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A random idea that popped into my head was the idea that maybe the Training Room on the Castle of Lions has something akin to Holodeck technology. With things like the hologram creatures from when Pidge was learning Altean, I imagine there’s the possibility of it being able to create whole environments for training and whatnot.

And when that thought popped into my head, the next immediate thought I had was “…Wow, that would be amazing for a D&D campaign.”

And thus this little idea came to be. The group start playing D&D in their spare time using the training room. Since I felt the need to put Matt and Lotor in, we’ll just say it’s in my cadet squad AU that takes place essentially after the series.

Plus I would be very, very surprised if Matt hasn’t played D&D before.

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We're just too clever to find a boyfriend! It may sound insufferably smug, but these women say their high intellect means they struggle to meet someone

Does this count as a female version of incels?

– anonymous submission

Here’s a link to the full article, and it’s actually worse than the headline itself.

For context, incels are those desperate for romantic/sexual attention, can’t get it, and end up both bitter and massively sexist, hating those that do end up getting the attention that they crave.

I don’t think that these women can be classed as incels, but as another subgenre of romantic/sexual entitlement: the arrogant blameshifters. (Catchy, I know.)

Those kinds of people have looked at their failures in dating or attracting someone else and automatically jump to the “The other person isn’t good enough/I’m too [positive attribute] for others to handle/I’m suffering because of other people’s problems.”

In this case, the women have decided that they’re simply too clever, that the men that they want aren’t clever enough or are intimidated by them, and are then left thinking, “I’m great, it’s everyone else that’s wrong!”

There’s no mention of their high-standards, there’s no mention of their personalities being off-putting or anything like that – no, it must be because Pathetic Sexist Men can’t handle Amazing And Intelligent Women.

I mean, the quotes by these women show exactly what they’re actually like:

“I’m not claiming to be Albert Einstein, but I can’t seem to meet a man I find intellectually stimulating.”

Really, now. 

One woman demands that the kind of man that she wants is interested in her interests, such as her radio documentary about “the pressure that black women are under to adhere to white beauty stereotypes.” 

That’s not mind-numbing for a ton of different people. And, of course, she also then has the audacity to say: “I’ll always listen to be polite, but superficial, self-indulgent conversation is an immediate red flag.”

Oh? So she wants a man that will listen to her prattle on about social justice topics where she can be seen as a “good ally,” but as soon as the conversation turns to something that she’s not interested in and that he’s passionate about – whether it’s as mind-numblingly boring as her own passion – that’s a “red flag.” 

(It’s not as though the vast majority of couples out there will have some differences in passions and interests, and that the key to a good relationship is respecting those interests even if you don’t get it yourself.)

She’s not looking for a partner, she’s looking for a male clone.

When one ex-partner said “[the woman] thought [she] was a princess,” her answer is, “I think he had anger issues.” Because a criticism that heavily implies that the man thought that she was self-absorbed and narcissistic couldn’t possibly be true, no, that meant that he was clearly defective. Naturally.

And then you have a second woman, that came out with this gem:

“The sense of achievement I derive from learning seems alien to most men.”

Imagine being so full of yourself that you end up believing that the majority of the people that you’re attracted to can’t possibly understand what it’s like to love learning.

(Of course, she’s from an area where a lot of men don’t go on to university, but it’s almost as though she’s forgotten that there are men at university, or at college, and she’s somehow “stuck” with Ignorant, Uneducated Men.)

And she goes on to complain about a man that thought she thought of herself as a “big shot” – whilst admitting that she considered him to be “monosyllabic.” 

‘Our conversations were mundane. When I tried to start an informed discussion — about religion or terrorism, for example — he had no idea how to react.

‘He didn’t understand that my degree meant I had a head full of information and when I asked him about his work all he could muster was that it had been “fine”.

‘In any case, there’s only so much you can talk about when you do the same job every day.’

Strangely, even highly intelligent people don’t always want to talk about politics or religion. And if she’s the kind of person to sneer at those that haven’t gone to university (that part about her degree just makes her completely insufferable) and then sneer again about those that work full-time (when she herself is putting off work by going to university), it’s not exactly a stretch to see why she’s unattractive. Which has nothing to do with her looks at all.

“One date found the fact I studied from a feminist perspective offputting. Most mistakenly assume I hate men.”

No, she’s just that sexist that she can’t imagine that men can enjoy education or get the most out of their education in a different way than she does, blames others for her personality-based shortcomings and then whines when men don’t want her for those reasons.

