bringing her friend’, so Josh assumed they meant Maya and wakes up the day of their arrival expecting to have four weeks to hang out with his niece and her cute blonde friend
  • But he walks downstairs to the kitchen and he’s like wtf
  • This is a different blond friend
  • Where is the correct blond friend???
  • What is this
  • Is Maya trying to prank him or something??
  • As it turns out, Maya managed to get her ass stuck in summer school so she wasn’t allowed to come
  • So Riley brought her other ‘bestest friend’ and now Josh has to deal with this pipsqueak all month instead of having someone following him around adoringly and giggling at all his bad jokes and telling him how cool he is while simultaneously calling him a dork
  • r u d e
  • So anyway Josh is like “what’s your name?” and the kid is like “Farkle”
  • And there’s a long moment of them holding eye contact before Josh realizes he isn’t lying about his name
  • So Josh is just like “…I’m gonna call you Yahtzee okay”
  • “Um…no?”
  • “Too late.”
  • So Amy’s just like J o s h u a but Riley’s giggling so Josh is calling a win for this one
  • Okay so anyway the month goes on, they go on various ‘little-kids-in-summer’ misadventures
  • Josh usually has a great time because he loves hanging out with Riley and Maya. They’re both really funny and make him feel cool what’s not to love here
  • But Yahtzee doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on him, and Riley’s too busy being completely enthralled every time the kid throws out a random fact to pay enough attention to Josh
  • And now he doesn’t have Maya with her pigtails and big blue eyes staring at him like he hung the stars to help him deal with his niece apparently ditching him
  • So this summer is just…not good for his ego omfg
  • (You have to take into account that while Josh isn’t an only child, he’s the MIRACLE BABY like of course he’s used to people doting on him omg)
  • So instead of this fun summer he had all planned Josh is being a bit of a mopey little bitch omg why does Riley think this bowl cut kid is cooler than him?????
  • like wtf he could see it if this was actually a cool kid, but it’s July and he’s got??? Only turtlenecks and sweaters on???? And he has a bowl cut and glasses???? And keeps talking about science???? What the fu c k
  • Joshua is adorned in the Cool 6th Grader Look* and he plays guitar and wow Riley remember that time I saved you from an angry dog??? What a way to pay me back,
  • These thoughts are rushing through his head as he sits on the counter with his arms folded, pouting at Riley and Farkle who are at the table, rolling cookie dough and talking about how fireflies glow????
  • 8 year olds are so fucking weird man,
  • Okay so since Josh is truly Cory Matthews little brother, he just simmers in his 10 year old angst and basically ruins the summer for himself. He’ s all just like ‘fIIINE I guess I’ll hang with my REAL friends instead of you losers!!!’ as he angrily scooters off into the sunset and ultimately has to deal with his school friends making fun of him for being upset that 8 year olds don’t wanna hang out with him. A n g s t
  • He’s gonna try to blame Maya for all this but it’s all him lmao there was more then one occasion where Riley was like ‘Grandma why is Uncle Joshie being so weird?????’ and Amy was like ‘He’s just at an age sweetie’ which made no sense to Riley so she’s like ‘Kay then I guess I’ll go read with Farkle at least he knows how to smile???’
  • So anyway the summer trip is over and Josh misses his niece now that she’s gone
  • Goes on with his life
  • Suddenly it’s Christmas time and his brother’s family is gonna be with them for a week and a half and he’s lowkey pumped because Christmas and New Years is the prime time to be an adorable kid and he and Riley tend to unite and get a lot of attention, eat a lot of cookies, and try to see who got the better presents from Santa
  • So they’re there for a few days having fun this is the lyfe
  • But suddenly someone’s knocking on the door and it’s FUCKING YAHTZEE ASKING IF RILEY WANTS TO COME BUILD A SNOWMAN WITH HIM
  • And Josh slams the door in his face lmao
  • But then Riley yells at him so he opens it back up and he’s like ‘how are you possibly here you live in New York’
  • ….oh, right, OF COURSE he has grandparents in the area. Of course.
  • So Josh still gets to hang out with Riley on Christmas and New Years but all the other generic December days she’s there, she and Yahtzee are out and about!
  • Stop stealing my niece!!!
  • So the holidays come and go and Josh is like. You know what??? Fiiiine.
  • I am a BIG BOY and Riley is a LITTLE GIRL and someday she will see the error of her ways and pay the correct amount of attention to me again
  • In the mean time though, he did have one thing he could at least look forward to: The weekends when Cory would bring him up to NYC and the two of them and Riley would get discount tickets for musicals. He loved that tradition. That was sacred to him, his brother and his niece, and it was safe. He’d get to see cool shows and then gush about them and sing all the songs with Riley while Cory drove them to whatever restaurant they were hitting up afterwards, and even after that Cory would buy them all ice cream and take pictures of them and it was quality family bonding and there’s no way Josh would ever feel neglected during it.
  • …May 26th 2010, in which Josh gets in the car ready to go see Billy Elliot with his family, only to find an extra member. A blond bowl cut. Glasses that wouldn’t stay on his face, a blue turtle neck, whispering something into the ear of a giggling Riley
  • Cory affectionately ruffling Yahtzee’s hair, saying he joined Riley’s dance class and wanted to learn about the musicals everyone kept talking about, and ‘you don’t mind do you, Joshie? He is basically part of the family.’
  • But he doesn’t say that so they see the show and it was spectacular but Josh is in #sulk mode the whole time
  • Surely this is a one time thing though, right?
  • It is not a one time thing