And then yet another woman that talks about the two types of men that she found at university:

“There were geeky types into computer games, and leery lads who just wanted to drink and were intimidated by my studious nature,” she recalls. “I didn’t want to be around either.“

Ah, yes, the same “there are only two kinds of girls: the nerdy, quiet girls and the super-girly, make-up obsessed girls” nonsense, but for men. Lovely.

“Men think I’m too serious. I want to talk about psychology and literature — they’re obsessed with UFOs and Harry Potter. Perhaps I’m too fussy, but I’m bored within an hour.”

G-d forbid that men also want to talk about silly things or other subjects that interest them that aren’t constantly super-heavy-going. Let’s just whine that men won’t talk about what I want to talk about, but then complain about being bored if they talk about their things. Yes, she is far too fussy, and wonderfully self-absorbed. Again.

But at least the psychologist had something pertinent to say at the end of the article:

“A degree might make you think differently, but it doesn’t make you a better person. As women continue to excel, many might be better off exercising a bit more humility.”

So, this was a very long answer for me to say that no, they aren’t the female version of incels, they’re self-absorbed, arrogant, inherently unlikable individuals that have no idea how to interact with others, who desperately need to have themselves and their interests as the constant centre of attention, and when men end up not being perfect mirrors of themselves, they whine about it and blame men for simply not being able to handle intelligence.

For supposedly “intelligent” women, they’re particularly stupid.

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I don't think that men and women are inequal in the united states, if you could explain to me why they are, and why we need feminism in the modern west, I am more than willing to join the cause.

Sealioning (Urban Dictionary)

Original Sealioning comic: #1062; The Terrible Sea Lion (Wondermark, by David Malki)

more universe swap ideas:

Sidney and Geno are dating, but one day they have an argument. Maybe it’s over a dumb penalty one of them took, and Sidney is chewing Geno out for it, and that led to Geno accusing Sidney caring more about hockey than their relationship. Sidney is mad enough to be in tears (how could Geno ever think that of him?) as he storms off to their bedroom and slams the door shut, and Geno is still pissed so he sleeps on the couch.

Then Geno wakes up in a universe where not only does he still play for the Pens, he’s the captain. But Sidney is nowhere to be seen. In fact, no one’s ever heard of Sidney Crosby. He begins to panic.

“You just fuck with me now,” Geno says to Flower. Tanger and some of the rookies give him a nervous look. “No, really, where Sid. Not funny anymore.”

“We don’t know who that is, G,” Phil says. “Really.”

He’s about to have a panic attack when the Pens PR suddenly come up and ask if he’s ready to go deliver the season tickets. Geno, in a daze, lets him kind of guide him wherever, and soon he’s on his way, with the team and the Pens admin, to a little suburban house. 

Geno does not want to deliver tickets, but he knocks and he’s ready to kind of shove the tickets at them and leave. Then the door opens and–

“Oh my God,” Sidney says. He’s in jeans and a Malkin jersey, but it’s Sid, his Sidney, not missing or dead and oh God, he’s right here. “You’re Evgeni Malkin. You actually came.”

“Sid,” Geno whispers. 

He’s about to pull Sidney in for a kiss when a little boy peeks out from behind Sidney’s leg. “Dad, that’s Geno,” the boy says in wonder.

Geno watches, stunned, as Sidney picks up the boy and kisses his cheek. “This is my son,” Sidney says, smiling broadly. “Come in, come in–”

And Geno is led into this bizarro world where he meets Sidney’s fucking husband, the rest of the kids, Taylor, and Sidney’s parents, and he has to pretend that he isn’t losing it watching his boyfriend live a suburban life. Apparently, in this universe, Sidney had not played hockey after Shattuck. He went to university in Pittsburgh, married his college sweetheart (the football captain, to be exact. He’s handsome and tall and friendly, and it’s clear that he adores Sidney. Geno hates him immediately), has three kids with him who all adore the Penguins, and teaches at the local elementary school. And it’s breaking his heart watching Sidney live this perfect life, and knowing that he has no part in it.

anyways i want those angsty movie scenes where Geno keeps asking Sidney out on not-dates. It’s getting late, and Geno’s driving Sidney back home after yet another dinner.

“Sid, wait,” Geno says, as Sidney’s unbuckling his seat belt. Sidney looks at him in question. “Don’t go yet.”

“I still have some papers to grade–”

Geno covers Sidney’s hand with his, in one bold, sudden move. “Please don’t go.”

Sidney looks stunned, then pained. “Geno,” Sidney says softly. “Geno, I think I know what this is.”

“Sid, please–”

“I have a family,” Sidney says. “You’ve been–you’re an incredible hockey player–and–and a wonderful friend, I mean–you’re Evgeni Malkin–”

“I love you,” Geno says.

Sidney bristles. “I’m going home, Geno,” he says coldly. “Good night–”


“Let go–”

“I’m show–” Geno fumbles with his phone, which miraculously had all the photos from his world. Photos of his Sidney kissing his cheek, of them lazing around after workouts, Geno and Sidney’s happiest moments. 

He presses play on a random video, startling Sidney into freezing as in-video Sidney’s voice asks cheerily, “Geno, what should we do on your Cup day?” 

“You captain,” in-video Geno responds. “You decide.”

“But it’s your day,” in-video Sidney whines. “Really, we can do anything. I promise.”

“Okay. You be nice to me all day.”

“I’m always nice to you.”

“No nagging. More kisses.”

“I don’t nag!” in-video Sidney laughs, then kisses Geno’s nose. “I just want your day to be perfect.”

“Everyday perfect,” in-video Geno responds, stroking Sidney’s cheek, as the Sidney on the screen softens considerably. 

“How is this possible?” Sidney whispers, entranced by the video. “Wha–I don’t–”

“I told you,” Geno says tiredly. “I’m boyfriend in other world.”


I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret…

I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.

“I know what you’re going to say, that Regulus changed his mind… but he doesn’t seem to have explained that to Kreacher, does he? And I think I know why. Kreacher and Regulus’s family were all safest if they kept to the old pure-blood line. Regulus was trying to protect them all.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: dodie clark released her 2nd EP on august 11 and now it has reached the top 10 mysic charts. in the middle is such a bop she deserves all the love and greatness in life. such goddess needs a million cats and tea mugs. how do I even begin to explain how much I love this girl? how do I show her that I love her creations? what if she makes a full album? I don't think I'm ready for my girl to grow up and improve her art even more. I just love this girl. I love love love lo-
Mercury + Communication
  • Aries: Give it to me straight. Get to the point. Say it like you mean it. No nitty gritty bullshit, give me the meat of what you are saying.
  • Taurus: Ease me into what you’re trying to say. Keep the communication on a practical level. No abstract ideas, ground your words into the earth and I’ll understand.
  • Gemini: However you want to explain this to me is good. I am very interested in your words. I can receive this any way you want to explain it.
  • Cancer: Communicate it to me in a way that you know I can receive. Your words strike emotional chords in my body. Be gentle as I digest it.
  • Leo: Can you explain this to me in song? Or pictures? Or dance? No? Okay well just make me feel like what you are saying holds relevance to my life and I am open ears. Also.. MAke it exciTING !!
  • Virgo: Please lay out the details for me. You speak a word and I find a million questions for clarity. I want to hear and understand everything about what you are communicating to me. Don't be vague.
  • Libra: If you really want me to hear you.. Don't be to brash, or dramatic, or all over the place. Please be concise and balanced with your communication. I appreciate what you have to say, just keep it level headed.
  • Scorpio: I want to know the truth. Give me the fucking truth. I want to know the depth. What is behind your words? What is your motive with these words? Don't you dare lie to me. I will always find out your truth.
  • Sagittarius: Give me the big picture, the philosophical concept, the dream. Ignite me with your words. Expand my mind with your communication.. I am so open.. Just don't bore me. I need a sense of purpose to listen.
  • Capricorn: If you want me to take you seriously, know your shit. Communicate factually in a mature manner. If you want me to hear you without judgement, your words must impress me. I don't have time for the wishy washy wandery words. Get to the point.
  • Aquarius: Please communicate this to me in the most abstract conceptual way you are able. If you want me to receive your communication I need to be met with intellect that causes me to really think over your words.
  • Pisces: Explain it to me in a story. I can't understand all of your crazy ass details. I need you to paint me a picture with your words.

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Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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I always wanted to use the word ‘Colorama’ in a song ever since I saw Antonioni’s Blow Up. It was an unplugged neon light at the back of my mind for years. Some lyrics are declarations of love or hate written in blood or carved in a bus stop, in need of little or no melodic illumination. Some, I believe, are there almost entirely to facilitate it.