  • It is an every time thing
  • H e l p H i m
  • But omg okay Josh does eventually grow out of this angst
  • Just because he gets older and matures and all that
  • Eventually figures out life doesn’t revolve around him like all 6th graders eventually must
  • Eventually accepts that sometimes Riley can find people that aren’t him cool and maybe she can pay equal amounts of attention to them
  • He still barely interacts with the Yahtzee kid tho, not because of any lingering resentment but just because??? What is there to say??? They’re very different people. They have nothing in common.
  • Their longest conversation 5 years of knowing each other was ‘Hey can you stop calling me Yahtzee? It kinda hurts my feelings’ ‘Oh wow sure sorry dude’.
  • Josh still calls him Yahtzee in his inner monologue lmao
  • Josh was presented with a new nickname of ‘Dr. Turtleneck’ at Family Game Night
  • But the next time he’s back and prepared to use it…what the ever living fuck why is this kid not in a turtleneck
  • They were meeting up for another discount musical trip and Riley just arrives with this guy in a denim hoodie and a beanie and Josh is like ‘wtf where’s your pet genius’ and Riley’s just like??? Farkle is standing next to me do you need a stronger contact prescription????
  • So Josh has a very mini existential crisis because Farkle looks cool now and if Farkle is considered cool than w h a t a m I
  • He gets over that quickly enough though lmao
  • So like they are chill with each other and all but he doesn’t actually become legitimate friends with Farkle until the kid starts dating Riley
  • He was horrified to walk in on that scene on Valentine’s Day. He kept crying even after he learned it was a misunderstanding
  • Like Josh is all for letting Riley grow and experience life and all but n o p e that is his NIECE, SON
  • Josh was planning on talking to Farkle about the relationship, he was lowkey planning on just having a very friendly and casual conversation with him while holding a butcher knife and chopping vegetables in an angry way that didn’t fit with his tone of voice
  • But then Eric almost killed the kid, and accident or not Josh figured he had received the ‘don’t-mess-with-Riley’ message
  • And now that Josh was a struggling college student who was always at Cory’s to steal food or wifi, and Maya had gotten over her obsessed crush on him, Josh started hanging out with Riley’s friends every now and then
  • He and Farkle initially started bonding over a shared love for horror films and then eventually found other things they had in common. There wasn’t like, that much to go on, but they did end up forming an actual, strong friendship.
  • They’d get into in-depth discussions and analysis’ about movies, try to convince each other to listen to cool new bands, hang at parties the gang snuck into
  • Maya c o n s t a n t l y making jokes about Josh taking Farkle as his ‘apprentice in hipster trash’
  • Josh managed to refrain from murdering Farkle after Riley got pregnant that was a miracle
  • Josh was named godfather of Penny and although he was still pissed his niece got pregnant so young in the first place he was SO PSYCHED TO BE A GODFATHER
  • Buys Penny so many presents
  • When he’s ‘on tour’ with his band, if he’s ever in Riley and Farkle’s general area he will all but kidnap this baby
  • Farkle f l i p s when Josh and Maya start dating
  • Every time Riley and Maya run off to do something, Farkle always cracks a joke like ‘I think my girlfriend is cheating on me with your girlfriend’
  • They are HIGHKEY those guys who will be at a party or a hang out or whatever who are like ‘well the girls seem to be preoccupied time for us to hold bottles of beer and stand next to each other in compatible silence’
  • They don’t really form an actual #bromance until after Farkle’s bachelor party
  • Because the day after that (which is the day before the wedding), after Cory and Topanga fucking m u r d e r e d them for sneaking Auggie into a bunch of clubs and getting him drunk, they were still massively hungover and just moping about and laying on the Matthews’ couch looking through all the pictures they posted last night
  • And they’re finding themselves in these increasingly provocative situations the girls put them and they’re just like…how do we possibly come back from this
  • ‘There’s nothing to come back from. this is nothing.’
  • ‘There’s a picture of you pretending to give me a blow job in the middle of Times Square.’
  • ‘I was pretending??? Thank GOD I couldn’t remember clearly enough!!’
  • ‘I vaguely remember at some point we performed an over the top sexy tango for a crowd of grown adults dressed like Catholic school girls…?’
  • ‘The only crowd that deserved to see us tango like that tbh’
  • ‘I…Josh I think I’m wearing your underwear right now’
  • ‘Yeah, we didn’t pull that one off as smoothly as the girls did…’
  • It’s at this moment Zay texts Farkle asking him if the weddings off bc he discovered his true feelings for Josh,
  • And Farkle is just like Z a y bye
  • ‘Or are you gonna go through with it only to have Josh interrupt right at the very end and profess his love for you in front of the whole crowd??? I’d pay money for that.’
  • And after that it sorta becomes a running joke in the friend group
  • Every time Maya and Riley do something…literally ANYTHING together
  • People are just like ‘can they be TOPPED’ and will annoy Farkle and Josh until they try their hardest to out-gay their own wives omg
  • At some point they give up being uncomfortable with it it just becomes a weird second nature for them lmao
  • They live for the fact Farkle’s daughter’s Cassie and Cleo hate Josh’s son Sebastian.
  • They have a youtube channel detailing the twins pranks on the poor boy omg
  • Josh uses #celebritypower to endorse Farkle whenever he’s got a political campaign
  • Every time they post selfies they caption it ‘just bros being hoes’ lmao Maya coined that
  • But yeah they’re chill and they’re friends and they’re idiots it’s a fun combination lmao