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nac but I don't really understand the whole "snape was working for dumbledore instead of Voldemort" thing, even though I've read DH countless times. Could you explain it to me please?

uuuuuuuhm, i think i need more specifics maybe? but I’ll try, I will give you the gist of it with my own style~

snape joined the DEs when he got out of hogwarts and was super good at it, he became one of LV’s most trusted men, then he fucked up (i mean, according to his standards because by mine joining the DEs at all would be considered fucking up) cuz he heard the prophecy and ran and told LV like a good boy and LV was like AHA IT MUST BE THOSE PESKY POTTERS. So Snape was like “ohshitohshit Lily is one of those and i still love her lots, i fucked up i fucked up.” So he asks LV to spare Lily because he loves her and LV is like, yeah fine I’ll do you this solid to the best of my ability. But Snape isn’t dumb, he knows that LV will kill her if it suits him, so he goes to Dumbledore and is like “I FUCKED UP. PLEASE KEEP LILY SAFE” and Dumbles is basically like ‘surely LV will spare her for you in exchange for her son’ and snape is like ‘yeah i already asked for that.’ so Dumbs is all ‘dont fucking talk to me you piece of shit, youre here asking me to save lily and dont care about her husband and son?? bye sucka, i don’t wanna hear you whine.” so snape backtracks like FINE HIDE THEM ALL THEN and dumbles, being dumbles, is like hmm okay I can use this to my advantage. “what chu gon do for me in return?”  And thats how Snape started working as a double agent.  and continued to work for dumbles and carry out his plan up through both their deaths

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hi, it's theory anon! idk how many asks this will take, pls bear with me. My theory is that I think babygate was supposed to be a Zayn stunt, not Louis. I came at this backwards, reading up on Z leaving & BG happening after the fact, bc I had checked out of fandom during that time. When reading thru what happened, there are pieces that still don't fit. (1) L didn't "need" babygate, he was closeted w/ E & that was his established "brand". In order to make BG fit, they had to throw him (1/?)

right into cheating, partyboy (poolgirl, 0 to 60 on the nights out). Prior to that he was the stay-at-home monogamous boyfriend. But Z’s brand was the cheater, partier, the one w/ the problems & the randoms. Ppl think Z’s leaving was a stunt, but there is real anger on Harry’s part. If L got BG after Z left, I think that explains it bc I don’t his reactions are all fake. BG events used to coincide all the time with Z’s solo happenings. Like clockwork. Like they did in Jan w/ L’s for his solo effort… It wld have been great promo for Perrie, scorned fiancé. They tried to spin some cheating stuff after Zerrie split, but it didn’t stick, & I think it was supposed to. That weird time when L & Z just took off, right around when the J’s came into the picture. I can’t think of anymore rn, but there was other stuff, too. IDK if Z’s leaving was a stunt or not (I haven’t read on this enough, I’m sorry), but I think BG was going to be their promo push for him regardless, & I think he walked away from it, which is why he also had no other promo in place. - That’s all I have rn, haha, sorry to flood your inbox! I keep finding stuff that adds to this theory, though, and I’m wondering if it’s been brought up before? I haven’t read as much into the Zayn-leaving stuff, but I’m trying to catch up! Thanks for listening, hope this theory is as wild as you might have wanted! 

You know what…this isn’t that crazy when you think about it. Look at Zayn’s previous stunt girls:

Now look at who Louis’s stunt girls:

Now who does this girl look like 1DHQ would assign her to? 

Similar to how they branded each boy…

I’m sure their thorough moulding of each character included what their “type” was, given that there is a clear pattern. Zayn has gone on to date another high profile blonde, and Louis just recycled a past brunette beard. 

In terms of Zayn leaving being a stunt…this has been discussed at length, particularly by @mellygrant and here is a great post about it: (x

This is slightly controversial, but I personally think that the animosity that people perceive to be coming from Harry is a bit too over the top. Like Harry is doing an impersonation of someone who should be angry…which I also discussed here: (x

Honestly, whoTF knows what’s going on? I don’t. My life since March of 2015 can honestly be summed up by this:

You could probably send me a conspiracy that Niall isn’t actually Irish and that would be infinitely more plausible than what’s happened over the past TWO FUCKIN YEARS. I seriously can’t believe how long it’s been. And now they’re actually bringing it back around full circle to what’s her face because approximately no one has believed any of Louis’ stunts since then. 

I don’t think it’s all all coincidental that she’s back, and it points to the fact that Zayn and Louis’ stunts are always conveniently at the same time or linked to each other. Zayn drops a music video, Louis drops a BG bomb, like it’s gone back and forth between Zayn’s promo and Louis’ stunts for over a year. Now they’re not even trying to hide the connection…

(Sidebar: who’s gonna tell her about the bandana code? Noses, not it.)

As soon as I saw this I was like 

RIP to the two years of peace I had with out having to see her desperately using Louis for any kind of promo whilst slagging him off all the time. Her “fashion blog” must have done some serious tanking if she’s roping herself back into this mess for publicity. The story they’ve built around that breakup hardly made her look good for rushing back to his side the minute his last “breakup” hit the papers, but I guess karma is a bitch that way.  