themikaelsoncupcake  asked:

Klaroline au/ah: Klaus is a customs officer at Melbourne airport, Caroline is moving to Australia for work but has never been through customs before and forgets to declare some items not allowed in to Australia, Klaus then checks her luggage and as he's checking finds lingerie and sex toys leaving Caroline rather embarrassed. I got the idea for this prompt from an Australian show Border security for all those who don't know :)

Okay, yes I said I wasn’t going to do any more prompts but I did say I’d try to do the ones I had, so here is a short one for you lovely @themikaelsoncupcake. I know this show well, I always find it fascinating what people try and smuggle into the country. 

Excess Baggage

Melbourne Airport, Victoria

“I swear, what have you got in this bag, it must weigh a tonne,” Katherine grumbled, pulling her baggage off the carousel and dumping it on the floor unceremoniously.

“I did just move over to the other side of the world Kat, so I had to bring a few things I really needed,” she drawled. “You know you didn’t have to come with me.”

“What are BFFs for, Care?” She asked, hands on hips. “Although I definitely deserve some bonus friend points for sitting on a plane for a whole day. It felt like we were going to the moon, not Australia.”

“I know, it makes me realise just how far away I am from everyone,” she sighed, trying not to cry again. She figured she’d shed enough tears at JFK to last a lifetime, obviously she was wrong.

Caroline was a fashion writer for Vogue in New York City and as much as she loved her job, there wasn’t any chance for career progression in that office.  When the Fashion Editor position had come up in their Australian office, Caroline knew this was her chance. Of course there would be applicants from all over the world and she didn’t hold out much hope, until she got the call.