The fact that around the time her promo for Tommy Hilfiger came out Louis followed them and Champion on Twitter…

And then they both start showing up in Vetements (a high fashion heaux version of Champion)

…makes it very clear, to me at least, that this is part of dat Industry Lyf™ in which Louis is being paid to be a walking billboard, as he has been for awhile…I’ve never been under the illusion that stars just love one brand THAT much. At least I hope he’s being paid or else this Tweedle Dumb and Dumber getup is just embarrassing. I mean how many ways can he make his “dates” seem like an outing with a sibling? 

Your theory, whilst wild, actually makes a lot of sense. So thank you for sending it to me! xx


I had to do this redraw since the scene reminds me of kuramiyusawa -a lot- and probably someone else did it already too lol

color8828  asked:

Another question for you (and other vegan horse keepers) can you explain to me why some think keeping pets (especially horses) is the biggest sin and others don't? What are your views and thoughts on the subject. I'm purely curious about your and others thoughts on this. I understand if you choose not to answer because of backlash. Most of my question can be found if you watch "Is Riding a Horse Cruel? Is It Vegan" by Bite Size Vegan.

Because people prioritize their philosophical need to not ‘exploit’ animals over the actual needs of real animals. I read an article on the guardian the other day about a Super Vegan who released his cockatiel into the wild KNOWING it was probably going to starve to death and die, but he just couldn’t keep an animal against its will :’’’’( 

Certain animals have been domesticated for thousands of years to the point where there is virtually none of the ‘original’ animal left. Like pariah dogs, mustangs. Even if you release them into the wild, they aren’t suddenly wild and free, they’re feral. They’re generally not sustainable or in a suitable habitat and only survive because of human intervention (scavenging dogs, BLM interventions). They have been selectively bred to interact with human beings for thousands of years. A lot of them dig it. My stupid cat won’t stop screaming for me to pick him up and my not-lap-sized dog won’t stop trying to crawl onto my lap when I’m on the computer. My horses won’t stop getting their spit all over me and my things.

I get the horse ownership thing more because yeah, riding can and often does damage horses physically, and a lot of training and riding is abusive, and pretty much all of horse training and handling is based in aversive stimuli, but I still believe there are ways to keep and ride horses ethically. That’s pretty much the whole point of this blog lol. Maybe that’s not true if you’re a black and white Remotely Enjoying An Animal’s Presence Is Exploitation person, and hey even if you’re just a casual vegan or +r advocate maybe not, but my focus is always on animal welfare over Animal Rights TM because I think way too many animal rights advocates end up operating against the best interests of REAL, CURRENTLY LIVING animals because they have their head up their asses about theoretical animals.

as you can see I’m 100% biased. I could make a way more neutral post and bring in some sources and tag some people and be eloquent but i’ve only had 350 calories today and I’m not feelin it

Why are some “leftists” so hellbent in betraying one of the ideas that was at the left’s core since its beginning: secularism. How can you call yourself a leftist and defend theocrats over free thinkers?

Please someone explain; I don’t understand this pro-”religion in the public sphere” left and I want no part in it. 

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I like Pewdiepie, I mean.... I don't agree with some things he says, and I agree that some stuff he comes out with really needs to stop, like seriously, because racist jokes aren't cool. But he honestly doesn't even understand why those jokes are offensive and they need to be explained or shown to him. Like how he said that he actually didn't think that nazis are a current thing and seeing it has made him want to stop making nazi jokes. He needs educating, not defamation.(Well... maybe both)

he’s kinda the one defaming himself, bud. like i know what youre tryin to say, & i partially agree (only cuz its obvious hes not a violent angry racist who like… wants to hurt people), but at the same time… hes 27. like i know hes not american so he probably wouldnt have had the exact same exposure to the offensiveness of certain words, but that kinda stops being an excuse after the first time he says it and is told “woah thats a really strong word dont say that.”

the ‘he needs educating’ thing is true but it’s on him, not on the people around him anymore. you get like, one pass as a genuine mistake from not knowing, bc after that its a conscious choice & the people around him have every right to be pissed imo.

  • Magnus: One more thing, I need Alexander.
  • Jace: uh, why do you need Alec?
  • Magnus: I need something pretty to look at to motivate me to get this done
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: plus his virgin shadowhunter energy would be useful too
  • Simon: huh, that explains so much
  • Jace: ...right, we'll be right back
  • Magnus: Wait. Do you think he'll catch me if I fall back towards him afterwards?
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: Lack of energy afterwards could cause that anyway...maybe I should just lean back into him subtly so I don't startle him
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: Or if I pretend to faint he might carry me to bed
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: You could even suggest he does exactly that
  • Luke: Guys? I'm dying here? Can we sort your love life later, Magnus?