She honestly never believed it would happen, but here she was starting a brand new job in a brand new city. Her cousin Matt had horrified her with stories about all the deadly animal species in Australia, obviously in hopes of making her stay in the States. It had almost worked but she kept telling herself that Funnel Web spiders were only native to New South Wales and she figured brown snakes didn’t just slither into multi story apartments in the city, well she hoped not anyway.

“Well, I’m more than happy to stay around for a while, you know to help you settle in to your new place,” she replied, as they made their way towards the customs line.

“You are such a liar.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re only here so you can bed some hot Aussie guys, preferably ones that resemble the Hemsworth brothers.”

“Fine, there may be some truth to that but I’m more than happy to share them around, you know like a good friend would.”

“Thanks, I think,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“Oh wow, speaking of hot Aussies,” Katherine purred, gesturing to the counters ahead where one of the custom officers was examining a bag. “He can search my baggage any time.”

“Kat!” Caroline hissed, noticing a few curious looks from other travelers in the line. “Sorry, I just can’t take her anywhere.”

“Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing,” she shot back. “Ah-ha, that tell tale blush just proves I’m right, as usual.”

“He’s not overly bad to look at, I guess,” she offered, hypnotised by his crimson lips and those adorable dimples he was flashing. She wondered how it would feel to run her hands through his dark blonde curls and stare into those deep blue orbs.

“Excuse me, miss?” Caroline broke out of her trance, to be met with the eyes she’d been fantasizing about. “It’s your turn.” She couldn’t mistake his crisp English accent, obviously Katherine’s instincts were wrong.    

She continued to stare unable to form words, she felt Katherine give her an encouraging nudge. “Way to be obvious, Care,” she whispered in her ear. Caroline decided to blame her apparent lack of social skills on the untoward thoughts her best friend had planted.

“Hi,” she murmured, unable to look at him directly, he was just that gorgeous. He even made the plain navy uniform look good, and that was saying a lot.

“Can you hand me your bag please, miss?”

“Oh yes, of course,” she stammered, thinking what an idiot she must look like. She attempted to lift her bag, forgetting just how heavy it was. She struggled for a moment, looking over helplessly to Katherine who was too busy batting her eyelashes in his direction to notice. “Kat!”

“Oh, sorry,” she apologised, picking up one end while Caroline held the other. Once her bag was on the counter and she was faced with him again, she felt her cheeks flush knowing it wasn’t from the exercise required to lift her over weight bag.  She noticed his name badge thinking just how sexy the name Niklaus was. 

“Can I have your incoming passenger card too, miss?” Why did he have to sound so sexy saying miss? She was pretty sure he’d sound just as heavenly using her actual name. 

Now, just to remember where had she put that stupid card thing. “I think it’s in your passport there,” he suggested, gesturing to her hand.  Could this get any worse? She passed it over, sending him a shy smile.  

“Thank you,” he smiled, knowingly. “I understand this process can seem invasive but really there’s no need to be nervous, miss.” If only he knew that he was the one making her nervous, not the process.

“It’s Caroline,” she blurted out, without thinking. “I mean that’s my name.”

“That’s a lovely name, Caroline,” he smirked, obviously trying not to laugh. The way her name rolled off his tongue was as beautiful as she’d expected. “Now, this card says you have nothing to declare.”

“No, I don’t.” She replied, confidently. Being so organised and such a control freak, Caroline knew she’d followed all the rules. She wanted her time in Australia to get off to a good start, after all.

“Well, that’s good to hear, but I’ll still need to conduct a routine search of your bag, Caroline,” he explained, unzipping it slowly. She was trying to focus on her bag but his aftershave was making her slightly dizzy. It didn’t help that Katherine was watching their exchange with avid interest, her arms crossed over her chest.

Caroline felt herself freeze momentarily remembering just what was in her suitcase. She hadn’t expected this random and absolutely handsome guy to be rifling through her personal belongings. As his hands made their way over her red lace bra and panties set, her satin white negligee and her silky black teddy she was trying not to squirm. Could this get any more embarrassing?

As he dug down further, she watched in horror as he pulled out her vibrator and placed it on the table to make more space, yep it could definitely get more embarrassing. Caroline wished she could melt into a puddle on the floor, all she hoped was that this wasn’t being televised and he’d choose to skip over her assortment of sex toys. She had her needs and who was this smug guy to judge?

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